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Goetia Anonymous 6434

Share your experiences with summoning goetic entities.

Anonymous 6435


Well where to begin, firstly I don't ever use them as peers or superiors, they are my inferiors and they know it and they will like it or there is not dealing. Secondly I never bothered with it before having my own grounds to stand on in the occult as such I don't know exactly how to deal with it when they act up as by the time I got there most knew better.
My method of summoning is rather more open door policy these days so I do not call them to me but rather more feel out and then receive thoughts I know are not mine. Usually I can tell which flavor of spirit it is by the internal tone, though it may sound delusional it is not as delusional people would act on it or have those thoughts corrupt their reality while I just kind of hear them as more of a conversation.
In essence really I have always treated them like pets and found that to be the best method but I never ask much from them and I believe that is why so many choose to instead randomly help me out.
Of course that's only an arrived to conclusion by the confirmations of other magic users or witches or what have you and myself so take it for a grain of salt unlike most other things I'll say which would come from my own experience and a source as opposed to just my own experience and others like this one.

Anonymous 6436

What kind of thoughts do you have while interacting with them?

Anonymous 6437

After having several goetic entities reach out to me wanting to work together, they proceeded to ruin my life in the most bizarre, evil, and depraved way. As an aside, I have never had to take medication for psychosis before this event in my life. Without making shit up this is what they did to me in my schizo hallucinations:

>Raped a baby in front of me while a demon chewed on the top of my head.

>Put mouths all over my face and body. I could feel the teeth chattering and everything.
>Gangraped me as I was spat on by multiple men. It felt almost like real life.
>Put spiders all over my house and body.
>Tried to rip my eyeballs out with energetic cords
>Gave me the Truman show delusion
>Breast ironed me. It really fucking hurt.
>Told me my sister killed her boyfriend's entire family and sent the spirits to my house

I could go on. This is really just the tip of the iceberg of all the of the fucked up ways they can manipulate your hallucinations. Even if you think I'm just batshit insane, don't summon a demon or you might end up like me.

Anonymous 6438

They like to tease me with jokes nowadays primarily, it's never anything dark with me other than like yeah you are right most people do suck. Like they'll dogpile in on stuff but for me it ends up more being like friends co-venting than controlling.
>Raped a baby in front of me while a demon chewed on the top of my head.
That is fucked up, watcher shit(angels who fell to have sex with men, I only work with the first fallen)
>Put mouths all over my face and body. I could feel the teeth chattering and everything.
Feeding off your energy.
>Gangraped me as I was spat on by multiple men. It felt almost like real life.
That sounds fucking awful but yeah I have heard this one before so I know it is a thing that does happen, you are not alone.
>Put spiders all over my house and body.
>Tried to rip my eyeballs out with energetic cords
Making me wanna get my scissors rn.
>Gave me the Truman show delusion
This happens to me a lot but for a fair reason, I lived something akin to this.
>Breast ironed me. It really fucking hurt.
Yeah if your brain feels it, then yeah doesn't have to 'physically' happen still hurts like a bitch.
>Told me my sister killed her boyfriend's entire family and sent the spirits to my house
Well did she? Jk I am guessing not, fucked up lie right there.

Which one did you fucking summon?!

Anonymous 6439

I summoned Asmodai because he wanted to work with me, then Belial, Azazel, and Paimon reached out to me without me having to summon them. Afaik it's Paimon who did that to me because I offended him in some minor way. I'm still sore at the others for not protecting me from him.

Anonymous 6440

Yeah sorry he was busy helping me a lot actually.
Always hated this one.
Another name for belial aka Sammael.

Anonymous 6441

What is your guy's perspective of morality while working with demonic entities? Considering possible situations like >>6437

Anonymous 6442

Essentially mine does not change, when they get like they do with that anon I squish them. I hunt demons too after all so it's an individual basis that I judge anything on really.
Morally speaking I pose to you, what if some angels were told to fall or it was just demon's nature to test humanity and some give a bad name to the others?
Belial can mean yolkless or liar, and when it was used as liar it was used to paint a whole tribe of Israel as heathens and the other's all committed genocide over it in God's name. That is morally wrong in my opinion, whereas God nuking Sodom and Ghomoria after(literally all)the men demanded to fuck the angels that were Lot's guest? Yeah thats more morally grey to me but more deserved as the actions brought the results not others labeling them.

Anonymous 6443

>when they get like they do with that anon I squish them.
How do you deal with them if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous 6444

>How do you deal with them if you don't mind me asking?
Well I don't ask much it's usually more akin to I scratch their back, they scratch mine, most of the demons or darker entities I ever deal with have usually either fought me first or came to hide from something else. There is a concept of 'purifying' spirits that I have seen in action. Meditating will bring pictures about sometimes in my mind's eye so I go off of that and what those irl who claim to see auras see.(I can feel spirits but I can not see anything, yes I got checked for the feeling thing schizophrenia and I do not have it as mine's not random and also I have been vetted by a diocese, one time I had a lamp thrown at me from an empty room and five others saw it.)For me it never kicks off unless something strong is around so I could have spirits around me far more often then I know and likely do.

