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dangerous trio.jpg

Serial Killers Anonymous 671

Is it just me, or is anyone else strangely attracted to serial killers.

Logic would tell me this is a bad survival strategy…

Anonymous 672


6/10. And I'm not rating any of these lads. Better luck next time!

Anonymous 673

It's just you.

Anonymous 674

I think those are just good photos of average men.

I do think Richard Chase is alright looking for someone who ate babies.

Anonymous 675


Forgot photo

Anonymous 676

I dont know, but I laugh every time I see Bruno Mars now because someone said he looks like Richard Ramirez.

Anonymous 677

"He's a nice person, because I've met him and I know".

"He's convicted of thirteen murders."

"…but he's a really nice guy".

Anonymous 678

he looks really attractive in profile but like a crackhead from the front

Anonymous 679

For some reason this is funny as hell

Anonymous 680


Im not but the other day I saw some gifs of Robert Ramirez and he was looking fiiiiiiine

Anonymous 681

I used to be attracted and into them when I was 12. Now i'm just attracted to musicians. God help me. I have a thing for unavailable men.

Anonymous 682

>tfw im attracted to anime dudes

girl pls, at least theres a one in a billion chance youll end up with that irl husbando

Anonymous 683


Paul Bernardo’s facial structure is 10/10 imo. But I’m not attracted to him because he’s a murderer. He’s just … attractive.

Anonymous 684

he looks like an egg man

Anonymous 685


I have heard a rumour that the Golden State Killer was actually quite dashing, and VERY funny.

Anonymous 686


Anonymous 687

It's cause they're attractive. People tend to be attracted to attractive people.
I'm sure Dennis Nilsen and Ed Gein don't do anything for you. They're killers, too, but they're ugly.

Anonymous 688


Dennis Nilsen was qt.

Anonymous 689



Anonymous 690

what’s an egg man

Anonymous 691


I don't understand. He looks good here.

Anonymous 692


Anonymous 693

Knowing someone is a criminal, much less serial killer is a huge turnoff for me…

but you do you OP. As another anon said, chances are you'll never run into one anyway.

Anonymous 695


I never found Mick Jagger attractive. He's like a FAS baby Mark Hamill. I do see the resemblence, though.

Prison is hell on your face, that's why Richard Ramirez looked so fucked up towards the end. Jagger has no excuse, the man's just gross. Look at this pic of Ramirez before he was locked up for too long. The man could have advertized for Old Spice.

Anonymous 697

You must have shitty facial and bone structure or are just fat and upset about it.

Anonymous 699

You probably have worse bone structure than that anon who are you kidding?

Weirdo lusting over dead serial killers lmao

Anonymous 700

Sorry, no. You don't have to be a hybristophile to admit that man is attractive. Thin has always been in, and I'd kill for his bone structure. But like, the amount of attractive it is and not his literal face.

Anonymous 701


unattractive people swear everyone is as unattractive as them and should be easily impressed with everything. what gives?

Anonymous 702

smug ramirez.jpg

Why is everyone calling each other ugly all of the sudden?

My face when.

Anonymous 703


>it’s another hybristophilia thread

Anonymous 711

Charles Manson never killed anyone

Anonymous 742

This but unironically

Anonymous 1754


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