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Local Urban Legends Anonymous 886

What are some weird or creepy legends that come from the area you live/grew up in? I love spooky stories but enjoy them so much more when they’re close to home!

(Image source: gimb.tumblr.com)

Anonymous 889

i faintly recall my mom telling me about this woman that killed her husband with a shotgun once she discovered his unfaithfulness? afterwards she was consumed by guilt and went walking on the tracks – let herself get hit by a coal train. mother said that if you were to go out there at night and listen real hard as a train went past, you could hear a sharp scream or wail or something. and see a figure in white shambling along through the dirt

Anonymous 894

“Dead Children’s Playground”

>In the year of 1822, a popular cemetery was opened. Sitting among well over one hundred beautiful acres of land, the [redacted] has been said to be the absolute oldest in the entire State of Alabama. It is also considered to be the absolute largest. On the grounds of this popular cemetery, down some paths that display the beauty of the trees and plants of Alabama, there is a small section that was developed into a playground. Many individuals claim that in the decade of the 60’s, there were several abductions of children occurring in and around the area of Huntsville. It is rumored that several of these children were found murdered and placed in the playground area.

>While there has been no confirmation as to whether or not this is factual, the locals stand by the stories. Many who have visited the graveyard and the playground area in the evening hours and at night have reported many quite unusual events. Some have stated that they have seen the actual apparitions of apparently spiritual children. There are some to claim that they have heard the whispers and laughter of children when visiting. Then, there are many who have witnessed swings moving by themselves, and have captured ghost pictures of what appear to be faint apparitions in mist, as well as orbs.

It's a beautiful cemetery. I used to go there with my boyfriend when I was in high school. The playground is creepy af, though, I will testify. There was more than one occasion when we walked up to it and the swings were blowing in what presumably was a breeze we couldn't feel because of the circle of cliffs around it focusing the wind or something.
Sorry it's not more exciting, have a fun video to compensate.

Anonymous 895

This is another good one.
These guys just fucking disappeared a few years back. Probably too much harassment from the locals but still, pretty creepy. There were a lot of weird stories about what they got up to, like stealing and killing people's dogs and shit like that.

Anonymous 935


This one is fairly old, and is somewhat widely known.
But in Virginia colony, and up until the mid-20th century, there have been reports of a monster called the Snallygaster.

Some people suggest that it comes from local legends of the Powhatan, though I know little of this particular subject.

Anonymous 941


The Green Man / Charlie No Face
>A green glowing faceless demon who walks along the road at night.

What I find interesting about this urban legend is that the Green Man was a real person. He lost his face and arm from an electrical accident as a child. The legend originated from people seeing him during his nightly walks.

Anonymous 962

A girl committed suicide in my old school's pool (which was in the basement area) in the 1960s(fact), it has been closed off for a very long time but people have said the building above it is haunted.

An elementary school in my city used to be a military base in the 1800s(yes, the building is that old) and supposedly they hung people from a very large tree that still stands on the grounds. Not sure how true that one is with regards to hangings but yeah.

Anonymous 975

In my hometown there is a building downtown that had been boarded up since the 1970s. Downtown barely qualifies as a downtown, the city had a population of about 45,000.

The building was this very tall hotel, every last window had plywood over it. The explanation as to why it always stood was that nobody wanted to deal with it, the building itself was violating some code or had something wrong to where it would have to be torn down entirely to be fixed. And apparently the cost of doing so was not worth it to anyone, so it always remained.

Rumors were it was haunted as fuck and you could see all sorts of ghosts. People would trespass there regularly and get really scared, others said they saw nothing. I never tried but wish I did.

Anonymous 1032


My alma mater was originally built to train priests. They lived on-campus in buildings that are now used as classrooms and offices. I had to walk through the oldest part of the college to get home and it was pretty spooky during the cold, winter evenings when you're surrounded by statues of Mary and Jesus hanging on the cross but when I heard that there's a room in a certain building that's haunted, I had to check it out one evening. There is indeed a room (Room 2) in a building that is now used by the Department of History. The wall and door of the room have been removed and from the outside I could see that the window is boarded up. Pic related is an old, creepy picture of the room.

The true story is that a student living in the room killed himself in 1841 by throwing himself out of the window. He was buried and the college tried to keep it quiet (as suicide is a sin). There was possibly another student who stayed in the room who killed himself by slitting his throat but there's no evidence of that so I can't confirm. Almost 20 years later (1860), another student was temporarily staying in the room for a week, oblivious to what had happened there. Later he was told that a student had commit suicide in that room which worried him and when he returned to Room 2, he cut himself and jumped out the window. He survived initially and told the vice-president of the college that there was a demonic presence in the room. Apparently he had seen a demon's face in the mirror and he had an overwhelming urge to kill himself. He too died from his injuries a day later. After this, a priest wanted to investigate so he spent the night there. He refused to talk about what he saw but it turned his hair completely white. The vice-president ordered that the room not be used to house any more students, that it be turned into an oratory and that a statue of St.Joseph (patron saint of peaceful death) be placed in it. Two of the students are buried in the college graveyard (their names are visible on the graves and on a plaque) and there is evidence that they attended the school so these deaths are genuine.

Now for the legends. It's said that there's a blood stain (from one of the students cutting themselves) in the room that keeps re-appearing after it is cleaned. Apparently the chemistry students tested it one day and confirmed it was human blood. It's also said that students are banned from staying the night in the building or bringing a mirror into the room. Absolutely everyone in the college knows about the legends and everyone you ask will have their own story about it, it's great.

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