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Anonymous 104865

Porn is the root of the problem

Anonymous 104866

The root is always the demand.
Supply only comes based on it.
If nobody wanted porn, porn wouldn't exist.

Anonymous 104872

It's actually capitalism and mass alienation

Anonymous 104873

This is the most correct take, the atomization of society due to capitalism has led to the deteriorating of normal social civil society and scrotes acting like this in public.

Anonymous 104890

The spectacle grasped in its totality is both the result and the project of the existing mode of production. It is not a supplement to the real world, an additional decoration. It is the heart of the unrealism of the real society. In all its specific forms, as information or propaganda, as advertisement or direct entertainment consumption, the spectacle is the present model of socially dominant life. It is the omnipresent affirmation of the choice already made in production and its corollary consumption. The spectacle’s form and content are identically the total justification of the existing system’s conditions and goals. The spectacle is also the permanent presence of this justification, since it occupies the main part of the time lived outside of modern production.

The spectacle originates in the loss of the unity of the world, and the gigantic expansion of the modern spectacle expresses the totality of this loss: the abstraction of all specific labor and the general abstraction of the entirety of production are perfectly rendered in the spectacle, whose mode of being concrete is precisely abstraction. In the spectacle, one part of the world represents itself to the world and is superior to it. The spectacle is nothing more than the common language of this separation. What binds the spectators together is no more than an irreversible relation at the very center which maintains their isolation. The spectacle reunites the separate, but reunites it as separate.

The spectacle is the moment when the commodity has attained the total occupation of social life. Not only is the relation to the commodity visible but it is all one sees: the world one sees is its world. Modern economic production extends its dictatorship extensively and intensively. In the least industrialized places, its reign is already attested by a few star commodities and by the imperialist domination imposed by regions which are ahead in the development of productivity. In the advanced regions, social space is invaded by a continuous superimposition of geological layers of commodities. At this point in the “second industrial revolution,” alienated consumption becomes for the masses a duty supplementary to alienated production. It is all the sold labor of a society which globally becomes the total commodity for which the cycle must be continued. For this to be done, the total commodity has to return as a fragment to the fragmented individual, absolutely separated from the productive forces operating as a whole. Thus it is here that the specialized science of domination must in turn specialize: it fragments itself into sociology, psychotechnics, cybernetics, semiology, etc., watching over the self-regulation of every level of the process.

Anonymous 104899

sounds based but where is this from

Anonymous 104902

nvm it's from Society of the Spectacle like I thought
yeah I've never read it, got a problem with it? I'm a booklet ;_;

Anonymous 104903

oh fuck "booklet" sounds so stupid
I'm so sorry

Anonymous 104912

Maybe bookcel is a better term

Anonymous 104924

no problem I just posted some aphorisms as the discussion was moving in the direction of capitalism and alienation. Pornography is interesting insofar as it has completely colonized sexual relations and sex i.e the reproduction of the human race has become a hyperreal phenomenon and relations between women and men has become complete cleaved and meditated through commodities.


is the book in 1hr film format (a reworking of Debord's original). Baudrillard and McLuhan are potentially better avenues to explore if you don't like the semi-poetic aphorisms of Debord.

Anonymous 105074

can someone pls explain me how this creature actually got a wife and have a son?
what kind of sick bitch will let him put his penis inside of her, and not only that but reproduce??

Anonymous 105178

He doesn't have a wife or son. The child he took a picture with is his nephew. There is too much false info about this guy. He's a porn addict but not a father, he's a porncel.

Anonymous 105183

Post proof, I wanna see
Now I don't feel bad about him at all

Anonymous 105220

Why are insecure femcels obsessed with the idea most moids don't like boobs that don't reach a certain size? There's dead ass an anon in the boob thread trying to convince everyone men don't find Megan foxes boobs attractive. Insanity posting

Anonymous 105221

thank god

Anonymous 105222

>>105220 pretty sure it's a moid with a breast-shaming fetish or a very very very insecure woman, no one stable would fight this hard to try to make most women feel like they have unattractive breasts esp since most women have nice boobs anyway

Anonymous 105225

Who else would be this hurt over someone saying "most men are capable of being aroused and attracted to a whole spectrum of breast sizes"

Anonymous 105227

Who would allow an specimen such as this near children?

