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Anonymous 710

So they're making a movie about Harley and the Joker now. After the crash and burn that was Suicide Squad.


Anonymous 711

Anonymous 712


The only way this movie could be remotely worth taking up space on a flash drive would be to end with Joker dead and pic related.

Anonymous 723

Jesus fucking Christ, why is DC trying so hard? I'm so angry that this shit gets millions of dollars in funding but actually good and unique titles don't get a chance. Modern cinema is truly dead.

Anonymous 728

I guess I'm in the minority here but I didn't think Suicide Squad was that bad. Not amazing, but still enjoyable.

I don't think the Joker was the strong part of the film by a long shot though. Jared Leto sounded like a but hurt prick about the whole ordeal too, so I don't care to see him get any more screen time as Joker.

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