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Nightmares Anonymous 55

Share your nightmares here!

Hiding mine behind a spoiler in case other anons don't want to see nightmares while scrolling through /b/.

Last night I had a weird dream that there were a bunch of mice in some kind of doll house thing. My parents were there, and I kept breaking the mice's backs. I'd press down on their spine and it'd make this awful fake sounding crunch. My mom told me, "I hate that sound". I did it again, and she told me again that she hates the sound. After that I broke a mouse's skull and my mom asked me why I keep killing the mice, and I felt terribly guilty for what I'd done.

Anonymous 56


I dreamed I was saving a tiny ginger stray kitten. It was so weak. I was homeless and trying to do something to save it, but it was shrinking in my palms, until it was nothing but a tiny shrimp, slowly shriveling up. I knew I had to bring it to a source of water to rehydrate it, since it was still shrinking and had reached the size of a bean. By chance, I got to view an apartment available for flat sharing, so I ran in there, avoided the residents and snuck into the bathroom. I filled the sink with water and submerged the tiny fetus shrimp. It regained size immediately, but as it grew, it turned out to be a giant isopod (pic related, god what are the odds) instead of the kitten.
I panicked and GTFO, leaving it in the sink. Sorry, almost dream-roomies.

Anonymous 57

I had a nightmare tonight that I was hosting a room party at a con but hadn't planned anything, so I was trying to get people to pay me for the room at the party and then later realized that aside from totally missing like half the people who came I'd also totally undercharged everyone who had paid me, so either way I'd still be covering like $1,000 of the room myself.

To top it off it was at a "goth" convention and most of the people there were just shitty mall goths who gave me strong furry vibes. A few of my regular convention friends were there including a few people I always feel like I need to impress and they were all bored out of their minds. At the end of the party the annoying people were like "you've gotta do this again next year, I'd come to the convention just for your room party" and I was just thinking "this convention was a mistake"

Anonymous 58

Tonight's nightmare was about my ex. He kept showing up and I'd tell him to fuck off, but he'd refuse to go away and begging me to help him. A lot of my dream was spent screaming and crying at him that I couldn't help him anymore and trying to run away or hide.
It's left a pit in my stomach all day.

Anonymous 59

God, this nightmare would feel like shit because one of my exes was really abusive and fucking dangerous.

One of the worst nightmares I ever had was very short. I fell in a whole straight into a bird's nest. When I tried to get up I noticed I was covered by snakes. It was a snake's nest. UGH.

Anonymous 60

Hole*. Fuck, I can't type for shit today.

Anonymous 61

Is it normal/healthy to just straight up not experience nightmares?
Throughout my late-teens to early-20's I used to experience terrible ones that would leave me drenched in sweat and clenching my jaw so tightly that I could feel the pain of it in my dreams and had to have a custom mouth shield cast and fitted to wear at night. Slowly, gradually, over the last few years they've just stopped coming.

I know the natural assumption is to think "Oh well your life has probably improved then", but my situation hasn't really changed much at all. I'm still a dour fucker with a negative view of reality, I just don't experience nightmares or even dreams for that matter.

Anonymous 62

Yeah mine was too.

I mean I don't think nightmare serve a purpose so it's probably fine. I know there are common nightmare conditions that kids have, so I wonder if you developed a childhood condition a little later than usual and then just grew out of it?

Anonymous 63

Had a dream the other night that a man was trying to come in through my window. Tried really hard to push it shut but he was making it through. Tried to scream but my voice wouldn't work. Woke up literally screaming.

TBH that feeling of fear so great you can't actually scream even though you are telling your body too is the worst feeling in the world.

I get all sorts of disturbing night terrors, but I'll take those over voiceless screaming any night.

Anonymous 64

I have weird stress dreams lately but last night deffo counts as a nightmare. I dreamt I doxxed dyn from kiwifarms(?!?) but he somehow found out it was me and actually turned up at my house to kill me lmao but we ended up having the sex and then we went to Africa??? And we were in this tourist beach sunbathing when this leopard starts mad running around the beach and it like goes for this guys neck and is throwing him about, mega graphic. Nobody was saving the man and the leopard let go and attacked a woman next to them. I decided enough was enough and like went full MMA hold on this leopard (wtf it wouldn't even work irl) but it was too strong for me so I had to GOUGE THE POOR THINGS EYES OUT to blind it and give everyone an advantage to restrain it. Unfortunately because my brains a fucking dick the pressure of my hands on the leopards skull caused it to smash apart like a watermelon and the leopard was kill. People started cheering and clapping saying I was a hero but I was wailing and throwing up because this leopard was only being a leopard and why were my hands that strong and whisksusuwjw

The nightmare clearly being the people part, no offence to aforementioned chap, he was actually mega fit in the dream fam.

Dynastia from Kiwi Farms 65

I somehow found out this was you. I'm coming to your house right now.

I wouldn't count on this ending in sex and safaris.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 66

This is oddly threatening

Anonymous 67


Lmao Anon I laughed so hard I'm in tears. I dream about random internet people too, hope you're not embarrassed. Kek

Anonymous 68

>>65 pls no I'm too young to die

>>67 mate it happens so much. I'll probably have a dream about you tonight smh

Anonymous 69


I'm looking forward to our sex safari then ;)

Anonymous 70

Why is the lolcow admin linking you here?

Sage for offtopic

Anonymous 71

Because they want to humiliate Crystal Cafe users and kill the site. They're afraid of this place.

Dynastia from Kiwi Farms 72

Because somebody's describing their weird autistic sex dreams with me here and that's p funny tbh.

Anonymous 73

I love this place, but try again. It's a funny post and this site is hardly a secret. If Dreamer-chan feels betrayed, I apologise.

Anonymous 74

I can't understand why you're posting here instead of concentrating your efforts on cleaning up and moderating your own site though.

Sage for irrelevance.

Anonymous 75

Come on now.
I doubt the admin of LC has anything against this site, if she did she wouldn't let the thread about it on LC up or wouldn't promote this site on her site and post on it.
Linking a thread about someone to that someone is bound to happen on a public internet site, it most likely held no ill intentions.

Anonymous 76

1/10 because you got your (You) but that's all.

Anonymous 77

I'm pretty sure that's not even actually the lc admin right? Isn't it just someone making a joke about that anon's weird sex nightmare?

Anonymous 78

I'm sure you love this site. That's why you link to it when one of the main purposes of starting a new site was to keep it low-key and free from men trolling the site. So you directly share it with KF users to try and fuck it up in its infancy.

Anonymous 79

OP here can we keep it on topic please?

I had another nightmare tonight that I was interviewing at Apple only Apple was a military squadron and the interview was a sword duel to the death.

