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Anonymous 1586

How do I make a person up online? Need to put them on a Whitepages too so people think they're real.

Anonymous 1587

if you don’t need multiple images of them, you can use https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ for a profile.

Anonymous 1589

Screenshot 2020-06…

I got a nice woman and a Cronenberg

Anonymous 1591


These faces are so scary sometimes.
Besides, it's hard to make up someone with only one picture available. You'd need several to create a believable profile.

Anonymous 1607

is there something i can use to get multiple pictures of the same 'person'? like just to add variety and believability.

Anonymous 1610

You would have to use "deepfakes", as there is technology to create faces there is technology to transfer faces from one image to another (actually the face creation method works like that too, it picks a couple of faces and transfers details from one to another to create something new).
Alternatively you could use photoshop. YOu could take a photo of yourself and shoop it to look like the fake person… and then put lots of filter over it so it doesn't look suspicious lmao.
Actually I'm gonna try that, it seems like a tough task

Anonymous 1612

Sorry I know it's unrelated but I clicked on the cat version of the generator and got a good little boy isnt' he the best

Anonymous 1613

download (1).jpeg

Of course I forgot to include him

Anonymous 1615

cat wearing t-shirt with his face. cute!

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