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Anonymous 7295

what’s your favorite horror movie?

Anonymous 7299

The Shining but I prefer horror games my favorite is an indie one called Darkwood.

Anonymous 7315

Troll 2

Anonymous 7623


I can enjoy horror movies only if they are ironic or kind of "meta". I do apreciate gory stuff, but not torture porn. So it made me think if I even have favourite "true" horror movie…

Anonymous 7625


Anonymous 7628

Anonymous 7629

monkey shines.jpeg

monkey shines baybee

Anonymous 7644


It seems to me, that decent number of older horror movies have not a horror-movie-structure and spoopy gloomy visuals, but general-drama-movie-structure and visuals. Idk how to explain further, but when I watch something horror (not explo) from 70-80, I found myself thinking: "wow it's like a real movie"
I mean if you are watching something horror from nowadays, you see, that it is straight horror movie: I'm not even talking about trashy blumhouse ones, but also about critically acclaimed - like Midsommar or Hereditary. Well, it's not like it's something bad, I guess

Anonymous 7664


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