After the duel the interviewer told me I wasn't skilled enough, and my non-technical interview answers were inappropriate. (I kept failing to keep my inner sperglord in check)

The worst part of the nightmare was when I applied to work for Microsoft.

Anonymous 80

I had a horrible dream once actually where Freddy Kruger was making a bathroom full of underweight girls eat worms from this bucket and then making them sick it up again. This is after he gate crashed a house party, killed everyone and left blood and just the worst gore everywhere, for me to find after brushing my teeth in a locked room. Cryyyy

Anonymous 81

I cheated in my last relationship and was in a year long abusive relationship from that.

I always have dreams of being shoved in a corner while everyone I know just stare at me with either my ex or my current boyfriend standing in the front looking down at me while they call me dirty words like whore.

Last year I barely got more than 8 hours of sleep a week from being afraid I'd miss my ex messaging me and then getting mad or the nightmares.

I don't get them as bad anymore as I'm happy in my relationship. I grew up having nightmares a lot so I have many other stories.

Sleep good anons!

Anonymous 82

>>81 I'm really sorry to hear that anon. If this was irl I'd beat up your abusive exs for you.

Glad you're happy now <3

Anonymous 358

I had a nightmare I was stranded on this junkyard-ridden planet with a blood red night sky.

The only denizens that lived on the planet were these towers made of hundreds of mannequins that moved similar to Weeping Angels.

I remember climbing a junk hill while all the while this tower of mannequins slowly broke apart and chased after me. I could barely get anywhere because the junk kept falling out beneath my feet. I remember it very vividly.

Anonymous 359

My worst nightmare was a few years back and it still creeps me out today.

I was having a party at my last house and the rooms were a little different from how I remembered it; that's how I knew it was a dream. For some reason I was in the bathtub with my sister (we were fully clothed) when we heard someone break into the house then gunshots and then people screaming. I told my sister to hold her breath and pretend we drowned each other in the tub and make it look like a double suicide so the killer doesn't shoot us. When we did so, the shooter came into the bathroom. I heard one shot, then two..then everything went black.

When I came too, I was having a party at the same house. The house looked different but it still resembled my last house. I walked out to the balcony and the guests started panicking. There was a masked man with a bloody knife walking towards my house. Everyone started shuffling trying to find a place to hide. There was a moment of silence then I hear a voice say, "he's heeeree~."

I was so scared I woke up in a cold sweat, I was terrified. I looked around and I was in my current room, nothing was different or out of place and I didn't have that omniscient POV like most of my dreams. I sighed in relief. Then my door creaked open to reveal the masked man with the bloody knife and in a husky voice he says, "I'm back!"

I stopped sleeping for a few days after that. It didn't help that I was having similar nightmares leading up to that one.

Anonymous 365

I was hanging out with a bunch of strangers at an anime convention and one of them was possessed by an angry and violent reptilian who could clone himself and spread into other people's bodies. I think I had this nightmare because of my anxiety about meeting new people.

Anonymous 368


I have constant nightmares (as in 99% of my dreams are nightmares) so i got used to them, but yesterday i had a pretty shitty nightmare that actually had me screaming.

I was in a world that was constantly dark, not dark as in "can see a little" but fully black. It was not the void because i could feel objects and my feet touching the ground, as well as having to open doors to move.
I was walking around in pure darkness and would occasionally hear a sound, it would sound like static or a distorted laugh, but obviously couldn't find the source since it was pitch black everywhere.

Suddenly, i felt something brush on my shoulder and a chill on my neck as the distorted static with a mix of a laugh sounded closer and closer. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, i could see a distorted white face with black eyes and black mouth smiling widely at me, smile open to extents no living being could ever do. I could only see it from the corner of my eye, whenever i tried to look at it, it would go to the corner, never the center.
The face was completely still, not moving, only smiling at me, looking at me with those black eyes over the pure black darkness surrounding me.
I was getting very scared, i wanted to leave i wanted to scream, but out of my mouth only raspy breaths came out, barely inaudible "helps".
I tried to run, get away from it, but it did not move at any time outside of my vision, sometimes i'd close my eyes hoping it would go away, but then i would hear the laugh and static getting closer and closer.
Suddenly the face dissapeared out of my sight, i was back in pure darkness again, i was relieved until an overwhelming laughs mixed with static sounded all over, suddenly, the distorted white figure was once again on the corner of my eye, only it was moving, slowly getting closer, never changing its expression, i tried to run, it suddenly moved towards me inhumanly fast as the laugh got louder and louder and his dark eyes suddenly started crying blood while his broken smile was unchanging, he caught me.

I woke up after that screaming like crazy, it sucked being in that kind of world for such a long time.

Anonymous 371

My worse dream happened 3-4 years ago. It was at a time when my depression was really bad and I wanted to die even more than normal, and it was hyper realistic. Basically I was being slowly murdered by a serial killer. I woke up tied to a table in this dirty abandoned building, and this guy in hazard suit appeared with a bunch of knives and shit. I asked him if he was going to kill me and he said yes, and I started crying but I remembered how depressed I was and how I wanted to die, and well, here was death, so I just sort of accepted it and told him to go ahead. He started cutting and stabbing me, and I swear to god it felt real. He was going very slowly to make it as painful as possible, and I just remember being in agony and feeling each slice and stab. I started trying to think about the good things in my life, the things I enjoyed, like my dead family members and pets. I was dying, I should be having a flashback of my life, right? I was being murdered, but I wanted to die on a good note in my head at least. But I couldn't concentrate or really remember anything, and I couldn't muster up any kind of happiness or thankfulness. Eventually I just gave up. The only thought that gave me any sort of comfort was the thought that at least soon all the pain, both physical and mental, would be over shortly. I spent the rest of the dream crying and feeling pain and begging to die.

Of course I don't die, I woke up, and immediately burst into tears. It wasn't over, I had been through all that and I was still alive and still in mental pain. I cried on and off for rest of the day and I was really fucked up for about a week after. To this day I'm incredibly bitter when I remember that dream- I went through all that and was so close to the end and it was just a fucking dream.

Anonymous 374

What the fuck

Anonymous 377


My nightmares usually involve somebody I know beating me to death. I don't usually even register them as nightmares, it's like I'm walking just kinda walking around and suddenly my dad starts bashing my head, and I'm like ouch, could you please stop.
Sometimes I wake up cause my body just jerks upwards, and I can't remember anything, just a vague sense of dread. Sometimes im not even fully asleep, it just happens.

