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Revenge Anonymous 867

Fantasizing about getting revenge on someone?
Let it all out.
Need a plan?
Let us help.

Let's get some just desserts.

Anonymous 882

Anybody know if those rentahackers work if they're just memes like those hitmen that just stole money?

Anonymous 884

Could go either way. I think it also depends on your intent. Some whitehats do stuff like hack scammers and cheaters to thwart them. What are you looking for specifically?

Anonymous 3741


Anonymous 3753

Yes, I've been fantasizing about that for 10+ years. But lately my PTSD has been getting easier on me, so not that often anymore. But I used to spend days and days just thinking how to torture that pedo scum.

Anonymous 3756

I was watching a review of Stewart Little (1999) and apparently Stewart's real family were killed in an accident when a bunch of soup cans fell on them and turned them into mush.

I'm gonna do that to my ex one day

Anonymous 3757

Proud of you. Sending you strength and love

Anonymous 3771

I’d never do it since I don’t want to go to prison and maybe I wouldn’t be able to handle the psychological effects of it, but I’ve fantasized about killing my abusive ex. Smashing his head open with a sledgehammer. I don’t care how edgy it sounds. He extorted nudes from me. I hope he has a terrible life.

Anonymous 3978

Nothing violent, but my exe boyfriend has a twitter account where he posts…some things that people (his employers, family, etc) would not like and could badly effect his reputation.
He did nothing horrible, I'm just angry but secretly looking for a good reason to dox him, hoping he'll say something that sets me off on his anonymous twitter.
He's had issues with past girlfriends contacting his parents on facebook and telling them things he said. However what I have on him is much worse…could even ruin his life if I wanted to reveal certain details.
Its tempting but I know this anger will pass and he doesn't really deserve it.
Yet I still love him. I should not be in relationships.

Anonymous 4271

it isnt anything anything too violent…i think.

when i was in highschool there was this really bitchy, ugly, trans looking female dean that would dedicate all her time to antagonizing and making female students miserable while sucking up to male students. every single time i saw her in the hallways she would be cornering some poor girl while verbally berating her and embarrassing her in front of everybody for the grievous sin of wearing leggings, or ripped jeans, or shorts, or a shirt that was half an inch too short. she would call an assembly 4 times a year every year of highschool to berate girls for not following dresscode. one time she sent me home and tried to give me a detention because my stomach showed while i was fixing my hair.

it all sounds so minor looking back on it but she made highschool so shitty. she made everyone feel small. nobody could enjoy themselves while she was around.

i very genuinely thought about doing violent things to her, but my thoughts usually fall back onto one specific fantasy where i kidnap her in the middle of the night, strip her completely naked, and then leave her in the street miles and miles away from her home while its dark out. and then a group of males magically appear and gangrape her silly.

lol, me and a group of friends actually pulled up on her after highschool and slashed all of her tires and threw rocks at her car and busted out its windows, as well as her house windows. never got to see her reaction as we beat the hell out of dodge and went either went to college in a different state or one that was 100s of miles away but yeah. it was fun.

Anonymous 4275

the gang rape is too much.

Anonymous 4277

Yeah wtf

Anonymous 4289

I used to try and exact revenge on people who had wronged me, but it's always so unsatisfying and leaves me feeling frustrated more than anything. It never makes me feel accomplished afterwards. Plus whatever bad thing befalls my enemy, it helps them feel more victimized and persecuted.

Anonymous 4290

what did you do?

Anonymous 4293

Nta, but what do you mean "get over this feeling"? Do you not want to feel it at all anymore, or for lack of a better term are you trying to "channel it" into something more productive/positive for you?

Anonymous 4295

Well, obviously you wouldn't be doing this if it didn't benefit you in some way. Any idea of how it's positively affected your ability to live?

Anonymous 4298

Okay, that was bit hard to read, but I think you stated that this feeling helps you focus somewhat and push yourself forward, and obviously that's very useful. Just a question, how meticulously do you clean your living space? How would you describe it, very dirt vs very clean?

Anonymous 4300

I wanted to put together a more holistic picture of your life. You mention
>I make really great strides, I can't deny it.
>REALLY good at dissociating from bad things and turning up all my energy to do something.
is again somewhat vague. It point to some indications of your personality depending on how much you value cleanliness and order around how you live. If your living space is just "normal", then I assume you've made "great strides" elsewhere? In a career perhaps or a hobby? Just trying to figure out where you poor this supposed "energy" into to understand your personality better.

Anonymous 4313

>What does the dirtiness or cleanliness of my house have to do with anything?
It gives me indications of your personality. Having talked to miners on this board that literally have pissjars, there's a obviously a range between living in utter filth and spotlessness that different people inhabit. I wanted to know if I'm talking to someone who is somewhat functioning in modern society, or a NEET recluse, because different people have different patterns of living.
>Why does it suddenly feel like I'm interacting with a moid?
I haven't the foggiest, the question came to my mind and I asked it. I don't know what to do if just asking questions causes this much trouble though.

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