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who here /insecam creep/? Anonymous 1912

I like to watch people and things on publicly available IP cameras. Security cameras and such.
Here are some links to get started:
A cow farm in Japan:
A woman hanging laundry in Tel Aviv:
A Serbian medical clinic:

Anonymous 1913


OP pic is Serbian Medical clinic, as is pic rel

Anonymous 1914


A barbershop in the UK

Anonymous 1915


A cow farm. Amami, Japan.

Anonymous 1916


A spooky looking place in Ukraine.

Anonymous 1917


An owl from the Netherlands.

also it's not weird that I do this, right?
I mean it is, but not really, right?

Anonymous 1918

This post might fit better in >>>/x/

Anonymous 1919


This seems more random than /x/
Just seeing if anyone else is as bored as me

Redlight rats, USA

Anonymous 1920

/x/ is for occult and conspiracy type stuff. this is just normal people-watching.

Anonymous 1921

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Thanks for sharing this site anon. The airliner and industrial/construction ones are cool. Nature cams and things like the medical clinic and coffeeshops are nice for just shutting your brain off and relaxing.

Anonymous 1922

There used to be one in some kind of medical lab (pretty sure it's something to do with genetics) in Australia. I fell so in love with one of the guys who worked there that I learned his schedule and would just have it on my second monitor constantly. It got to the point where I collected little scraps of information and figured out what city he was in so I could find him on social media. I realised how unhealthy the obsession was and stopped, but I still have this fantasy where I move there and masterfully insert myself into his life, making him fall in love with me.

Anonymous 1923

Anonymous 1924


Yes there's some nice scenery out there.

Here's a woman handing out flyers in a Serbian market.

haha that's great

Anonymous 2181

pretty cool! gonna start doing this from now on, thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous 2185

Sometimes when I'm out and about I wonder if a camera somewhere is broadcasting me to a stranger, who also looks at these things…

Anonymous 2208

the cow farm is not online, this is the only one i want to watch

Anonymous 2209


i dimly remember threads like this existing on /jp/. a bunch of candid jpn life enjoyment.

wish they'd come back.

Anonymous 2217

They're still there. Barely hanging on in the flood of v-tuber threads but still getting bumped.

Anonymous 3747



Anonymous 3748


A kitchen of some sort in Fars, Iran. They really need to tidy up.

Anonymous 3750


A dock in Ventspils, Latvia.

Anonymous 3751


A restaurant in Zolotonosha, Ukraine.

Anonymous 3761


>pic attached
anon… no…

Anonymous 3762


This is so cool. I didn’t know sites like this existed. It makes me feel a little less alone watching people and animals. Look at this adorable chubby fish. He needs a bigger tank though. ):

Anonymous 3763

i hate to be a downer but this makes me so uncomfortable. i hate the idea of being able to be aware of all of the awful things i could potentially see at any time any where. it's already bad enough experiencing my own circle within real time, the idea that i could be potentially witnessing some kind of injustice or something all over the world with these cams is so scary

Anonymous 3764

poor guy has zero stimulous and can barely turn around. how the heck can people look at that all day everyday and not see an issue? i don't even know anything about fish and i can tell he is dying inside just from that one pic

Anonymous 3765

I know right? I had to stop watching because it was making me sad. I can only hope his brain isn’t advanced enough to feel boredom.

Anonymous 3766

goldfish aren't as stupid as people tell themselves, he's probably on suicide watch

sad thing this guy at least has a proper tank that's cleanish, some people put fish in random item death traps for no reason and then never wash them

Anonymous 3767


If I remember correctly, the feed was from China so I’m wondering if it’s from some seafood market and they’re just raising him for consumption? Link:
He’s so cute and chubby… I wish I could give him a nice big tank and lots of attention.

Anonymous 3768

someone just walked by and mr fishy turned round to look at him. he's a cutie

Anonymous 3769

mr fishy.png

Anonymous 3770


It’s in color now for some reason!

Anonymous 3773

sakana sama is extra cute in colour

all hail the new /x/ mascot

Anonymous 3802

nooooo fish camera is offline :(

Anonymous 3820


It’s back!! I think it’s nighttime there now

Anonymous 3829


Anonymous 3830

i hope the cute bunny is doing okay

Anonymous 3835


he's also on suicide watch

Anonymous 3836


some sleepy owls

Anonymous 3837

Anonymous 3839

Bunny is gone!!

Anonymous 3840


Anonymous 3844


Bunny is BACK!

Anonymous 3846


Samefag but i had to share these cute fluffy chickens.. http://insecam.org/en/view/910667/

Anonymous 3869


I had a heart attack for a small second

Anonymous 3933


More fluffy chickens

Anonymous 3934


Anonymous 3935


lot of dogs

Anonymous 3936

Sometime I come across ones that are in positioned in strange locations which makes think they're hidden cameras.

Anonymous 4002

Looking at the cameras from my third world country makes me uncomfy because these people just stick unsecured cameras in their houses and you can creep right into their living room

Anonymous 4028

Sin título.png

Anonymous 4029

Sin título2.png

Anonymous 4030

Sin título3.png

One of my more interesting finds. There's always a new picture printed every time I've checked it.

Anonymous 4042

you have anxiety you need medication or meditation

Anonymous 4242


cool find, anon!

Anonymous 4247


wow for some weird reason this looks oddly beautiful and dreamy. Could be the weather? link: http://www.insecam.org/en/view/930176/

Anonymous 4250


lights in the palm tree?!

Anonymous 4657


just spent 2 minutes watching this guy walking backwards into a bunch of dogs for some reason

Anonymous 4658


doing squats with the duggs

Anonymous 4662

I assume it's probably gone now and I'm not sure if it's the same site, but when I was like 12 or 13 I found one that was in some people's living room. Saw a family sit down at watch TV in their own house, kind of weird. There were two parents, a child that I couldn't really determine the gender or age of because they were rather overweight, and a large dog.

Anonymous 4693


such a pretty view. I'm glad this thread is still alive.

that's understandable. i don't like the idea that I could be being watched while in public. I've spent a lot of time watching these things and so far nothing inappropriate has happened. except for me becoming a borderline stalker

Here are some lovely mountains in Austria, Salzburg.

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