Anonymous 382

i still remember my very first nightmare, because it had such a big effect on me. in it my mom sent me to buy shampoo in the drugstore close to where we lived. while i was there i noticed that one of the beauty attendants (i have no idea if that's actually what they're called) was following me through the store, but was like whatever. she had deep red hair and was very tall and buff, she was pretty and had nice makeup lol. i payed and started my way home and noticed she was still following and i freaked out and started running into some public clinic and cried and asked people to help but no one helped me, and then i felt a blow to the back of my head which really hurt. next thing i know i'm like outside of my body, and looking at the woman who followed me skinning my dismembered body. i was really young and i was inconsolable for days because of this nightmare

Anonymous 388

I used to have really bad nightmares of my ex before I seeked help. It started in 2013. I have a shitty small apartment where you have a main hallway that leads to the bedrooms that are adjacent from each other. The end of the hall is my living room/dining room/kitchen area. We have a small balcony with railing and sliding glass door.

The point of view would be floating past the railing and looking towards the glass door. He wore brown "oxfords" (weird brand ones that were split fake leather and corduroy?) that would peek underneath by the foot of the door, his body covered with a glare from the sunlight. My body would be hanging from the railing with a noose and bloody from the waist down. I looked so tense and my legs were bent back like I was straining. The actual porch would have something different each night like my cat crushed to death or something else that upset me greatly like a dead fetus. I eventually traded these for just hallucinations of his shoes walking down the hallway towards me. The nightmares leaked into real life. My boyfriend found me one time in the laundry room freaking out because I thought I saw someone that looked like my ex outside the door.

Anonymous 396

I've been having recurring nightmares that I am being stalked, they are all kind of similar but different. Lately they have gotten more violent and they end up with me getting raped and then murdered and getting my limbs chopped off and put inside drawers, I take the same rout to/from the gym and work so it's pretty scary, the alternate route is even more desolate than my main one.

Anonymous 1023


Last night I dreamt, I woke up alone in a black room without a discernible end or beginning. On the floor at my feet was a pill bottle, I felt a sort of pull, almost instinctual urge to open it. Unable to resist the itching temptation, I popped the lid off and the bottle spewed it’s beady and circular contents outwards, forcing me backwards and flying out of my hands like a deflating balloon as it sporadically jerked every which way. Soon the pills came like a wave out of the bottle, enveloping me, trapping me, drowning me. All the space around me was filled with pills, the pills became as the air, filling every vacuum, forcing themselves down my throat, and as I choked and coughed under the weight of the ballpit of drugs, I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long time, not during movies, not during walks late at night, or even car crashes, complete and utter fear. I began uncontrollably shaking, spasming, like there was some sort of vibration in my chest, and woke up crying.

Anonymous 1418


I was hanging out with a friend, who tells me about a game/contest organised by our college that would take place in a few hours. I agreed to participate, despite not knowing much about it - she refused to offer details.
The game took place in a special area on the outskirts of the city and was based on exploration: we had to go on streets we didn't know and a series of buildings that looked like a labirinth. The first person who reached the end would win the prize.
Unfortunately, only a few people would make it alive in this contest, because there was a "person" assigned to follow us and kill everyone who was too weak or slow. The key was to run as fast as possible, hide if needed, and by the time you reached the end you would be still alive even if you were the 2nd, 3rd etc. person after the winner.
The person was staring at me an I asked "why are you staring?" He said "I've never seen a human like you", in a disgusted tone.
Shortly after the game started, I passed by a girl that was found and killed in the middle of the street. An old woman who was standing there said something like, "God bless her". I started to run faster while he was still focused on the victim so he quickly lost track of me.
I reach the buildings mentioned earlier. Most of them had three rooms on the lower floor, and two staircases, one of each side. I had run in and out of buildings until I arrived to a building with only one door. When I opened the door, there was another one, and another one - the rooms were separated by tiny hallways and spiral staircases.
I finally reached the last room, a dead end. It was quite high and had an extremely small window. I couldn't go back and try a different path because it was too risky. I decided to try and jump anyway, so I broke the window using my feet.

Anonymous 1419

gonna write about this maybe
it sounds cool

Anonymous 1468

I had a dream recently that a past co-worker was arrested and being brought to China (I guess she had committed a crime there?). My old manager asked me to write a nice letter to show her support but I was really struggling what to say since I have never been through anything like it. I was really stressed out over it all and worried what her future was going to be.

I woke up thinking it was real and I was in a really bad mood until I fully woke up and realised it was a dream. Most of my nightmares are like that.

Anonymous 1469

I miss when my nightmares where non sensical. There were were still ones about my fears and paranoias, like or babies and abandonment, but they were still abstract. Like everyone turns into a mannequin or I'm in a corridor full of doors and each door had a new horror. They were a lot more interesting then the ones I have now.
I don't dream but now when I do, it's about the same stuff I'm stressing about in my waking life. They're about which bill do I have to pay and I don't have any money. Or me arguing over my bf about nothing, like we would do anyway if I was wake. Or about how I might be losing my apartment. There's no point in sleeping if it's not going to be an escape.

Anonymous 1478

Had a dream where I was about 4 in my childhood home taking a bath. My mom was there and she grabbed the back of my hair and repeatadly kept forcing my head under water to the point where I almost pass out and the brings my head back up again for air then does it again with pushing my head underwater, all while she is screaming at me.

It felt so vivid and real like an actual memory. I woke up feeling such in shock and fear and it's been a few days and I still feel shook about it. I mean it probably is just a dream and this never happaned in real life but my mom was actually pretty terrible to me and has done physically violent things to me so this isn't too unbelievable.

Anonymous 1479

this was somewhat recently but basically i was in my living room with a sort of boyfriend (in the dream) and my dad told me to look outside. it was the day of an eclipse. me and the bf look outside and the sun/moon appear cartoonish. as soon as they overlap the world sort of just. ended. i felt myself get pushed back but i never landed so i was suspended in the air. all around me all i could see was a dark yellow with light rays. i was holding the bfs hand and just felt my body being compressed. it felt like it was being pulled apart but also being pushed in. i woke up not too long after but since then i’ve not been afraid of death.

Anonymous 1498

I dreamed that I was on a quest and it ended me getting raped by some strange man.

Anonymous 1503

One of the eeriest nightmares i had was when there was a serial killer who was an uncle of a girl (who he had already killed) and was chasing me. I saw a house in the middle of the wood and found out that it was his and the girl's. When i walked in one of the rooms, i'd always see poems on the walls describing the torture the girl received. sometimes, in another room, it'd be a poem about how she was killed. the worst part was in each room, besides having sad poems on the walls was seeing the girl frozen in time, either playing with her dolls or staring at nothing. she had short curly blonde hair and a pink dress and always had a teddy bear with her. The serial killer entered the house and i panicked but the scene changed. Instead of the random serial killer, it was a stranger from back when i was a teenager who forced me to take a picture with him while saying "i wont hurt you" in this one event (this one is true ugh. he also did it to one of my friends) He saw me from the window and started saying things i couldnt understand. I sobbed in fear because i was alone in the house and he's starting to get in. thank god i woke up after that

Anonymous 1505

had a dream where i was a boy who got my house burned down, saw my family getting killed, and was hunted by a hitman. Ran away and feel down a cliff where i landed in the snow.

