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Anonymous 10645

left-leaning anons, what's your most right-leaning opinion?

right-leaning anons, what's your most left-leaning opinion?

Anonymous 10646

I'll start then; since the whole refugee crisis broke out a couple of years ago here in europe, i'd definitely call myself right-leaning.
On the other hand i'm a feminist, so i'm pro-abortion.
(the reason i'm against muslims is also mainly because they treat women like shit)

Anonymous 10647

I'm very left-leaning and so are 99% of my opinions (pro-choice, pro lgbt rights, animal rights, pro-women rights, etc).
But as far as "right-leaning" opinions:

>I am from Europe i don't really like refugees and i think not every single one of them should be able to come here. They don't try to adapt to the culture and expect us to accommodate them, if they tried to incorporate instead of trying to turn Europe into their culture i'd be more okay with them. Those who don't try to turn us all into their culture are more okay in my book, but yeah, their outdated views and sense of entitlement over us rubs me off.

>I really dislike third wave feminism and the victimization of women in it, which for most people translates into me being a right-wing nut regardless of my actual opinions (kek).

Anonymous 10652


Left leaning but I can be very racist and stereotypes against minorities usually very much hold true, specifically for blacks and mexicans. I don't want to lynch them or anything but they almost never act respectful, are stupid as fuck, and whine all the time. The internet only made this worse.
Foreigners in general are obnoxious especially when they don't speak English. Muslims and asians are just weird and slow but keep to themselves for the most part in my area. There isn't many of those here though. Also the jews ruined everything in society, not even conspiracy, just plain historical facts.
But if you're cool, I'm cool with you.

I also don't like trannies and I'm not sure if this makes me even more liberal or not because they are invading women's spaces and are extremely misogynistic in their view of how women act and live then cry when they find out it isn't any easier than their life as a born man. Women are not costumes.
I'm convinced trans people have a mental illness too that make them like that.

Anonymous 10656

I am open to many solutions on how to handle healthcare, national and international defence, assistance for the poor and needy, immigration, education, taxes, etc. I am socially conservative, economically "whatever works is fine."

Anonymous 10658


But are the fakts about the jews really trustworthy?

Anonymous 10665


I don't think porn and sex-work is good or empowering for women at all. I think the only women who ever talk good things about the sex industry came from a privileged background and had the choice to voluntarily go into it for a little spending money or to pay off student loans. They're often just cam girls who flash tiddies and never have to actually touch or fuck another person unless they want to.
Yet even those women may suffer from mental health or self-esteem issues.

To me there's nary such thing as "healthy" sex work. It's never a true boon to women.
I'm sex positive, but I refuse to endorse the sex industry. The sex industry ignores and sweeps under the rug all the injustices that sex workers face and all the abuse they suffer through. Supporting the sex industry is inadvertently promoting sex trafficking, drug use, and extortion.
I don't fucking like it. I'm not anti-pornography enough to hate all of it and censor it, but I'm just tired of people being so casual about it like it's nbd.

Anonymous 10668

i agree, and i also feel that sex-positivity in our current social environment isn't really positive. it's just catering to what men want.

Anonymous 10669


I think white countries should stay white and foreigners should be deported

Anonymous 10670

Youre so right, I'm glad I'm not the only who thinks exactly like this too. Nowadays it's hard to find someone young who would agree with me where I'm from. Everyone seems to be going blind.

Anonymous 10680

>being racist means you're right leaning

Right leaning doesn't mean "intolerant", you waste of cum.

>But if you're cool, I'm cool with you.

You don't think people could see the hate in your insecure little beedy eyes? Come on anon.

Anonymous 10681

Isn't that right leaning? Don't let the current fake rightist misogynistic male breed of today fool you. Those idiots would of been considered liberals just ten years ago.


Btw I agree with all of you. People are truly going insane because they think as long as they cum from it it's all good This lack of accountability and "as long as it feels good it's okay" mentality is borderline sociopathic and unsettling at best. Wait until it extends to animals, children, and even non-consensual sex (outside of porn).

Anonymous 10695


Abortion should not only be legal but also encouraged, and birth control should be easily available, mandatory until 18 or while on government assistance, and strongly encouraged to reduce population. I'm very tired of stupid fundie Christians and their fetus obsession.

Anonymous 10696

>Abortion should not only be legal but also encouraged
My girl. Sick of breeders shitting babies everywhere, it's disgusting when I see a family with 4-5 kids. They're always lower class and prone to become criminals too.

Anonymous 10698

Sorry I offended you. Try not to show it so much next time.

And yes being racist and how you feel towards other groups has a lot to do with political view, not sure how you don't know that unless you just wanted to throw names at me. But in case you're genuinely clueless, why do you think such questions about certain groups of people being inferior to others are asked on political questionnaires? Don't browse political threads if you can't handle it mang.

Anonymous 10699

This post screams underage….I don't think you know what intolerant means.

Anonymous 10700

I'm with you on all of these things anon, would definitely consider myself left leaning but I have some pretty controversial views on race and trannies.

Anonymous 10702

>right-leaning anons, what's your most left-leaning opinion?
I'm pro gay marriage.

Anonymous 10703


Im also right leaning but I don't mind all the LGB stuff (Trans is a whole different story though)
I just wish the media doesn't have to shove the agenda down our throats constantly and people in general would less care. this also goes for gays as lots of them are just attention seeker.

Great job, you have a sexual preference, nobody cares.

Anonymous 10704

That's more or less how I feel. Men trying to pass as women is repulsive, imo.