Anonymous 105254

Are those pics facetuned? Idk how to spot the facetunes but they look too much if a cartoonish type of Jessica Rabbit beauty to be real.

Anonymous 105255

The problem is actually civilization itself, man was never supposed to progress this far. No matter what system you have in place, they will all fail because technology and complex societies were never supposed to exist and will never work. They bring out the evil in people. Everything about modern day is so unnatural yet people are natural creatures, and you think it could REALLY work? No. Keep trying to solve problems with technology, it will only lead to the death of all humanity and the planet. The only true way to solve problems is to eliminate modern technologies.

Anonymous 105283

You're taking it a bit too much to heart if you have to bitch about it in another thread. It is booblets that are known to get insecure anyway because they are not the standard, even if they know some moids prefer small breasts. Also that anon was right in thar Megan Fox was never known for her breasts. In fact, I can't think of a single actress or model with small boobs that is known for her amazing boobs.

Anonymous 105287

It’s just that for most people that are young enough their experience with pornography pre-dates actual sexual experience and therefore informs their conception of sex more than the act itself

Anonymous 105290

I find it hard to believe the defensive anons in the other thread are real "booblets". No one with an AA cup or flat chest would seriously argue that many men love small boobs. If anything, they tend to direct their insecurities towards themselves.

Anonymous 105294


Anonymous 105309

You're right anon! In fact men aren't even attracted to breasts at all

Anonymous 105312

This. I'm a 28I and I was arguing in the thread for pro small boobs. I'm not saying men always gawk over small chests and exclusively prefer small boobs but it's just ignorant to claim men are unable to enjoy or even prefer smaller chests without being "porn sick pedophiles". It just screams like some weird bitter cope or some weird vendetta about women with small breasts about how "everything is perfect but no one likes your boobs" and also Megan fox? Really? Just because they don't talk about her boobs all day doesn't mean moids aren't attracted to them lol I can assure you most moids will never tell Megan fox to put her bra back on because "everything is nice but your boobs are meh"

Anonymous 105320


I support that. Here’s a proper historiography for likeminded.
Great read.

Anonymous 105323

>Movies where Megan fox having nice boobs is a running joke
>Moids losing their shit and simping like crazy when Megan did the nude scene, specifically directed towards her boobs
>Somehow no one likes Megan foxes boobs because you never heard anyone in school openly comment about it
Jesus Christ. A quick Google search proved you wrong. Also why would moids jump through hoops to try to see her naked boobs if they didn't like them and that her only appeal was her stomach and legs? Or why would there be so many boob pics in general and men simping over them if men are only able to be attracted to large boobs?

Also anon, please tell me, if men had a choice to receive or play with a set of boobs, then tell me who'd they pick - super models with B cups or overweight trailer park ladies with K cups ? Please be honest with yourself when you answer this!

Anonymous 105325

Did you reply to the wrong post? Both of you seem to be on the same side of this matter.

Anonymous 105333

Yes lol

Anonymous 105601

This is still making my blood boil somehow. How fucking addictive does this shit have to be when even in first world countries where information is available at a few clicks no one will even dare to question that porn might be not okay.
Coomers just laugh when you suggest a few sources to them, like, "LOL do you REALLY think I will give up jacking off to the almighty PORN?"

Anonymous 105602

>How fucking addictive does this shit have to be when even in first world countries where information is available at a few clicks no one will even dare to question that porn might be not okay.

Anonymous 105603

I know, but there are things that people admit are bad and are either trying to work on that or admit they're too weak to do that. But with porn, people don't even think it might be bad a lot of people even put it on the same level as sexuality (aka you think porn is bad = you want people to stop having sex and masturbate)

Anonymous 105604

Because of the propaganda telling people that porn is actually good for you and ok to consume. This propaganda exists to benefit the porn industry, of course. This industry predates on alienated and sexually frustrated, emotionally disturbed and/or socially inept individuals. All because of capitalism.

Anonymous 105611

>This industry predates on alienated and sexually frustrated, emotionally disturbed and/or socially inept individuals.
Probably the secondary target. The primary is children with curious and fresh minds

Anonymous 105711

Ruining your life with porn is your life choice and should be yours alone, no one should babysit you telling you to do better. As long as you do not violate the bodily rights of others and the girls involved in the videos are not coerced to in any way (that being said, most/all pornographic houses should be banned specifically because of this, only homemade would probably remain) you should be free to let your brain rot away, provided you are not harming anybody else with that.