Eventually i stumbled upon a run down sanctuary filled with people who looked just like me and lived there until the hitman came back, but he got cornered by someone that looks just like him.

woke up after that stand-off, still remember it to this day.

Anonymous 1855

Think Animal Farm, except instead of a pig replacing a farmer it's an army of men, by the billions, replacing a world once taken over by women.

It's all fine up until it turns into the Purge all over again, and rape runs rampant to the point I'm in a large locker room full of piles of dead babies, and there's a machine that sounds like a shredder, which is removing them from unconscious pregnant women. Then amongst them I see one of them is still alive and crying, really loud, when my dream ends with these group of nurses with glocks, led by one who looks like the villain from the 90s Misery movie, who come in and start shooting the babies who might still be alive.

And the last part feels like it's directed by Jason Eisener.

Anonymous 1963

Last night I dreamed I was reading wikipedia, don't remember what the article was but there was a clickthrough link on the word "mo.ids" (yes it was spelled with a period in the middle) I thought it was hilarious so I clicked it expecting it to be a page about moid as a slur but the page was filled with really disgusting pornographic images of men facefucking women, most of them taken from an angle where you couldn't see the women's faces. What you could see of the men's bodies were deformed and featureless, most of them were covered in pustules or scabs like they were horribly diseased. I was disturbed and confused so I clicked away from the page, read the excerpt again and then clicked back on the page. Now it was someone's manifesto they wrote on how they thought men were a plague on the earth, and there was a section with various pictures of men, two of them were literally morgue photos of some man (they were captioned "autopsy"), I scrolled down and there were dozens of photos of some kind of red mass in darkness, it looked like coral or something. I was scared that there would be some really fucked up photos so I stopped scrolling and left the page when all the photos became pictures of flies and maggots on rotting meat.

I woke up feeling like I was gonna vomit

Anonymous 1967


TLDR blog 4 types nightmares:

horror movies: 8/10 bring popcorn
past memory stress: 2/10 unavoidable suppressed memories
internet shock images: 0/10 that's just gross
amazing dream / your reality sucks: 5/10 experienced pleasant things I will never in my waking hours

Welcomed nightmares:

1. I was hunted by a deinonychus/Jurassic Park velociraptor in multiple dreams. Sometimes I would have jump-awake scares seeing it rush 60mph to me or other times I was able to hide on the floor of my vehicle as it passed by the front windscreen (and Jimmy please turn off the cab light it will see us Jimmy).
2. The cheap B-horror film composed with jumpscares and a pathetic plot: I was 7-8 yo again in my dream and wandered downstairs to find my mother who was in the kitchen looking in some upper cabinetry. When I was directly behind her she turned to stare me in the face revealing black holes where her eyes would have been as well as a gaping black-hole mouth, right out of some poor CGI horror. That one jumped me awake with goosebumps and gave me an uncanny feel about the room for the next 20 minutes.
3. Stalked / abducted / probed by grays: Not much to say here; this fear mostly originated from watching Fire in the Sky too young as a child.

Stressful nightmares:

1. Band performances: Throughout all my highschool years (well all time really) I have never been able to sightread. My forte has been learning by ear and memorization. These nightmares have been me showing up to the bandroom to access my instrument and I am late for the concert, not in uniform, and I don't know the music. I have the sheet music but there is no way I am reading it for the 1st time on stage. Also I am the only instrument in my section so there is no one to help cover my part / no one I can listen to live and attempt to mimic.
2. College exams: exact same as above but for some reason I have skipped the class for half the semester and I walk into the exam hoping I know something about w/e the class has been learning. Maybe my dreams are telling me I am a horrible student.
3. ex step father: 1 dream in particular I recall is him manipulating my mother to fly with him to someplace like Chicago to meet some "uncle Prince" that I had never heard of before. He also conned her into paying for the tickets and I knew he was going to kill her while they were away. When she left the room he turned to me and tried to guilt me into forking him over some money. After I awoke I confronted my mother with the dream just in case something like this may have been actually happening.
4. Sleep paralysis: This ranges from the fly crawling on my face to hearing my front door open. After I regained my motor functions, I never found the fly (so fly was probably a dream) but the front door was pushed open. Sleep paralysis is so hard to overcome, especially when you start twitching.

Sickening nightmares:
1. Any/all spacedicks: No I do not visit the site but similar to >>1963 when frequenting the unfiltered internet it is only a matter of time before you are subjected to one of these images, or read someones messed up story. I don't think I need to describe these as they are as fun to read as they are to dream. 0/10 would not want to dream of again.

Your-life-could-have-been nightmares aka heartwrenching after I wake up:

1. The one I loved?: I won't go into the details of this dream but I was with someone who I would label as my soulmate and felt a super calming emotion I have yet to experience in my waking hours. The dream ended as we were battling the devil in dragon form and I went in to strike him. Realizing I was not prepared I stopped mid strike to flee. He reached out and pierced my leg, maybe tearing it off. I did not remain asleep to find out. The reason I consider this nightmare in this category is mainly because I consider this topic >>45761 a nightmare. Everything I did not want myself to become is now manifesting real.
2. I belong to you?: Very similar to before, but just a taunting dream giving me a really warm feeling of belonging to someone trustworthy. It was only us 2 by a riverside. Reality becomes my nightmare. Pic related
3. I died: (Reality here) sometime after my father flew out and pulled me out of college I had this dream. I was pulled mainly because he discerned my suicidal condition pretty spot on. I had set a place, time, method about 8 months out but I am digressing here. Dream was me waking up in a foreign bed with a person at the side who told me that I had died. After crying for a brief moment, I accepted my death. It was so easy to be dead. I then walked isolated sea shores with giant stone formations bordering the grassy landscape. I was eternally alone, but my existence was no longer a burden on my supportive family. Have I thanked my family enough for keeping me alive? No, I should get on that. I am a wretch and my own living nightmare.

Thanks for reading my blog. I would apologize for the long post but it felt good to write.

Anonymous 1986

…Let's just say I wasn't too good of a friend to this Japanese guy from 2014 to 2016, so…

In my nightmare, we agree to reenact the belt scene from the ending of the first 50 shades film/book, except I'm stomach down on the bed, and the initial number of whips is multiplied by 10…

…My dream of course ending with him laying the belt on my naked rear and asking if I preferred the belt loose or folded.

