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Anonymous 3459

I literally constantly think. I can genuinely imagine massive stories and scenarios vividly, all while simply walking to the bus stop. I often am completely detached from reality, other than simply walking/staring because i am fantasizing something. I constantly think about the inner workings of stuff. For example if i see a car i start thinking of how it's engines work, if i see a musket on a parade i start thinking of it's mechanisms.
Often while i imagine an apple i can kinda taste it? Idk how to explain.
I've been told it's because i am autistic, but i always thought everyone was capable of this.
I randomly went on 4chan's /x/ when i saw this thread discussing it. Someone mentioned seeing the "static", and i instantly knew what they were talking about.
So i was wondering. Am i the weird one or can the majority of people do these things?

Anonymous 3460

That's just how you think. You lean towards analytical thinking styles and there's certainly nothing wrong or pathological with that.

Anonymous 3461

related to the image. idk i can imagine the apple image and i see it in my head but it only flickers until i see just the black of my eyelids. when i try to sleep, i like to imagine entire stories. its how i get to sleep. i did it since i was a kid and the story would progress every night. once i was bored of that one, id pick a new one. when i was younger, these stories usually were about me discovering i had a power or something then when i was a teenager id imagine a hot demon bf who i could see his horns and tail but no one else could and he was a new student at my highschool- recently ive been going to sleep on drugs tho so no stories in my mind for now.

Anonymous 3463

I see 2. Like a real apple but in a low light / low quality youtube way. Probably if I concentrate I can get closer to a 1. Definitely not a vague idea of it anyway.

Anonymous 3638

I see a flash of an apple I have already seen. Probably the second most recent apple I've seen? It's a single frame of a bunch of apples at the store and another frame of me holding one of the apples.

Anonymous 3651

I don't know which is majority but it blew my mind that not all people have an inner monologue. It was until I saw it in the ricky gervais show and in some 4chan threads that I found out it's not as common as I thought.

I really can't imagine how people think if not by picturing and hearing scenarios in their mind. It's the kind of thing that I would love to see more research about.

Also I see that the people that have more vivid mind are usually the types to browse boards and have more niche interest (i.e. nerds) and normies tend to be on the 4s and 5s.

Anonymous 3657

It's a shame that this only recently (in the past few years) have people been talking about this. I'd be really interested to see if people from centuries ago had higher prevalence of inner monologues or less. I'd imagine people in like the 1800s had a lot more "thinkers" than today but what about then compared to medieval times (as extreme religion may have subconsciously shut down people's inner thoughts).

Anonymous 3660

I'm a 1 but it makes sense because I'm an artfag. The first I heard of people being unable to visualize things was when I was 17 and my friend's bf of the time was amazed by anyone being able to just imagine and draw shit. Prior to that I assumed everyone was fantasizing like me.

Idk if OP is still here but my brain is like that, too, save for mechanics. Replace that with deconstructing everything into shapes that I could draw and it's exact. Shamefully, sometimes I lose myself in stories during conversations. The storylines themselves also used to be more diverse but since adulthood I use my powers to have intense horny daydreams constantly. Double shameful. But I also have a cast of characters who I regularly imagine acting out an actual plot.

My life quality would definitely be lower if I were not like this. I'm never bored and my social needs are very low due to being able to just imagine talking to imaginary people.

Anonymous 3672

its normal and the majority of ppl are capable of it (like tasting something if you imagine it is a well documented phenomenon, a lot of ppl are thinking about something that matters to them, no matter how trivial it is, and ignore their surroundings - like when you talk to them they dont listen, etc). if you didnt think at all it would be much more disturbing and in some way "unusual" - because it is a symptom of clinical depression (fun fact btw: Carlos Castaneda has written that shutting off ones thoughts is necessary in order to become a ""warrior"")
though your concentration on the "inner workings of stuff" is pretty unusual, most people think about some more routinely topics.

Anonymous 3691

im a 5 i just "gaslight" myself into thinking i see things when i really dont. i hear things instead i think ( the irony in that being my hallucinations LOL )
i dont mind it id rather have other people think for me anyway ^_^

Anonymous 3694

Anonymous 3733

It was very surprising to me as well to learn it. When I write I picture a character's appearance in detail right down to the outfit and what colors would look good together. When I am driving or walking my mind is constantly going, sometimes I space out or go off on mental tangents but it is always going. It is kind of hard for me to even imagine what it would be like to not do this. I still kind of don't really believe it honestly even though OP's pic is baffling to me.

