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Pepe Wojak canon b…

What are your thoughts on Pepe & Wojak? Anonymous 104726

And do you consider Cece to be part of pepe-wojak canon?

Anonymous 104730

what the fuck is a cece???? pics plz me no understand

Anonymous 104732

That's Groyper

Anonymous 104741


I think they're cringe-worthy and I lose respect in anyone who uses them unironically or too frequently, Wojak/Pepe PFPs are mostly for edgy teenagers and so are Wojaks.

Cece isn't a Pepe-Wojak canon because she's not part of 4chan, she's just CC's spin-off on Pepe.
Not the biggest fan of Cece because she follows the same style as Pepe and I hate Pepes but I appreciate her, the most iconic board mascots are always anime girls, Cece should've been an anime girl… just look how iconic board-tan is, I think Bio-chan makes a better mascot for CC

Anonymous 104750


She's this site's answer to Pepe. The little lizard character you see people post occasionally.

Anonymous 104752

cece is so unnecessary. pepe doesnt have a gender as i see it

Anonymous 104755

I find it weird to see how much he has branched out from just being a sad frog meme. There used to be a really popular advice dog style one that said “Born too late to explore the Earth / Born too early to explore space”

Anonymous 104769


I like Apu.
I like Cece.
I wish there were more Ceces.
I like this Cece best.

Anonymous 104780


Found it. There's a few different versions out there but I think this is the original.

Anonymous 104781

That's a bad feel. Instead we're forced to explore the internet.

Anonymous 104789


I post Wojak unironically.

Anonymous 104791

Similarly to this, wasn't wojak originally just used for "feels"?

Anonymous 104792


wow i know a moid who uses this as their pfp on discord. first time i've seen it not on there

Anonymous 104795

Yeah, most people just called him feels guy and stuff.

Anonymous 104800


I guess you could say it's a "rare pepe."

Anonymous 104814

i wish cece had more lore, other than just being from new mexico. i want to know if she's friends with pepe and apu

Anonymous 104815

>"Wojak" was originally the nickname of a Polish user on the defunct German imageboard Krautchan, who started posting the image around 2010, often accompanied with lament about not having a girlfriend. According to him, the image originally came from the Polish imageboard vichan, where it was posted with the filename "ciepła twarz.jpg" ('warm face').
It got the 'feels guy' name after becoming popularised on 4chan.
>The image spread to other imageboards, including 4chan, where by 2011 an image of two Wojaks hugging each other under the caption "I know that feel bro" gained popularity. Wojak was also paired with the template phrase "that feel" or "that feel when", shortened to "tfw".
Wojak is also often Anglicised to wojack.

Anonymous 104817


The choice is clear.

Anonymous 104822


Anonymous 104824

That makes me feel old

Anonymous 104838

You don't need to feel that old, stuff from >>104817 were still being posted until 2013-2014 in some parts of the web.

Anonymous 105236


What is she hiding?

Anonymous 105250

Cringe memes that were seized by the normies and ruined. Can't take wojak or pepe seriously anymore, as it conjures up images of zoomers who just discovered /pol/ and overuse "based, epic, poggers, kek".

Anonymous 105251

Cece is the Lizard. I was on CC for a year before I knew who the fuck she was, it seems like she recently experienced a spike usage the last few months. I opened up lolcow for the first time in forever and saw her there too.

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