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Scary IRL situations Anonymous 383

What happened to you?

Anonymous 391

I was going to start a "Truth is stranger than Fiction" thread about stories of scary things that happen in reality, but this thread sounds really similar. Hopefully that's okay and what you intended?
I'll post a couple of mine.

Anonymous 392

I'll do this in greentext/bullet points for ease of reading/writing.

>My boyfriend goes to go pick up his medication at a local pharmacy

>Is after 5pm but they are really busy
>Regular pharmacist went home sick
>Temp pharmacist is also not there
>Bf gets to front of line, only two workers are even there
>Both are inexperienced temps
>Both look like they're 15 yrs old
>Both are more interested in their phones and chatting than serving customers
>Neither knows what they're doing
>They proceed to screw up bf's order from start to finish
>Wrong receipt, wrong name, wrong pills
>He ends up leaving without medications out of frustration
>We don't think about it
>Notice on news days later that there's been a rash of deaths and hospitalizations recently
>A few are considered overdoses, some suicides, some accidents
>All are medication-related

My theory is that the two temp workers really fucked up. The overdose deaths could be because of being given the wrong dosage or completely wrong medication, the suicides due to overdose could be the same thing. I'm wondering if the police officers investigating even would think to consider that as an option, and I'm hoping I'm not the only person putting these pieces together like this. I wouldn't even know who to call to tell this to, and I doubt they'd listen anyway.
I wonder if the two temp girls even realize what they might have done?

Anonymous 393

This was a story from a friend's grandfather named Mario:

>Little Mario is 7 years old

>lives in a a poorer part of big city
>a lot of the males are involved in organized crime or in jail
>Mario's grandmother/father's mother lives with them
>Sturdy, wise old lady
>Not uncommon in area, lots of grandmothers around
>One of the houses nearby is creepy
>Strange man lives there
>Strange man is creepy, not involved with organized crime
>Strange loves little boys, likes to give them candy
>Strange is always trying to get little boys to come into his house
>The grandmothers all talk, they don't trust Strange
>They tell their grandsons and neighbours not to trust Strange
>Grandmothers all keep an eye on Strange
>They see him bringing home little boys he meets at work
>Grandmothers all know about their sons being in mafia, guns, etc
>They know about crime, poverty, what life can be like
>But even though they trust a mafia guy, they don't trust Strange
>Newspapers talking about boys disappearing, being kidnapped
>Mario's grandmother says Strange is doing it
>Mafia son doesn't listen
>Grandmothers see Strange with a boy who matches missing description
>Mario's gradmother tells her son
>Son says he knows a guy, he'll look into it
>Son talks to local guy selling pornography/magazines/etc
>Strange buys fucked up pornography all the time
>Grandmother says "See, I told you!"
>One night there's a scream in the night from Strange's house
>Next day little boy's body found near Strange's work
>Strange not arrested though
>One day, mafia man's grandson goes missing
>Grandmothers all say Strange did it
>Mafia says no, is gang warfare
>Mario says everything goes "funny" for awhile
>He's not allowed to go to school
>Grandmother keeps him home
>Grandmother argues with son a lot, won't let Mario hear them
>Suddenly one night there's a big fire at Strange's house
>Police are already there
>FBI men in dark suits with guns are there
>Firefighters arrive
>FBI won't let firefighters put out fire
>Powerful mafia guy and his men stand out in the street with FBI watching Strange's house burn down
>After fire, childrens' bones found in root cellar

Mario always thought that the mafia, once they realized what Strange was doing, collaborated with the FBI to catch Strange.
If it's true it would make an interesting movie about how the mafia would deal with a pedophilic serial killer in their neighborhood, and how would the police and FBI deal with whatever evidence the mafia has.

Anonymous 394

these were great

Anonymous 397

Thank you! I'll try to remember a few more.

Anonymous 399

>be me at 14
>pass an old castle ruin from the 1500s or so every day on the way to school
>one day we're stuck in traffic and I stare at it really hard
>get this weird feeling about it for the first time, like something really horrible happened there (other than wars that I knew about)
>start fantasising about what it would have been like to be a princess living around that time, imagine how they would have worn their hair and what kind of dresses they would have worn despite not really knowing much about that era
>think about how their lives would have been really hard with all the wars over territory and how girls were married off as children and were basically made prisoners in their own homes by their parents or their husbands
>instantly have a thought about this princess I've imagined stabbing herself with a needle and throwing herself off the top of the turret
>shake the image out of my mind and chalk it up to being depressed around that time and having a lot of weird thoughts, also watching too many horror films

>a few years later, talking to my dad

>mention possibly doing a project on the castle for school
>he gives me a little history lesson >he mentions the daughter of one of the owners of the castle
>while locked in the turret, she killed herself in the exact way I pictured to avoid being married off for political reasons at the same age I was when I had this vision

I mean, it's totally possible that I read or heard about it and forgot, thinking it was an original thought. But either way, it scared the shit out of me. It literally sent a chill down my spine as he was describing the exact same event I imagined.

Anonymous 408

What's the name of the castle, anon?

Anonymous 409

It's from a small town on an island…I really feel like I'd be giving my identity away if I told you. Sorry, anon.

Anonymous 410


ahh noo ive been looking for it for like 2 hrs already. feel free to shove me off a turret, i think im ready
it's a great story,p. you're so lucky to have old ruins around, they have that peculiar atmosphere when you can almost physically feel how old this place is, like an imprint left by ages and people who dwelt there

Anonymous 423


aaaa I'm sorry. Okay your clue is that it's in Ireland

I really love ruins, they're incredible. They're the only thing from distant history that you can touch, really. Everything else is behind red rope or glass. I once went to the Colosseum and it blew my mind that I was standing in the same spot gladiators and spectators would have stood.

There's another ruin (this time of a house) near my bf's house and we took a hike up to see it once. The story goes that it once was used as a meeting place for occultists who got up to all kinds of fun like dressing like Satan and inviting him to join them at meal times. One night a man walked in, intending to stay the night and asked the men for a game of cards. He was exceptionally good and the other men suspected he was cheating. One man drops a card, bends down to pick it up and notices that the stranger has hooves for feet. As revenge for what the man had seen, the devil burns the house down and that's why it's a ruin (so they say). I'd say that was just a story made up by the locals who thought it was a bit queer that someone would choose to live up a mountain and away from society and felt like whoever lived there "had what was coming to them" due to superstitions, but that's just me.

People say that if you do certain rituals, you'll see the devil. Or it's possible to see ghosts. Myself and my bf messed around for a bit and although it's pretty creepy, I didn't experience anything spooky. Cool place to hang out on a nice day, though. I also think it's funny how initially the place was associated with anti-social behaviour (like drinking, occult activities, gambling, orgies…etc) and in a sense it still is because kids keep hiking up at night to have raves, get drunk and do drugs. Kind of sweet to keep up the tradition, lol.

There are other myths about giant black demon cats roaming around at night and all kinds of other wild mythological stories. I love it. Honestly, after staying at my bf's house overnight I can kind of see why people came up with all of these stories. The sounds of foxes crying and bats screeching at night always freak me out.

Anonymous 489

I came across this, and thought of this thread:

A relatedly personal side is that I used to be friends with an Aboriginal girl whose mother had similar symptoms to what the testing program's victims describe in the article, and the mother had spent time in the Canadian Residential School System/Sixties Scoop as well as hospitals for anxiety. If this was happening in hospitals to white people, then based on the shit way Aboriginal people were treated for so long in Canada it wouldn't be surprising if Aboriginal "orphans" were used as test subjects as well.

Some links:



Anonymous 1378

sew edgy

grow up

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