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fucking scared Anonymous 2151

so something just happened while i napped.
i was sleeping, i laid down at about 11:50am or 12pm. i fell asleep swiftly and had a bizarre dream that i cant really explain. bu, realized i was dreamog towards the end when i discovered a bag that i didnt recall ownong and started sifting through its contents. i then woke up and felt like i was floating through the air.i kept my eyes sealed shut. i was laying in my bed on my stomach with my head tilted to the side. Eventually i stopped floating and felt this tingling sensation (and slight arousal) through my whole body and dscovered thaf i couldnt move my fingers or any other limbs.
i kept my eyes sealed shut in fear this ws some sleep paralysis crap and that if i opened my eyes id see a shadow dude or whatever.
anyways, the tingling came and went about 2 or 3 times. then it felt like someone was applying pressure on my butt. it literally felt like someone would sit on my butt, stand up, and sit back down. i read that normally there is a sensation of pressure on the chest, not the butt. anyways, this happened like 3 times then i woke up.
im fucking freaked out.
similar thing happened a few months ago, but i remember it being brief.
it was like i had woke up, but there was an alien climbing on top of me. He was scream-whispering "power, power, power" into my ears.then i fully woke up.

anyone else got experiences like this?

Anonymous 2152


Yep, it was that incubus/sleep paralysis thing, if you sleep on your stomach you feel the pressure on your back side, you probably made the right choice to not open your eyes, opening eyes triggers the terror, it is almost as if the damn thing is waiting on you to open them just to get mad, it can be even scarier if you don't see what's sitting on your back. You can try to wake yourself up from that dream like state by simply exerting enough "physical" effort to push the damn thing off of you, it might seem impossible because it won't budge one bit, but if you try hard enough inside a dream it will cause your real body enough discomfort to wake you up. Fascinating how one can see, feel and hear one's room in perfect detail while in such a state without actually being awake.

Anonymous 2244


I know everyone experiences similar/the same things but it never ceases to surprise me when it comes to experiences like this.
A couple of years back, I was going through a really rough point in time. I know I had two sleep paralysis or demon like entities attack me? For lack of a better term. One of them I don't remember quite well anymore which is for the best. But the other that is relevant to this, she shook me to my core and thinking of her is enough to make me feel sick inside.
Nightmares and bad dreams in general are normal for me. I don't recall how or at one point did it turn into it but, there was a night where I was sleeping in my room. My bed at the time was against one of the walls of my room, facing toward my desk. This is relevant to mention because my desk, keyboard, tv, are facing the bed as well and emit a low light when not on.
I remember the sensation of something heavy like OP described on my chest. And the feeling of arousal, which is really embarrassing to recount to this day. Something was running its hands from my legs going up but mostly stayed in below the belt. I couldn't open my eyes, I know for a fact I didn't. But the strangest thing was, that I could see. I could see despite my eyes being shut, I guess since I just knew the layout of my room and how it looks at night/in the dark that it was imprinted in my mind. That low light emitted from the TV cast a sillouette over a feminine figure that was laying on my chest. I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. I don't remember how I broke out of it and 'woke up' from it but I know I cried and avoided sleeping as long as i could for a couple of days after that.
The feeling of terror, fear, arousal, heaviness, difficulty breathing, and helplessness- they're really hard to forget. I always fear she or the other sleep paralysis being will return someday. I've wanted to paint a picture of that moment for years since.
It feels good to talk about it and know others have experienced it and I'm not alone. It's been days since OP made this thread but, I hope you've been resting well since that instance.

Anonymous 2249


Why am i reading this thread right before bed fml

Anonymous 2255

i had a dream (or something) where i was laying on my futon in the darkness trying to fall asleep and then some tall balding guy with glasses in a trench coat appeared next to me and had a wicked grin. i panicked and tugged on his pants or trench coat and his expression changed to fearful before he fell over and died. did i dream i murdered an incubus?

Anonymous 2256

No, you murdered a flasher by taking control of his flashing. Well done.

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