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/int/ thread Anonymous 102467

Can we get a thread going where we discuss about where we're all from? I wanna hear about your cities, countries or cultures. :D

Ignore the peepo, I am not Romanian.

Anonymous 102468


Anonymous 102469


going to open the thread by showing my appreciation to Madagascar for having almost all of its Wildlife unique to the country

Anonymous 102470


Anonymous 102471

found the tan

Anonymous 102473


no you didn't, but maybe that's who you free staters think we are smh

Anonymous 102474

I would love to see Madagascar someday, the avenue of the Baobabs is a dreamscape to me compared to Ireland (tansperging aside kek)
I love my country and Wales (my other country) for the seasonality most! The changing foods, feelings, smells, air, its beautiful at all times.
My dream countries to visit are:
Cajun america (for the food)
Nigeria and surrounding regions (for the food)
South china (for the food)
and Russia (for the craic)

Anonymous 102475


The trees over there are really strange looking. Africa is full of these alien-looking landscapes. Russia is a good choice also, aunt and uncle of my actually travelled to the former Soviet Union while it was still a thing.

Anonymous 102479


kek, níl, chroith mo cheann. Ní mise, agus fiú má bhí - cad atá cearr leis sin? nár chuala tú riamh "níl aon tintéan mar do thintéan féin"? gabh suas ort féin, más é do thoil é
Getting me hyped to travel after all the restrictions are lifted OP. I promise just to lurk now

Anonymous 102503


Lmao no matter where I go on the internet, I always manage to find fellow Irish people. Incredible.

Anonymous 102516

we shall now ban any others from posting and change this from an /int/ thread, to an /ire/ thread.
Malagasy posters may join, they are overseas fenians :D

Anonymous 102523


hello i am moroccan n_n i once saw another nona in a different /int/esque thread from my country i hope she is doing well ( and every other nona as well )
i hope to see more girls from the maghreb region ( or even just arabs ) it makes me happy knowing that there are girls similar to me in the world that live close to me
have a great day everyone ^_^ and lmk if you have any questions concerning my country i will be happy to answer them :3

Anonymous 102531


any frenchanons out there?

Anonymous 102538


I'm originally from Poland but moved to Dubai like last week :D

Anonymous 102578

From another perspective, that's actually a horrendous problem. All that wildlife hanging on the thread of that one country keeping on accepting it, resisting rolling over it to expand, and not doing anything else to screw it. At least some of it should be duplicated to somewhere else for the sake of security. Let's say, to some place that has already anhialated its original ecosystem. Or to an artificial island somewhere. That'll send a message to anyone relishing the prospect of doing horrific damage ecological damage.

Anonymous 102597

Moving a shit-tonne of animals to a new area to support your human ideals about what's right is ecological damage

Anonymous 102660

Is it? Then it must be right! Do you have an idea of just how many people rave and proselytize about how saved one gets from biting bullets? Maybe sometimes just from their favorite bullets.

Anonymous 102689

Why the hell would you willingly move to that desert shithole. Did you marry an oil sheik?

Anonymous 115561

metroid bread.jpg

from the nordic country sweden,
winter is here and the night is filled with cold and the dark forest. Wolf sounds pretty common too. Slow paced culture, much comfy. Hot choco on daily basis. Norwegian cats very cute. Wish ya'all nice year ,:3

Anonymous 115620

Did you bake loaves today nord-anon

Anonymous 115717

Et bonjour, discovered this place quite recently.

Ahhh lucky you anon, I would love to live in any nordic country, I love the could and long nights days sound like a dream.

Whishing you all a pleasant time and lovely year (futur and what's left of it)

Anonymous 115733


Miaou. Je suis là.

Anonymous 115801


Pacific Northwest

Anonymous 115802


>Ignore the peepo, I am not Romanian.

And here I was excited about finding another Romanian.

Anonymous 115809


Anonymous 115841

Marry me so I can move there, too.

I live in NC, USA, and the American south is just as bad as it sounds.

Anonymous 115843

Could you please share some facts about Iraq? Do you live there? Any cool stories?

Anonymous 115954


I made a thread here about folk fashion here once and people called me racist and nazi, why are Americans like this ;-;

Anonymous 115956

not really, life here's boring and i have wasted 10 years of my life here, college graduates here dont have a future and aren't being given jobs, after college im planning on moving abroad again to study graphic design, also we have a greedy government who won't use the big amount of oil we have to improvize the country and salaries here are really low and people don't get payed much

Anonymous 115958

amerimutts are a lost cause, specially gen z

Anonymous 115959

every generation seems dumb when they're young, that's how it works

Anonymous 115961

This what an engineered culture war does to the mind; makes everything, even what kind of shoes you wear, political.

Anonymous 115971

Folkish and traditional clothes can be so beautiful, which specific style do you like?

Anonymous 115988

Nta but I like modern takes like Lena Hoschek sorta stuff.

