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Anonymous 100862

How do you drink your coffee, girls? I like to make iced coffee in the warm months- usually I go for a dark roast or pumpkin spice pods I have hoarded from fall time. I know coffee snobs are not huge fans of Keurig machines but jesus they are so convenient. Making iced coffee with mine is a life changer for me.

I usually like my coffee pretty creamy- I use a mix of coconut hazelnut creamer and the new non-dairy Starbucks creamer (the caramel one is the best). I only drink 1 in the morning, and then have a decaf in the evenings. I'm stupid sensitive to caffeine so I gotta be careful.

Anonymous 100865

I drink espresso, with 1 tsp of half and half.

I go through a lot of it, like 6 a day. So much caffeine in my system I barely notice it.

Anonymous 100867

When I drink coffee it's black.

Usually if I'm needing caffeine I'm drinking tea though, coffee makes my jittery, but tea doesn't.

Rarely use either since an Adderall usually does the job better.

Anonymous 100868

I've never had that, how do you get it? Rx?

Anonymous 100869

Took an ADHD test from a professional psychologist. I get it Rx, I only take it at half the smallest dose because on larger amounts I get incredibly angry and tense.

I'm on the fence of whether or not it helps me sleep better, but I'm leaning towards it does help sleep better as, when I physically make it into the bed, I fall asleep within 15 minutes guaranteed. The quality of sleep is what's iffy.

On caffeine my stomach feels irritated, and I have problems sleeping in the evening.

That's all I'm going to say as I don't want to derail OP's thread. Sage for offtopic.

Anonymous 100870

Ah true, my bad.

I have a delonghi machine I use a lot. My favorite appliance!

Anonymous 100881

I like to mix a tsp of instant coffee, a tsp of brown sugar, and a tsp of boiling water at the bottom of a glass. When its mixed you can just fill the rest with milk and drink it cold

Anonymous 100885

I drink mine with milk. Big cups, three to five times a day.

I'll probably have to take less because milk is making me feel really awful, I wish I could afford drink that much coffee with cream, which doesn't really hurt my stomach. Expensive shit where I live.

Anonymous 100888

I do mine with milk and sugar :) anywhere from 1-4 cups depending on the day. Almond milk is my favorite and I've been trying to find a sugar substitute I like as much as sugar but can't find anything :(

Anonymous 100889

Basic bitch reporting in: Caramel latte, iced or hot

Anonymous 100893

I can't metabolise caffeine, so coffee and tea is just foul dirt water to me.

Anonymous 100899

Blonde misto (whole milk), with chai and white mocha. I work at a Starbucks so I have access to the fancy crap and I don't drink coffee if I'm not at work.

Anonymous 100936

warm lactaid milk + small pinch cinnamon powder + 1 tsp instant coffee (preferably decaf) + 1 tsp honey/sweetener + tiny pinch of salt if i'm feeling fancy.
i drink at least 3 mugs a day to keep the bones boney

Anonymous 100938

That doesn't sound like coffee, sounds like milk with coffee flavoring.

Anonymous 100995

Lately I've been drinking lots of instant barley and coffee. I make it with lots of water and then add cold hazelnut or almond milk.
I also really like americanos.

Anonymous 100996

iced thai coffe pls

Anonymous 101118

I have black coffee daily, 1-3 times. Sometimes I make iced coffee, I never add milk but a bit of sugar if I feel like it.

Anonymous 101148

mostly black but when i want to put milk in it i do the dalgona shit to make it comfy

Anonymous 101962

lots of creamer, its unhealthy.
>french vanilla
>french vanilla creamer
we have a keurig here with those tiny coffee pods. I always use the french vanilla flavor unless we're out.

I have a bad habit of drinking coffee too quickly though

Anonymous 101967


Like others I take black coffee. I prefer a dark roast and I really like cold brew. I like tea though too, I like the way it makes me feel more. But I have a tendency to have that with sugar. Sweet tea is the best…

Anonymous 101975

I used to drink strong black coffee (which I prefer) but I overdid acid and fucked up my stomach, so now I have weak coffee with milk. I even love decaf because my tastebuds have no standards, but I ruined it for myself.

Black coffee anons, don't lay down after a big mug while also eating many hot peppers in your diet and taking pills. Take care of your body. I assume many of you take it black to stay thin, but thinness isn't the only health indicator.

Anonymous 102024


I'd like to know how more people make their coffee, especially the girls who drink it black. I have a french press but have just been making instant lately

Anonymous 102035

I want to get into coffee, but good lord any time I have any my face just shrivels up and I feel sick.

I used to hate tea but I enjoy it now, and I want them same for coffee. Any tips on how I learn to stop worrying and love the bean?

Anonymous 102571


>How do you drink your coffee, girls?
i dont. plain milk is the best.
adn when i do dronk it, its just a tiiiinyy lil bit of coffe with sugar.

Anonymous 102666


Aeropress, one cup per morning, usually black. Once and awhile I feel like I want a treat and will make a cappuccino with frothed milk, Vanilla syrup and cinnamon on top.

Anonymous 102678



I only drink rooibos chai

Anonymous 102679

Start with Affogato its the easiest way to get coffee haters into drinking it

Anonymous 102682

Heavy whipping cream. Most flavored stuff is too sweet for me, but Baileys had this limited edition white chocolate raspberry creamer that I still think about. In general I don't like to drink calories, but coffee will always be the exception.

Anonymous 102687

With whiteclaw or botanik,alcohol and coffee were made for each other, I get really bad headaches but its totally worth it.

Anonymous 102731

I generally like my coffee black. I like to cold-brew in the fridge during the warmer months. Sometimes I like to make smoothies and add a spoonful of coffee grounds for a kick. It goes surprisingly well with the sweet fruity flavors. Just remember not to add too much, as you get a lot more caffeine when you consume the grounds vs. when you steep the grounds in water.

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