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☆Astrology general☆ Anonymous 1

What's your sun sign (or other chart aspects)? Thoughts & opinions?

Anonymous 2

I find astrology very interesting, but I'm not a firm believer.
Virgo here.

Anonymous 3


Gemini here.
I don't care too much about astrology, although from time to time, when i'm bored, i read my horoscope or research my ~~stars~~, jewels and whatever else, since i find it somewhat interesting.
I barely relate to anything that is said about my sign though. I find i'm closer in my personality to my MB's (which is almost spot-on) description rather than my sign one.

Anonymous 4


I'm a Sagittarius sun. I don't believe in astrology but I think it's fun reading what people post about the signs on tumblr. I love reading my venus and moon signs in the zodiac tags just so I can have something to relate to or laugh at the concepts people come up with and even if I don't believe in this stuff, sometimes I'll still be like "Damn… das true" lol

It's pretty much just dreamy and comforting to think about how the stars and the planets could affect you as a person depending on when/where you were born. Fun shit, but not very practical.

Anonymous 5

I'm also a Gemini! I used to read my horoscope a lot more often, but lately I've sort of lost interest in it and astrology itself. I'd like to get back into it tho. Most of the horoscopes I read did really relate to my though, and I honestly found a lot of comfort in reading it, and I think I could really use some ~astrological~ advice right now. I do think it's cool to have a symbol that kinda represents who you are tho, so I do have some Gemini related jewelry (sorry if that sounds kinda headass) and I do think it's really cute.

Anonymous 6

Geminis rising, libra sun and Scorpio Venus/mercury/moon here! I love astrology and I feel oddly proud of my chart aspects lmao, after knowing about astral charts and deeper astrology stuff I no longer believe in horoscope as seeing your future with only your sun sign seems way to simply

Anonymous 1088

I think most of the people who are either sag moons/suns that were born in the sag Pluto generation are pretty fucked up

Anonymous 1089

How old are you anon?

Anonymous 1091

Aquarius sun, Taurus moon. I 100% identify with the traits of an Aquarius and I find it funny to read them because they're so accurate to my personality and life. Even though the moon sign is meant to be more accurate, I don't relate to Taurus at all. Unless you're supposed to read them differently and I'm doing it wrong? Almost everyone in my life fits their signs perfectly and to the point where it gets scarily specific (not just vague things like "you're caring!")

I don't read horoscopes though. They never seem to match what's going on in my life, especially when they keep telling me I'll "find a new love!" despite me being with my bf for years. Or when they'd talk about "the workplace" when I was still in school. I don't particularly mind the short, vague ones that are like "you'll have a really successful year this year!" because they're inspiring but I don't necessarily believe that they're an accurate prediction.

If anyone can provide a really good horoscope writer and change my mind about horoscopes I'd be interested lol.

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