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can anyone read me this? Anonymous 6490

idk if this is the right board, but i hope someone knows how to read my astrochart

I went with several friends who supposedly know about the subject, but none gave me an accurate answer

Anyway, i would like to see your charts also :) it could be declared as the thread of the astral charts or something like that maybe?

Anonymous 6492

Chiron in 4th, hectic home life perhaps?perhaps trauma experienced in the home. Its in aquarius which means maybe you didnt fit in with family resulting in you not feeling like you fit in anywhere now. Theres also neptune there (planet of delusions) which also means you’re often misunderstood especially in your family and childhood? Ridden with fears and uncertainty in this area.
Pluto in second house, problems with money. Probably rich or poor 2 sides of the spectrum.so lots of fears and maybe sabotage with finances

Sorry. I’m a beginner and i still dont understand aspects yet so i could only give a basic reading lol

Anonymous 6493

I forgot to mention neptune in the fourth could indicate a parent or a family member with addiction issues or generally unstable

Anonymous 6517

i'm a beginner but i will try. i'll just look at the houses with planets in them:

>the 2nd house (finances, material possessions, self-worth)

pluto represents change, renewal, power struggles. financially, you can go from one extreme to another like earning or losing large sums of money throughout your lifetime. you are possesive about money and your posessions have sentimental value to you.

>the 4th house (home, real estate, family, upbringing, the mother)

neptune - confusion at home. possibly an absent parent. you might not see your family clearly, either idealizing them or seeing them as worse than they are. you might have felt isolated or isolated yourself from them.

>the 5th house (creativity, self-expression, fun, hobbies, romance)

uranus - associated with progress and novelty, if developed, and if not developed, with (pointless) rebelliousness and lack of responsibility. you are naturally creative and probably a bit eccentric.

>the 6th house (work/job, health, nutrition, routine, pets)

with mars in the 6th, you put a lot of energy into your work, work fast, can be impatient. you can get defensive if someone criticizes your work.

>the 9th house (higher education, belief systems, long-distance travel, foreign cultures, publishing)

with the sun in the 9th house, you take pride in your knowledge/education and morals, and identify with them. you like to learn.
moon - restless, may have a "grass is greener on the other side" mentality. interested in other cultures. you may have traveled or like traveling.

>the 10th house (career, reputation, achievements, authority figures, the father)

saturn is associated with restriction, limitations, responsibility. you take your career seriously. you are quite aware of your position in society. probably self-conscious. you may take on big responsibilities.
venus - charming, but may also come across as superficial. care a lot about your work and image. good placement for networking and public speaking.
mercury - good with language, communication, might have a profession related to it. you need a career that keeps you mentally stimulated.

>the 12th house (karma, secrets, dreams, hospitals, prisons)

jupiter in 12th - interest in spirituality. you like to help people. might work in a hospital/jail/rehab. if not developed, can be detached from reality. like to spend time alone.

Anonymous 6626

Sorry, i hadn't seen your answer. Thanks for the reading anons!

Anonymous 6627

I hope it resonated anon

Anonymous 6628


This looks like fun. Erased info that could doxx me (as if that isn't a big doxx anyway) but i'd like to know what the nonas with astrology knowledge have to say about my chart

Anonymous 6634

A family gal, turning to the family and home is your destiny in this lifetime and what brings you success. Intense relationship with mommy. Your mind is very rich and your luck comes through that, through communication things like writing perhaps and sharing ideas with your community and social circle to be exact though you might struggle and feel like they don’t understand you. Beliefs and social constructs were forced on you growing up, you might struggle in finishing college or receiving a higher education or even travel, and these things can be highly transformative and intense for you. maybe growing up your family didn’t have much money or even right now as you are still young you don’t have much financial stability which leads you to have attachment to material things and money. You fear losing it or becoming financially unstable and you base your worth on it and you need to learn to let that go. You’ll reap benefits from that struggle. Also… daddy issues? Dad seems like a strict and a patriarchal figure but i could be wrong. Either way he’s emotionally available and manipulative or absent or perhaps a step dad that doesn’t care. Mom is immature, or you perceive her that way, but you love her regardless i think.

Anonymous 6635

Emotionally unavailable*

Anonymous 6639


do me pls sweet knowledgeable nonas

Anonymous 6642

images - 2022-10-3…

Very good nona. You got most of it right. Especially my desire to be a tradwife to an office lady

Anonymous 6656

Wow you and the last anon have lots of negative aspects, wish you specified a question so we could know where to start. Anyway… here’s a hug from me, anon… because if you feel unloveable then know that’s not true, and you should give yourself some credit and a little love. I think you’re honest and direct but really sensitive and have a tendency for escapism which would explain you being on here lol. You talk a lot, from the heart as well, but you rationalize your emotions in the same time, isn’t that funny? I think your mother and father fought a lot or argued while you were growing up but i really can’t be sure… maybe they are divorced if i’m reading the aspect correctly. You need to find the balance between what you want and what you need. you attract narcissists lol or people who are soul sucking. like thr other anon with second house malefics you didn’t have money growing up but you have high standards and very ambitious about achievements regarding money and material things but be careful in this area. I think one of your challenges in this lifetime is experiencing poverty and you struggled with that or some sort of trauma like that. I wonder if you’re a workaholic now… but either way i get the feeling that youre very compassionate and forgiving but you struggle with integrating into society, you’re here to interact and communicate with people. Don’t let your trauma hold you back from fulfilling that. I think you’re supposed to have a rise from the ashes sort of moment. You don’t feel heard. If it hasn’t happened yet it’ll happen

Anonymous 6658


hey anon apart from the money stuff your reading is pretty accurate, i grew up with a lot of family money and am still supported by that. i’m currently in a really bad mental episode and am a neet for the first time in my life and am not going back to work or anything because i’m pretty convinced i need to suicide. Thank you so much for your reading, if it’s okay could you answer a couple questions for me? What do you think my love life will look like in the future and is there going to be a time where i feel content in my identity and unafraid of living? Ily

Anonymous 6659

Screen Shot 2022-1…

what website are you using? Here's one from the one I found, don't remember my exact birth time though so could be wrong

Anonymous 6660

I see then i interpreted it wrong. I’m sorry i have surface level knowledge of astrology… and i took a stab in the dark while i’m sleepy so i didn’t dig in there lol. You have chiron and pluto in your second house. Chiron represents your wounds you have it in capricorn which basically means you’re terrified of failure and you feel like you haven’t accomplished enough. and pluto represents rebirth, transformation, death. Both in second house: material things, money and possessions. Maybe it’s not about growing up poor exactly but something surrounding these themes.

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