Anonymous 3973

I can do it at a 4 or 5 level. I knew there were people who couldn't visualize but I just thought that was a rare mental condition (aphantasia or some shit?). I get its not very vivid for some people, but to see nothing? That is strange.
I guess my minds eye is more developed because for most of my life I've been drawing (not recently though).

I do the vivid daydream things too. For as long as I can remember I've had little daydreams. When I was very young, preschool aged, I had bizarre imaginary friends I'd talk to at night who all looked like rugrats. (kind of unrelated to visualization, but I also used to pretend my reflection was a girl called Orange. Me and Orange did not get along for some reason, and I remember threatening violence against her one night and my mom asking who I was talking to).
I started getting crushes when I was 7 and would fall asleep at night imagining innocent tomantic things. I also remember daydreaming that I was a soldier and I'd get into battles and stuff. I lived on a farm.
now I'm more like >>3660 and have a lot of horny daydreams, not to such a degree though. I still have romatic fantasies in my head that I fall asleep to, but they usually always just turn into sex fantasies.

Anonymous 3990

for me it depends, when im clear-headed i can see at a 1, maybe a 2 or 3 if im not familiar with what i m trying to think of. objects are usually clearer than people unless its someone especially close to me. when im tired i see at 4, and the images kinda taper off and fizzle at the edges. if im overstimulated or hyper then i see at a 2-3 but the backgrounds are more "floaty", like if im imagining a tree then the leaves might fall off but look like liquid or clay, and the colors will be more vibrant.
if it matters, ive always been able to notice things irl that others might not, have been drawing from an early age, and am almost always daydreaming. my daydreams used to be more literary instead of visual so its most likely just a super trained part of my brain lol.

Anonymous 4731

I'm like OP and tend to daydream a lot (probably on the spectrum somewhere) but I never imagine characters or locations when I read a book. Whenever I read something it's just me understanding the words unless I force myself to picture it. I never have the issue that some people do where the movie characters are different from what they imagined. In fact, sometimes I like to read the movie first because that way I have something to try and picture.

Is anyone else like this?

Anonymous 4732

Probably. I visualize the entire story though, to the point where sometimes I'd become self aware and stop and begin seeing words again. Then again I can also see the first apple and can also rotate it and put it anywhere I'd like so it's probably due to that. What do your daydreams look like?

Anonymous 4750

I think most people have less active imaginations. I regularly get super into 'daydreams' like you're describing while walking around, and everyone seems surprised when I don't hear/notice them right away. Also I sometimes end up mouthing words if I'm thinking about explaining things, which looks like I'm talking to myself and is generally considered strange…I don't think I'm full autistic though. Pretty sure I have ADD (inattentive) which has a lot of overlap in symptoms I think?

Anonymous 4751

when someone takes forever to say something and you're in person so you can't distract yourself, do you feel a bit like you're going crazy?

I've started trying to actively pay attention to the outside world for small segments of time. "mindfulness training'. I really like having an active internal world, but I think if you don't connect with the outside world and train that often enough it results in bad mental health.

Anonymous 4758

I’ve been trying to think of an answer to this since you posted it but I think most of my daydreams are just me spacing out into nothing. Occasionally I will imagine me doing something amazing like winning an Oscar but for the most part it’s like my brain taking a nap.

Anonymous 4760

I remember seeing something about people who can only see 4 or 5 being NPC's. It's insane to me that some people can't just visualize objects or people or places, or hear sentences other people have said to them in their head. Makes me wonder how these people use critical thinking skills, or even come up with ideas on their own or plan for future activities

Anonymous 4761

I saw a woman make a thread on mumsnet the other day saying she was a 5 but also an artist. Really weird.

Anonymous 4778

Yes, I'm the same way, I don't really visualize things I'm reading either. I might make a picture of a character in my head but that's it. I am bad at describing things in my writing because of it. I don't really need description, being told two people are sitting on the couch talking is all the information I need to set a scene. But I forget people want a lot more information because they want/need to paint a picture in their head.

Anonymous 4795

I am 4/5 and I am definitely not an npc - I am more original that 4choids will ever hope to be. I think the best way to describe what I see when imagining an object is it being "dynamic" instead of static. Like I can only see them in change/having the potential to change, so they can't really appear as vivid as an actual object in my head. At best they can be blurry. This could be the result of me putting more emphasis on the details and viewing the object as a system instead of a holistic thing, thus downgrading the quality&speed of my visualization. I am very good at understanding complex structures though.

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