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Anonymous 6224

How does one ensure they become a ghost after death?

Anonymous 6229

Die a horrible death. Be murdered and defiled.

Anonymous 6240

but like, real bummer if you put all your eggs in that basket and it doesn't turn out

Anonymous 6242

Die with an immense hatred and pain in your heart

Anonymous 6245

Hatred and pain are human things how would you know it would still carry in spirit?

Anonymous 6371

Why was this response so funny to me

Anonymous 6385

Animals feel pain

Anonymous 6386

There are no guarantees about that. The best you can do is be a living ghost.

Anonymous 6479

Point still stands, its a physical reality thing

Anonymous 6480

It's not, one could argue the concept of food is but not pain, pain is also mental anguish like depression which is more than just physical. Are you even 18?

Anonymous 6483

Point still stands, its a physical material reality thing whether its mental or physical. The mind is part of the physical body as well. In spirit, you’re detached as you understand its not that deep after all

Anonymous 6484

Mind affects the spirit or are you one of those that doesn't think all three are connected somehow?

Anonymous 6485

>are you one of those that doesn't think all three are connected somehow
They are connected. Your mind, body, spirit. Especially your mind and body of course. I’m just saying when you cross over, -when you’re not confined to your physical vessel-you’re not that person who struggled with turmoil anymore. I believe in reincarnation and i think to the soul, this body is just a little part of a greater whole. Its like when you fail a test, you’re frustrated and sad sure but you move on to the next one.

Anonymous 6486

Maybe you're right, maybe I am, I don't believe in reincarnation and I think that's the difference in our views on this.

Anonymous 6494

Get a 9 to 5 job, and be on antidepressants.

Anonymous 6495

im a ghost lets GOOOOO

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