Anonymous 10708

During the big debate about regulating sex work it were actual sex workers who lobbied the most for legality. They wanted the state to acknowledge them and let them pay taxes so they could receive pensions in the future. Don't forget without having a legal income they were excluded from a lot of services we take granted.
And it shows in the end result. It became hard to exploit females for prostitution, pimping, human trafficking and brothels are banned and harshly penalized. When you hear about these issues its always connected to a shady western european brothel.

tl;dr: regulated prostitution = good, brothels = bad

Anonymous 10711

>tl;dr: regulated prostitution = good, brothels = bad
You're crazy if you think street or in home prostitution is safer than brothels.

Anonymous 10714

It is a risk prostitutes are willing to take.
My main argument was against exploitation and living standards. Brothels rip of women incredibly. They drive them into debt just by offering them work. While regulated prostitution actually benefit the women involved.
Home prostitution is the safest. Time and locations is arranged over phone, which is traceable. Street prostitution is technically allowed but nonexistent since it is regulated by local councils who refuse to designate zones for it.
As I mentioned, ever since the law came into effect you could only hear about abuse from abroad. Prostitutes either stopped disappearing or the media stopped caring about them. Which I doubt considering how many articles came out recently highlighting the truth about the life of women who chose* to become prostitutes in western brothels.

* the sad thing is how they are usually love starved women who are being led by their noses

Anonymous 10715

A lot of the foreign prostitutes are being held by force in the Brothels. They exploit the girls inability to seek help. One of the schemes is to take over half of the women's income as accommodation fee's.
The bouncers are not only there to keep men out, but to keep women in as well.

Anonymous 10716

There's nothing positive about prostitution. Any financial gain they may get is not worth the mental damage, bodily and health risks. And even if you find a prostitute with nerves of steel who doesn't quit this type of "job" without her mental health more damaged and does it because she "wants to", or says some bullshit about empowerment, it's still not worth it because it contributes to the wrong and sick stereotype that portrays women as commodities and sexual objects. It's disgusting for women and dehumanizing.

Sex work is always bad no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous 10717

I don't consider myself as anything. I'd usually say I'm apolitical or neutral, but I guess most people would consider me right leaning since I'm very traditional in some matters. However I'm not racist at all, which is usually associated with the right wing, and I don't care about homosexuals getting married, I don't see the big deal about it unless the person is religious and says it's wrong because the Bible says so, etc.

Anonymous 10721


If you're willing to go as far to voice your opinions then be prepared to see responses to it. Otherwise stfu.

Right-leaning doesn't mean "I dislike colored people" or "I hate the gays" but you can continue thinking in your linear and inane ways, American.

Anonymous 10725

Do me a favor and stop replying to me

Anonymous 10735

It's disgusting that somehow there's more negative stigma about a teen getting an abortion than teen pregnancy itself.

There are never teens emotionally and financially capable of raising children as well as an adult could. They often have to get their own parents involved in the child's care anyway because they can't do it alone. Why is this encouraged over abortion? It's awful.

Anonymous 10739


It is not about if prostitution itself is either empowering or harming. We are arguing about whenever it should be banned or regulated. Banning stuff what is in high demand just doesn't work. Didn't work with alcohol and doesn't work with drugs. Neither will with prostitution. Especially in developing countries. But by regulating it you can minimalise the dangers and negative effects of it.
I live in a country where prostitutes, clients and parties (greens, socialists, liberals, conservatives, even christians) are happy with the current state of affairs.
>bodily risks
Are you trying to imply penetration damages the vagina?

green - Prostitution legal and regulated
blue - Prostitution (the exchange of sex for money) is legal, but organized activities such as brothels and pimping are illegal; prostitution is not regulated
orange- Illegal to buy sex, legal to sell sex
red -Prostitution illegal

Anonymous 10740

Of course it should be illegal, how can any woman think exploitation of other women is good or ok in any way whatsoever? It always fucks people up even more mentally. Regulating it just means more money. You seem passionate about prostitution.

Anonymous 10741

This isn't an issue I have looked into too much, but I've also heard from sex workers that it being legalized makes it easier for human traffickers to operate by hiding in plane sight.

Anonymous 10747

>Are you trying to imply penetration damages the vagina?
As if nasty men only asked for normal sex from whores and weren't potentially dangerous

Anonymous 10749


Agree completely. I'm just going to leave this here (warning extremely NSFW)


Anonymous 10761

Alright, anyone got any opinions that's not about gender issues?

Anonymous 10764

You didn't need to make two separate posts about your feelings. You're just shitting up the thread at this point.
Anon, do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself. You should see the irony in all your posts lol.

Anonymous 10766



Sorry I got carried away.

Anonymous 10769


I wish I hadn't clicked on that. God what a cunt.
-Playing the victim something fierce and talking shit for sometimes menial things, then insisting people should respect her and what she does ? Which is it ? I can't stand that "my feelings are hurt sometimes so I have the moral high ground no matter the situation".
-Completely missing the point in that Terry Pratchett part. The cognitive dissonnance is baffling. I hate it when people warp something's message to suit their opinion. Also that "he got a lot of things wrong", as if it was her to decide what is right or wrong in his books. Acting holier-than-you with NO backing whatsoever.
-Hurr durr men are trash, because all those who visited the brothel I work in are weird, awkward, ugly, unkempt, or disrespect women. NO FUCKING SHIT. Men do not go to prostitutes just to empty their balls, they go to maintain the illusion that they are desirable. And this old woman saying that in the past, clients were not clingy and just fucked and leave is bullshit. All account dealing with prostitution tells otherwise. "My job is so hard and soul-crushing, I have to fuck unnatractive men who don't do anything they can to accomodate me".

