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Anonymous 101951

Anyone else been absolutely delighted by the OnlyFans news? People have definitely been posting misinformation (OF will still allow nude content, just no blatant sexual acts any longer) but I think it's a good thing if it will get the moids to ragequit the platform and tarnish the name.

It means that young girls can't be groomed as easily (for now at least.) into thinking OnlyFans is a perfectly safe and good employment option, and puts less porn into the world to rot brains with. Little celebration from me today!

I think that this is also an excellent example of how basing your income off of a single platform online is extremely risky if even OnlyFans can change at the drop of a hat.

Anonymous 101954

I'm tempted to dig through the random bpd victim complex ~sex worker~ blogs that keep trying to pick fights with radfems, looking for their reactions. Too lazy to do it, so I'm just going to imagine it and chuckle.

Anonymous 101965

It's not even "for now". The secondary apps created to capture Onlyfans success (like "Fansley") alraedy exist and are snapping up the fall out of this decision. Nothing has meaningfully changed except that maybe the market is slightly less centrified.

I am biased though, I don't give a shit about porn and I wish I could capitalize on this with my own app. C'est la vie

Anonymous 101988

No company or business, especially one that is already morally bankrupt, will give up making money for no reason. I don't think this makes them more money, so let me wrap tinfoil tightly around my head and tell you what I think is going to happen.

A couple of years ago IHOP announced they were done with pancakes and were switching to burgers. This would be a similarly insane move with no explanation as onlyfans. There was approximately ten trillion news articles about this shocking change in business plan, and a mad rush of people trying to get the last of their mediocre pancakes. OnlyFans is doing the same thing. Buncha news articles for free advertising, a bunch of creeps think they're buying their last scraps of porn, and then a couple of weeks before the change goes into effect it'll be "Haha oopsie, just kidding we're not changing anything".

Anonymous 101989

Except pancakes don't have investment issues like sexually explicit content.
Even FetLife had to restrict what content they could allow because otherwise they risked losing support from the banks that processed their cashflow. Highly doubt there's a conspiracy here, this type of content just has difficult logistics

Anonymous 101997

>implying that this isn't a marketing strategy
The CEO of whatever holding owns OF probably already has another platform who will take all those people. This is probably a branding thing, and it is probably to make it seem better in the eyes of women and people in general. In the sense of bringing more women to work on OF, and gather even more content, because it will be associated mainly with 'okish' pictures.

Anonymous 101999

Specially if you consider how recurrent it is to people to joke about selling pictures of them on the internet. Actual sex still is a taboo, but I always see people (young ones particularly), joking about selling feet pics on OF, twitter, patreon or whatever. This is mainly a tactic to bring people more people to their platform.

Anonymous 102000

Isn't everyone exaggerating a little? How many women are there really who made their income through OnlyFans? I guess it sucks for them but it won't affect 99% of women.

Plus, a lot of them are still on the young side. They can still learn new skills and join a career if OF money doesn't do it anymore. Idk what the whole fuss is about. I'm out of touch it seems.

Anonymous 102002

Yes, they are. Any look at the income distribution will show you that very few people make significant money on OnlyFans.

Anonymous 102004

It doesn't change anything and people have been selling nudes long before onlyfans

Anonymous 102016

They're banning porn because Visa and Mastercard were telling them to make sure there's no illegal content on their site and they didn't want to deal with being held accountable for that. The internet is becoming a bit cleaner now, Discord doesn't allow NSFW servers on iOS now due to Apple's rules and ebay recently banned selling adult materials. A lot more sites are gonna start banning adult content soon.

Anonymous 102025

It's just like the Tumblr ban on nudity. I was wondering when other sites would follow suit, but I expected something like Twitter to ban porn before Onlyfans lmao

Anonymous 102034

We're slowly going back to the days where free porn is hard to find. I am okay with this.

Anonymous 102037

OF was being used to launder money. IRS was going to fuck them if they didn't do this.

Anonymous 102038

that's "art" in general

Anonymous 102040

Most men don't like OF, because you can find free porn elsewhere

Anonymous 102041

This is it entirely.

Any time you bring money and sexual gratification together, the depravity in the content will escalate rapidly. Anyone who wants a piece of the market has to do something different to stand out from the crowd, and that often means more extreme and nasty shit. Standard vanilla cheesecake is a cornered market, so newcomers (newcoomers?) have to go for more shocking stuff (or more niche fetishes). It's incredibly hard to verify that every person in porn is of legal age and consenting enthusiastically, and it gets harder still to verify once you start bringing in violent gonzo shit.

I think the people who run payment processors know that money is the factor that leads to the degeneracy. And they don't want to be the direct cause of CP, bestiality, snuff, etc. But no platform can afford to manually vet every single content creator, so they have to shut it all down.

'Artistic nudes' (of adults) are usually still permitted when this happens. Nobody ACTUALLY cares if you sell tiddy pics, they care that men go out of their way to pay for illegal shit if you give them even the slightest convenience.

Anonymous 102096


Anonymous 102107

what a fucking cuck, i am disgusted by these types of people regardless of gender

Anonymous 112811

So she has an only fans and he is suggesting alternative websites?

Anonymous 112812

Theres this one artist who has an album cover of woman posing in their underwear i forget the name but its supposed to be like a psychosocial concept. It is weird to think about especially when you see pictures of women like that in a context you didn't expect but the idea and figure of a woman posing that way I think can be very psychological and ingrained in the human brain in a way that is different. Thats why its fucked up not because I think its a moral standard but just the psychological aspect of what it really means.

Anonymous 113026

should i tell you to take your meds or does this post actually mean something

Anonymous 113027

Yes. She is concerned that he can name three off the top of his head, implying he uses them frequently.

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