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Anonymous 106402

Have you ever ghosted someone before? If so did it ever make you feel guilty? Or did you just never think about it again?

Anonymous 106403

images (3).jpeg

Yes I did…
A friend because I couldn't trust her anymore, I think I was just being a stubborn mule. Do I miss her? Yes.
She had other friends anyway, but to this day I wish I could speak to her, but alas I don't have her contact and there's no point she probably doesn't even remember…

A guy I was in a weird non exclusive relationship with, I was just a fwb type with him, I finally realized it wasn't going to work, he just wanted a rebound not a relationship

Right now: my ldr bf who probably lied to me about somethings.
I dont feel like confronting him, he probably think it's my insecurities and make me the bad guy. I don't like confrontations…yes I know it's cowardly. I can't bring myself to talk to him…

Anonymous 106414

I struggle with keeping in contact with people so I've ghosted most people online and offline

Anonymous 106417


I've ghosted people, not ones I've spoken to for over a month though. Its hard for me to do that. Its also hard for me to maintain friendships, so usually it doesn't get to that point anyways.
I've only got one friend right now who I met about a week ago, and I'm such a shitty friend I am already having trouble talking to him.
Maybe I just need a break, and when I come back I'll be more interested. I dunno.

Anonymous 106418

Ice ghosted three times. Most recently were a moids I was emotionally attached to but they were making me uncomfortable. The first one was my ex best friend. She was still my best friend when I ghosted her. She was severely anorexic and it really was the case where the only thing to heal her, I think, was to completely abandon her past. I acknowledged that I was a part of the past and had to let her go. She tried to reach out to me a few times in the early stages, and then silence. These days she is married

Anonymous 106421

I ghost my friends because I don't have the energy to reply to them or lose interest in our (massive) conversations, so I feel intense guilt, and then it feels like I have to do it out of obligation, which makes me avoid it even more. Therapist said that if I don't feel like talking to them then I shouldn't feel guilty.
This actually makes me hesitant to make new friends.

Anonymous 106422

Also it feels like a chore because I have this mentality that I can't reply to them until I have my massive reply to each and every one of their messages (multiple subjects at a time). As if not replying that way would be wrong and ignoring what they've said.

Anonymous 106423

Oh that's weird

Anonymous 106426


Exactly how I feel, it feels like an obligation but I'm quick to lose interest. That's why friendships are so hard to maintain for me.
Sometimes I think I want to talk, but 3 messages in our conversation and I get bored.

Anonymous 106451

Take your adhd meds.

Anonymous 106453


I think I've ghosted like 3 best friends at this point and I haven't really felt any real guilt at all
It's not like I was their lover or anything, there's plenty of people out there to be friends with and replace the hole I left.
Friends come and go, that's just how it be sometimes

Anonymous 106454

I relate to this a lot, it's the reason why I don't bother making new friends anymore. Too much effort

Anonymous 106481

Do you really ghost friends without giving them an explaination of why you want to cut contact before ? I understand why you would do that with scrotes, but friends, really ?

I'm the kind of asshole that will outwright confront the person if I stumbled upon someone who ghosted me IRL. Or more likely, I would ask for an explaination from a mutual friend.

Anonymous 106518

I have the same problem. Losing interest isn't necessarily it though, instead it just takes a lot out of me to talk to anyone. Imageboards are easier since you fools don't know me, but the weight of my identity is too heavy in other interpersonal interactions.

I once had an almost ideal set-up with a girl who would just message me huge chunks of text daily without a big concern over whether or not I replied. Since I like listening I enjoy just reading but…I ended up cutting her off since I realized I did kind of want her to care about me, too. Reconciling these two emotions, fatigue from being known and the desire to be loved, has been my mental health goal for several years since our friendship. I currently have a friend who is also a listener and his presence in my life has helped a lot. I'm now more regular with my other (best) friend than I have been in years.

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