Anonymous 2030


A friend of mine built a theme park, I couldn't stop telling him to build bigger doors because otherwise the monkeys would get in.
Right after that, dozen of pic related (but 2meters tall) were running toward us as we were struggling to close the doo

Anonymous 2031

I don't really have nightmares all that often, but one stands out in my mind. I didn't wake up feeling afraid, it was just more of a "what the fuck?" kind of weird.

The strangest dream I've ever had was the one where I was pregnant with a litter of kittens. While I was giving birth to them they were scratching the inside of my vagina with their little claws. It was so painful, and even recalling the dream makes me cross my legs and clench my stomach.

The kittens were cute, though.

Anonymous 2159

repeatedly have nightmares of aborted fetuses. in one i was pregnant and they took the baby from me against my will. in one i held a child and kissed it goodbye, and it died. i woke up crying from that one. i also had a dream i had pitch black eyes. and everyone ran from me and thought i was possesed.

Anonymous 2176

i dreamt i was reading some true crime book or something. it was horribly defaced, partially unbound even. at one point i turned the page and taped over a short paragraph were three photos of what looked like the night stalker grinning. it was a huge jumpscare for me even if it sounds really mundane. forgot to mention it was a library book. i checked to see who had been loaned the book before me, but only my name was signed on the card and it was dated to sometime when i was around 2 or 3.

Anonymous 2177


forgot pic…

Anonymous 2352

Well it's been more than a year since the 10s ended, may as well let my old nightmares out in the open:
>In 2016 I had a dream I was in an English horror-comedy, staring David Williams, who is the Dad of a family Photography business who lure victims to take their pictures and knock them out with that same flash before feeding them to their cannibalistic children. Their slogan is "Put on a stand-up and straight happy face!" (which makes more sense in the nightmare) and it ends with either me or someone else busting a cap up Walliams' character's ass.
>Another one in 2016 didn't show much other than a mixture between the building in Dredd 2012 (though maybe half as tall) and that audience thing in Hostel 3. Though not much happens except we're up like the 5th or 7th floor and see glimpses of flour emerging up (as though people have been coated in it) and what I can only describe as that geyser of blood from Army of Darkness, but with the sound of a giant blender.
>This one disturbed me the most for a while: In 2017 I had one that started with The Mickey Mouse club theme song before it fades into me bouncing in a half desert, half suburb, as though I can fly. Then suddenly I'm in this Geisha house, where I request sex from a Geisha…who then tells me to turn around. I don't know if I pull my pants down or not but I'm naked from the waist down when…she proceeds to sew my buttcheeks shut. Just when I think the worst is done she takes out a jack hammer dildo and turns it on before pushing it into my anal orifice. It's around when I start feeling the pain that my nightmare ends in a cold sweat.

Anonymous 2353

>staring David Williams
He's pretty creepy IRL too. He used have a stage act that involved pulling clothes off of teenage boys from the audience. Tattle.life has a whole thread about the things he's done.

Anonymous 2362

I DID have a nightmare concerning Jojo Rabbit, but it was just Elsa forcing me to say "UNCLE" (meaning I should respect her film, oR eLsE!).

Anonymous 2363

May as well get as many of them out there as possible

>A light one where I am getting fingered>One where I feel like I’m being abducted by aliens because I’m floating in my room while a green light shines outside my window, but the intro to “don’t give up” by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel starts playing.

>I dunno, one with spiders.
>One where I’m enjoying some time at the mall, when it all goes mute as an explosion happens about 15 to 20 meters away from me, with my last thoughts being me wondering if it was a terrorist.
>A pseudo-followup to that with me keeping my head down in some clothing store as this guy (whom I don’t remember if he was Obama or not) tries negotiating with the criminal. Then I get shot in the back of the head (which felt like being hit with a hammer but with that same soun. Then it fades to a somewhat happy, if tad random, memory from my younger days)
>A weird one (that wasn’t really THAT nightmarish yet still annoyed me) where I’m talking to this random person who says it’s all right to be influenced by things women do. To which I ask “including bullying?” In where he gives a quick yet somber reply with “No”.

>One where I’m being sucked underground but I don’t allow it.

>One where I’m in the building of my old workplace in 2019, which although felt uncomfortably realistic still looked cool as it turned out the objects in it were actually space ship parts that were morphing back into the objects I’ve familiarized them as (I think I even say “that’s pretty cool”)
>A pseudo-followup to the space ship one which actually felt like a nightmare as I’m basically back in that area, except nothing is moving and I see my reflection as what I can only describe as me after my 7 days of watching “The Ring” were up, only Rated R and designed by John Carpenter (meaning a bit more gorey and twisted)
>One that reaaaally was fucked up as I find out one of my siblings basically went through the same thing as Bill Nighy’s character at the end of “Underworld”, in where I grab some whom I had a fair hatred for (since 2016) by the hair and angrily tell them “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED! HUH?!?” While directing them at the person.
>Pretty much an uncomfortable one as what I can only describe as what the world would be like if it was seen through the 90s Virtual Boy console, but with everything darkish blue instead of red, and I walk through a fairly long connection of rooms that lead to one with my favorite, gum like candy (though I can’t remember if it somewhat resembled excrement).
>On similar to the former as instead I’m going through a hospital and ask a nurse why I’m here, to which she replied (with I guess a German accent ) “We prepare for o cirugia Octabre 13” (I think she said that in Spanish, though)

>One where my Mum is a zombie and dries dragging me into a dark abyss underground.

>A really intense (and fucking loud one) as I get a painfully shocking (quite literally) jump scare by this enormous humanoid demon made out of electricity.
>One with me taking a dump for some reason.
>One that wasn’t that scary but still fairly uncomfortable as I’m walking outside at night and the sky is black to the point it doesn’t even have stars.
>A weird one as this small statue of a cyclops Buddha says to me “I am time traveler Satan, I am sad you don’t believe in me anymore” to which I jokingly say “well maybe if I had the time” before someone hands trie to pants me yet I stop them and pull my pants up.
>A disturbing one as the characters from Hey Arnold are in their bathing suits and I thing Helga tries seducing me by sticking her rear out, before I go into a room and another less intense yet still somewhat scary demon in the dark (who I thing was even in drag and resembled that green monster the Flying Dutchman tries to scare sponge bob with when he was staying over) frightens me.
>A REALLY scary one as I’m apparently groping…characters from Clarence (that one girl Sumo kissed with the braces and another which I think was Amy Gyllis) and even tell them to touch my genitals.

Anonymous 2397

I’ve had so many of these kind of nightmares since the start of 2016, so here are some more that I’m JUST starting to remember:

>One involving zombies.

