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do you think schools like this still exist? and if they do, how prevalent are they?

Anonymous 2078

I just read the comic and it was fucking surreal. I can't believe something this animalistic was allowed to continue until 2011. I don't know if schools like this still exist but I genuinely hope that they don't.

Anonymous 2087

This extreme? Probably not, but something similar might.

I really wanted to learn why MC got sent here, when I found out it was because he planned to distribute drugs to other High Schoolers I kind of lost all empathy for him, kind of a scumbag.

Anonymous 2089

I remember reading an AMA on Reddit about this. I read the first few chapters years ago but didn't finish the comic (I don't remember the exact reason). The comic was interesting though and even a few chapters was enough to understand the severity of the situation the writer found himself in. And yes, I believe cults like this still exists.

Anonymous 2091

After looking through all these, I found out about Judge Rotenberg Educational Centre, Tobinworld, and all other behavioural schools. Makes me wonder how these places still continues to exist.

Anonymous 2092

Because those with money need to have a place where they can send problem children, while simultaneous are aware that juvie will hurt the childs prospects later in life. The compromise is that instead of having the child go to juvie for being a delinquent, you pay enormous sums of money to have your children go to not-juvie that isn't held under the same regulation oversights.

This could all be solved if parents would actually take time to discipline and control their children themselves, but for one reason or another, they have enough spare income to throw at the problem as opposed to deal with it themselves.

Anonymous 3647

The author is fucking insufferable. He made fun of other kids for trying to adapt/integrate like he wasn't a grade A bootlicker…they were all trying to survive, but because he became a part of the staff and they didn't it's "different."

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