This is really fucking disrepectful for low-grade prostitutes who are actually in danger, and actually don't have a choice.
The majority of prostitutes in Europe are Eastern European women who had their papers, money, and phone stolen by the criminals who exploit them. They are commonly beaten and raped into submission, and blackmailed as well. And then there's this bitch. Fuck I'm mad.

Anonymous 10772


Yeah! If someone else has problems more serious to your own, you don't actually have problems! Good job Anon. By this logic your complete irrationality and inability to empathise don't exist because some poor retards can't even tie their own shoes!

Anonymous 10775

I'm left leaning
Islam is inherently destructive and subversive to western society, to a much greater extent than christianity or any other religion.
Although I'm a Marxist so maybe this isn't so weird

Anonymous 10777


I agree with you

The amount of passive aggressive bullshit in that blog was just too much.

She claims to not like doing her job and at the same time she takes pride in being an expensive whore,she needs to get her shit together

Anonymous 10781

Nta but you sound like a stupid fucking cunt. The point is that this is somebody who chooses to be a sex worker and screams about how whorephobic people are, how much fun she had at the sexual freedom awards, and takes pride in being both expensive and difficult to work with while simultaneously trying to act like some kind of downtrodden victim.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people like you who seem to be almost everywhere nowadays? Its as if nobody has a degree of personal accountability.

Anonymous 10782


I don't think she does act like a "downtrodden victim", I think she acts like someone whose job has shitty downsides. I'd equate it to, in a rough way, anyone with a high paying but stressful job. Obviously sex work is different, but the similarities are there. I'm also not sure where she attempts to duck "personal accountability", she just doesn't think someone has the right to cum inside her against her will if she has expressly forbidden that. You could say "well that's a hazard for someone in that line of work", however, no more than a footballer breaking their leg during a match, it doesn't make it her fault. And what about her client's personal accountability with regards to assaulting her? Or does that not matter because you find her job unpalatable and her attitude frustrating?

And I might sound like a "stupid fucking cunt", but I talked myself out of wishing you had a brain tumour because that would be cruel, I hope you can learn from my experience and be a better person for it.

Anonymous 10790

Not her, but I'm not gonna respect any fucking whore who's WILLINGLY in this """business""" but who doesn't shut the fuck up about her problems while there are thousands of women out there being forced to work in this horrible industry and suffering way more than she does. That's not fair, that's disgusting, she's contributing to this problem, she helps to propagate the idea women are objects and nothing else. A person like that doesn't deserve respect as a worker, or "professional", that's bullcrap. If you really think like you said in >>10772 I suggest you to revaluate your point of view not because that's not only stupid but also very disgusting to say "ok this whiny prostitute can complain as much as she wants, guise!! It's her job :)" while what she's doing women a disfavour and feeding a sick industry and a disgusting stereotype. She does deserve to get respected as a human as anyone else, but she doesn't have the right to complain about this issue. It's utterly disgusting.

Anonymous 10794


What the fuck do you mean "irony"? You're such a god damned weirdo.

Anonymous 10811

In her blog she talks about how she is autistic and chose to go into prostitution because she needs money and would rather make it by physically putting herself in danger than by traditional means which are are too stressful and difficult for her. I feel that, that's why I quit corporate to become a security guard. There are other things she could do that are better for the world though… I feel sympathy for her and only she knows why prostitution seemed like a better deal to her than other loner-friendly jobs that don't require navigating office politics but it was not a good choice. I don't think she should be hated
for it though, she is struggling like anyone else and is just trying to get by even if she is doing it by making terrible choices.

Anonymous 10814

That doesn't make me feel any sorry for her personally, but ok anon. Maybe you're just softer than me, which is pretty cool in a way because I know I can be overly harsh sometimes.

Did she really have to become a "luxury" prostitute? Was getting fucked by strangers she doesn't want to touch really better? Wouldn't that be even more harmful to most autistic people? Is she really autistic? How many people use aut.ism as an excuse now? The list of questions just gets longer… And she's still contributing to the stereotype that women are commodities and objects anyway. Stinks like shit the same way as before.

Anonymous 10818


You have to be trolling. Autistic ? Does anything in those retarded comics look like something an autist would do or say ? And how is prostitute a loner-friendly job ? It's incredibly social, you're supposed to pull a facade all the time. This girl doesn't have any mental issue, other than being a stupid bitch that is. I wasn't hating on her for selling sex, I was saying she's entitled, a hypocrite, and has a bad case of unwarranted self-importance. Not to mention her comics are really dumb and unfunny. The art is pretty though.

Also what of this "there is no moral stance to take, it's a job like any other" jig ? I don't care that she's a prostitute, I care that she thinks she somehow is a victim while she chose that job willingly, can quit whenever, and has the nerve to treat anyone who's outside of her little world like trash.

Someone like that shouldn't be respected, wether she's a prostitute or a CEO. Pic somewhat related, the girl on the left was autistic, and was locked up in a psych ward and drugged until she turned permanently into an obese, mumbling, shell of a human being, because her astigmatism was seen as a dangerous mental disorder.

Anonymous 10819



>and has the nerve to treat anyone who's outside of her little world like trash.

When? The comic posted was just about how relieved she was to find out she wasn't pregnant after being assaulted by a client. I don't understand your sperg-tacular rage about her comic and any self-pity she might have. Again, I don't see why people being in worse situations than brothelgirlcomix, or whatever her tumblr is called, make bad things that happen to her a non-issue. I could understand if you just didn't give a fuck, but you keep going on these insane, hateful, maniacal rants like she ran over your puppy or something, but you never get to an actual reason for disliking her so much. Inevitably you just go oh she's "disgusting, hypocritical, she hates men", but none of that rings true and I think I've literally just stopped caring about you and dumb non-opinions on this matter so I'm stopping my post here.

