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Is the spiritual realm accessible to all? Anonymous 5230

Just as there are physically and mentally disabled people, are there spiritually disabled people? Such that only a select number will ever be in touch with the spiritual?

Anonymous 5231

Everyone can be in touch with the spiritual realm, but stupid human garbage and the whiplash of emotions keeps some from ever getting in tune with their powers!!

Anonymous 6175

The anon above me has it right, OP. I'd also add that the amount of effort required to get in touch with the spirit realm varies from person to person, but lack of discipline and lack of will are the main roadblocks for most people.

Anonymous 6195

I believe mentally disabled and mentally ill people like schizophrenics are actually more tuned into the spiritual realm than normies.

Anonymous 6199

and spiritual materialism

Anonymous 6216

Yes a lot of people are downright scared of it too. I wish I could understand that more. Understand what goes through the mind of someone terrified of their intuition and feelings. I think intuition and the spiritual are very closely tied.

Anonymous 6234

They are called normals, pretty much real life npcs
Or do you meant broken people, but spiritual sense?

Anonymous 6235

Its just fanatism and animalistic desire to conform, they view it as schizo, a modern speak for heresy or deminic shit

Anonymous 6342

Next, it's a question of why you're asking. What are your goals?

Anonymous 6460

I believe so too but it can drive them to madness. Theyre just simply not with us on this plane and i feel sorry for them, only a few can be self aware and mask and function with us while being a schizo at the same time

Anonymous 6469

Yep, i’m speaking from personal experience having a schizo older sister. That bitch dreams of things before they happen (i do too but hers are more scary), sees dead people who give her accurate information she doesn’t know (once had a dream of grandma begging her to tell our mom to stop talking shit about her and my mom actually was earlier that day while she was sleeping) hallucinates 24/7 but the cunt is a shit person inherently so she thought she’s invincible because of this and she’s not very smart or empathetic so the info she receives.. well, it’s not received well and mistranslated. So she’s in and out of psych wards right now. I speak about her harshly because she fucked me up growing up but damn she had the chance to turn it into a powerful thing too

Anonymous 6471

Nah it wasn’t a case of that. We all were willing to listen and help her but she manipulates and treats us especially the women of the family like trash. Lots of misogyny, lot of stupidity and impaired empathy, and lots of grooming female children and sadistically breaking them down (me included) Don’t take it personally, schizo anon. Its a long story when it comes to my sis thats just a small part of it lol

Anonymous 6474

I’m sorry anon, it’s tough and very hard to deal with i’m sure. You sound pretty self aware and grounded so i’m pretty sure new fresh beginnings can be in store and i hope so. I might not be schizophrenic but i have had mental issues that people abandoned and hurt me during episodes so i get it

Anonymous 6475

Yeah and I will admit when I get hurt I withdraw and self isolate so sometimes it's harder for people to help but I just, I have tried a ton and really it's just people not getting that I like to debate but I don't hold feelings over losing or winning an argument.
I just have to look in the right places, all due things in time.
I hope you won't get abandoned by anyone you consider important again, usually things seem small with time so I don't hold onto anything other than well, pushing me out of a friend group. That I never forget so I never end up having it happen in the same way. Vigilance is key when the world has so many dark people in it, but most of those that hurt others are hurt themselves.

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