Anonymous 115989


Damn, I'm in love…
If I ever win at the lottery I know where I'm gonna burn some money

Anonymous 115992

petie fille kabyle…

It's so dumb, because folk fashion exists all around the globe, it's absolutely not a white only thing, and even less a nazi only thing.

I personally enjoy collecting vintage shawls and bonnets (which are all region specific) to wear them with cute alt fashion. I also enjoy german 70s dirndls despite being french.

Anonymous 115993


Yeah that particular piece is ugly. So what? That's not representative, why pick it? Anyone can google and see she's designed tons of pretty stuff.

Anonymous 115996


LH is very cute.

Anonymous 116000

I wasn't being sarcastic, I genuinely like it, I'm just a boring person nonie. From the website I also saw quite a few beautiful red dresses and really nice shirts/blouse thingy. It seems to have quite a few patterns skirts but I don't like those.

Look nice, if I wasn't afraid of being accused of cultural appropriation or that I insult a culture or whatever, I would try to wear sarees, I just find them so pretty but I don't think I could pull it off

Anonymous 116018

two months too late but i really enjoyed my canadian thanksgiving in october. celebrated it at two different cottages, beautiful fiery colours everywhere. part of me wants to go to new england in the fall but i guess it isn't much different from the canadian scenery? any anons from there?

Anonymous 116050

its the media and people who run it

Anonymous 116064


All folk clothing is nice, but I especially like our local ones (dirndl, in Austria) and baltic folk fashion like pic related.

Anonymous 116072

Then i must be a boring person too, because i think that dark outfit looks great, its reserved yet elegant, like something a person who knows their wort, but isn't seeking attention would wear.

Anonymous 116132


any fren from chile? please let's hang up

Anonymous 116147


Anyone from HK? Kowloon specifically

Anonymous 116196

any Irish?

Anonymous 116205

Anyone from Russia?

Anonymous 116207

This image is so cute holy shit aaaaaaahhhhh

Anonymous 116208

scroll up

Anonymous 116266


South Ulster here

Anonymous 116267

I want to go there really bad, I'm dying to….
I go and look at the insane food and wet markets on google street view from time to time. I want to find an little old hong kong lady and bring her treats and gifts and a bunch of ingredients and ask her to cook something for me. Its a dumb dream though lol.

Anonymous 116268

If you go abroad don't study graphic design its a money hole, go for industrial design. Way better prospects.

Anonymous 116307


It's a nice place to visit! Living, maybe not so much. But after being marooned in the states for like a year, I do miss the food a lot.

>I go and look at the insane food and wet markets on google street view from time to time.

Yeah, I would say that the markets are nice. They're quite crowded though. There's one near me called the Ladies' Market that sells a LOT of bootleg shit (pic related). I think it's actually become a tourist attraction in recent years.

>I want to find an little old hong kong lady and bring her treats and gifts and a bunch of ingredients and ask her to cook something for me.

Never tried this myself, but they're usually nice in my experience! The best jar of fish sauce I've ever had was a gift from a little old lady in a street market at 2 AM. Tried finding her again but she was gone the next week :(

Anyways, I'm glad to hear that people are interested in Hong Kong! Sad that Kowloon is still the forgotten sister, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Anonymous 116313

Nta but I’m so sad they handed HK back to China as it means I can no longer stay there indefinitely as a British person. You’re so lucky to live there anon!

Despite that, I’d love to learn Cantonese. I like that they use the superior traditional characters. It seems that there are hardly any Cantonese resources though and you have to just learn a tutor.

Do you speak Cantonese anon? How is it taught there, even for mother tongue speakers?

Anonymous 116334

I do! I’m not too sure what you mean by “how” it’s taught, but learning Cantonese has become a kind of political issue recently. I think most young kids are taught Mandarin now, and most subjects are taught in Mandarin.

>It seems that there are hardly any Cantonese resources though and you have to just learn a tutor.

Yeah, Cantonese is pretty difficult to learn for native English speakers. Especially speaking: there are 9 tones while Mandarin has like 4. You will unfortunately always have a heavy accent. But in terms of resources, I use a flashcard program called Anki for learning other languages. It’s super useful, and quite popular for learning kanji. Could work well for learning traditional characters :3

> You’re so lucky to live there anon!

Thank you! The city does have its problems though, especially with China being in control lol. I do wish Britain was still in control. Getting a citizenship also requires you to live there for 8 years, so it’s a huge commitment.

Anonymous 116340

>I’m not too sure what you mean by “how” it’s taught
Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant do you use Cantonese textbooks to learn the grammar properly there? Or everyone just learns from speaking to their parents? If you use textbooks, which ones?

I’m Scottish and everyone in Scotland speaks some level of Scots but it isn’t taught in schools and all the classes are in English. I’m wondering if you pick up Cantonese outside of school or whether you actually study it properly and have all your classes in Cantonese.

Oh, and I already speak some Japanese so that’s why I like Cantonese as the characters are the same but Cantonese has some of it’s own special ones, right?

Anonymous 116352

Ohh, that makes sense. I can't speak for too many others, but I learned mostly from my grandparents. My grandma taught me grammar and writing while my grandpa taught me mostly how to yell and swear at people. I'm sure that there are textbooks somewhere, though.

