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Anonymous 4052

umbrella by rihanna is the most satanic pop song of the 21st century, y/n

Anonymous 4054

Please extrapolate

Anonymous 4055

A lot of people like to imagine the lyrics are about selling your soul to Satan. Throughout the song, the "rain" can be interpreted as rocky events in Rihanna's lovers life – or, it can be interpreted as some oncoming event those In The Know are preparing for. The music video is also jam-packed with symbolism for such a simplistic aesthetic. Some choice lyrics, though:
>Baby, 'cause in the dark […] that's when you need me there
>You're part of my entity
>Here for infinity
>When the war has took its part
>Together we'll mend your heart
And, of course, the chorus where she sings about how she
>Said I'll always be your friend
>Took an oath, I'ma stick it out to the end
People interpret most of the song as being sung from Satan's perspective. He's telling Rihanna that he's the only thing she really needs, her truest friend, and that when the "rain" comes, he will protect her. The rap is suspicious and sets the scene, with references to oncoming catastrophe and how rich people will be gone(/safe) when the rain comes.
>When the clouds come, we gone
>We Roc-A-Fellas
>We fly higher than weather

Anonymous 4060

>Kinda bug and kinda snack
This refers to the transient nature of the morals of sinners in the physical realm, on one hand every person is born with a beautiful soul and on the other, he can easily become a thing for you to consume.
>Try to catch 'em in your trap
At this point it's revealed that this is sung from Satan's perspective as he walks the Earth and corrupts human souls and recommends his followers to do the same.
>Feed somebody and you'll see we are whatever we eat
Here it's pointed out that as Satan slaughters and corrupts, he too becomes a beast more and more terrible, and likewise the souls he has corrupted will go on to spread sin.
>Find 'em hiding in the sand
A clear message: you can run and you can hide but there's ultimately no escape in the physical realm.
>Come to Snaktooth Island
Satan using his enchanting music to lure you to him.
>and discover its Bugsnax
Further promise of absolute degeneracy to lose yourself in.

Please stay safe, everybody.

Anonymous 4061

This puts a smile on my face.

Anonymous 4110

>umbrella by rihanna is the most satanic pop song of the 21st century, y/n

Anonymous 4113

I guess the satanic paranoia lived past the 90s, kek

Anonymous 4114


Anonymous 4122

The lyrics do not seem satanic to me but more like she is singing about how the commoners should come under her, or the ruling classes, monopoly. Especially with how it mentions the Rockefellers.

Anonymous 4253

this is a promo for the psychological body horror game bugsnax. it is somehow more disturbing than you describe.

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