Anonymous 10820

unnamed (21).gif

Nta but I don't think she was being hateful or manical, just honest. Stop taking it so personally, you're honestly overreacting. That damn hoe doesn't seem to worry that much about people's opinions and is proud of being a nasty hoe, so an Anon on an imageboard being "hateful" towards her shittiness probably wouldn't hurt her feefees. No need to whiteknight.

Anonymous 10821

Saging to add she wasn't the only criticizing her, I did too. I don't know if you thought that was samefag but it wasn't jsyk

Anonymous 10823

I tend to lean left more than right i guess? Or maybe I'm just a filthy centrist.

Whatever the case, I have always been very strongly pro-gun rights. It's one of my hardline issues, like abortion. I am pro-abortion as well, so I'll never vote for someone who is against it. the same for guns. I won't vote for gun control advocates.

I'm not an open borders type. I think the US should maintain a pretty secure border, and western Europe needs to get their shit together and fix their borders, badly.

I don't have a problem with Muslims on a personal level, but denying the violence of Islam is just stupid. the feminist/left wing love affair with that religion is pretty toxic.

I'm strongly anti-war/interventionism and anti-zionism. We shouldn't fund Israel at all. Though that seems more commonly a left wing view these days.

There is truth to the race-realism shit the right talks about sometimes.

Anonymous 10824

I agree 100%. On the one hand, I think if people want to view porn, then it's their business. But the entire porn and sex worker industry is disgusting and I hate it. I can't bring myself to call any of it "empowering", and the women who do have never faced the real danger other sex workers so often face.

I also can't stand third wave feminism. The "sex positive" and "white feminists are the worst kind" shit is so utterly repellent. I'd much rather have the second wave feminism of my mothers day.

Anonymous 10831

Don't waste your time. That anon clearly supports sex work and probably wishes she could dabble in it as well.

Anonymous 10832


I was just coming to leave this here but then I saw your post. Agreed.

Anonymous 10833

I guess I should elaborate on my "sex positive" stance since I'm the anon you replied to.

I just mean that I encourage open information and safety when it comes to sex. I want women to protect themselves and know the signs when they're in abusive situations, or put themselves through abuse.
I don't think women should automatically get a slut label for sleeping with their boyfriends, or even if they have sex partners as long as they're safe about it and aren't obnoxiously boasting as if having sex is an accomplishment (thus kind of virgin shaming people who choose not to partake).

I've been on all ends of the spectrum; being taunted for being 'prudish' when I wouldn't put out and feeling pressured to do so, being called a "slut" when I finally gave in to demands, not being in a good mental space and having lots of unsafe sex, sometimes having sex with abusive people, and being unable to talk about all these feelings and outcomes because I didn't have the resources nor parents who would tell me anything other than "ABSTINENCE!!11!!"

So that's really all I mean by that.
I don't support people having wanton sex, perpetuating mentalities that are unhealthy, unsafe sex and relationships, etc.
Some people take "positivity" too far by assuming we can never be critical of the way and reasons that people have sex. Like >>10749 this girl sounds horrible and needs to not be in sex work period.

Anonymous 10834

You seem reasonable.

Anonymous 10857

That's why I elaborated. I didn't want to be confused with what that term commonly means.

Anonymous 11414

I voted republican, but most of my views are left-leaning, so: I'm against minimum wage. It destroyed jobs, increased unemployment, and made it more difficult for low-earners to get supplementary income. I'm not sure whether abolishing the minimum wage now would make the country better off, but its implementation was a mistake. In the short-run at least, that kind of change could be disastrous.

It should be of no surprise that I'm also against raising the minimum wage, for similar reasons. Employers will find loopholes, such as reducing the number of hours their employees have or altogether firing them; it will do no good for unemployment. I believe there are better alternatives to help low-income households.

Anonymous 11416

>such as reducing the number of hours their employees have or altogether firing them
That's not going to happen unless the business is already overstaffed.

Anonymous 11417

Businesses find ways to improve efficiency when they realize they're going to lose a lot of money. Not every business will do this, but it's not unforeseeable that enough will to cause a significant impact.

Anonymous 11418


I think you mean leftist as in abolishing capitalism so regulation of wages won't be necessary, but I don't see how voting Republican will achieve that. Or help imporverished people.

Anonymous 11419

>I think you mean leftist as in abolishing capitalism so regulation of wages won't be necessary,
Sorry if this was unclear: I wholeheartedly think capitalism is the best system. I solely disagree with the implementation of the minimum wage. I think raising the minimum wage will have a net negative impact on the economy and will therefore be worse for low-income households. This view isn't at all out of line with capitalism, and abolishing capitalism only to get rid of regulation of wages would be like bulldozing a house to fix a damaged roof.

Anonymous 11420

A retail chain in my country is in serious problem because the government decided to increase the minimum wage. Hundred thousand of (mostly vulnerable) people are in risk of losing the only grocery store in their vicinity because of this.
Capitalism has its problems but works. Communism on the other hand… People tend to forget that the so called western socialist countries have really liberal markets.

Anonymous 11422

You seriously sound like a NEET with no first-hand experience working for a business.

Anonymous 11426

Ok then nothing about your stance is left? Or did you just mean that you have liberal social values that you didn't take the time to explain while also voting republican.

It works to keep class hierarchies, sure. Socialist countries with liberal markets is still not the same thing as complete free market capitalism though. The state does provide many services that allow more people to even have a chance to participate in the market, whereas the free market capitalism suggests that everything be privatized in the name of "efficiency," at the cost of exploitation.