>Oh, and I already speak some Japanese so that’s why I like Cantonese as the characters are the same but Cantonese has some of it’s own special ones, right?

Yes, there are written cantonese-exclusive characters. A lot of Japanese characters look similar to traditional characters, but they're pronounced differently and often have different meanings. Japanese characters are often "squigglier". I guess having some experience with kanji could be helpful.

> I’m wondering if you pick up Cantonese outside of school

Depends on what you mean by "pick up". I know that some of my friends learn/practice by watching old cantonese movies/shows (I can recommend you some good ones, if you like). To read and write really well you need to study it a lot. It's easier to learn with a teacher though, like with mandarin. But I know that, since English is a very common language here, many people mix English and Cantonese in their sentences. So if you forget some words, just say it in English and people should understand. Can't say the same for the other way around :p

Oh, and what do you mean by "some level of Scots"? Do you speak like Gaelic there? Or like a special dialect of English?

Anonymous 116357

>I can recommend you some good ones, if you like
Yes please!

>Oh, and what do you mean by "some level of Scots"? Do you speak like Gaelic there? Or like a special dialect of English?

Scots a language/dialect (depending who you ask) that is similar to English but with Scottish pronunciations and words. Some of the grammar is different too. It’s mostly spoken on the east coast and in the south. There is Ulster Scots in Northern Ireland but I don’t think it is that common.

Gaelic is a separate language spoken on the west coast of Scotland and in Ireland (also known as Irish). I’m from the east coast so I don’t speak any Gaelic but I wish I did.

What language did you mostly speak in school? English or Mandarin?

Anonymous 116385


I've been obsessed with the old kowloon since I discovered a short YouTube video talking about it a few years back. How it was build, how people live there, there's a manga (pic related) made by my favorite mangaka that happens in that neighbourhood.

>forgotten sister

What do you mean? Is not a neighbourhood of HK?

Anonymous 116390

I thought Kowloon was inside of HK? Kowloon walled city made it famous internationally though, I feel like one of the first places you have to go is the park, and the little Memorial.

Anonymous 116392

>>I do! I’m not too sure what you mean by “how” it’s taught, but learning Cantonese has become a kind of political issue recently. I think most young kids are taught Mandarin now, and most subjects are taught in Mandarin.

This is beyond criminal, are you serious? In schools or at home? The parents don't teach their kids Cantonese by choice or its only the schools??

Anonymous 116467

Sorry nonas, I'm pretty stupid. I kind of meant that most people refer to the island of Hong Kong (which is separated by the Victoria Harbor) when they talk about HK. Kowloon is more of the mainland. It's cheaper to live here than on the island by a few thousand. Rent is still stupid expensive though. There are apartments that are like 80 square feet.

>Is not a neighbourhood of HK?
Kowloon is a peninsula. IDK much about geography, but theres a mountain range, a harbour, a strait, and some other things. It's also connected to Shenzhen, you can walk across a bridge there. But if you want to know more about it geographically, I think it's better if you google it.

>there's a manga (pic related) made by my favorite mangaka that happens in that neighbourhood.

Looks cool! I don't really read manga but I'll check it out. Though Macau is more known for gambling and stuff, Kowloon does have a bit of a seedy history, so it would be cool to write about.

>I thought Kowloon was inside of HK?
I'm not too sure what you mean. Sorry, my English is not that good. But Kowloon is controlled by the HK government. HK is made of Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, New Territories, and a bunch of other islands. It is separated from the island by Victoria Harbour.

> Kowloon walled city made it famous internationally though, I feel like one of the first places you have to go is the park, and the little Memorial.

Yeah, that's basically all it's known internationally for. It's very interesting though, and I do recommend checking it out as a tourist.

>This is beyond criminal, are you serious?
Yes. China wants to erase Cantonese pretty much. They only want one dialect, and are starting to forbid kids from speaking it in school.

>The parents don't teach their kids Cantonese by choice or its only the schools??

I don't know too much about education of young kids these days, but there are international schools that are very prestigious which only teach in Mandarin. They have better test scores and stuff. For parents, well, it depends on the parent. Some like that putonghua is very popular now because it helps with getting jobs, while others want to preserve cantonese. I think most will teach their kids though, since the vast majority of people still speak it.

Anonymous 116470

This is not news, in fact China has lead a campaign to stamp out all dialects at least twice in it's entire history. China culling dialects is nothing new, special, or noteworthy.

Anonymous 116471


>This is beyond criminal, are you serious? In schools or at home? The parents don't teach their kids Cantonese by choice or its only the schools??

You are aware of how simplified Chinese came into existence, correct?

Anonymous 116494

Hello miners :D
Any latinas here?
I'm colombian lol

Anonymous 116555

2ch/dev/ is trash full of moids and pickme cunts

Anonymous 116574

You say that as a foreigner or as Russian?

