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Creepy Encounters Anonymous 1287

Have you ever had any creepy or weird encounters?

>spring of last year

>stayed at the library until night to study for finals
>walking across campus in the dark when two women start approaching me
>assume they're asking for directions so I stop to talk to them
>they ask if I'm a student
>"Did you know that god is a woman?"
>the other proceeds to pull out a bible and recite a passage near the end
>says it's proof that god is a woman
>start telling me all about their religion composed of women and start talking about how I should join it
>oh god is this a cult
>tell them I have to head home but ask if they have a website or something so I could look further into it
>they refuse to answer or even tell me the name of their religion
>they just want me to come with them
>tell them I really should be heading home because I have exams early in the morning and leave
>never hear or see them again

I've asked other people on my campus if they've ever encountered them or this religion in general and all have said no. When I've tried searching 'religion where god is a woman' I just get the Ariana Grande song and this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Mission_Society_Church_of_God which doesn't quite describe what they were talking about. This incident still perplexes me to this day.

Anonymous 1299

That is pretty spoopy yeah. It's a shame they didn't answer you.

As for me
>deliver pizza
>hate my job. Often work into the early AM
>have to deliver pizza to shitty neighborhood
>the house I have to deliver to has it's driveway taken up by another car
>the headlights are on, the driver's side door is open
>car is empty
>park in distant driveway to unfinished home
>calm my nerves, stop being a pussy
>go to deliver pizza despite weirdness
>house is surrounded by tall wooden gate, can't see over it
>inside the door closes behind me heavily, the front porch has a carousel of porcelain dolls and old baseball memorabilia
>the fuck
>deliver pizza, guy is high. Tell him his car is on and unlocked
>go back to the wooden gate. Door won't open. Freak out and panic
>when it does I book it

At the time I felt like I was going to piss myself. People having junky porches isn't too weird for my town though, everybody's an old pack rat. It's either car parts, dolls, milk crates, or plants.

Anonymous 1300

Dolls? Why haven't you gtfo yet?

Anonymous 1301

I'm not scared of dolls personally. I owned porcelain ones as a girl and love puppets. They're neat. It's just the fact that it was dark and I was already uneasy that had me sweating.

Anonymous 1302


College campuses are so rife with weird people trying to get you to go places, it’s insane. We’ve had a similar group of women like this at my CC last year and they threaten to sue you if you go on social media asking about it.

Anonymous 1304

Seriously. What kind of city has a doll surplus?

Anonymous 1306

Old people have the weirdest shit, and they always refuse to part with it. I live in a dying town that's kept on life support by chemical plants and Wal-mart. Porcelain dolls (porcelain anything tbh) are common, among other junk old people want to be buried with like they're doing their best impression of the pharaohs.

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