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I don't belong here Anonymous 103559

I feel like an outcast here
I thought this is a place for an extremely ugly girl like me to have a therapy session with other ugly girls
Instead it fill with many attractive lady who is a bit too sensitive
I suffer

Anonymous 103560

no its okay, im a little ugly too
girls on here who claim to be pretty probably have at least one jacked up feature
and if they are the pretty ones, who cares? they're usually try to help you out. they feel like outcasts themselves IRL and come here to be around girls who are like them, just like you. they know how a lot of what is considered "beauty" is just caretaking and money, and they'd like to help you if they think they can

Anonymous 103562

Prove you're ugly.

Anonymous 103563

Sorry, i will not dox myself

Anonymous 103564

You're not alone. I'm morbidly obese so regardless of my other features I'm in the same boat. Plenty of us here know what unattractive women get treated like.

Anonymous 103573

depends, if you are fat its kinda your own fault and you should fix it.

Otherwise i know that feel, i am kinda ugly but in shape atleast but still feels bad man

Anonymous 103577

Thanks for missing the point.

Anonymous 103609

Don't worry, I'll make my own imageboard that will be exclusively about cute fictional boys and it'll surely attract a female majority, there'll be no real-life shit, only cute 2D guys and it'll be comfy as fuck

Anonymous 103645


Anonymous 103647

Based. It probably will still attract some triggered moids, though.

Anonymous 103653

I just want a place where I won't be targeted by other girls just for not talking as much, you know what I mean? Young girls can get hostile for no reason. And it doesn't help that most places on the internet seem to hate women as well

Anonymous 103654

Adding onto that, I'm not "young" but it feels like most people never leave high school

Anonymous 103656

Go outside hag

Anonymous 103657

>going outside in the suburbs

Anonymous 103664

I wish something like that existed. There is no space left for autistic femcels anymore.

Anonymous 103685

OP I'm a Mediterranean girl and I'm forever shaving and waxing and plucking and bleaching, I have thick black hair on my lips, chin, unibrow, pits, nips, sniz and butt. and slight sideburns, and back. mainly my shoulders and lower back. My left eye wanders, my boobs are shaped weird (like slopes) and point outwards but that's fine because I'm almost flat as a board, I have scars on my legs, back and knees because of surgeries I had to have as a child to correct my posture and gait, I'm in my late 20s and still wear braces (almost done, thank fuck) and to top it all off I've noticed more and more grey hairs… oh and my BO smells like artificial cavendish bananas so I'm embarrassed to work out at the gym and instead lift paint cans and do crunches.

I know full well I'm not the only one who deals with this shit, so don't worry. I know the struggle. There's plenty here that do.

Anonymous 103687

>gets offered a solution, even though it might not be in the best possible redaction
>Get triggered
>Keep going on c.cafe to complain about that I'm uggo

Yeah, lay off the kebaps sister. Pro-tip: Fat is one of the biggest "Ugly" factor for us, and that comes from a girl that went from a 3/10 to a solid 7/10 just by getting into shape at the end of highschool.
but of course you can chose not to believe me and keep crying online instead of doing something proactive to fix your life

Anonymous 103691


>everyone here has a tall hot bf
>literally a thread rn on /feels/ about how her bf is TOO hot
Stacies get out of cc NOW!

Anonymous 103717

don't worry, it's all obvious larps, some people are just too into romance erotica so they crawl down here to write up some too

Anonymous 103728

Anonymous 103730

if i werent ugly and broke i wouldn't have posted on CC.

Anonymous 103752

being chill and having a great personality will only get you so far, then when the person you're with whom you raised their confidence and built them as a person will leave you for women who are attractive who are way less interesting than you because now they can approach her with confidence.

Anonymous 103766

god could jannies be any slower

Anonymous 103769

freakshow fat girl…

i just can't take "morbidly obese" people who complain about lack of sexual attraction towards them seriously. I see incels talking about how women hate fat man, and i can't feel any empathy, and the exact same applies to women.
If you are morbidly obese, just stop eating. I don't get it.
I get if someone's face is ugly, if they have ugly eyes, ugly nose, ugly lips, ugly/weird headshape, etc. but being obese? nah.
>inb4 it's genetic
it's not. You would be nowhere near this fat if you lived in the medieval world. Hell, i remember a picture of that freakshow women who was seen as a freak for being fat, despite being not special at all today.
Just stop eating modern trash food, look up healthy diets rich in nutrients, etc. etc.

Anonymous 103776

This, if you're ugly fat you're probably ugly at any size.

