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Anonymous 813

I'm a tumblr user with 170k followers on my personal blog. Ask me anything.

Anonymous 814

what is your favourite movie?

Anonymous 815

I need a good brand of chocolate, suggestions?

Anonymous 816

Donnie Darko, pls no kill
Lindt >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous 818

whats ur blog

Anonymous 819

anything except that.

Anonymous 820

How long have you had that blog in order to get to that number/what type of blog is it?

Anonymous 821

18 months
It's a mixed blog with fandom, aesthetics, animals, other interesting reblogs and I blog a lot about my life and answer asks all day.

Anonymous 822

How does it feel knowing that so many people watch what you post?

Anonymous 823


Do you get hate mail or anon hate? If so do you delete it or reply for #drama

Anonymous 824

do you know why you have that many followers? do you make funny posts? get involved in drama? art? are you just pretty and post selfies?

Anonymous 826


Will you promo me?

Anonymous 827

I delete a lot of posts right after publishing them because I get second thoughts about revealing particularly emotional things. More followers also = more random witch hunts for using an appropriated word et cetera

I get approximately one hate message for every 15 asks. I reply when it's either 1. so unwarranted it's funny or 2. a complaint I care about clearing up or 3. I have an inkling about who it is that sent it and want to troll them.
I don't reply to random hate like

Some of my posts have randomly gone viral, mostly text posts and some funny pictures, but also emotional intimate things. I interact with my followers a lot and queue my ask replies to spread them out over the day so my followers will see conversations (and get involved) no matter when they browse their dash.

You're likely memeing but this is the kind of ask I dislike the most because if I accepted everything I would just post ads all day and when I don't I feel stuck up.

Anonymous 830

are u muslim

Anonymous 831

do you ever get approaches for sponsored posts? how much do you make if you do?

Anonymous 832


I don't list an email and I don't display my follower count so very rarely. Most companies just offer free product and that's it, unless you want to go for tummytea scams. I did some sponsorships for wigs and makeup and clothess but most come at a ~price~ of a certain amount of reblogs or have some controversy that I don't want to support. I have a job and buy my own stuff when I can and save up when I can't.

Anonymous 833

Any tips on getting popular or catching people's attention, I guess? I have a generic artsy type blog (literally just reblogs of high fashion shit and occasionally memes from meanplastic). I'd like to interact more with the few followers that I have but I always hastily delete my text posts because I get kinda self-conscious. I feel bad about how impersonal my blog feels but I don't know how to really get out there if that makes any sense at all :\

Anonymous 835

Send asks, make some of them anon, keep it friendly, ask questions, talk to your followers, reblog their posts, send them numbers when they reblog askbox memes, follow a ton of blogs (max out the 200 follows you can do every day) and see who follows back. Try to keep your personal posts up and someone will eventually relate. Personal blogs do better than pure aesthetic blogs because everyone on Tumblr is lonely.

Anonymous 836

Having such a large following, how does it affect your perception of yourself? Do you feel more "important"/valued than you used to? Or does it make you more critical on yourself than before?

Anonymous 837

It doesn't effect me in real life (I hope)
When it comes to Tumblr, I get annoyed when I make a personal post and nobody cares.
I compare myself to other popular bloggers a lot. Especially when I think they're famehungry hacks who asskiss or bot their way to a big following.

Anonymous 838

How do you feel about people who leave a link to their Amazon wishlist on their blog

Anonymous 840

I have no problem with that. Donate buttons or fundraisers I find tacky. I can't explain why. Maybe because a wishlist is upfront about being for material goods to feel nice about while donations and fundraisers have a guilt/need component.

Anonymous 852

Do you have any friends you made off Tumblr? Possibly any with larger following than yours that helped increase your following?

Anonymous 866

I've made many good friends and some bad ones.
I don't think I've talked extensively with anyone over 50k followers.

Anonymous 867

Are your followers active? I've got like 4.7k and it feels like maybe 30 of them are actually active.

> I interact with my followers a lot

this is why I'll never be popular lol

Oh, have people ever offered you to buy stuff? Do a lot of creeps message you?

Anonymous 870

have you ever tried remaking to see how much of your followers are real/active, or moving on to a newer profitable platform? I've had 1k for ages and just use mine for reblogging pretty pics and stuff, but I've seen a lot of ex tumblr famous girls abandon tumblr for youtube/insta and make an income off it (symphani soto, kelsey simone, teisha jenaie, joanna kuchta) and a lot of girls who don't have the "insta model" look still try to move anyway because 10% of their tumblr followers might refollow there.

Anonymous 880

Using my personal spoilered text posts as a sample because they are my least popular posts. Still too many interactions to respond to all.

Sometimes my followers offer me gifts or ask for my wishlist.
I have an Amazon wishlist but don't want to give out my address or get a P.O. box.

I win giveaways almost too often.

90% of creepy mail is from awkward tumblr bloggers overstepping boundaries.

I don't want to lose my blogging history.

I'm not hot enough for Insta or Youtube. Tumblr is comfortable.

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