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VRoid Thread Anonymous 7307

Do you like creating your own characters, watching vtubers or playing VRChat? VRoid Studio is the tool for you. It's a free program which allows you to create your own anime style 3D doll and can be downloaded here: https://vroid.com/en/studio/
It lets you change the proportions of your model, change the textures of the skin, eyes, hair and clothes. It doesn't have a large variety of clothing options but they can be manipulated by changing for example sleeve length and shape and by changing their textures. You can even draw each strand of hair by yourself and make any kind of hairstyle you want. When you are done with your character you can pose them and take pictures in the tool or in other programs such as 3tene or Wakaru (which are face tracking tools, so you can control your character yourself) or you can convert them to VRChat models and play the game with your own avatar.
I think it's a really amazing tool which is why I wanted to show it to everyone, please try it and show off your models here! If you need help I will try to help you.

Anonymous 7309

This tool looks so cool.

Anonymous 7314


Here is one I am making. I'm still working on the dress. You can make various accessories with the hair tool like hairclips and horns and hats and fangs, even tails but you have to use another 3d editor to make the tail move with the butt instead of the head.

Anonymous 9415

She is beautiful.

Anonymous 9624

I love this program but I feel so retarded doing it. I just want to make clothes and outfits mostly.
I am really struggling with deciding hair for my own personal model.

Anonymous 9679

Brings me back to mikumiku dance days…guess I'm officially an old weeb.
Thanks, op, will try.

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