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public transit stories. Anonymous 10596

anyone here take the bus?
share your stories.

Anonymous 10632

I once saw a guy walk onto the train while smoking a joint. Everyone was pretty shocked but no one said anything. I haven't seen anything too wild, but my friends have had some interesting times while on the bus. They've seen things like fights, people getting arrested, and just some overall weirdos.

Anonymous 10633

Once an old man got up and hit my head with his bony elbow. I said ouch because it really hurt. Then he looked at me and made a disgusted face and left… ;_;

Anonymous 10634

Idk about other countries in mine sometimes people to go the bus to sell stuff and they ALWAYS go to the middle of it to say the following:
"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to bug you…….. but I could be stealing! I could be murdering! But no! I am here asking you to buy bubblegum/candy/whatever. I'm just trying to be a honest person! God bless!"
It's gotten to a point where I always repeat the words in my head with them.

Anonymous 10635

i always make a point to be huge cunts to those types. like visible shielding my eyes from them with my hand or blaring music and turning my head away.

Anonymous 10636

I was taking a bus back to the hotel on a school trip years ago. This was in Italy.
There were two drunk men, who were possibly German and a Fin from when they told us where they were from. They couldn't stop giggling and it was kind of infectious that the whole bus was on edge. They started chatting to us and told us that they just met yesterday in a hotel and explored the city totally wasted.
English wasn't their first language and they started going on about a cursed museum ticket because bad things kept happening to them in a string of coincidences afterwards.
It was quite the surreal encounter..

Anonymous 10638

I take the bus every day and have done so all my life. It boggles my mind how americans think public transportation is some alien thing.

The only really bad thing that happened to me was that one time when I was… 13? a dude sat beside me and masturbated. Back then I was just mildly annoyed, but now that I realize how fucked up it was I can't believe nobody did or said anything, they must have noticed. Can't imagine myself not noticing someone masturbating on a very crowded bus.

Brazil? That sounds exactly like what I used to hear on the line I used to take. That or "I'm a recovering drug addict blah blah please help support me and the facility that helped me recover".

I never give them any money because I'll either help every beggar that comes my way (at least 6 on any given day) and go broke or just help the most charismatic ones (which I'm against because I disapprove of using one's personality as a way to earn money).

Why would you do that?

Anonymous 10644


Not that anon but I also do that so that they just leave me alone. They can be kind of annoying.

Anonymous 10649

I once was in a train and there was this couple fighting a few seats in front of me. They started beating the shit of each other and screaming insulting and in every stop either the dude or the girl would throw the other's luggage outside of the train while punching each other and insulting each other, then the other person would start insulting the other while putting the luggage back on the train, it went for around 30 minutes until i left the train, idk if it continued after then.

Another time i was seating and this lady sat beside me, we started talking about my diet because i don't know, i guess i had some shopping bags? And for a 1 hour ride she tried to convince me that putting tomatoes in salads will make you fatter than eating any other food and i should never do that if i am trying to lose weight.

Also one time i had an old man in front of me eating his boogers for the whole ride without breaking eye contact with me.

And once in a night train ride (8 pm) some teens got naked in the middle of the train for some reason while talking normally, and i still don't know or want to know why.

Public transport is pretty wild lmao

Anonymous 10742

Anonymous 10753

Are you from ny lol

Anonymous 10755

>me and chinese bf sitting in the middle of a crowded train
>some older white lady with a thick accent hobbles onto the train
>rudely asks boyfriend to get up (some designated seating is for elderly/disabled etc, but it's close to the trains doors and not in the fucking middle
>bf doesn't hear cause headphones
>lady loudly proclaims it's cause he's chinese and all chinese are like that
>group of asian girls across from us stop talking and side eye her hard
>she looks at me and i yell 'that's my boyfriend you racist old hag'
>a black guy near us gets up and says 'you can have my seat unless you hate blacks too'
>she's clearly upset and gets off at the next stop
>people cheer and laugh
>mfw it was our stop too and we stayed on to prove a point

Anonymous 10756

Nope, i'm from southern europe lol

Anonymous 10758

When I was 14, I was on the bus back home. It was a hot summer day and thus I wore a tshirt that bared my arms.
The bus was quite crowded and I wasn't able to get a seat so I found myself standing next to a young woman who looked visibly high/drunk with many tattoos. I was listening to music when she turns around to me and asks me if this bus was the correct way to X and Y, and I said no. She would have to get off at intersection Z and take bus 69 to get there. With a very dazed look in her eyes, she kept asking the same question which I replied with the same answer.
At this point, I'm quite annoyed with her and start ignoring her. She then takes her finger and strokes my arm up and down….

"You have suuuuuuuuuuuuch smooooooooth skin……."

Thankfully my stop was very near so I got off at the closest stop and bid her adieu.
After that I think I stopped wearing tshirts in the summer. Fun!