>One dark and grizzly looking one where I’m resting in my bed and I can hear or feel someone (probably my father) who walks up to my bed, stands there for about a few seconds, and then walks away regardless of whether he knew I was awake or not.
>A Reeeaaaallly scary one where my mother is chewing me out, and when I violently retort not only do I wake up from this but I say EXACTLY what I wanted to tell her after I’m awake (I was going to tell her something along the lines of “If I bother you so much WHY are you still here?!” From what I could mostly recall albeit in a different language) and only realize this once I'm finished saying it (sort of like that scene in Watchmen where Rorschach is arguing with Dr. Manhattan and he only finishes his phrase AFTER Rorschach has been teleported elsewhere by the same Manhattan)
>One involving Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd n Eddy and some other cartoon I couldn’t remember along those lines, be it the powderpuff girls or courage the cowardly dog.
>A more disturbing one where I’m in a fairly large room with a few transparent silk curtains and a floor made out of an extremely soft pillow-like material that sinks easily. In that room are a couple hundred cartoons (like Bugs Bunny) and cartoon fans who at first seem friendly, up until this convention like gathering turns out to be a cult, and I start to sink with them into a dark, redish pit.

Anonymous 2401

Here’s some more, though most of these are more hyperrealistic dreams (to the point that they’re scary) than nightmares:

>Weird one where I’m taking a show and the water seems to stream mostly down my ass for a couple of seconds.

>One where I’m approaching my closet, though I don’t recall if it opened or not.
>One where I’m driving with my parents in the backseat (around a place that’s parallel to Albertsons)
>One where I’m in a desert region, where a mile away, above a place that resembles obviously a tenth of Las Vegas, are the Northern lights for some reasons.
>A more scary one where a hobo approaches me, and although I don’t remember what he says he starts hugging me to the point I can’t let go of him, and I start yelling for help (this one happened at the beginning of September 2018, btw)

I forgot to add a few details to another few nightmares I previously mentioned in this thread:
>The one with the dead babies, at the beginning this fat black nurse asks me to finish a song lyric before proceeding to moon me: “What you gonna do with that big fat butt?” To which Move her gluten up and down and say “wiggle wiggle wiggle”. Yeah, that was weird -_-.
In that same nightmare, though, before the other nurse begins shooting the babies she says “you know…” without finishing the sentence and just proceeds with her grim task.
>The one with the miniature Cyclops buddha satan statue actually has it say “space traveler” rather than “time traveler”, now that I remember correctly.

Anonymous 2414

Oh yeah, and before I forget, there were two more:

>One where I was in bed with my two dogs, who were just chilling there with their heads lying back almost towards the edge.

>Another somewhat disturbing one where I was in an empty torture chamber, and this naked blonde woman was kneeling down while lying on her stomach on top of one of those giant boat wheels. Of course since it was a dream, and I didn’t know if a paddle were handed to me, if I grabbed one or if it magically appeared in my hand, but I got one. Her butt was sticking out, so I ran towards her and spanked her with the paddle fairly hard, although her reaction was more of an extreme “oh my” instead of pain.

Anonymous 2415

I probably also had one concerning Lady Tremaine from Cinderella (the animated Disney one from the 20th Century), but that could've just been an illusion when I closed my eyes.

Anonymous 2428

Nothing much this time, just one where I sank and found myself in a dark abyss of nothingness from all I could remember.

Anonymous 2429

>I’m back in the parking lot for a supermarket in my childhood city, and people think I’m some sort of hero because I did a thing I don’t remember (to the point this local politician offers me a cig, which I pretend smoke to make myself retain my cool). But then as I’m trying to drive off I accidentally dent someone’s car backing up, and the dream realizes I made an ass of myself in front of all these people, so the car spastically spins around crazily (in midair at some point) like it’s some sort of Looney Tunes cartoon, and flips over before I wake up.

Anonymous 2430

And now I dreamt I was in this dark abyss once more and my phone rumbled inside my left pocket, even though it wasn’t even in said pocket when I woke up.

Granted I also dreamt I heard the t-mobile jingle/ringtone (DO-do-do-dee-doon!), but that was around the end of last decade.

Anonymous 2436

This one was just weird:
I’m in this shop right after stopping these black dudes from robbing it (to the point I grab one of the dudes’ gun and wrestle it away from him) when the shop owner, who is also black, says someone’s coming in:
At least 9 to to 10 women (who look like they work at a gothic brothel) come in because they have issues. Before (or probably after) I ask they all proceed to urn around, pull their pants/shorts/skirts/etc and panties down until all their rears are naked and spread their buttcheeks. All of them have one or two crimson blemishes either around or on their amuses.

All I do is feel bad and give a few of them tiny massages (while telling them something in Spanish about frog tails that doesn’t sound as well when translated) on or around those areas before I wake up.

I probably also had ones concerning Zepp from Futurama and photoshop, but like I said, I don’t remember if it was really a nightmare or a weird pre-dream illusion.

Anonymous 2437

I was just thinking about ONE weirdass nightmare I had a couple of months when another just happened.

>I’m basically in an early 20th century version of my current city, except not only do the buildings have a more elaborate architecture that recalls New York around that era, but they’re at least five times taller. To the point I can’t even see the sky and they provide more than ample shade.

>This one was just uncomfortable: Two videos happening simultaneously of Some Scandinavian dude writing a suicide letter, somewhat next to a picture of Jason Fox from FoxTrot, if not a strip (and one of my sisters notices the character but not everything else cause I hide it from her) before he essentially does exactly what Tommy Wiseau’s character does at the end of “The Room”. The difference is that not only are there two cameras but one is where he does it while another is next to a car where he illogically falls down on after doing the deed (seeing as he was nowhere near a window when he did it but I think rather a couch). All I can think after I see him fall on the car is how he doesn’t have much of a wound on the back of his head AND how it sort of makes sense he would associate the character with this (seeing as in the comic strip he has wanted to slit his wrists, eat hemlock, or stick his head in the oven just to name what I can remember).

Anonymous 2439

I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but I did have a hyper realistic dream where someone says the name “Hilda” around the middle to end of last December. I don’t remember what else they said (or if I even had another nightmare concerning the character if not another pre-sleep illusion through closed eyes) but they did say that name.

Anonymous 2442

Just remembered another one that happened around 2018:
I’m basically inside the Student union of my old university, when I approach the exit (one that’s near a built-in Starbucks inside that same building) and I see a blinding light that practically erases everything else from view outside of the building.

Anonymous 2443

they arent nightmares but i dream about my maternal grandparents and their house at least weekly. i always cry when i wake up because i miss them so much. i wish i could cuddle in bed with my granny while she reads me to sleep every night.