Anonymous 116605

as a russkaya ofc otherwise i wouldn't be able to understand it, although a lot of radfems i've known are ex-2cherettes themselves

Anonymous 116757

why so much hate for pickmes? for some women it might be only way not to end up alone

Anonymous 116759

Women hate pickmes for the same reason men hate simps.

Anonymous 116761

dumping sexual marketplace?

Anonymous 116774


Dichiaro aperto il primo Filo per le filine
ITA- /il Filo/ Edizione Maddalena guidaci

Anonymous 116837

What do you mean “dumping sexual marketplace”?

Anonymous 117350

québec lol

Anonymous 117351


Anonymous 117393

I'm venezuelan lol

Anonymous 117776

I'm Argentinian. I would like to hang out with an argie miner so hmu if you're out there.

Anonymous 117778

I'm learning russian and for some reason I haven't heard of 2chan. This is a great find lol

Anonymous 117804

do not go anywhere except /dev/ or you'll be ultra blackpilled, the moids here are so fucking disgusting and misogynistic, 4chinz can't compare

Anonymous 117855

not a big surprise, that's expected from 2nd world and 3rd world scr*tes

Anonymous 117894


Can confirm that, saw some screenshots of them sperging hard about misogyny, instead of normie moid rape isn't that common and women aren't oppressed unless they live in iraq, it's more like agreeing that women are/were oppressed throughout history but that it's not a problem, it's just natural and that's where our place is supposed to be.

Anonymous 117899


Anonymous 118056


i'm from turkey and my god. what a shithole our country has turned into especially in the last few years. i would move out to an another country in a heartbeat if i could

Anonymous 118067


Relevant pic.

Anonymous 118099

I'm from Montana in the USA. I spent most of my early life in Plentywood near the Canadian border, but moved about 5 years ago to Missoula

Anonymous 118172


I live in the North Country region of New York State in the US. I'm only 15 minutes drive from the Canadian border and live on the shore of Lake Champlain. We have a local cryptid dinosaur who supposedly lives in the lake.

Anonymous 118173



Anonymous 118174


What was the attempted coup life for you? Did it change your life at all?

Anonymous 118268

no effect whatsoever. i also believe that it was staged kek

Anonymous 118299


why are you Americans like this

Anonymous 118300

wew lad

Anonymous 118301

i'm from mexico and i can't wait to leave this shithole

Anonymous 118449



Anonymous 118467


și dacă ai găsit, atunci ce?

Anonymous 118575


You'd think this is obvious BS but I actually met people like this online.

Anonymous 118603

C-Can I drink mate with you? I'm not argie but I love Argentina

Anonymous 118928


ayrt, sure thing anon. I don't drink mate myself but pretty much everyone I know does. Why do you like Argentina? I really want to move abroad myself.

Also I don't remember making that post but I'm 100% it was me because I like to drunkpost from time to time. Unless it wasn't actually me and there's some other argie miner out there…

Anonymous 119174

Trump lost

Anonymous 119193

I just mentioned mate because it's what I know. I went to Argentina around 2012 or 2013 can't remember exaclty, and I loved the country and how the people treated me. The whole experience was really enjoyable. I also like the music

I usually don't drink but I would if it was with a miner

Anonymous 119211

yeah Americans are still bizarre

Anonymous 119253

I wish where I lived was like that, as an American…

Anonymous 120118


Same but from Italy

Anonymous 120129

I can't comprehend why the fuck you would even consider moving to a shithole like Dubai. Who would look at an artificial desert caliphate built by slaves that is basically just a giant shopping mall and go "hey, that looks great, I wanna move there"?

Anonymous 120137

Because I just love spending my time in a european shithole where crime and degeneracy are rampant and nobody will give you a job.

Anonymous 120159

>implying you’re allowed to do things as a female human being in Dubai

Anonymous 120173

And what jobs are there in Dubai? Oil sheikh, "influencer" (parasite), slave, and… yeah, that's pretty much it.
And re degeneracy, I can't imagine anything more degenerate than a literal shopping mall city with no culture and history beyond artificial consoomerism.

Anonymous 120180

It’s like they took the worst parts from every society on earth, metaphorically shoved it through a rusty meatgrinder, fried it in sewage oil, ate it, shat it out, ate it again, and shat it upon the most inhospitable wasteland they could possibly find, and called it a day.

Anonymous 120422

> Dubai? Oil sheikh, "influencer" (parasite), slave, and… yeah, that's pretty much it.
Kek at this accuracy.

Anonymous 122796

Waah, any Finnish anons here? Dahdoisin vain ydejä ;__;

Anonymous 122803

hi leb anonette ana bel kwet

Anonymous 122805

Yes! Mut mie oon liian ujo saadakseni ydejä. .__.

Anonymous 122806


atunci ma bucur!

Anonymous 122815

Hey none of that shy stuff!!! We gonna be fwends RIGHT NOW

…ok I'm fucking autistic too that's why I don't have many friends irl asdf

Anonymous 122867

wenaa ctmre

Anonymous 122969


Pleasantly surprised, suntem 3 acum!