Anonymous 11436

The thing is these "socialist countries" are not socialist at all. Western countries all have underlying capitalistic systems with relatively high level of wealth redistribution. And that's it. A lot of countries tried to create communism in the past and many of them implemented completely socialist economies (communism with money) with virtual basic income. And their failure showed that it just does not work.
Regulating capitalism is a must, since monopoly is bad while it is basically the prize of the competition. But without it things take a turn to venezuela pretty quick.
tl;dr whenever you praise Nordic countries please thank capitalism for making it possible

Anonymous 11444

I get that. I'm just saying that neoliberal capitalism (of initial republican anon's stance) is shit because it does not have socialized services or participant democracy that are necessary for wealth distribution and more equity. So having a minimum wage is needed within that type of capitalism.

Anonymous 11522

/pol/ is nazi, not communist

Anonymous 11529

Eh, Nazbols are a thing now.

Anonymous 11544



The Simpsons really predicted a lot of stuff

Anonymous 11558

Minimum wage is just an artificial line drawn between employed and unemployed. Instead of minimum wage the government could support those who earn below a certain amount. The current system only punishes employers, thus indirectly the employee.
As I mentioned earlier, the increase of minimum wage had an "unexpected" bad effect in my country. And in the end its the taxpayers who will have to pay for it.

Anonymous 11624

i'm left-leaning, but political correctness and extreme left-wing groups at universities are really concerning to me

Anonymous 11673

>Left leaning but I can be very racist and stereotypes against minorities usually very much hold true, specifically for blacks and mexicans. I don't want to lynch them or anything but they almost never act respectful, are stupid as fuck, and whine all the time. The internet only made this worse.
Foreigners in general are obnoxious especially when they don't speak English. Muslims and asians are just weird and slow but keep to themselves for the most part in my area. There isn't many of those here though. Also the jews ruined everything in society, not even conspiracy, just plain historical facts.
But if you're cool, I'm cool with you.

anyone else think like this, but also arent white to add to the weirdness? lmao

Anonymous 11674

I don't really ever want anyone like yourself to be "cool" with me.

Anonymous 11683

Lmao why do people have to assimilate in order for you to respect them?

>>11674 Seconded

Anonymous 11689

You both sound like spoonfed children.

Anonymous 11690

capitalism and socialism are spectrums. 100% capitalism or 100% socialism leads to dystopia. most countries are a mix of both. most scandinavian countries are a lot more socialistic than the US, which is what people are talking about, though obviously the countries operate as social democracies and not socialist regimes.

Anonymous 11693

So people with stale opinions are the real adults here?

Anonymous 11704

I regret making this thread

Anonymous 11718

Maybe it's more green than left but:
I'm pro free public transport especially in cities.
I also want to plant trees on every unused area.

Anonymous 11721

I agree about the trees and public transport! But yes, that's more of an environmental/urban planning opinion than a political one.

Anonymous 11722

I've gotta disagree.
Environmental planning belongs into politics too.
Conservatives in Baden-Württenberg lost their political stronghold to the green party due to the trainstation project in Stuttgart.

Nuclear energy and coal un/banns also have a high political impact in some countries.

Anonymous 11723


Because you're a burden, an ingrate, and an annoying shit head when you don't. If you want to live in what ever shithole you came from stay there, but don't come to a successful country built by people with a successful culture and try to leech off their economic success while acting like you're still in your shithole.

Anonymous 11725

That's fucked. Why is it that only people who look and think like the dominant culture get to be afforded humanity? Especially when that "success" is built off the exploitation of other countries. "Successful" cultures were started through imperialism and colonization, but pride themselves on being places of equality and access.

Anonymous 11726

You tell her girl, let those wife beating polygamist muslims in, don't hate on the culture of oppressed minorities. They're just beating their wives because of being poor it's got nothing to do with their cultural values they're importing. It's wrong to want those people to leave that shit behind.

Anonymous 11727

Fuck off with your patronizing strawman.

Anonymous 11728

Those shithole third worlders wouldve done the same so what's the difference? Sorry certain countries beat them to it first because their people are too retarded and invested in their fucked up culture to make any decent moves in the real world.

Anonymous 11729

Oh I'm sorry, do you went to talk about the rising number of female circumcision cases cropping up in the US instead? Hope you don't mind a child or two losing their clitoris for "cultural rituals".

Anonymous 11736


Because it isn't their fucking country and they can stay in a place where they're the dominate culture if they want to act stupid.


Expliotation that ended at a minimum 50 years ago and in most cases closer to 100. These cultures didn't spring up with imperialism, you uneducated idiot, if anything imperialism was a mass export of western culture, technology, industry, and economics. Every "exploitive" practice that the west did in the third world they were doing in the west long before imperialism.

Anonymous 11737


Anonymous 11738

Something i wanted add upon reading the last comments:
it really angers me that a lot of westerners (read: mainly americans) claim that all misery in the world is caused by colonisation.
Nobody is denying that they treated them absolutely cruel during that time - but this is over a hundred years ago.
I'd say that europe after the war was in a similar state; everything destroyed and people dying from hunger and still they managed to reconstruct all their cities, get their economy going etc. whilst e.g. germany actually had to give money away and still managed to grow.

