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Anonymous 3821

Post green texts of unsettling or mysterious things that have happened to you. I’ll start:

>be twelve

>visiting grandparents in cabin on the edge of some woods to spend part of the summer
>i bring a stack of books with me, I used to read a lot and was excited to spend a few weeks reading great books and hanging out with my grandma and grandpa
>the first few days are spent alone by a window trying to read but failing to concentrate
>also grandparents are busy because grandpa works during the day and grandma has all kinds of chores and projects to tend to
>my concentration for reading never takes hold, I end up just staring out the window often
>in the distance I hear what sounds like a boy playing
>nothing else to do and curious so I go outside and into the woods to investigate
>walking for a few minutes, not seeing or hearing anything relating to other people
>eventually feel like i’m being watched, look around, look up, see a boy about my age sitting in a tree
>when he sees me seeing him, he jumps down in front of me
>i ask him what he’s doing
>he explains that he is “looking for the ghost of his friend”, explains he has a friend who died in these woods and wants to find his spirit and “force him to move on”.
>this story is creepy of course and in particular the wording of that last part is unsettling but something about him seems ok or at least intriguing enough to ignore the potential danger
>so i join him in his search.
>for the next two weeks it becomes a pattern in my life to meet him in the woods and wander around hunting for the ghost of his friend
>we don’t talk about much else except for the quest. Depending on the day, he is in different moods, sometimes putting on the faux gallantry of a knight, other times he is in a more silly and sarcastic mood. But more often than anything, the mood I find him in is brooding, bordering on hostile.
>through it all, we never find any trace of any kind of spirit
>i ask him how his friend died and he just responds “He became stupid. Always wanted to be alone. These woods are no place to be alone.” He turns and looks pointedly at me when he says that last part, I still get goosebumps when I recall that part.
>next day, don’t feel like leaving the house at all. The thought of it is unsettling
>stay in bed just reading, my mind constantly wandering to the boy journeying through the woods alone chasing the ghost of a ghost.
>that night as I’m trying to fall asleep, turn over in bed just in time to see something moving at my window.
>i run over in a panic. I think I see something disappear into the woods but I’m not sure and it might just be my scared mind playing trucks on me.
>close curtains, bundle up and lay awake until dawn
>that next day the news reports that the body of a child who had been missing for some time was found in the woods near our house
>absolute panic rising, my mind going a mile a minute. I somehow become certain that the boy is going to be my boy, like he was the ghost all along
>see the dead boy’s picture and I’ve never seen him in my life.
>Says he was murdered with a big rock in the woods
>the words of the boy I walked with echo in my head “these woods are no place to be alone.”
>i ask my grandparents about the other boys my age who live in the area
>they say there aren’t any
>for the rest of my trip I live in constant fear of something coming to my window at night or looking at the woods and seeing the dead boy’s friend standing there but nothing shows itself
>time to leave, grandpa is going to drive me to the train station
>as we’re about to go he says “oh by the way, i think this is yours. You dropped it on the porch.”
>it’s half a friendship locket that I have never seen

Anonymous 3823

That was a nice read but you could have given more details about the woods. I didn't picture them in any particular way and it could have made your story more believable.
I wish I could remember something to greentext about.

Anonymous 3824

True, I just wanted to get my experience down and not make it too long so I tried to just put the most relevant events down.

Anonymous 3827

>be me, about or 4 or 5
>live in grandparents house with mum
>have imaginary friend named The General
>everyone confused because I had no interest in war, seemed weird that imaginary friend wasn't an animal or something I was actually interested in
>one day I wont shut up about the general
>annoys my mum
>I got to bed
>mum sits in livingroom complaining about me talking about The General all day
>picture of me on the wall falls and hits her arm
>has never fallen before this point

This is actually one of my mums favourite "paranormal" stories to tell when people ask her about things like this. She is semi convinced I made contact with a ghost soldier as a child. I don't remember any of it, but if mentioned to anyone who lived with me at the time they all very vividly remember this one particular incident

Anonymous 3831

Do you remember anything about the general or what your “interactions” were like? Who knows what’s going on with kids and their imaginary friends. Part of my family lore is my imaginary friend, but I remember being a little kid and them asking me if I had one and saying yes because that’s what I thought they wanted to hear and because it seemed fun. Now I’m in my 20s and they still bring it up sometimes.

Anonymous 3838

I have 0 memory of The General. If it had not been for how often my family bring him up in conversation, I'd have no knowledge of The General. I just realised I never asked my mum if she remembers when the interactions stopped.

Anonymous 3857

Different anon, I had a similar kind of imaginary friend to the poster with The General imaginary friend.
Mine was named Penny, and my mother told me that I used to do really out of character things and tell her that Penny told me to do it. I was a really well-behaved and anxious child. I guess I would do something wild like break a glass or one time I believe my mother caught me eating a cake out of the fridge that was meant for a get-together that evening. Really weird stuff that was abnormal for me.

