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i just wanna turn back time Anonymous 2210

is there some magical voodoo wicca spell i can use to restart my life, i hate myself and literally want to kill myself unless i can do this

Anonymous 2211

I don't think you'd find it here anon. Remember it's never too late to change, no human is hopeless.

Anonymous 2213

Anon, make a list of the things you don’t like about your life. Next make a list of how you wish things were (in a realistic sense). After that, think of all the tiny steps you need to make in between to make the change.

For example, if you wanted a new job you might list:

1. Write CV/resume.
2. Have CV/resume checked professionally.
3. Respond to lots of job ads.
4. Practise interview skills.
5. Buy new interview clothes.
6. Attend lots of interviews.

Every day look at the list and and try and cross off as many steps as possible, as well as looking for opportunities to allow to cross off more steps. Once you start looking for them, they will appear everywhere.

Anonymous 2214

don't do it op, don't listen to this anons shitty fuckin advice and become a wageslave
all it does is helps prop up the establishment and helps your boss buy a fifth lamborghini

Anonymous 2215

The job thing was just an easy example to give. OP can pick whatever they want.

Anonymous 2216

>no voodoo spells posted
wtf am i on /x/ for? if i wanted people to tell me not to kill myself id go on discord

Anonymous 2235

okay so if you want to figure out time travel then make a list of steps

For example, if you wanted to time travel you might list:

1. Read Edison, hawking
2. learn heavy duty physics principals.
3. study and experiment with those principals
4. obtain jets capable of achieving the speed of light.
5. Buy new space clothes and clocks.
6. Time travel

Anonymous 2264

Yes, it's an ancient ritual. You commit suicide and your life restarts in the reincarnation cycle. Good luck.

Anonymous 2272


Bumping for rituals.

I looked into crossroads rituals a couple of years ago, because I wanted to sell my soul. However part way through I pussied out because I was too scared. From what I understand, if you visit a crossroads at midnight three days straight, on the third night you can trade your soul for whatever you wish.

Maybe it would help you go back in time, anon.

Anonymous 2283

sell soal to who? satan? i wouldnt do that as i dont believe in any diety or being that has a higher power

Anonymous 2285


Anonymous 2288

You don't have to believe in anything, it'll exist with or without your acknowledgement. And since you don't believe in it, what harm is there in selling your soul?

If it doesn't exist, you won't face any consequences. If it does and you do sell it, then you get what you wished for. Actually your hesitation is weird. I would expect a religious person to be wary, but someone who believes in nothing? Eh.

Anonymous 2320

You speak like a child.

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