Anonymous 123151

Holii, son de la capital? Porque yo no

Anonymous 123158

kekkers, somehow that made me feel at home
Saludos desde México

Anonymous 123221

Brazil. Any hue-chans here??

Anonymous 123222

Só levou 3 horas pra eu ver esse post

Anonymous 123227

Uma tarde agradável para minhas companheiras anãs.

Anonymous 123247

take me wid you please

Anonymous 123332

Pra mim só levou 2 dias KEK.
Calor dos inferno né

Anonymous 123333

kamia apo ellada, na fantastw pws oxi.

Anonymous 123334

greek anon here, I wish u the best of luck!

Anonymous 123338

ablacim move to the mountains in trabzon

Anonymous 123405

Anonymous 123435

my country is complete garbage there is little to talk about. I am more interested about other places.

Anonymous 123481

Spanish nona here!!

Anonymous 123503

Anonymous 124424

Hi international friends, I tried to google this but didn't get anything on the America centric internet. I might make a separate thread for it later but:
does anyone have any resources to help yourself/family when you live in America but most of your family is a warring country? Most people I talk to have never had this problem so they're not helpful.
(Take 1 guess where I was born)

Anonymous 124555

>despite being french
truly an unforgivable crime

Anonymous 124568

If you mean how to help your family, maybe asking them what they need is the best thing?

If you mean to help yourself, perhaps looking for less specific sources, such as general ones about being worried?

And maybe looking for places you can talk with people in the same situation/ same nationality as you might help too?

Anonymous 125939

For the euro miners here, are some of you stocking on supplies? Since the war started in Ukraine, I'm really anxious about everything going to shit and Poutine using the nukes. So I've been watching survival and preppers videos. I live in a big city in a flat (which imo is the worst place in case of problems like that) and I've started stocking on food (dry stuff like pasta and flour and such)

I've also been looking to buy for a while but now I would really like to buy a small house somewhere and not a flat. I can do my work remote but since covid restrictions ended, my workplace is removing the possibility to work at home.

Anyway, I've just been stressing over all this and I was wondering if there are other miners like me? or maybe someone who was already a prepper way before all that?

Anonymous 125942

I'm in West Europe so relatively far removed from the war but my mom started talking about stocking up on some things like dried beans and bottles of water. She's also going to take some cash out in case Russia starts cyber warfare and get some backup petrol for the car. I didn't think we were in a position where that would be needed but she said she doesn't want to take the risk.. Now I'm thinking I should too just to be sure. Idk. As far as where to live, I feel like if our countries are directly going to go at war with Russia it probably no longer matters because we'll get nuked. That said I feel unsafe as fuck too. It's that I can't leave without reason of direct thread because I'm in uni, but honestly I wish I could leave for Canada where I have distant family who migrated there decades ago. I hope I can go there should the need really arise.

Anonymous 125943

>no longer matters because we'll get nuked
Yeah, I agree…
I really don't like this, ether way this shit ends I see one single "happy" ending sorta, and we're still gonna be fucked for a while.
I haven't taken out cash but I should really do that, I'm just so used to using my card everywhere.
Good luck to you and your studies anon, I can't even begin to imagine having to work through all this

Anonymous 125971

Considering where I live, if he decides to nuke I'd be dead in a fraction of a second, no need or use prepping. Even if I were to run far away to some remote countryside, my home would still be erased and my family dead, I wouldn't want to go on living like that.

Anonymous 125978

Everyone in any part of the world will be fucked if we have full-fledged nuclear war. Even the place that would be the most relatively safe (the African continent) would have huge problems with starvation and radiation. We can only hope that it does not happen, and if it does, that we'll die instantly and painlessly.

Anonymous 125983

If you don't live in Russia, yeah, you certainly should start stockpiling. Russia exports huge amount of groceries, and without Russia food prices will rise greatly in the West. I can bet there'll be hunger even
Also, I doubt Putin will use nukes unless NATO does.

Anonymous 125984

The only reason we dont have ww3 is because of nukes, without them we would be at ww6 at best. Also look at what usa does to countries that dont have them.

Anonymous 125986

yes, i'm from Panama

Anonymous 126018

kek I'm from a West Euro export country that produces more food than China does. We can feed ourselves if it comes to that.

Anonymous 126230


Wonder where you get your information , Russia exporting tons of vodka I'm sure but as for food… Except for specialty I saw only once in a specialty russian shop, I think we'll manage

Anonymous 126236

Your prices will still go up. And besides food, Russia exports:
-Titan. 20+% of all titan export is Russian
-Neon. Used for chips. Russia and Ukraine are major exporters
-Rocket engines
and much more.

