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Technology for harassing women Anonymous 104225

Do you feel worried about deepfake porn? Has it changed how you handle yourself online (sharing pics of yourself, trusting strangers, etc)? How do you think it should be handled legally?
Ngl, it has me feeling very scared to be a woman. I think deepfake porn should be treated like CP. Wondering how others feel.

Sorry if this is in the wrong board, also feel free to talk about new technology for harassing women in general (like that reverse face image searcher that uses one pic of your face to find other pics of you online)
Link to the article in the screenshot: https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/09/13/1035449/ai-deepfake-app-face-swaps-women-into-porn/

Anonymous 104226

It's safest not to share your pictures online, at all. I don't even have a profile pic set on my whatsapp. Minimize the pictures you have of yourself out there ladies, you can't prevent deepfakes made of you entirely but you can minimize the circulation of pictures with your face in it. Also don't upload your face to websites that will show you your celeb look-a-like or whatever, they're all just doing it to collect your faces.

Anonymous 104240

>Do you feel worried about deepfake porn?
Yes, especially as it's likely to be someone you know making it.

>Has it changed how you handle yourself online (sharing pics of yourself, trusting strangers, etc)?

I stopped using social media about 5 years and have been removing old photos that remain. I avoid other people taking pictures of me now too. This wasn't originally because of deepfakes but that's certainly a factor now.

>How do you think it should be handled legally?

I agree that it should be like CP. It's life ruining stuff and too many boomers are too dumb to realise it's fake if shown some. It's basically the same as videoing someone changing without their permission as it's turning an everyday act into porn.

Like you mention, most people don't realise that it's possible to take an original photo of someone and find a lot out about them from just that using face recognition. Same for giving out your email address, lot of person info from that. Honestly, the only way to stay same online is not to post anything personal anywhere. People get doxxed or "internet fame" from the smallest thing.

Anonymous 104267

I think most women are safe, if they don't look particularly attractive, and definitely some creepo is gonna make deep fake porn of pornstars instead? idk man

Anonymous 104269


Not excited to deal with this, but not exactly worried about it either. You should minimize how much you post about yourself online (regardless of gender tbh, but especially as women), but you must also accept that you cannot live in constant fear of typical moid behavior.

>don't upload your face to websites that will show you your celeb look-a-like
Never considered this angle, thanks

Anonymous 104270

>Moid downloads app
>Can instantly make porn of any woman
>His teacher, babysitter, crush, cousin, etc
>Chooses to download a pic of pornstar Sasha Gray to superimpose her onto a different porn scene
Girl I admire your naïveté

Anonymous 104272

a highway flower for my innocence

Anonymous 104280

Honestly, I'm not super worried about it. There was a brief period in human history where things could be proven with video or photographic evidence, but prior to like 1825, people just lied all the time and you couldn't necessarily trust what you read, and the world still turned and people still read things.
Obviously it sucks to live in the adjustment period where the world is still built on the outdated assumption that things can be proven, but I really doubt people in 2121 will be all that choked up about about it.

Anonymous 104316

you don't think we'll all be wiped out by then?

Anonymous 104417

Does that mean that even if someone leaks your real porn, it's going to lose some of it's credibility because "it could be a deep fake"?

Anonymous 104418

my hope is that stuff like revenge porn would lose some leverage for this reason. but I'd probably rather both have legal repercussions

Anonymous 104466

Cool, another horrifying thing that no one will care to fix

Last time I saw an article like this (which was 2-ish years ago) moids were saying it's actually good because women will be able to dismiss revenge porn as a deepfake and therefore revenge porn won't be an issue anymore

Also "Well it's not actually you, why do you care?" good question moid, I'm sure you'd know the answer if harassment and dehumanization was ever a problem to you

Anyway, make sure to bookmark/save any article like this (make sure it's real though) to show to other women/girls. Don't argue with moids whether this is an issue or not, just try to get as much women as possible to avoid or at least be vary of men more.

Anonymous 104538

This is a piece of extremely dangerous technology if it becomes too well-developed since, outside of porn, can be used to blackmail people in order for extortionist to not release a deepfake to a loved one, at work, etc.
Always use archive.org by the way

Anonymous 104630

>Do you feel worried about deepfake porn? Has it changed how you handle yourself online (sharing pics of yourself, trusting strangers, etc)?
I don't post pics of myself online anywhere ever since I deleted my Facebook account years ago.
Never post pics of yourself or your loved ones. Not even pic of the place you live.

Anonymous 104632

I do not give a shit. If somebody makes a deepfake of me, who cares. I will just say that is a deepfake, and whoever believes me believes me. Similarly, I do not care if somebody finds other pictures of my face or doxxes me. I only worry about physical harassment. I do not want anybody smearing shit on my door.
As for trusting strangers, I expect every person I talk to, online or offline, to be untrustworthy, and I think not expecting it is naive. Whatever I put online, even in private, I expect to get leaked and spread.

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