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Creepshots Anonymous 2643

Has anyone ever took a photo of you in public before? Why do you think they did it? Have you ever taken a photo of someone in public?

Anonymous 2644

I take pics of cute guys just to document them for myself. It also gives me a bit of a power rush since I'm doing something that he didn't consent to.

Anonymous 2645


Yup. My father and I went to the grand opening of a German restaurant and as we were talking to the owner this random ass lady came right up and snapped a photo of us without anyone of our permission. Just walked up and took it. As soon as I saw her with the camera I threw my hand up to cover my face but the picture was snapped before my hand was able to make it to my face in time so it looks like I'm waving hi or something. We were all taken aback and I think either my father or the owner asked what the photo was for and she said, "it's for Yelp," with a huge enthusastic grin and I got all teary-eyed and said, "wait….no…" in a panicked voice. I have really bad BDD and am mortified by photos of myself. She seemed pretty empathetic and told me she'd crop me out.

Pic related is what's on the restaurant's Yelp page right now.

I had just gotten the worst fucking haircut of my life which I wanted to sue over, and I was also rlly fat in this photo as you can see (have lost 40 lbs since, woohoo). I think I would have fucking an heroed if the woman hadn't cropped this and my overweight scarecrow-looking ass was permanently featured on Yelp for everyone to see when they Googled this restaurant.

Anyways, fucking ask before you take someone's photo and don't wait for them to react badly before you decide to delete/crop it. It's not that hard.

Anonymous 2646

Umm, is street photography and stuff considered creepshots?
I've never asked for permission, but it's not like I took photos or video of someone in a private area (this doesn't always equal private property, i just mean i snap things that are visible from the street).

Anonymous 2647

I don't think so. It has to have a sexual component to it (e.g. taking pics of your butt) to be considered a creepshot.

Anonymous 2648

Oh different anon but I posted >>2645 thinking OP just meant people generally coming and taking pics in public. Should have spared you guys that blog post, haha.

Anonymous 2649

OP here. Actually I meant what you were talking about, not sexual pics. I just put creep shots in the thread bc I didn't know what else to call them. My mistake.

Thankfully no one has ever randomly taken my photo before.

Anonymous 2650

No, you goober.

Anonymous 2651

I used to dress in a gothy-lolita-ish style (more like ita, it was pretty rare here) and creepshots were common. Once at a mall I caught a group of asian tourists taking pictures of me. I don't do it to others as I felt a bit like an animal in a zoo.

Anonymous 2652

>dress for attention
>feel bad when you get attention

Anonymous 2653

NTA but self expression isn't necessarily for attention and while it's expected that people will stare if you're dressed in something outlandish, it's still a bother.

Anonymous 2654

>thinking doing anything that's not exactly how others do it must be for attention
I can't imagine leading such a boring, lizard-brain tier existence.
"Enjoying things? Enjoying wearing things? Joy from mere self-expression?? Impossible….things I can't understand and don't personally enjoy can only have hidden base goals, like attention or money. Hmm, no money gained here yet (seemingly). Therefore, attention must be the goal!".

Anonymous 2655

I’m sorry for your autism but yes people will notice how you dress. Using self expression doesn’t mean expressing things to yourself. Other people can see you when you are, you know, within the range of their vision. Of course anyone leering or taking actual creepshots are just downright shitty people.
But OP >>2649
>OP here. Actually I meant what you were talking about, not sexual pics. I just put creep shots in the thread bc I didn't know what else to call them. My mistake.
The fuck? Why did you choose that pic in the OP then? This thread is a disaster from the start.

Anonymous 2656

>calls others autistic
>literally can't read
People noticing how you dress is not the same as doing it so that they will notice, that's called a side effect. Not everyone is an attention whore just because that's the easiest explanation someone else could come up with for liking things they don't like, lmao.