Anonymous 126317


I’m from Poland!!
Any polish girlies here?:3

Anonymous 126322

Australian nonette here! ★

Anonymous 126348

są i jest ich przynajmniej 6
nawet miałyśmy swój tread ale został zraidowany przez karachan i moderatorka usunęła

Anonymous 126355


Me too Nona! I hope you are enjoying your autumn. It’s starting to get colder again. ✩

Anonymous 126367


I’m from Russia, neeting hard, barely surviving from freelance art, was managed to flee in east Europe country since I have a place to stay for free for some time
My idea was keep freelancing in wait for the worst, hoping for the best
terrible idea, possibly the worst idea I ever had in my life, but I am dumb and was in panic and nobody stopped me
But now nearly every payment method is banned for russian bank accounts and russian ids so fml

Anonymous 126371

how did you get into making money off art?

Anonymous 126386

nta but it's hilarious that was your first question

Anonymous 126441

Nothing new here: furry and anime-ish commissions - da, furaffinity, twitter, vk (for russians)
I have been deleting accounts and making new ones, so I am not popular - like at all
But from time to time I had commissions

Long ago I had normie art and design work, but that was too painful
Recently I had an offer from a local comic publisher, but they turned out to be a bunch of scammy moids who didn’t want to pay me
Now I only have hope for mobile game companies and casual art (in which I suck)
I have a number of artists I know irl, who work in this field, so I asked one if they have vacancies. So now I am trying to draw something normie to be hired

Anonymous 126477

I feel you, I was planning on having an art career even if it's a small one, and now I don't even know if I'll be able to do that. I will keep drawing though.

Anonymous 126502


Australian here, im about to get drunk and watch horror films by myself, its been a pleasant autumn and university is on monday. I drive 2 hours from the outer suburbs into the CBD on my motorcycle and want to be a journalist in the future. But i also want to be left the fuck alone

Anonymous 126506

fossa glance.jpg

pretty kitty

Anonymous 126508

scarnon cunt
whatcha watchan?

Anonymous 126524


I'm just from Texas, In the US. It doesn't feel very exotic. Countdown til someone calls me out for being a tradthot. (Actually I'm not)

Anonymous 126526

is this real?

Anonymous 126529

Like Mrs.Midwest? Why do people think that of you?

Anonymous 126530

It's a fossa. It looks cat-like but is more related to mongooses.

Anonymous 126531

i was watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre followed by Pieces 1982. Just needed some trashy horror films to round off the night

Anonymous 126532

it's beautiful but also fits into the uncanny valley of looking like certain already extinct animals + for some reason I've never seen it before

Anonymous 126541

ferret puma

Anonymous 126561

I am! very much so, and i hope you are as well. although the weather in Melbourne is honestly abysmal right now. I hope it cools down and starts actually feeling like autumn soon.. it's so hot and humid right now, aughhh.

Anonymous 126565

Russia is an economic dwarf, there'll be some adjustment pains until supply logistics have adapted but the west won't starve. Putinbots are everywhere these days I swear

Anonymous 126568

True, the west won't starve, but India and lots of smaller countries in Africa and the like will

Anonymous 126612

I'm Australian, but grew up in Northeast LA.

LA is undoubtedly shitty. Despite being in a city everywhere you want to get to is far away, traffic is horrible, public transit is almost nonexistent, and although I love long walks it sucks walking through hills, shitty sidewalks, and the sides of busy roads to get where you need to go. And seeing all the homeless people everywhere breaks my heart, although I've only had a few bad encounters with one and most of them are very respectful, since they depend on kindness and the rate of violence and abuse against the homeless is so high. Enjoyed the nightlife but turned 18 only a few months before COVID, beaches suck because the water's cold even in summer.

However I loved the latino culture and cuisine growing up in a heavily latino area, and despite being relatively urban there are loads of areas that are undeveloped wilderness or nature preserves. I grew up trekking around the hills of my neighbourhood, not even trails, which kickstarted my love of the outdoors.

Sydney's quite a bit nicer. Beautiful nature everywhere in the city, even the more "urban" areas are full of animals like ibises, parrots, flying foxes, big lizards and all sorts of fantastic animals. In general much more walkable and easy to get around in, especially in the inner city, inner suburbs, and inner west where I live and frequent, food is great. But the public transit, while much better than LA, could be a lot better, and is currently almost nonfunctional due to a transit strike. It's 3/4ths the size of The Netherlands and the newer suburbs are a blight of soulless architecture, cookie-cutter houses, and car-focused design. Wouldn't say it lacks nightlife but the combination of the lockout laws a few years ago and COVID recently has decimated it, and a lot of the interesting independent places have been bought up by big companies enforcing globohomo "alt" culture. Rent is among the highest anywhere in the world, thank God though I have my own studio in a nice area for cheap due to lucking out with disability assistance.

Anonymous 126614

I am in dubai as well did you guys come to work the expo?

Anonymous 127007

Hii, I live in Medellin!!

Anonymous 127009

Are these putinbots in the room with us right now?

Anonymous 127015

Are there fellow Bernadettes?

Anonymous 127030

Anonymous 127090

>le computer-generated response

Anonymous 128817


French elections coming up, nobody is interesting and we have two right wings getting good percentages.
Nobody seem to like the current president but he still has the highest chances of staying, next we have LePen OG right wing trying to win presidency and if the second right wing candidate Zemmour wasn't campaining, she might have had her chance this year. And to finish we have Mélanchon, hard left (similar to bernie sanders from what I understand).
Fuck if I know for who I'll vote in the second round but the odds ain't good. At least Macron doesn't look too weak and know how to talk internationaly. But OG Right wing, Right wing the reboot and oldie bernie aren't gonna cut it

Anonymous 128829

Another frenchie !!

