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Draw This In Your Style Anonymous 104132

since we have more than enough artist anons let's do a little challenge for practice.

didn't post this on /m/ because art threads are currently infected with /ic/ scrotes again

Anonymous 104133


here's mine, I think I might finish it later.

Anonymous 104315


Anonymous 104326

Anonymous 104327

Can I have a better prompt? I hate redrawing someone else's drawing

Anonymous 104330


Not OP but if you want a request can you please draw my OTP being cute? Kissing or hugging or holding hands? I don't know what would be something you'd like to draw more.

Gwen and Kevin (Gwevin) from Ben 10 Alien Force if you need to search for references.

Anonymous 104334

Thanks, I have zero drawing ability and just wanted to join in for fun.

Anonymous 104335

I realize now that >>104330 might be asking too much so here are a few other ideas if you want a different prompt

>recreate that picture with a character you like

>recreate that picture with your husbando/waifu
>recreate that picture with a character from the last show or anime you saw
>draw your own OTP having a nice picnic

I might have the original thread prompt a go after I get some sleep.

Anonymous 104340

good tasty prompt

Anonymous 104342


Anonymous 104357

Based and cute.

Anonymous 104629

Do you mean /cm/ or am I missing something here
Also why didn't you post it on /i/?

Anonymous 104641


Anonymous 104666

Youre not understanding what I'm asking for

Anonymous 104668

What are you asking for?

Anonymous 104684

real human photo and then a prompt I think.

Anonymous 104751


not gonna finish cause i do not like how i did the face. fun though. i havent really practiced male anatomy but its so cool

Anonymous 104756

yo this is really cool I admire your style anon and would love to see more of it

Anonymous 104758

Funny because the face is the part I actually thought looked the nicest.

Anonymous 104768

Its kinda the only part i finished lol
Thank you! Tbh request me anything i might draw a request i find nice if its ok to post that in this thread

Anonymous 104770

oooo draw a twink with long hair and oversized edgy clothes while looking grumpy. if you don't like this I can give you other ideas.

Anonymous 104852

I like the face and it reminds me of Kira

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