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Anonymous 4355

i wish i had someone who's obsessed with me, i wouldn't mind a stalker i just want to feel like someone cares that i exist

Anonymous 4356

kek same. but it would only be cool if they liked me or they were jealous of me, not if they stalked me out of morbid curiosity or to laugh at me.

Anonymous 4357

yeah ofc it would be cool if i had someone like that who would be always there for me and would notice if i showered and encourage me to keep going, notice if im in a bad mood or… remembering my bday and bringing me presents, remember my allergies and my favorite band, and feel happy throughout all of this because im returning the attention. i wouldn't mind if they were ugly and broke or even disabled, i'm longing to be cared about by anyone even if it was entirely non human. I've always fantasized about a ghost stalking me because I'm somewhat special to him, that feeling that someone out there sees you and values you makes me a little motivated to live.

Anonymous 4359

probably not, im lonely and thirsty for attention

Anonymous 4364

Yeah it sounds nice to be pursued and admired by somebody who would try anything to he with you.
I sort of got that? Guy I edated (can't get any sort of attention from irl boys or even look them in the eye) has been trying to "win me back".
Not nearly as fun as it sounds, mostly because he's actually a massive dick who I broke up with because he kept ignoring me. All the tactics he tries to "win me back with" are cheap flatteries he emails me every few days and outright begging lol. He wouldn't even apologize for what he did until he tried to make excuses for himself 3 times.
I still like him so its hard to say no (but I'm also still really pissed) and my last friend ghosted me a couple weeks ago so I really would like to have somebody. Despite all this, he's really not thay bad either. If he puts in a little more effort I might get back with him.

Anonymous 4365

anyone who would willingly want that is fucking retarded (saying this as someone who has been actively pursued and harassed for 4 years now)

Anonymous 4366

Its pretty common to want, because it appears as a demonstration of flattery. Getting real life stalkes is different though because people who can't take no for an answer are mentally ill and it will go beyond what you would be comfortable with in your fantasy. Common for some other fantasies too, something thay is horrible IRL can seem sweet in a fantasy.

Anonymous 4367

Meant to say admiration not flattery oops

Anonymous 4427

You haven't noticed me?

Anonymous 4493

ive manifested and thought that i had one but im super paranoid. wanting it to be very specific though. don't really want it to be anything else except what ive thought of otherwise it ruins the treacherous fantasy

Anonymous 4495

It’s not fun if it’s a scrote. Trust me, I speak from experience. Wouldn’t mind if it was a woman tho, but I can’t even get a normal women take interest, because I’m a worthless loser lesbian.

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