I dont vote personally. People have been voting for years and it never stopped things from getting worse. Not voting is the best option imo.

Also I hate every candidate. I only like Lassalle because of his nose and accent. I dont care for other things since I dont vote.

Anonymous 128830

As for Macron, he's a cheater. Not surprising from a Rothschild bitch

Anonymous 128832

france needs a right-wing leader

Anonymous 128916

Not voting just mean people's vote who believe way too strongly about shit (i.e far right/left) will have more power. And I don't want any extreme to pass

Nah, I don't agree. Right wings just wanna leave europe and put the franc back which is the worst idea so far imo. Also they don't give two shits about ecology and shit on nuclear power (which of course is not awesome but it's the lesser of the two evils so far)

Anonymous 128982


Hi french miners! I'm also not voting this round and will probably not vote for the secound round either. I'm disgusted with politics in our country, the political debates have been ridiculous (Hanouna hosting presidential debates…) and centered around the same exact topics without discussing in depth important issues. We just had a big pandemic that showed how fucked our health system is and it's not one of the main issue candidates want to tackle?

I fucking hate Macrard and his current government, honestly I'm scared of what's going to happen in the next few years if he's elected for his last mandate and can freely apply his neo-liberal plan. Blanquer is destroying public schooling and it's gonna get worse. I'll probably have to work until 70 yo because fucking 68ard boomers who enjoyed all social benefits want to strip them away now. Don't get me started on Darmanin, Schiappa, Dupont-Moretti… The government has medias on a chokehold and McKinsey's case not blowing up is crazy. It's a big circus but I can't even laugh at it because it'll have real implications for us non-top 1% peasants. A lot of people are tired and ready to snap, a new gilets jaunes movement will probably start although I can only imagine how violent the gov's response will be.

On a side note, what do you think about the Jean Michel Trogneux thing? For those wondering, our first lady (picrel right side), on top of being a pedo, was accused by conspiracy theorists of being a troon, mostly because her supposed brother (left side) has never been seen and looks a lot like her. She also has a weird look (clearly had plastic surgery, wears wigs and a ton of makeup, masculine build…). It's a bit far fetched but Macron has always pinged me as gay and their relationship is already disturbing and weird, who knows?

Anonymous 129015

Anonymous 129016

Whatcha laughing at? The state of your country?

Anonymous 129022

terminally moidpoisoned brain

Anonymous 129045

Voting or not voting won't change the balance of power, due to the way the two-round system works. My only way of showing my rejection of this undemocratic ballot is not voting at all.

Anonymous 129088

Hi again

Not voting is a little bit better for me because at least I do not actively participate as in approve the system. I simply am against democracy. Not necessarily the idea of it, I dont care, Im against it because it doesnt work.
Not voting is expressing yourself too.

Yeah I dont think Brigitte is an actual troon, she's just very ugly. Macron also wears some kind of wig btw. She kinda looks like a chimpanzee btw.

Everyone is a big joke in this. Im tired.

Anonymous 129089

But Im going to call her a troon irl anyway just out of opposition.

Anonymous 129092

>Jean Michel Trogneux
>Macron fucking an eventual trans
Don't care. As long as the people involved enthusiastically consent, he could fuck a table for all I care.

yeah, I can't remember which person said that but I remember reading somewhere that democracy is the least worst idea for government.

Looking forward to the end of that election, cheers to all of you here, et aux françaises qui trainent, forces à vous

Anonymous 129094

As for pedophilia I hate that she is living in luxury when shes obviously insane to be interested into a young boy.

But now they are both adults and he stayed with her all this time and had children wirh her so I really dont care. Also Macron is a sociopath or something like that, just insane and horrible, he doesn't deserve anything better now.

I just want them OUT, even better, DEAD. Idc if they fuck each other. Id be happy to know he's a homosexual because that would be one more reason to hate him for me.

Anonymous 129096

And tbh I wouldnt say she is a pure pedophile because she stayed with him as well.

They have a really weird story actually. It seems like she's not really interested in children or teens. Maybe it was circonstancial since she didnt leave to groom other boys.
Still crazy and insane tho. I hope Im right because if she really is a pedophile maybe she did stuff to other teens.

Anonymous 129097

So yeah end of story I dont feel bad for them because they have it TOO GOOD.

Anonymous 129468


czesc nona ! just curious, do you happen to have any polish media recommendations? i'm trying to learn polish but still quite bad at it right now desu, nie mowie po polsku jestem struggling teraz

Anonymous 129470

>male version of that meme is weird, wonky, wrinkled
>female version is a near Stacy that's cute and has nice hair and eyes
pinkpill tbh

Anonymous 129474

! kori#0023

u are the only chilean here ily sm

Anonymous 131249

Baguette checking in to take a breather after the election. 5 more year of Macron it seems, nobody is supprised there. Though to be honest, I thought it was gonna be much tighter with le Pen. Like 52/48, although 41% le Pen is tight enough of a gzp as it is imo

Anonymous 131259

I'm surprised at the spread too, mass media propaganda never ceases to amaze with it's efficiency.