Ergo I have had some haunted houses feel bad and others just feel spooky, there is a difference and my best guess is electromagnetic fields have something to do with it. A lot of cultures say that spirits are invisible and act like airwaves and that lines up rather well so it's my best guess atm.
Naturally I always have the grain of salt that everyone in my long life has managed to come up with the same lies and five of us shared a hallucinations but I doubt it.

As such I will note that besides the lamp, I have never seen anything affect the physical more than move things around when you aren't looking or slam a door, I don't believe even the strongest spirit can do much.

Anonymous 6458

When you say “working together” what does that mean? Do you practice witch craft? Some sort of worship? Also what the hell did you do to offend the damn thing

Anonymous 6464

I mean witch craft, yes.
>Also what the hell did you do to offend the damn thing
I can't say because it would sound too ridiculous, but I have intrusive thoughts so I said something that was very stupid. There was also something bad that I did, which I told him that I felt deep regret and remorse for having done, which seems to have pissed him off. Either way it was some very minor and trivial offense.

Anonymous 6467

Damn sorry OP, i’ve heard of witches incorporating deities into their work and offending them only to get punished in the form of stumbling a little and having inconvenient days but nothing like that. Must be because these entities are low vibrational shits
Not judging, genuinely interested lol OP had enough judgment anyway

Anonymous 6473

Which ones do you work with and what for?

Anonymous 6476

I like to prank other witches so I can't really say without them getting in trouble but I have a feeling some anons know.

Anonymous 6477

Lmfao got a splitting headache soon as I hit post there, even that was too much I guess kek

Anonymous 6885

Not sure if this is the best thread, but I want to identify a demon or entity that I've been able to detect.
Can anyone identify what demon I'm dealing with? He has a cold oily black aura and his name is something like Javier/Olivier/Whoviar. He's been with me for years. I've contacted him, weirdly enough, by looking at a yearbook photo I'm sure was somehow cursed.
It always came up with the numbers 6 and 3 or 63, but especially the number 3, repeated over and over. It was like he was three seconds "out of sync" with me.

Usually when I try to "talk" to him he doesn't want to be bothered but he talks through "proxies" that grow warm orange or ice blue. Either way, his eyes are sharp like knives.

He brings to mind vast dead-looking forests that look wrong and frigid in the middle of a bitter grey winter. Like a forest you've walked "too deep" into, like you've gone too far. I had a dream where I walked past the forest where a wedding was going on and I wandered into a hillside full of what looked like slightly flooded dead woods in a creepy winter late afternoon. It kind of reminded me of his aura, since I first contacted him around the same time I was taking hikes in the hills in the winter.

Anonymous 6893

Once upon a time, a few years ago I kept hearing the word 'Amdusias' in my head.
Glad I never did anything beyond looking him up now.

Anonymous 6928

Oh..this happened to me but i heard Archangel Gabriel. Good luck

Anonymous 6956

Did you give Paimon a sacrifice? I've heard he requires a sacrifice to summon Lebal and Abalam. Maybe they keep him from going off like that.

Anonymous 6957

He sounds familiar and handsome. But I don't think I've ever actually met him by name. The aura sounds very familiar though and I walk around the type of forests you've described and felt the presence.

Anonymous 6958

Working together with demons? Wow, you must be very smart person!

Anonymous 6959

What did i do

Anonymous 6960

Oh my gosh so its not all in my head!! He is a real entity! Yes, I too find him super handsome lol.
Do you ever notice visions of mahogany wood in particular with him? What kind of presence does he give to you when you walk around those kind of cold, dead forests?

Has anybody else ever had contact with this entity or his aura? Does anybody know what the "went too far" aura means?

And does anybody versed in demonology know what his real name is and what kind of entity he is?

Anonymous 6962

Can someone here give a rundown on how to actually make contact with an entity like this? Like can I get a Contact A Demon For Dummies guide?
I'm a skeptic but also love stuff like this and am ready to have a supernatural experience.

Anonymous 6964

You'd just be better off contacting your household or local land spirits tbh.

Anonymous 6965

Can they make you rich?

Can any spirit make you rich?

I would risk doing witchcraft if it got me money.

Anonymous 6966

Why not try it?
Or ask a deity with governance over money/trade to assist you?

Anonymous 6967

I’m not practicing but i read a lot about these things and my dad used to practice so a lot of the information i have is from him, what i can tell you is you can’t dive into it head first and practice from reading a couple of guides, that’s dangerous. Do extensive research first. Especially with entities like this. The stories my dad tells me are very similar to this anon’s experience >>6437 not quite the same but they will fuck with you. Honestly your best bet is to find a mentor or pray to a deity that governs over money like anon said

Anonymous 6977

Any rituals for how to do so?
(Particularly ones that dont involve candles because i am terrified of fire)

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