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Last Updated: 04/27/2021


  1. Do not post anything that's illegal in the United States.
  2. Do not use emojis, all caps or any obnoxious typing style.
  3. Do not post gore, shock images, pornography etc. unless it's pertinent to the discussion. Don't make threads just to dump any of this content. Do not post sexual depictions of minors in any context.
  4. Use the post features. If you refer to an image or video, make sure to embed it in your posts for other users. Upload a screenshot to preview a link. When replying, quote the comment(s) you're replying to by clicking the post number.
  5. Do not attempt to advertise your own website, business, community or similar. This includes Discord servers and other group chat applications. Swapping one on one contact info is ok.
  6. Minimum age is 18. Please don't post immaturely no matter your age.

  7. crystal.cafe is a female-oriented community. Comments from male users are not desired. If you state your gender in your comment or post in an otherwise identifiable manner, bait, or thirst-post, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted. Encouraging male posters by responding (including calling them out) may result in a temporary ban.
  8. Do not organize or encourage raids or other disruptive posting on other websites.
  9. crystal.cafe is not a place for political debate. Refrain from posting about race/ethnicity and religion. This restriction includes discussing stereotypes, conspiracy theories and personal preferences. Gender critical discussion must be contained to designated threads.
  10. Do not create "drama" threads singling out individuals to be gossiped about. General drama discussion and gossiping about traditional mainstream celebrities is ok.
  11. Discussing eating disorders is permitted, pro-ana thinspiration must be spoilered. Moderators may remove or spoiler images at their own discretion.
  12. Stick to the subject and don't derail threads with offtopic posts or infighting.
  13. Do not make duplicate threads. Before creating a new thread, check the catalog for similar discussions.
  14. Do not threaten or encourage physical harm.
  15. Do not post dox.
  16. This website is an anonymous community. Please refrain from using any identifiers. The name field is only to be used if your identity is relevant to your comment. Using recognizable sets of images to circumvent this rule and identify yourself is also prohibited.
  17. Lurking before posting is strongly encouraged.

    If you have any questions or concerns, use the /meta/ board or contact us:
    Discord: snail#5286