Anonymous 10760

I take the bus to work every day.
I absolutely hate it when strangers randomly start trying to have a conversation with me at the bus stop or even on the bus. It happens to me all the time for some reason. Like all I wanna do is sit by myself in peace and space out, not have small talk with some rando.

The worst was one guy who sat beside me on the bus and noticed I had an iPhone. He spent the entire half hour we were there together telling me how much better his Android phone was than mine, and convincing me to get rid of it, despite me trying to ignore him the whole time.

Anonymous 10762

I've ridden public transit all my life, and I don't really remember anything interesting happening.

Where I'm from it's quite normal for obviously mentally ill people to talk to/yell at their hallucinations or drunk/high homeless people to wander on the buses and trains and ramble/yell about inebriated people shit.

I just remembered, I was out of town and this middle aged man just started talking to me on the crowded bus about his life and his middle aged man friend was there as well. Then he started talking shit about this woman nearby who was side eyeing the shit out of them because it's obviously a creepy scenario.

In the same town, on the same bus line, but different occasion, the bus was crowded again and I was standing in front of an obvious tranny/crossdresser who kept telling me about his life as a poet or whatever then described his collection of BDSM shit and corsets. I guess he had hired a nurse/nanny/maid idk who found his corsets and made her help him into them after that, but I guess she was into making them so it wasn't too weird.

When I was younger, I used to think about how easy it would be to pickpocket some people on the bus/train because of how little care/attention they paid to their belongings. I make it a point to hold my purse with the zipper closed and in my view or have my backpack in front of me because of those thoughts.

Anonymous 10763

>I make it a point to hold my purse with the zipper closed and in my view or have my backpack in front of me because of those thoughts.
Good idea. I lost $80 in cash and several unused gift cards on a bus to some thief, despite my bag not being out in the open. Professional thieves are everywhere.

Anonymous 10789

>ride train in practically empty carriage
>some other guy stands next to me(wtf)
>were standing in front of the train door so I can see reflections
>he is lifting his arm up slowly(wtf)
>I start lifting my arm up slowly to block him
>our arms are getting pretty high
>train stops and I leave carriage

I think he was trying to touch my boobs, like damn man.

Anonymous 13658

>chinese bf
How smalls his dick?

Anonymous 13661


I take the train a lot and I've seen some weird things, but nothing really tops this experience for me
>on my way home from uni, just chilling on the train waiting for it to leave
>some big man chav calls out to me and says he recognizes me
>I remember seeing this dude on the train before once, so I was like "oh yeah, I remember you"
>he plops his tracksuit-clad arse on the seat across me and his friend called Ali sits down next to me, who's dapper-dressed and doesn't say anything throughout this whole thing
>asks how old I am, I say I'm 18 and he says he's 27, and he immediately starts hitting on me, asking me for my number, facebook, and whether I have a boyfriend or not
>obviously I decline these advances because I'm not retarded, but I was all fidgety and awkward about it
>he apologises and says he'll drop it and doesn't want to make me uncomfortable, but he still brought it back up again later anyway
>we start having a civil discussion about what I'm studying at uni, what music we like, our hobbies etc
>tells me he's really into grime, and tells me his youtube channel, asking me to check out his music
>asks me if I drink or smoke or if I've done any drugs and I said no to all of them
>he nudges Ali in shock and Ali's pretty much bopping his head along like that yee dinosaur
>then tells me that he went to prison because he stabbed a guy who was messing with his girlfriend and shows me his freedom pass and shit
>I said "uh it's good you stuck up for your girlfriend" for some reason
>starts telling me about spice and how his friends died from OD'ing on it
>after talking about more random shit like how he wants to clean up his act and get into gardening, he tells Ali to tell me what he went to prison for
>I didn't hear what he said, but chav dude was shocked by it, but thankfully I was at my stop so I excused myself and left
His music was shit btw

Anonymous 13662

Hmm, a guy in a makeshift bra and underwear tried to fight me…I kept looking at him though, so I guess it wasn't without reason.

Anonymous 13682

You can't come here and tell me all of that if you're not going to at least link it.

Anonymous 13697


I didn't wanna link his channel directly, but I converted one of his vids to mp3 for you bb

Anonymous 13703



What the hell is this shit?

Anonymous 13711


Told you it was shit fam
He also had another tune about loving Allah even though he's mayo white so idek

Anonymous 13760


>On train to visit parents with then girlfriend
>Train is a column of 3 seater chairs and a column of 2 seaters
>Two seats available on the 3 seater, some dude is in the windowseat, I sit in the middle seat with her on the outside
>It's a long train ride, read for a bit and girlfriend eventually cuddles close to me
>Quickly give her a kiss when she moves close, before she curls into my shoulder to try and sleep
>Man beside us coughs and attempts to cross his legs
>Man beside us has giant errection
>Gently shake girlfriend awake, say it's our stop
>"No it's not, we just got on"
>"No, no, you've been asleep, come on"
>Move to compartment where the doors are (it's separate from the seating) and tell her about the dude
>She laughs hysterically, I say she wouldn't find it as funny if she was right next to him
>She concedes that and we move to another carriage for the rest of the trip

Men are pigs I swear to fuck.