Anonymous 2657


Who are you expressing yourself to? To no one? Into the void? Goth/Lolita is absolutely meant to stand out and get attention. If you honestly think otherwise than yes, you are "autistic" in the colloquial sense that you do not understand social norms and how they work.

Anonymous 2658


>Self-expression IS attention-whoring, sweaty :)
Again, I'm glad that I don't lead a lizard-brain tier existence like this. Explaining something like this to someone who unironically functions with this line of logic is useless, because chances are, they are actually autistic and incapable of certain things (creativity being one of them).

Anonymous 2659

wtf she should've asked permission before randomly snapping a pic for promo use of the restaurant

Anonymous 2660

I doubt it. but the pic OP used makes me so angry, I think I'd go over and grab the phone out of the dirty old bastard's hand. nasty!

Anonymous 2661

based anon.

I was thinking this. If I saw it IRL I'd fully kick off. I'll 1v1 a perve, don't @ me

Anonymous 2662


Yes gothic lolita fashion as street clothes is the height of creativity and not at all try hard “look at me” shit.

>People stared and some even took pictures!


Anonymous 2663


You sound quite bitter.

Anonymous 2664


Bait and switch pissed me off. When I hear “creep shots” and see this pic I don’t think “I went to the aquarium in borderline cosplay and people had the nerve to notice.”

It’s fucking bullshit. Complaining about nothing.

Anonymous 2665

Noticing is one thing, but do they have to take photos? That's where I draw the line. Not the lolita anon btw. Of course some looks are to be expected, but if you're gonna take a photo, at least ask.

Anonymous 2666

Yeah the photos are weird and would make me feel a bit weird. She said they were Japanese tourist types so I can see that happening. Still a far cry from sexual harrasment though, which is what the type of creepshots OP’s pic implied.

Anonymous 2667

How is it bait and switch? I wasn't even the anon in >>2651, all I said was that it's retarded to think she must have gone out with the express intent for tourists to take photos of her without permission. And it is.

Anonymous 2668

You signaled your bait blatantly here
Photos are weird for sure. Thinking you can dress that style and not attract attention is delusional. It would be like a guy going to the beach in a black coat and top hat.

Anonymous 2669

How exactly does that contradict me asserting that the intent is not attention? Reread >>2656.
>Photos are weird for sure
Then we're on the same page. This is why I said you can't read, anon.

Anonymous 2670

Because if you believe you won’t get attention then you are oblivious to the world around you. You can microwave a tasty spray can of bathroom cleaner without the intention of exploding your microwave but anyone sane knows there’s gonna be a mess.

And there will be a mess of eyes on you when you go out shopping in your uwu ita outfit and you know this.

Anonymous 2671

Again, reread >>2656. Do you know what a side effect is, and how it differs from intent?
You've already agreed that photos are weird, so maybe you're not completely retarded.

Anonymous 2672


I’ve read it.
>People noticing how you dress is not the same as doing it so that they will notice, that's called a side effect.
This is like saying “I set off the fireworks not for the loud bang, but the bright flashes. The loud bang is the side effect.” Sure, fine. But people around you are still going to hear that loud bang. Outfits like that are, by design, attention getting. You cannot divorce the two. And acting put out when people’s attention are drawn by that loud bang is not living in reality.

This is why the asian tourists mistook her for some kind of Disney Princess meet and greet character and started taking pictures.

Anonymous 2673


So, the situation remains that you can't read and want to hold steadfastly to an unrelated argument. What a shame.

Anonymous 2674

OP delete your life
>Actually I meant what you were talking about, not sexual pics. I just put creep shots in the thread bc I didn't know what else to call them. My mistake.
You’re disgusting.

Anonymous 2675

>Who are you expressing yourself to?

Answer plz

u can do that, rite?

Anonymous 2676

I dressed that way because I enjoyed it, I couldn't care less for the attention. It didn't bother me much besides mild annoyance and that's why I stopped dressing like that anyway.

Anonymous 2677


Why am I disgusting?

Anonymous 2678

Because your face has melted.

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