Anonymous 103993


I made that thread, and I'm not a Stacy by any means. I'm tall, I wear glasses, have wide face/shoulders, thin damaged hair, scars all over my back, hip dips, etc. I watched over 1k anime, and I spent thousands of euro on anime boy figures. And my bf is shorter than me.

Anonymous 103996

1. Anime is increasingly becoming an acceptable thing for stacies to be into.
2. Having a boyfriend is what makes you a Stacey, or at worst, a Beverly.

Anonymous 104025

you sound more attractive than me, but I get some of your problems. my face is literally asymmetrical, my jaw is tipped to the right and it sucks. needless to say I'm a femcel even though my body is alright

Anonymous 104057

Sucks to be ugly.

Anonymous 104058

>Anime is increasingly becoming an acceptable thing for stacies to be into.
This. All the popular cosplayers online look like Stacies and I doubt they're just pretending to like anime for the attention.

Anonymous 104059

Beauty is in the eye of the beef folder

Anonymous 104061

You're the reason people like OP feel ugly and want to vent about it.

Anonymous 104078


Ayo, feeling cute, might become unreasonable later.

Anonymous 104222


I feel the same way
came here a few days ago hoping to fit in after the forum that I used closed, and i kinda did, but the amount of ppl with the female equivalent of 4channers going full autism on hating the opposite sex is quite noticeable.

Anonymous 106989

you’re not alone, i’m an ugly loser and feel the same way most of the time. i’m too disgusted and jaded by moids to even want a bf anymore but all the bf talk gets tiring and i feel more alone. i’m not overweight myself but all the anons in this thread saying “just stop being ugly/fat lol” are spectacularly missing the point

Anonymous 107062

I don't think that much weight is normal yet. She looks like ALR who is infamous because of her weight and at least where I'm from in the US if I saw someone that big in public it would be unusual.

Anonymous 107100

Maybe if you had actual big tits this wouldn't be an issue becky so men aren't attracted to you

Anonymous 107180

Please tell me how to contact you

Anonymous 107515

Don't worry op, if there are stacies here, they all are failed stacies - those autistic losers fail any chance they get to ascend. Think of them as femcels in a hot girl body.

Anonymous 107523

if u have sex does that make you a stacey

Anonymous 107524

what kinda med..

Anonymous 107810

It's an addiction. You might as well yell at a smoker and tell them to stop smoking. Plus, did you know the bacteria in your gut literally control your thoughts? The bacteria use the vagus nerve to send chemical signals to your brain causing you seek out the exact food those bacteria eat. And if you have a trash diet of highly processed foods and sugar, the bacteria that eat those will completely colonize your gut flora and their signals will drown out the signals from the bacteria asking for vegetables and high fiber oatmeal.

Really? I work with 20 coworkers and have at least two coworkers that are that fat if not fatter.

Anonymous 107811

bee turtle.png

>my BO smells like artificial cavendish bananas
You are my dream girl.
>instead lift paint cans and do crunches.

By the way though, you should never go near honeybees or a hive. The chemical bees release when the hive is being attacked smells just like bananas so they'll assume you're an attacker and become violent without cause.

Anonymous 107812

I also yell at smokers to stop smoking.

Anonymous 107821

Damn. Everytime I see a fat person like this I feel like grabbing a fruit from the fridge

Anonymous 107822

I thought this is a place for an attractive and competent girl like me to have a therapy session with other girls burdened with those responsibilities.
Instead it fill with many pea brained uggo ladies who is a bit too sensitive
I thrive and flourish still though but it's lonely always being the smartest person in the room at all times

Anonymous 107840

i want an ugly girl only discord server

Anonymous 107851

This place is for incels and trannies pretending to be women

Anonymous 107862

I'm pretty sure they exist

Anonymous 107913

Nobody belongs on imageboards

Anonymous 108030

Are you admitting to be a troon/moid? Interesting

Anonymous 108133

kek this post made me have 40% male userbase flashbacks

Anonymous 108146

No, female incelism operates in a completely different framework - its not the amount of sex that matters, its the reason why men have it with you and how much they are willing to invest in you do. If the maximum you can get from men is them using you as a fleshlight and never spending their money/resources on you - you are a femcel, if not then not.

Anonymous 108156

Ngl I've seen moids on r9k boast about how they come here to gaslight women

Anonymous 108261

How does that happen?

Anonymous 108344

i was in a femcel server once but there were moids so it felt pointless

Anonymous 108350

Gaslight in what way? Can you post any examples?

Anonymous 108522

Well sorry for not being ugly and still wanting a space away from moids.

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