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Anonymous 104311

Besides imageboards, are you a part of any other niche/not widely known website? For me it's selfharm.pics, I know it may seem shady but it's the only place where I can vent about this specific mental issue without stupid normie shit.

Anonymous 104313

No. I have no hobbies, or anything interesting in my life.

Anonymous 104314

Just CC, I used to be pretty active in a little MMORPG with about 200 active players, it had a cute little cozy forum I used all the time, but with uni I lost the time to hang around on it.

Anonymous 104323

I like gaia-esque dress up game & forum type sites. the forums themselves are usually retarded, but in an endearing way. The minigames can be fun, too. It's nice to window shop via bug eyed cutesy avatar.

Anonymous 104325

What are some ones you like outside of Gaia?

Anonymous 104339

Used to frequent the forums on this one neopets-like website like 10+ years ago. Its shut down now but got me really into little online communities and chatting with strangers.

Anonymous 104341

i dont have much to add here, other than I used to hang out a lot on random dog maker websites lol
But does anyone else know any other forums/imageboards that are for girls/girl friendly?

Anonymous 104347

Respectable answer

Anonymous 104355

Like a lot of people, when I was younger, I used to play a lot of crappy in-browser text-based MMOs where nobody really cared about the game and just chatted. I ran a guild.

Shoutout to any Alien Adoption Agency or Lorean veterans out there!

Anonymous 104376

recolor.me & someone on lolcow put me onto bimboland which is much better than the name would imply

Anonymous 104377

Lol, I'd feel like someone was insulting me if they recommended me that site. But looking at it it seems innocent enough, even if the name is kinda sus.

Anonymous 105059

There's a gardening-related forum I browse. It's pretty slow but it's kind of nice because it's in my native language and mostly visited by older normie people, so it's void of American wokeism and shit like demanding to be called x pronouns.

I just realized how much of the internet has gobbled up by/is centered around a select few giant companies now.

Anonymous 105238

I have an online friend that runs a small textboard for fun. Only like ten people know about it. Only like five people ever post. It's cozy.

Anonymous 105257

everskies ! the ui is modern though i dont know if that is what youre looking for but its dress up focused with a forum

Anonymous 109379

Anyone knows pink-pilled/female only websites? I want to talk to other like-minded women online. Is there a secret tag on twitter for this or…?

Anonymous 109594

Anonymous 109910

that sounds so nice, could you tell us what MMO it was? i am constantly looking for some because i miss being really into them.

Anonymous 111190

I used to enjoy participating in small groups on VK, a Russian social network. VK went to shit, though, and I do not use it anymore. Sites, no. I used to post on fan forums for books and such, but they all died. Besides, I do not find it fun to talk about one franchise endlessly. These days, I mostly chat in DMs, on imageboards, including local ones, and KF.

Anonymous 111460

neocities is really cool, currently learning html trying to make my own site
mastodon/pleroma can be fun too if you find a good instance to join and misskey and pixelfed also

Anonymous 111485

anyone else interested in small websites? i'm considering starting my own. i used to make my own websites when i was about 9-12 (starting about '06) and it was tons of fun. i recently read this and it made me consider taking up the hobby again! i'd love to just share thoughts without working about likes or whatever.


Anonymous 111538

I'm decently active on neocities, and I love it. There's a small learning curve when it comes to html/css, but honestly I found that learning it is half the fun. I also love the people that are involved in neocities, there's a few nonbinary DID-faking twitter types but they're usually in their mid-teens. The rest of the users mostly write about their hobbies and show off their design and coding skills, which is always fun to see. I suspect that there is quite a bit of overlap between the average neocities user, imageboard browsers, and the DSM-5 for autism.

Anonymous 111649

that is so fun! i never did that befora and is really interesting going to websites to websites stumbling by them, maybe my new hobbie

Anonymous 120766

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing
Funny how they write about convincing frends to make pages of their own, like - ha
I think this form of internet presence and experience is suitable for some people, who enjoy to have their “fortress of solitude” to feel comfortable within
I expect next to zero social engagement on those webpages

It would be nice to make a homepage, but hmm.. is there any free hosting servers now? Customizable blog is also ok

Anonymous 122240

What happened to bimboland? bimbo.land redirects to ximbo.land and the captcha license wasn’t updated for the new domain so can’t make a new account

Anonymous 122241

I love this! If anyone here has a site idea I would enjoy collabing to put my html/css/js skills to work

Anonymous 122249

I was going to join for the first time last week and was directed to ximboland

Anonymous 122250

I love neocities! Any anons on the fence should give it a go

Anonymous 122274

the admin chris (aka miss bimbo) changed the name without asking anyone (either mods, the elected prime bimbo, or the community) to make it more 'marketable'. apparently he had talked to advertisers who liked the community but weren't jazzed on the name. so he changed exactly one letter and called it a day. it's the same site but there is unrest in the populace

Anonymous 122281

Please tell me the reason they couldn't use "bimbo" is because that's the name of the most well-known brand of bread in Mexico

Anonymous 122282

ximboland kek.png

Also kek @ this site and some of its usernames
you sure this isn't a tranny site?

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