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Last Updated: 12/30/2017


  1. What is crystal.cafe?
    We are an anonymous messaging board ('imageboard') for girls and women.
  2. What is an imageboard?
    Imageboards are anonymous-by-default forums built on the look and feel of the original Japanese 2ch board and later popularized by 4chan and its offshoots.
  3. Why can't I post as a guy? Are you man-hating feminazi lesbians?
    Many places on the internet are male-dominated, which counts especially for imageboards, so we created this space to give us room to talk. Whenever a female user feels the urge to discuss something in a female environment, or simply without her gender derailing the conversation, crystal.cafe is here.
  4. What should I expect from crystal.cafe?
    We are a community open to discussing anything you want, or just for smalltalk and relaxed conversation or sharing images and jokes. With anonymity comes bluntness, so expect honest opinions and no coddling. If you are easily offended, this might not be the place for you, but all in all we aim to give users an experience as pleasant as possible without restricting or censoring speech.
  5. Why should I be anonymous? What if I want to use a name?
    Since imageboards are built on anonymity, it's frowned upon to use identifiers for your posts. The idea is to give everyone room to speak freely without their posts being connected to a specific person.
  6. What should I do if I think someone is trolling?
    Don't engage with trolls, simply report the post and move on. Our moderators will review your report and take action if necessary.
  7. Are there things I cannot post? Do I have to be super nice?
    Don't post anything super illegal, don't threaten people with physical harm or tell them to kill themselves, don't dox anyone. Users will not be banned for being rude or inflammatory, but they will be if their posts are disruptive to the conversation or if they only post bait.
  8. How can I help?
    Spread the word! We're a small community and depend on our users to help us grow. Share our site with your female friends and anyone you think would like it. Occasionally, we will look for new moderators or other helpers. Currently all positions are filled. If you want to help with our server costs, you can make a small donation on our Patreon.
  9. How do I use site features?
    To report a post, click the down arrow symbol.

    Type a reason for your report and hit "Report".

    To delete your own post, click the down arrow (shown above), then hit "Delete". If you click "File", only your image will be deleted. You can only remove a post or image until 30 minutes after publishing. Please do not ask staff to remove something on your behalf.

    To hide a thread, start on the board page (not the thread page ending in a number). Then click the minus sign at the very left of the thread title.

  10. What software do you use?
    crystal.cafe uses a fork of Tinyboard.
    You can find our software license here.

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