I do remember Penny a bit, but only in flashes- he was a little creature of some sort. More like a tiny person, coppery, I think that is where the name came from. It is not at all vivid of a memory, but I do get flashes of recognition, and a distant voice/whisper kind of thing. Apparently, during the time I was "friends" with Penny, my mom said I had instances of sleepwalking that had never occurred before nor since. She recalls one particularly creepy night when she woke to me sitting on the edge of her bed and watching her sleep. When she opened her eyes, she saw me and asked if I was okay. I asked her, "Momma, what do people look like?" And then I laid on the floor and fell asleep. She was freaked out, to say the least. I remember waking up on the floor.

I've never had any auditory or visual hallucinations, or any sleep disorders. Nothing like this ever happened again.

Anonymous 3859

>"Momma, what do people look like?"
Kids can be so creepy

Anonymous 3865

your mom just let you fall asleep on the floor?

Anonymous 3870

um, yeah? there were always some discarded throw pillows on the floor- it's not like I was laying on concrete. plus I had awoken her in the middle of the night, she was probably mildly disoriented in the first place lol.

Anonymous 3899

>15 years old
>helping a friend move
>house finally clean by late night
>friend wants to take the trash out before bed
>expect her to be back in five
>15 minutes and she's nowhere to be seen
>text her and ask if there's a hold up
>10 more minutes pass
>stomach in knots, it's not a great neighborhood
>she could've forgotten her keys but if I went to look for her I wouldn't get back in
>she finally replies
>thank fuck, she hasn't gotten stabbed
>text her back asking where the fuck she is
>press send
>her phone buzzes on her desk
>she opens the door and gets back
>says she had to take two trips, refuses to acknowledge she was gone for nearly half an hour
>tell her I got a message from her even though she left her phone behind
>she laughs at me
>go grab her phone, she hasn't touched it yet
>open her message history to prove it
>her sent folder doesn't have a single message reading just "No"
>browse my sent and received texts, there's no conversation where a simple "No" would've made sense even if I just got the message late for some reason
>go to bed
>wake up to message tone at 3 AM
>it's another message from her reading "No"
>she's asleep and her phone is charging by my side of the bed
>mute my phone and go to sleep
>wake up in the morning
>a dozen missed calls from her between 3 and 6 AM

Anonymous 3907


I shouldn't be reading this before trying to astral project.

Anonymous 3908

Possible explanations: (1) She had a second device logged into the messenger that she had on her. It was a prank. (2) Someone else was in her account. When I was 10, my friend gave me the passwords to 2 of her social media so I could sign in whenever I liked. I even messed with her as she was texting with someone by slamming random keys and flooding their chat with unintelligible strings of characters. She had to try to chip in an explanation in between all that spam coming from her profile. (3)This is fake.

Anonymous 3909


Thanks, Velma, but it still gives me the spoops.

Anonymous 3910

But Daphne, I’m just trying to make you feel better…

Anonymous 3967

I haven't visited here in months, just came back today, but it seems like I come across your posts a lot with that dinosaur.
Wtf? Isn't avatarfagging banned here?

Anonymous 3968

Once when I was like 4 or 5 I remember staring in this mirror thingy (it was like the glass behind a hutch where you display figurines) at my grandmas. I saw a weird monkey thing pop up behind me and then disappear. Just thought of it today because I read something about how this guy thinks bigfoots are actually demons, and he looked like bigfoot, whatever it was.
At the time it didn't bother me, I was just confused. Now, looking back, it really freaks me out. Its so distant in my mind, I wonder if it was just my imagination or if its a false memory even though I feel that it happened.
If this isn't a larp, do you still have the locket? If not, what happened to it?

Anonymous 3969


how dare you call her "that dinosaur"

Anonymous 4011

>video chatting with bff
>talk about what shows we’ve scene over break
>she never takes recommendations from me, but I beg her to watch this one show Ill call Show A.
>Huzzah! She’s already watched it too!, she tells me when I tell her
>I’m elated, I asked her if she liked Villian A, who has a very memorable name.
>she’s says “oh yeah! I love Villian A! Villian A is great” We talk a bit more about the plot but nothing very memorable

>for a month I think about how I’m excited she likes the show too

>I mention it again to her one day
>”that show? I couldn’t get past the first episode.”
>but she told me she saw the whole season, we talked about it. We talked about how Villian A transformed at the end of the season
>I ask ALL of my friends if theyve seen Show A in case I mixed up our conversation with someone else
>none of them have seen it and have barely heard of it

I truly believe this was a Mandela Effect. Someone said it could have been an entity posing as my friend but I doubt it, I felt like it was definitely my friend.
Now that I’m thinking about it again, I can perfectly see her face as she tells me she loved Villian A, I can see her face light up, I hear her voice. It’s not gone from my memory, yet somehow missing from reality.

Anonymous 4013

>do you still have the locket? If not, what happened to it?
I never had it in the first place. When my grandpa showed it to me, I told him it wasn’t mine and that he should get rid of it. I was very off put by it and didn’t want anything to do with it. When I came back for another extended stay two years after those events, I was irrationally fearful that it would still be in the house. That it would be in the room I was staying in. For this reason I was on edge and avoided opening desk drawers and stuff for fear of coming across it for some reason.

Anonymous 4020

I have no idea what Villian A is. Perhaps you dreamt it (often times I confuse dream with reality), or more likely she didn't want to admit she had watched it for some reason, and felt like denying it.

Anonymous 4034

off-topic, but there are a number of people who post that character whose name is cece

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