So why is it that for decades now the whole world is pumping donations to africa and it's still not getting better? Could it be that maybe it's not all the invaders fault?
Some time ago i read about a priest taking girls there off the streets, rescueing them from prostitution. These girls were sold by their own parents at ages as young as 9 - are these european traditions brought there? No, it was always a hellhole, these peoples old traditions, mindsets etc. are preventing them from evolving, not thes evil whites!
Our bishop said the reason he decided to become a priest was, when he was visiting india as a student he saw a priest playing with children with aids, taking care off these sick people, knowing that surely one day he'll also get it and dies, but that didn't matter to him, all he wanted was to help.
And then i have to read about how all whites and especially catholics are the source of all evil… most of these countries elites, most muslim preachers don't give a fuck about their people's suffering.

Anonymous 11739

About the very first article you linked here: yes, cobalt is needed for smartphones and cobalt happens to be found there; but are these little children forced by samsung to work? No, they have to work because they're poor - but that's not samsung's fault.
Different countries have different things that are in demand; if germany was poor and children would work in the factories would you say stop using cars? Taking cobalt is needed, these countries governments however must prevent child labour.
Just because some america girl decides to boycott certain brands, won't make the situation there better. Samsung is not deciding that the parents or adults who work there are payed low, it's local firms getting a certain amount of money by the big international brands, then they keep nearly everything to themselves and exploit the workers. So again, the local elites are the real problem.

Anonymous 11741

Samsung is a company that makes 20 billion dollars a year in profit alone, not to mention the obscene salaries it's executives take home, it's a business more than capable of paying more for its cobalt, but it chooses not to. And you've completely ignored how this shatters your dopey declaration that "exploitation ended 50 years ago". Or if you didn't say that someone you've aligned your ideas with.

>as a student he saw a priest playing with children with aids, taking care off these sick people, knowing that surely one day he'll also get it and dies, but that didn't matter to him

There's only one way a priest could "play" with kids that would result in the priest getting aids, and if that's what made your bishop join the clergy then I'd get on the phone to the police ASAP.

Anonymous 11742

You are disgusting! Get off of your high horse if you have the audacity to insult innocent people who actually do something to fight this misery!
He was playing out on the streets with the kids who were still not as bedridden, while taking care off their dying parents, siblings etc. Of course the risk ofinfecion is extremely high if you live surrounded by hundreds of sick people!

Anonymous 11743



You can't get aids from playing hopscotch, you lunatic.


Anonymous 11745

Of course not, but maybe from washing, feeding, hugging dying people who are breathing and coughing into your face etc. on a daily basis…?
And why is it even so important for you that he gets infected and dies? Isn't doing what he does already a great deed on its own?

Anonymous 11746



No, not through that either. And because you're the one who brought it up like it was important. However, yes, helping the sick and desperate is very commendable, I never claimed it wasn't.

Are you done embarrassing yourself?

Anonymous 11748

You are the one who immediately jumped on the "all priest are pedophiles"-train, this is the very first time you even acknowedged that he's a good person

Anonymous 11750

No, I made a joke that if he was at risk of getting aids from these children, then he was a paedophile. The set up to that joke is that you didn't understand how aids worked. You were the punchline.

Anonymous 11751

Well, different people have different types of humour; little children getting raped is not part of mine.

Anonymous 11752

Again, you're being dense. The joke wasn't at the expense of any theoretical rape victim, it was a joke about you not understanding how aids works.

Anonymous 11754

>There's only one way a priest could "play" with kids that would result in the priest getting aids, and if that's what made your bishop join the clergy then I'd get on the phone to the police ASAP.

I might not understand "how aids works" but you seeing this line as a joke on me…well

In my original comment i wrote how it pisses me of that europe is often painted as the complete cause of all poverty in this world. Then i went on to give some examples about good people who actively fight against these problems, but of course your priority is trying to prove just how stupid some randomn stranger on the internet is.
I hope you had at least an 'amusing' day

Anonymous 11755


I'm >>11736 for clarification.

What does

1) Cobalt mines in a country that gained in independence in 1960, that where squarely in the hands of the independent government and many years later sold or partnered with a Korean company
2) A factory built in 2006 by a native Bangladeshi
3) The rise and fall of demand in a market

have anything to do with colonialism or imperialism?

Anonymous 13973

I'm usually left leaning but I like guns, I'm for more gun control though. but some left leaning people think you're crazy if you don't hate guns and want them all banned.

Anonymous 14079


Right-leaning here, I think race-mixing is acceptable. "You're destroying your genes!" posters make no sense to me. Even if your child is mixed yet a darker skin tone than yours, they still have your genes and your genes live on.

Anonymous 14083

>gender-crit so that's not acceptable in modern leftistm
But as for actual right-wing opinions – I don't like black men for the most part, I think they are more dangerous than white men (not to say white men aren't dangerous).

Anonymous 14124

None of that is an argument for accepting racial mixing. A community which accepts any racial mixing is de-facto extinct right then and there.

Also, your genes will not "live" by being forever separated from their kind.

Anonymous 14125

racism isn't being right wing you ding dong.
you know race mixing has been going on for centuries right? lol

Anonymous 14133

i don't think mtf transfolk are women


Anonymous 14134

>you know race mixing has been going on for centuries right
Yes. Your point?

Anonymous 14135

My point is that what you're saying is wrong, you thick headed dumbass. Centuries = thousands of years. There have been civilizations that were heavily racially admixed and still thrived. Ancient Egypt is one of them.

Anonymous 14137

Can you stop shitting up multiple threads? thanks.

Anonymous 14142

race obsessed loons are the most annoying autists around.

Anonymous 14144

Most ancient civilisations had some type of caste system, even in Europe the nobles thought themselves racially superior. Certainly in Egypt there was a distinct ruling class that didn't mix with the peasants.
Yeah, sorry. I'll continue shitting just this one.

