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Anonymous 4459

Anons what do you think of this guy?
If you don't know: google Grave robbing for morons

Anonymous 4479

The video is from 80s, no one has a clue if the skull he's holding is real

Anonymous 4481

A lot of his advice is okay but it's really too vague to be useful, I tried to follow it until I kind of realized he doesn't actually prepare you for much

Anonymous 4482

very coool guy i would liekt o be his friend (very cool sn0

Anonymous 4491

Why do you type like that? Having a stroke?

Anonymous 4497

why is he talking like that? also, i totally believe he's actually robbing graves, but i cant figure out what purpose he's doing it for. first hes talking about famous people, then he suggests lettign candle wax melt over the skull bc it's 'cool'. also dont most people grave rob for the jewelry and what not, not for body parts? just not very informative or clear what he's doing.

Anonymous 4503

He's probably just being edgy. Satanic panic and all that stuff

Anonymous 4511

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought it was basically proven at this point that the video was fake. It came with a series of other equally weird videos as some kind of art project.

Anonymous 4512


Anonymous 4543

Whether it's real or not, I think it's neat. It has a very ethereal feel to me.

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