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wicca/spells/manifesting? Anonymous 1581

i've been looking to start getting into casting and manifesting but i'm not sure what other people's experiences are like…
how has your experience been with manifesting? where would you start?

Anonymous 1597

Most of the things I have intentionally manifested so far have been done through sigils
>make sigil
>scan it on my phone and try to make it look aesthetically pleasing
>make it my phone wallpaper so it can infiltrate my subconscious through time
>forget about it and let subconscious/universe do its thing
This method can take a while though so it's not very efficient in this regard. I'm thinking about trying spell casting, which sounds much more fun and exciting than looking at a doodle for months. I'd recommend buying a pdf guide on casting spells by @sighswoon (on ig) it's very short, useful, and to the point! or I could also send you the pdf through email if you want

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