Anonymous 14162


I'm very left-leaning, but
-I think sex work should not be decriminalized.
-I believe porn is a dehumanizing, messed up industry. It's not empowering in the least, and it's bad for both the "performers" and the consumers (the most damage being done mentally/physically to performers, usually).
-I think guns can be a force for good (it's just a matter of regulating who gets them)
-I see nothing wrong with what people call "respectability politics". If you want people to not treat you like shit, not acting like shit certainly helps. It's not about "tap dancing" and "pleasing [the dominant culture]", it's about not giving them excuses to dehumanize you.
-I think a lot of facets of Islam are incompatible with progressive values as a whole. Christianity is often just as bad, but it honestly feels like there are more "moderate" Christians in the world than moderate Muslims. Being tolerant shouldn't mean you'll even tolerate intolerance, and when religion comes into play, often, so does misogyny and backward practices. I may be biased on this, though, since I'm from a country that's currently facing actual terrorist activity, mass killings, etc from extremist Islamic groups.

Anonymous 14166

MIND YOU, anons, right-wing and left-wing don't mean conservative and liberal

Anonymous 14202

>separated from their kind.

Anonymous 22395


Nazbol is a meme.


I hate the pc-movement.Uncontrolled mass immigration is disastrous for everyone involved. Racism workd in all directions, the way the current "left" approaches racism is not only counterproductive but also likely to further radicalize people who are already racis to some degree.I belief that there are clear differences between different etniceties and/or phenotypes, but I dont find that they justify treating people differently. i dont like fundamentalist muslems, propably because they are basicly fascists. I think the whole over 79 genders thing is just wanne-be individualism. And last but not least, you need to have a staate, anarchism doesnt work. Its still important not to give the state to much power. Sorry for typos drunkposting right now.

Anonymous 22398

täby blir hunsad av sitt thailuder till fru

Anonymous 22400

My most left-leaning opinion is being pro-abortion. It's a form of eugenics and keeps a certain part of the population at bay. I can't think of anything else.

Anonymous 22405

>left leaning
the clintons probably have assassinated some people who didn't agree with them/were going to come out with evidence against them.


>how many people do you know who have committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head

Anonymous 22407

It feels really shitty saying this UGH.
I'm left but I've got issues with the trans stuff. My uncle died during the AIDS crisis and his partner is still considered part of the family (and I love him he's my fav uncle lol). He owns a little local art gallery and has gay-centered art exhibitions and the proceeds go to LGBT charities. Last month he got a random ass complaint letter bitching that the gallery is under-representing trans people. It was signed by a whole bunch of people and it was written so aggressively it really psyched him out and I hate it so much because he's soooo sweet he doesn't deserve to have to put up with that. NO trans people have shown him any art, it's not like he's turning them down.
I KNOW this is stupid and I'd never say it in public because I totally believe the majority of trans people are going through hell, I assume that was just a bunch of idiots, but the aggression rubbed me the wrong way.
I said this already but my uncle is a fucking angel and I hated seeing him get called a bigot when he's gone through so much. I feel like the movement is sort of biting the wrong people's heads off.

Anonymous 22408


>All this LGBT-extremist shit is ok until it affects me or my family.

>I still wont do anything about it because muh ideals.

Thats exactly how I picture sheep leftists.
Thats exactly how everything goes to shit.
No one has a problem with normal people. That includes all sorts of gender or sexuality or whatever. In reality, if you are a decent person, no one gives two shits about who you fuck and how.

The "minorites" who cry about being opressed and rejected by evil society actually have this problems but not because of their minoritie-status but because they are simply bad people. And no one wants to be around bad people. The whole movement consists of them though. Its the same with permavirgin robots. They cry about evil wiminz hating them for their looks or poverty while in reality they just act like giant assholes so no one wants to have business with them.

Its just the easiest way. Behave like an obnoxious assface? No one wants to be with you? No Problem when you can force society to do your bidding instead of working on your horrible personality.

Anonymous 22409

same thing happened to Geoffrey tambor with his internet show "transparent". the trans people told all these "aggressions" about him in order to get the job. instead the show was cancelled cause none of them could act. now Geoffrey maybe abrasive but its obvious they bullied the network to fire him. same thing happened to scarlet Johansson with the movie rub and tug. she was suppose to play a woman living as kinda as a man. the woman didn't have any surgery. the trans gang said the roe should go to a transman. this movie would talk about her life. so yes you would start with a woman and transform her. so scarjo got fired and that movie wont be made. again there isn't a real transman that can detransition and act.

you are just sneaking in racism. this board isn't for that. you have to go back.

Anonymous 22410

I dunno about a sheep, I'm almost thirty so I'm not really attuned to the sound of the voice of this generation. I have personally witnessed violence against "normal" gay people so the "no one gives two shits about who you fuck and how" falls on my deaf lefty ears I'm afraid. Gay people get assaulted -It's not a spooky conspiracy.

>I still won't do anything about it

I'm not sure what you're suggesting I should do about it. I'm not about to start picketing. I haven't heard of any LGBT extremism but maybe I'm behind the times and a rainbow taliban has reared its ugly head lol

I read about that Scarlett Johansson thing. Now I feel really stupid because until you explained it I didn't realize the issue was because the character/person was a trans person. Though I won't shed any tears over an insanely rich actor missing out on a part the whole thing seems a bit self-defeating. I sense some performative outrage going on. It's not like it's blackface.

Anonymous 22413

Righty here:

Education should be completely voluntarily. The funds invested in forcing everyone to attend the system would be better invested in projects for the interested.

