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Blogging Anonymous 902

Share tips, tricks & advice on how to increase and monitor your views, clicks, how to create good content and find stock photos, which programs to use and more~

>Do you have a blog?

>Private or public
>Wordpress, Tumblr or a different site?
>Do you have a theme?
>Do you make your own content?
>Any tips to give or share?

Anonymous 916

Can someone give me advice regarding an IG theme? I want to do a "lo-fi night" theme just like in the thread in /b/. Any suggestions??

Anonymous 917

Post pictures that fit that aesthetic, and maybe credit the artist if you can.

Add personal updates to the posts or quotes or nothing, if you like. And add personal or theme related stuff in the description.

Anonymous 918

You know what, I got a few followers on tumblr who follow other people just for their text posts. I don't even say anything exciting, just a brief description about my nights or whatever bullshit I'm thinking. I thought people would get annoyed with them but people are liking that shit. I don't even have a selfie posted on my blog for people to be interested in what I have to say. Who knew

Anonymous 939

Maybe don't post a selfie anywhere anon if you haven't already, reading a blog like that is like reading an oldschool personal diary. Selfies might ruin just turn it into the usual social media vibe
Simple photos of little things are nice though

Anonymous 945

I used to have a tumblr so I could follow artists I like and for some specific fandoms, and at some point I strated posting personal thoughts and things that happened to me, as well as video game related posts. I had like 100 followers (including some porn blogs, most likely bots) and I deleted my account because tumblr was full of bugs and the userbase was really annoying. I ue twitter instead because it's not like I have interesting things to say. If I could start another blog I think I would post about my hobbies and travelling, but it's not like I would be popular enough to have that many interesting followers and I don't want to post too many personal details about myself on public websites.

I think one of the reasons why I wasn't particularly popular was because of
>the tagging system on tumblr
>I didn't post often enough
>I only posted my own photos and content because I felt like it would be weird to post someone else's art or photos and just credit them
>my posts weren't all that interesting unless we were already mutuals or friends I guess.

Anonymous 950

Actually, people really like and prefer original content, at least from my experience. You just have to make them look artsy and post interesting captions with it. Tho I have to agree that it's difficult to gain popularity unless you pretty much overshare your life.

Anonymous 996

The thing is, my original content was mostly text posts and some bad quality photos because my phone at the time was pretty bad. So it wasn't really the same as people who post a lot of high quality pictures to go with what they want to say.

Anonymous 1136


Any anons that have theme suggestions?
I'm currently using the Athenability theme (by http://athenabilitythemes.tumblr.com) because I have a lot of links (like, 20 or more) and so far I haven't found a theme that would allow me to do the same thing :/

Pic related is what the sidebars look like, just that I don't use a picture of myself.

Anonymous 1527

I kind of want to remake a tumblr out of sheer boredom and curiosity but I don't even know what I should post. Maybe pictures of food or video games. It's been a year since I left tumblr so I want to see how it is now.

Anonymous 1544

Tbh you can just repost crap from weheartit and people will love it. It's harder to get popular that it used to be tho

Anonymous 1567

I'd feel too guilty about stealing content, especially if it's art. I noticed it's harder to be noticed on tumblr because there are more and more people using it and maybe because the demographic and trends changed since the early 2010s. I might try using instagram more, I have an account that I use to check professional/offcial accounts from time to time, but I noticed some of my irl friends use it as well so it could be a way of getting in touch with them without using facebook.

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