Anonymous 105720

A lot of people who keep falling victim to this is men in relationships, porn changes their mind to believe that their girlfriend isn't enough looks-wise or sexually so a lot of women end up getting PTSD from being with porn addicts and having lots of emotional abuse revolving around their looks along with physical neglect and cheating. Being with a porn addict is one of the worst things a woman can do to herself. it ruins your body, leaves you depressed, desperate for love and care and your soul crushed

Anonymous 105731

I know that very well

Anonymous 105734

Overconsumption of porn is a huge problem and considering the fact that like 30% of men's only interaction with women is only porn then that number is skyrocketing in these last few years. What practical solution is there either than complete abstinence?

Anonymous 105739

>What practical solution is there either than complete abstinence?
Enforcing existing prostitution laws?
I don't get why adding a camera, crew & director suddenly makes getting paid to have sex not prostitution.

Anonymous 105763

See, they keep pushing the whole "they CONSENTED" and "Do you expect people to stop watching other people fuck on camera in absurd, vulgar and often degrading angles and poses???"
There's one thing when you need to prove that porn is no better than sex trafficking is, there's the second thing when you live in a country where most people don't care or don't even think sex trafficking is bad.

I still remember reading one comment thread under a news post that had something to do with prostitution. Some moid said "What's wrong with prostitution? A man buys a product and receives it. A deal is a deal." or some shit like that. The first step is almost always having to prove women are humans to moids who fundamentally don't see women as humans.
How can you prove to cumbrains that porn is nothing but a deformed human sexuality, stripped of love, trust and compassion and left with either close-up of an intercouse or degenerate kink shit with your typical "b-but she consented to getting her ass completely bruised, getting tied up and forced a dick inside her mouth :) even though I have no proof that she consented I just assumed that because she's on camera so it must be consensual!"
How retarded you have to be to think someone bruising you and insulting you is natural human sexuality or a healthy trauma outlet? Is me cutting my arms with a razorblade also a healthy coping mechanism? This is what happens when you conditioned yourself via countless cooms to believe what you jack off to is inherently tied to your very being and cannot be a bad thing

Anonymous 105770


I’m antiporn, but what should I say in rebuttal to feminists who support pornography or who portray it as empowering?

Anonymous 105771

>feminists who support pornography or who portray it as empowering?
Ask them how many pornstars are retire and find careers away from the sex industry permanently.

It's very, very few btw.
Most of the ones who are able to escape permanently are the ones who flew under the radar, did no more than a handful of scenes and got away or the ones who find a husband willing to overlook their past and support them as housewives.

The vast majority of pornstars find out real quick that they're stuck in that life as no one is willing to hire them, or work with them. They get stuck doing more degrading scenes as they get older and demand for them decreases so they can't get away with the vanilla scenes/shoots they used to make a living off of in the beginning of their careers. Eventually they resort to outright prostitution to make ends meet.
It's that realization that they're trapped and have nowhere to go that leads to the drug and drinking problems that plague the porn industry.

Not very empowering if you ask me.

Anonymous 105776


"Would YOU do a porn shoot?"

Anonymous 105777

"Men very rarely need to sell their bodies to make a living, why should women have to?"

Anonymous 105782

Objectifies women (sets the high beauty standards they bitch and moan about), abuse in sex work, makes it hard to find a job afterwards because porn isn't a respected job

Anonymous 105785

Except construction workers have unions, pensions, early retirement plans to compensate for the physical work.

Anonymous 105790

They're not feminists if they support an industry that traffics women and girls

Anonymous 105791


It's not civilization or capitalism it's the death of spirituality in the West.

Anonymous 105793

>implying mudslimes scrotes aren't as addicted to porn as westerners, if not more.
Sexual repression and pornography consumption are deeply correlated.

Anonymous 105795

True and not true.
"Spirituality" is so vague it could mean many things. Eastern spirituality and neopagan occultist bullshit invades the west and those people are usually the libfems pushing porn positivity.
Protestant christians usually justify their abuse of the planet by saying "but we are the chosen shepards of the earth!!!!1!1"
Muslims are muslims so no.
You need a strong, moral, and truthful religion that should most definetly be enforced by the government.
It would solve a lot of problems but even then it opens doors for religious figures to abuse their power just has happened and continues to happen.
The ONLY way is to live in small rural farming communities that governs itself in whatever way it sees fit, away from any modern technologies that enable for such evil to happen.
Even then, it would still he better to return to hunter gatherer communities.