I'm also surprised that a large amount of Mélenchon's voters ended up for Macron. Would'nt it be better for them to have Le Pen elected with a 0% chance to have a majority in the assembly, thus forcing a cohabitation and reducing her to little more than a figurehead, rather than having another 5 years of what is basically freewheeling neoliberal Satan ?

Anonymous 131279

>neoliberal satan
I'm not a huge fan either but that's going a bit too far.

But about your point I don't think it would make a lot of sense for people to switch from left to far right. I mean, as figurehead goes, that's what Macron gonna end up being with the assembly, I believe melanchon and the rest are gonna try and get elected there.
Dunno if they'll make it though

Anonymous 131282

That's their plan but it's never going to work, they'll get 100 deputies at best. Really makes me question their sense of strategy, going from Mélenchon to Le pen makes as little sense as going from Mélenchon to Macron.

Anonymous 131285

Macron is hot.

Anonymous 131295

Are you Paul Von Hindenburg?

Anonymous 132114

I wasnt sure Macron would pass.
Im not surprised but im disappointed. I want him to die.

Anonymous 132172

i can’t sent you a request ;_; add me please rumians#2934

Anonymous 132793

I have no idea which part of Europe you're in but if you're that worried about the war don't buy a house?

Anonymous 132914


I think I'm the only Argentinian miner out there but if there's any others feel free to add me, and anyone else interested,
Le manège#7465

Anonymous 260313

yooo i'm also romanian haha

Anonymous 260318

>China wants to erase Cantonese
t. from Canton

Anonymous 260330

me too
what city are you from? iʼm from bucharest

Anonymous 260368


I am from Finland

Anonymous 260373


Jee, sama täällä!

Anonymous 260384

Huutista en olettanut et täällä olis joku muukin Suomesta :D

Anonymous 260387

Anonymous 260400

I'm planning on spending a month in Helsinki next year. Finland looks great.

Anonymous 260416


Any post-soviet nonas living in Georgia (the country)?

Anonymous 260427

Moi! Meitä on ainakin 4???

Anonymous 260429

I'm born in raised in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) but my parents are immigrants from south america and north africa

Anonymous 260527

Tai sitten 5. Toisessa langassa kun tuli puheeksi aiemmin, niin ajattelin meitä olevan täällä lisäkseni vain toinen..
>a month
>in finland
>let alone in Helsinki
Who in their right mind would do that? I wish I could LEAVE, even for just a month..

Anonymous 260532

i’m from sweden! but my parents are from finland. i live in southern sweden and there’s barely any snow here, kinda tired of everyone assuming the entirety of sweden is cold with lots of snow…

Anonymous 260556

You wanna switch houses?

Anonymous 260622

Yes. Now, straight away or immediately?

Anonymous 260632

why dont you like finland?

Anonymous 260646

How do you feel about small French towns?

Anonymous 260684

The people, divided into 3 groups of either narcissists, crippling alcoholics or people with mental health issues. The people here are so depressed it makes one wonder if it's contagious.
And the system itself, more and more every year forcing people out of the countryside and small towns, the only pretty parts of the country.
Sounds comfy aside from the fact I don't know a word of french.

Anonymous 260720

The fact that Finns are so overrepresented on imageboards also says a lot tbh

Anonymous 260820

Why are people so depressed in Finland? Is it the darkness a large part of the year or something else?

Anonymous 261017

That's actually the flag of Chad.

Anonymous 261025

Guatemala. People in my region speak a Mayan language called Qeqchi. Very cool

Anonymous 261092


täältä ilmottautuu kuudes :–D huhhuh onpa outoa nähdä suomalaisia

Anonymous 261096


sattuisiko ketään kiinnostamaan discord servu tai muu keskusteluryhmä suominyymeille?

Anonymous 261140


ois kyl raju, liittyisin heti

Anonymous 261141


Suomalaisten n määrä on samaa aikaa kovin huolestuttavaa, muttei toisaalta yllätä lainkaan.

T. Finski no 7

Anonymous 261143


El Salvador

Anonymous 261748

kek true, i hadnt thought of this

Anonymous 261749

I'm from Moldova :D
im not president

Anonymous 261771

bumpin to hide degeneracy. will be gone after it's passed

Anonymous 261815

Kahdeksas soomelainen täällä!
Toisaalta ihanaa että on muitakin täällä, toisaalta masentavaa.

Anonymous 261986

>>261815 9. Voi ei.

Anonymous 262259

How many miners are British? I feel like I can never find other british people on the internet, and if I do they are kinda lame

Anonymous 262266


Anonymous 262268

Or pedophiles, or deviants, or just something horrible.

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