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Writing Prompts Anonymous 8226

writing prompts (detailed ones preferred, but not necessary. Scary/unsettling ones appreciated!) so us anons can write some shit. Feel free to post little stories based off the prompts, too.

Anonymous 8227

A messenger pounds their fists against a tall gilded door and screams, soaked from rain and sweat.
Fear, a garden, and the supermodel. Or two of those, one of 'em, or none at all.
Listen to this piece and write a story that synchs with the music as you read it aloud.
Two miners walk into a bar, but they don't know each other yet. Must end with an apology and a promise.

Anonymous 8228

i'm all out of writing juice right now, but here are some prompts:
>you encounter a dragon in the middle of a forest.
>you're a princess, and you've just been engaged to a sentient blob of goo.
>you're posting on c.c. when someone knocks on your window. you live on the tenth floor.

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