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Teal Swan Anonymous 2153

thoughts on Teal Swan?

Anonymous 2155


Anonymous 2163

>Teal Swan is an American spiritual teacher. Swan's teachings on how to manage mental health issues have often been described as unconventional and potentially hazardous and has received criticism for how she attracts fans. She has been nicknamed "The Suicide Catalyst", a play on her pen name "The Spiritual Catalyst".

Never heard of her before but she seems pretty milky.

Anonymous 2165

my ex started getting into her stuff after he broke up with me and somehow he is still alive. dont know much other than that

Anonymous 2171


Anonymous 3629

she makes no sense unless you're already schizo. that being said, she's fun to listen to, but ultimately derivative

Anonymous 3632


I can see the appeal as her voice is nice to listen to, but she convinced people to kill themselves and lied about her past. Also, her artwork is ugly.

Anonymous 3774

she's hot. definitely not someone to follow, though.

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