Anonymous 2448

I dreamt I wanted to vomit, but I kept it inside even after I’m in the bathroom and am kneeling next to the toilet.

Anonymous 2450

Basically one of my Dad arguing with me in the living room about how I shouldn’t believe my Mom and how the stuff she says about forces trying to control us isn’t true and whatnot. It’s really weird.

Anonymous 2454

I just remembered another hyperrealistic one:

>Don’t remember if it was at night or not, but it’s basically me going through the street that’s roughly behind the Vegas Towers in Las Vegas (I’m pretty sure it was Cottage Grove Avenue AND Claymont Street), where I used to live, if not The Maryland Parkway street and East Flamingo Road, amongst other University related areas within that vicinity from what I can somewhat recall.

It’s not much, but this pseudo nightmare DID keep me from walking around that area for a while.

Anonymous 2455

Welp, I can feel another nightmare just BEGGING to come. Figures that it’s a few minutes til two am, but I may as well get it over with…

Anonymous 2456

Eh, nothing much, just me fiddling with this weird USB thing that permits Bluetooth while listening to chala head chala.

Anonymous 2457

You know the Japanese book/movie/manga Battle Royale?
Think this but with over a hundred male cartoon characters, a hundred female cartoon characters (spread throughout a ghost city)
AND they’re managed by whom I can only describe as Thanos if he fused with Pete from Goof Troop and put on the mask (the 1994 Jim Carrey one).

No really, he explains why he’s doing this through song which is basically in the style of whatever that genre which the Crumplecranks song from Ollie and Scoops and the Oogie Boogie song belong to.

It was disturbing (mostly because I think Johnny Bravo, Mabel, Hilda, Eddy, the and most likely Catdog were amongst the participants)

Of course I don’t see them actually fight, I just hear this annoying prick sing and explain his motives (without paying attention, of course).

Anonymous 2462

Pretty much Walken’s scene in this, except it’s him in a bathroom (which may have been previously occupied by another woman if not still was) he doesn’t need Catwoman for it, and it’s rated R (as in we see his skin graphically come off as he gets cooked).

Anonymous 2465

This one was more sad than nightmarish.
Dreamt I was back in my old childhood home in Orlando, Florida (which was foreclosed in 2011), when I feel like everything is foggy and I’m annoyed and sleepy to the point I don’t even know if it all real or not, so I try to climb, if not jump over, the second floor’s balcony ledges while still inside the house to see how everyone would react. It shocks my Mother anyway.

It didn’t really feel any different from my life these past 4 to 5 years, apart from the fact it felt like I was going half the speed of usual life and everything is a monochromatic greenish blue turning darker (like most of my nightmares have felt in that aforementioned span). But when you’re an aspie/autist/whatever, life is usually a nightmare itself.

It just takes a longer time to adapt with you once you’ve been given enough cause to think it’s not.

Anonymous 2473

Rather intimidating one where my Mother and one of my siblings argue beyond aggressively on the phone during someone’s birthday to the point it can be heard how tears begin to shed.
Certainly doesn't help how it's all mostly in the dark or just heard rather than seen.
What's worse is that as I've mentioned here:
This isn't really that different from real life either at least once a decade or throughout the 90s/early 2000s, but any further than that would be tmi territory.

Anonymous 2513

I might’ve had one where my right leg kept on hurting for some reason last year, along with one with bycicles, That girl with glasses from We Bear bears (think her name was Chloe), and some other things that may unsettle people like the sound from the 1975 or my comic “the gang’s last adventure”.

Anonymous 2552

I've been having both dreams and nightmares where I am a character from an anime I watched a few years ago. Last night it happened again but I already forgot most of the details.
This kind of makes me understand how people get into thinking they are "kin" of fictional characters but thankfully I am sane enough to not get into that. It's just unsettling and weird.

Anonymous 2554

I did my best to hold this one in due to its tmi nature (mostly because it only felt like a nightmare AFTER I woke up) but I just finished watching a show that may or may not give me nightmares anyway (even if the last episode was anything BUT racist) so:

-I’m basically in this small white hallway resembling that world in Kaiba by Masaaki Yuasa, but dirties, shorter, and managed by amateur hoarders. As I’m walking there I come across a mother and a daughter, around 7 to 9 years old, playing piano, when I approach the daughter. Then I lay her over my lap stomach down, pull up her skirt, pull down her panties, and for some reason spit in my hands before proceeding to give her buttcheeks a massage. After about five or six seconds I put her back in her spot and try doing the same thing with her mother, to which she pushes me aside as though to say “I’m good”. And it that same dream it ends with me entering a bathroom, with a rather high ceiling, full of spider webs that have dead rats and fried chicken in them.
-Another one which I don’t remember the full details off past me singing the beginning of “Rhythm of the night” by Debarge to this moody goth girl who has her arms wrapped around me.
-I dunno one either involving Zepp from futurama or anything KFC related (in case I haven’t mentioned it before).

Anonymous 2556

I've probably already mentioned Smaug from The Hobbit movies. If I haven't, yeah, I've had him in my visions.
Along with opening my laptop and probably what I can only describe as a rope I clang onto in between the sinking into these nightmares and my semi-awake state but with my eyes closed.

Anonymous 2599

Cats, pointillism, crows, Marcus Jones from FoxTrot, Claire from the Loud House, Desmond from smiling friends…
In fact just pick anything that irritates you from my search history, I’m sure I saw a scary hallucination of that too before falling to sleep -.-

Anonymous 2613

Strangely I remembered 2 as I was traveling:

>One where me and my family are driving into the inside of this small yet extremely narrow canyon in the desert, when it gets so narrow that our car tries to turn yet only gets stuck, to the point we almost feel as though one of my aunts may have sold us off to bandits or something.

>Another one where we’re driving and we come across this animal boneyard (I think it was mostly cows and dogs). Yet as we drive more the corpses not only start piling up but they start looking as much newer as they do gorier. Then my dream ends with us arriving to this abandoned house/farm surrounded by the corpses.

There was also this weird one that I never really understood and can only describe as Les Secrets des Selenites directed by James Cameron and Gareth Edwards, where we must escape the Selenites’ weird yet colorful world because the magma is going off in their planet that’s causing it to either rise or volcanoes to go off everywhere.

Anonymous 2694

i had a recent nightmare that i was evil and shrouded with darkness and bad intent. i broke into houses and haunted the people that lived there. i had a side kick here, too. i made him help me get inside. anyway this one guy i was haunting actually saw me and started to really piss me off, so i killed him and turned the house into a vortex of death in the name of god so that anyone who enters it will die as well

many more include rape. i don’t want to describe them, for obvious reasons. i have a lot of vivid nightmares probably due to my meds. if i remember more i’ll come back here.

