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Anonymous 101467

do you care what happens to your body once you die?

Anonymous 101473

i really hope my organs can be harvested. i want a cremation because a grave seems like a waste of money and land.

Anonymous 101477

Isn't cremation bad for the environment in its own way?

Anonymous 101490

I am very strongly against being embalmed or autopsied, but after that, I don't care much. I would prefer to be buried sans coffin, but I could live with a coffin. If I was cremated I would prefer to have my ashes interned immediately and not sit on someone's shelf for decades or be scattered into the four winds.

But really, I'm just strictly against being embalmed or autopsied.

Anonymous 101497

i'm very adamant about being buried with my mom and dad (as they'll probably die before me). i always got into fights with my ex about it, bc even if i get married and have children, i do NOT allow people to bury me away from my parents. sadly, in my country we do not have a lot of say regarding what happens to our body once we die, so i'll probably get lied to and buried away from my folks against my will

Anonymous 101498

Yes. I’d like it to go to fertilizing a tree. Far better than a tombstone imo

Anonymous 101504

wasn't thinking about the environment. its just that a graveyard is a plot of land that in my opinion could be put to better use so i want no part of that. its not as bad as a golf course but still.

Anonymous 101505

graveyards are wonderful places imo, great for wandering and lurking in if you're not great around people

Anonymous 101509

why does this matter? is it religious?

Anonymous 101511

I used to want to donate my body to science or be an organ donor but I've become kind of a misanthrope so I don't want to do any of those anymore. Maybe if I can be 100% guaranteed to donate my organs to women ONLY I might consider it.

Anonymous 101513

it looks like same sex organ transplant is safer so a doctor would probably try to make that happen anyways.

Anonymous 101863

I'm the "want to be buried with parents" poster and it's not a religious thing for me. Just the irrational thought that being buried with people who don't consider me family would cause me some kind of post-mortem suffering

Anonymous 101867

Yes. I'd want to be cremated. My body should not exist anymore.

Anonymous 101872

What if your daughter wants to be buried with you? And her daughter? And so on? Would it be a pyramid of caskets stacked upon each other with parent and child layers descending down?

Anonymous 101873

NGL, that sounds cool as fuck. Just imagine 20 layers deep caskets and the bottoms one have started to get crushed by the weight. The bottom layer is just splinteres, both bone and wood, and if they're happened to be anything left that hasn't rotted away by now it's been squeezed out by all the pressure. This process happens continously as time goes on, given just enough time before caskets for the bottom layer to get pushed further and further down.

Sure there's the practical problems, but again that sounds cool as fuck.

Anonymous 101874

I don't care really, but the most appealing choice is

Anonymous 101913

Anonymous 102386

Wanna be cremated because I have a weird fear of ‘what if I suddenly come alive while buried’

For anyone who says they don’t care, I’ve seen depressing ‘in memory of’ chairs outside grocery stores and it’s awful

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