Anonymous 13768

Jealous you have qt gf in the first place, but seriously, I hate how men have to make everything about themselves. Women can't even have relationships with other women without men trying to barge in and make it about them.

Anonymous 13769

When I was visiting my brother in the city some meth head chick on the train said really loudly that she pissed herself, then the people with her were like "we know, be quiet". I briefly made eye contact with her through the window when she got off and she was super messed up with one really droopy eye and the other bulging out. I'm from a small town so I don't ever witness this sort of thing.

Anonymous 13771

>then girlfriend

Key word is then. But yeah, it's really disgusting that I can't do something as innocent as let her sleep on my shoulder without guys fetishising it. It's beyond annoying I couldn't show affection at a party or something without guys acting like it's a private show for them, even if it's just a fucking hug.

Anonymous 226412

fat old bald creep in basketball shorts sat next to me on the bus and very discretely fingered my pocket. i was too scared to say or do anything so i just got up at the next stop and took the next bus.

Anonymous 226549

On a bus heading toward Michigan, a woman carrying a baby accidentally left her baby's food in her luggage, which was stationed in the bus' storage. When she realized this, she yelled and screamed for the bus driver to stop the bus so that she can get her baby's items out of her luggage. The bus driver argued back and forth for what felt like five or maybe ten minutes straight, until the bus finally pulled over and allowed the woman to retrieve the baby food for the rest of the trip. It was really awkward, but if I was a mom, I would probably spaz tf out too.

Anonymous 226628

he literally fingered my literal pocket

Anonymous 226762

I used to take the bus to and from school. It went through downtown which has alot of homeless and/or mentally ill people, so I experienced several bizzare things. I was waiting at the bus stop when a creepy black guy started asking me where I live and where I work. Another time, at the same bus stop, a mentally ill woman had sat next to me and just started talking to herself. I noticed that downtown there were alot of homeless people missing an arm or a leg. One homeless man who got on the bus was missing both his legs, and I saw another from the window. Another time there was a woman who got on the bus, suddenly yelling "FUCK YOU!" at someone.

Yeah… riding public transit in the U.S. is like having a ticket to the psych ward.

Anonymous 226764

Literally why I don't ride the bus

Anonymous 226946

Public transport is really just a model microcosm of humanity.
>coming home from private religious high school via train
>guys in their 20's start harassing and intimidating some of the boys on the platform
>one of the boys flips them off
>they follow them onto the train
>see us
>immediately turn
>start by asking us if we have pubic hair, if we're old enough to masturbate ect.
>start trying to pull our schoolbags away so they can take our blazers off while tearing holes in stockings
>boys half their size overcome their fear
>stand no chance
>guys on their way home from uni who went to our school see the fight and join in
>turns bloody and they kick the perverts off at the next station sprawled on the concrete and oozing blood
>all girl v boy animosity and nervousness is dispelled between us for the rest of high school
>become friends with one of the boys by communicating in morse code on the changing room walls during sports and between train partitions on the ride home

Anonymous 226962

eeeeh today the bus driver clicked one of those fake WhatsApp videos that are meant to trick you and loud porn moans started playing

Anonymous 226963

You are disgusting(jealous, angry male)

Anonymous 228374


Anonymous 228375

lmao serves her right

Anonymous 228381

>And my boyfriends name? Albert Einstein.

Anonymous 228385


thank God I wasn't born into the UK

Anonymous 229003


I got a story from when I was in high school
>took the public bus home because my county’s bus system was fucked and they had to share two school bus routes
>the public buses were packed with kids because of this and I had to sit in the front seats
>eventually at a stop this couple came in and it was a black guy and his pregnant latina gf
>nobody gave up their seat to the gf and eventually I had to just because
>he started praising me because I did a kind thing to them and started going off that all these Latin kids (the majority of the kids that populated my town) were so useless and have no point into coming into this country bcuz they don’t know the language (just a bunch of racist bullshit)
I’m surprised his gf didn’t say anything against it but jeez bro just learn how to fucking drive if you hate commuting with hs kids since their situation is out of their hands

Anonymous 229006

Second one sounds like my aunt

Anonymous 229201

Technically at a train station and not on a train, but I saw a group of about 10 very drunk male uni students all in multicoloured cheerleader's outfits, egging on their friend who was pissing against a vending machine. I tend to avoid trains on the weekends explicitly because of obnoxious drunk people but this was 7pm on a Thursday. Glad I was taking the train with a male friend, not because I thought they were dangerous but because without a second witness it would have felt like a fever dream.

Anonymous 229215

There is no way someone is trying to play of this stereotypical 'and then everyone clapped'-tier story as real lmao

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