Anonymous 2817

i’m invited to join this daughter and her father in their voodoo session. i have to be respectful to the spirits that will help us. we go to a big empty room, very dark. we’re all three spaced out facing one wall. the wall changed colors as we chant the incantation needed to please the spirits. i somehow remember the words to this and chant along, despite not often attending these rituals. the demons appear on the wall in ever shifting formless shapes. they sense our needs and bring help to us. the whole situation makes me feel like i’m on a rollercoaster, feel physically sick from all the commotion. we do this to take revenge on someone who hurt his daughter, who is my good friend here.

Anonymous 3187

I got fat. I looked in the mirror and had multiple chins.

Anonymous 3238



Anonymous 3724


I had a dream I was talking to my history teacher about dropping out of high school after that year (I graduated IRL.)

Next morning I was going to school. A man showed up in my way and tried to assault me. I grabbed his arms and was ready to beat him up, but he got scared and ran away.

I was in a small, dark cramped store, full of people and merchandise that was almost falling off of the shelves. It was like a hoarder's store. I was supposedly wearing a cop uniform, though it looked more like a military uniform. The store owner took me in the back to talk to me. The backroom was huge, all white and had very strong white lighting. It had less things but they were prettier. There were other people there, his friends and family, who all knew me but I had never met them. He said things like "don't give up, you're a cop, don't be discouraged, good luck in your journey." I left the store scared.

Anonymous 4407


it's been months but I haven't forgotten this nightmare.

It was a bit before my breakup, i dreamt that my then-boyfriend blew up the whole world.
Basically we travelled by bus while he implanted the last mini-nuclear bombs around my town. He had already set up bombs in the entire planet. It was friday night and people were cheering and grilling meat, and I was extremely melancholic because they would probably blow up before they could eat their meat. In fact, the whole nightmare I didnt feel scared, just extremly sad.

Then we went back to my home, he locked me in the toilet and told me to look out the window: I would see a strong white light and then everything would be okay.
The last part of the dream was me seeing the night sky from the window, and then it all turns white outside. And then black again while I wait for the shockwave.

Sometimes I feel like this nightmare means I've accepted he'll kill me

Anonymous 4499


This dream had two layers. In the "deeper" dream, I was at the end of a tall dock and the people surrounding me told me to jump. One person showed me a piece of paper where I had written that I would jump off the dock on that date. I returned to the first dream while people were waiting in the second. I knew that if I jumped, I would die in real life, so I couldn't make a decision.

Anonymous 4541

I've been having this nightmare over and over again since last year.

I'm lying in bed on a Saturday morning and feel weirdly sad. I'm not very tired, yet I stay laying in the bed for what feels like hours before I get out and go to the kitchen. The whole time there is a loud whistling sound and I kinda have tunnel vision. For some reason in the dream I keep avoiding looking at windows.

I get to the kitchen and my Father is stroking and babying an insanely ugly cat. It looks malnourished, it's teeth are broken, it's claws out, it's skin matted and in some areas torn out, and it's fur was crawling with bugs.
It was a sort of gross light brown color, like it was originally white but so dirty the skin discolored. As soon as I enter the kitchen and sit, the cat begins hissing at me and my father looks at me angrily. He begins to yell at me and tell me I'll never be like his "baby" among other things I don't really remember. The whole time i just sit there quietly making myself breakfast.

Then, he sets the cat on me. It begins clawing at my legs and tearing holes into it, while bugs from the cat's fur begins to crawl into/onto my legs as well. The cat rots my legs and I begin to tumble over and I get back to my bed.

Anonymous 4807

ever dream this ma…

Anonymous 4810

Some lame meme that has been going around for ages.

Anonymous 4814

Not really a nightmare but I keep waking up a few hours after falling asleep with a deep feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something but haven't. My bf and I were living together and then because of some pandemic things I returned to my home country for a few months. When I jerk awake from the dream, it feels like I came back to do something specific, measure something everyday or take some medicine everyday or something like that and if I haven't been doing it, my bf will be annoyed at me for wasting time. I spent ages trying to think what it could be but then ended up just asking my bf if I had forgotten something really obvious but he said no thankfully. It's also out of character for him to get annoyed at me over something like that. Even now that I know that the dream isn't real, I still keep having it and it takes me a few minutes after waking up to remember that it isn't real.

Anonymous 4817

my boyfriend

Anonymous 5115

i was flipping a house with my parents. the room i was in charge of was a fucking mess. masses of cockroaches kept appearing and "congealing" in various stages of life – think living baby nymphs, living adult cockroaches, and dead cockroaches all congealed together by a combination of poop and fluids excreted by the dead cockroaches. these "islands" of congealed cockroaches were capable of moving thanks to the squirms of the nymphs and adults. every time a new island appeared i had to clean it up – only for another island to appear. this repeated for most of the dream. eventually, a family visited wanting to tour the house. i gave myself a pep talk along the lines of "this is a great house. if they want to buy it knowing the specs they'll buy it even if this room is messy. even if there are cockroaches in this room. we'll just tell them that the cockroaches are only in one location and we're going to call an exterminator to handle the problem. everything's going to be okay."

Anonymous 5119

This needs to be a book

Anonymous 5134

Last night I saw a dream about playing some kind of indie horror game.
It was about a lost princess in the woods in the middle of the night. She had to choose which animal nest to sleep in, or else she’d die from exhaustion. If she slept in the open, the cold wind killed her.
And when she picked one, she had to face a danger particular to that nest after getting her survival level raised a few points, and then escape.
Bear’s nest had an angry mama bear tearing her apart for getting too near her cubs.
Bird’s nest had man-eating chicks.
Beehive had a flesh-rotting fungus.
Anthill had soldier ants.
It was really dark and gruesome game, and now I want to play it. Does a game anything like that exist btw?

Anonymous 5273


I have had the same recurring nightmare ever since I was a child.
I wake up in a foggy old-growth forest and wander around for a while. It is dead silent. Eventually I stumble across an old abandoned mansion and I enter. The Entrance hall looks like Hogwarts', though obviously not taken care of. It smells.
There is a figure standing in at the bottom of the staircase, it looks like a Balrog, or True Ogre from Tekken, something like that.
I'm scared and try to run away or scream, but I'm stuck in place and can't do anything. I'm frozen.
He tells me I deserve to be punished. Then people that I care about -family, friends, etc.- appear in a neat line in front of him. They can't move or talk either. They get brutally killed, torn apart, tortured right there on the spot.
I am still frozen; I can't scream and I can't cry. I'm scared.

Eventually I wake up.

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