Anonymous 105797

and their bosses don’t fuck them in the assholes too

Anonymous 106647

Same can be said about drugs, gambling and any kind of addictive thing in the world. Doesn't mean you don't have to regulate it.

Do you really think that having sex and porn pumped into every facet of your life through popular media and marketing isn't fucking up some kid's psyche?

Companies try to act like they provide a service and if people happen to get addicted it's too bad-so sad, but they have marketers working around the clock to prey on people's addictive tendencies and exploit it. To say it's the demand's problem is the same crap that conservatives pulled in the US when they criminalized the drug users and ruined millions of lives to this day

Anonymous 106655


the meme is real xD

Anonymous 106676

Porn is awful but it's not the problem. Porn is just the symptom.

Anonymous 106691

This is just plain wrong and I don't understand how you could think the behavior altering addictive material isn't the problem.

Anonymous 106693

It's a symptom of patriarchy tbh

Anonymous 106697

It's both, actually. While it wouldn't really exist if women were treated like human beings and people wouldn't fall for short term pleasure, it's a root of many problems on it's own

Anonymous 108275

I don't like porn but masturbation is much better than sex.

Anonymous 108378


Some porn is just awful
Some sex partners are just as awful

Some porn is good
Some sex partners are good

Anonymous 108380

It's a symptom of the system.
>I don't understand how you could think the behavior altering addictive material isn't the problem.
You fucking dumbass, do you seriously believe porn just materialized out of thin air or something?

Anonymous 108392

I'm convinced people who claim coomers have good sex have never had sex with a coomer. They can't keep a hard on and take forever to finish, foreplay is non-existent, try to get you to go in uncomfortable positions, etc

Anonymous 108971

It's a mass entitlement that women pander to, and men are told they must succumb to because it's indispensable. Sex isn't a biological imperative to that extent though. No other creature on earth has anything close to a pornindustry. It's a form of entitlement on steroids.

Anonymous 109063


>A dude
Not her problem, and that's a good thing since it means he's so addicted to porn, he won't rape anyone.
Though I don't understand why she is tweeting that and politicizing it so much. Did some moid rejected her?
>Some porn is just awful
Porn itself
>Some sex partners are just as awful
Sexually illiterate coomers
>Some porn is good
Vanilla lovemaking, erotica, and maybe ecchi stuff like you posted
>Some sex partners are good
Sexually literate ones who will not compare you to some pornstar, as they have not watched porn in years

Anonymous 109065


>Though I don't understand why she is tweeting that and politicizing it so much. Did some moid rejected her?
Ah I see.
She shouldn't give a shit, still.

Anonymous 170811

> to everyone
Like 99% men, and even then they bastardise religion to serve their coom ape-desires.

Anonymous 170814

Don’t see women needing to fear a divine repercussion to not rape, murder, and destroy. Even the sex-posi ones are pandering to scrotes, so take away male degeneracy and they do not try and shill pandering to scrotes at the expense of women.

Anonymous 171796

its always funny to me how men have to make up a porn fueled delusional reality where women are actually the sex insane ones to feel less guilty about being disgusting coomers, they themselves know being a coomer is bad and retarded but they just cant stop so what do they do? project

Anonymous 171799

>women fuck le dogs
look up zoophilia stories/statistics. as usual, men. oh and have you heard about mr hands? a scrote who died assfucked by a horse, with other scrotes around him LMFAO
>women simp for killers
so do men. they simp for female criminals all the time, but somehow it's only women the focus. well one thing for sure, 90% of serial killers are men LOL so theres not much for moids to simp over!

Anonymous 171818

damn nona you hit a nerve with this one

Anonymous 172301

Rightfully attacking porn triggers moids so much they can't stop excusing themselves itt. Reminder not to reply to them (it's also against the rules). Would be wiser not to acknowledge them at all.

Anonymous 172303

Yea the incels are so porn addicted in this thread its like we attacked their religion, their god. But that is effectively what we did

Anonymous 172304

They’re called gooners and yea porn is there identity

Anonymous 172385

Funny incels cant explain why all the completely average men walking around have girlfriends. Obviously to see this earth shattering truth the incel would have to leave the house. That wont be happening any time soon.

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