I don't know, what do you even mean with left and right? I'd love a monarchy, what I pretty much the definition of right-wing , but I'd like everyone and every place to live mostly autonomous, but with the possibility of cavalry storming in and fucking shit up if they decide to chimp out.

Anonymous 22420

…that’s monarchy. The concept of an all-powerful king with incredible centralized control dominating every aspect of life is ahistorical and frankly ridiculous.

Anonymous 22421

I am what a lot of people call ‘liberal’ these days on many topics, but I am anti-abortion.
I wasn’t- then I got a degree in biology.
Yes, a fetus is alive. No, it isn’t a parasite, or a ‘blob’, or whatever. Yes, it is human.
I can’t turn off what I know is true.

Anonymous 22423

Of course it's alive. It's a bundle of cells. Living cells. But it's debated if a fetus even experiences pain at even 24 weeks gestation.

Alive or not, its rights do not and should not extend past those of the mother's. Until men are forced to be held more responsible for their spawn, women should not be forced to carry out a birth they do not want.

Men should be forced to help the mother of their child care for their children if women are forced to carry out births. And I mean beyond child support. Child support is barely enforced as is - my father did not pay child support even when it was court-ordered.

And women will find ways to abort even when it's illegal. Look at the stats in South Korea. And look at the horrific abortions happening in the Philippines.

Anonymous 22425

Mandatory education is generally supported by the left. That way families don't have to choose between food and their kids being able to spell because the government HAS to aid them.
The left also supports education because an educated working class will be informed enough to know whom will and won't serve their interests if voted in.

Anonymous 22426

fetal growth-1.jpg

Totally agree.
People don't realize how dangerous childbirth and even pregnancy is to women. Also, the same people who would call a woman a murderer who should be executed for aborting would gladly smash a jar with a tiny alien looking fetus in it rather than murder a woman (except the most awful people of course). A lot of these people support murder and eugenics too but a baby is PURE or some garbage.
This is dumb but sometimes I wonder if a lot of people even know what fetuses LOOK like- cause they're not, um, babies.
>pic related

Anonymous 22427

Oh shit I forgot to read properly. You have a degree in biology. That is weird and concerning to me because it means you DO know what a fetus looks like and what it is capable of feeling/thinking.
And you're anti-choice.
Like, I'm not riding your ass or anything but I get weirded the hell out when educated people have opinions like that. I'm willing to bet you were NOT what a lot of people call "liberal" these days- like, by any metric.

Anonymous 22428

So you hate when on person’s rights trump another’s?
Yeah - that’s why abortion is wrong; you’re killing someone.
And ‘people will still do it’ isn’t an argument - else murder, rape, and theft should be acceptable, too.
Look, I know most people won’t change their minds. My point is - stop pretending. You want the right to kill you own child so you don’t have to raise it? Don’t sugarcoat it; don’t pretend you want anything else.

Anonymous 22430

I’m a biologist so “eww, look at it, it’s so icky” doesn’t apply, sister. I also know what a mid- and late-term fetus looks like, too.
I’ve had other people say variations of,
“I can’t believe an educated person could disagree with me about (topic at hand).”
Oddly enough, on this topic it’s never a person with an MS in Biology that says that.

Anonymous 22431

The ‘if it isn’t cute it isn’t human’ argument isn’t a good look

Anonymous 22432

I love how you're ignoring the other part of my argument.
If you want abortion to be illegal, men should be legally FORCED to help mothers raise their spawn. Otherwise, why is it only the woman's job to raise a baby? It takes two to create one.

And no matter your views on when "life" begins, a young fetus has not reached a status of personhood. It is not a member of society. I do believe that limits should be placed on when a woman can abort, though, and my country has laws for that. After a certain period of gestation, you cannot legally abort in my country.

On-topic, I'm extremely left-leaning. But I'm closer to Leninism in theory. I believe that immigration should be much more limited than it is now. I'm also extremely rude in my natural speech and I have no problems dropping words like "faggot" in casual conversation. I also believe that eugenics would, in theory (only in theory), be beneficial to society in the long-term. And I can't stand trannies - saying this as someone who wished to be male for a long time.

Anonymous 22433

Ha ha, nah, sis. I don't think fetuses are "icky" I think that they are not in anyway human yet.
and >>22431 YOU CAUGHT ME I'm a fascist who think the imperfect don't deserve to live!! Spare me.

The reason you keep getting told that people can't believe you think that as an educated person is that you're not looking at facts.
Almost ALL abortions are carried out in the first 12 weeks.
The brain does not even start to develop until 3-4 weeks and then it's just a blob (the brain not the fetus lol)
At 12 weeks there is STILL no consciousness because the neural circuits required for consciousness don't exist yet.
19 weeks and the baby is moving but most science puke I've read purports that this is most likely random reflexes triggered by the developing nervous system.
The conscious comprehension of pain does not occur until thirty weeks.

"The fetus reacts to nociceptive stimulations through different motor, autonomic, vegetative, hormonal, and metabolic changes relatively early in the gestation period. With respect to the fact that the modulatory system does not yet exist, the first reactions are purely reflexive and without connection to the type of stimulus. While the fetal nervous system is able to react through protective reflexes to potentially harmful stimuli, there is no accurate evidence concerning pain sensations in this early period."


Do you disagree with the breadth of literature that claims this shit? There's a lot I can't link to cause it's from my book learnin' yo but I'm assuming you've got access to a jstor.

Anonymous 22434


But anon, you forgot that anon has a degree in biology /s

Anonymous 22435

Other pro-lifer here.

People always neglect the difference between intentionally killing a living being to avoid discomfort, and necessary medical interventions that inadvertently cause death of the fetus.

The mother suffers an ectopic pregnancy and the only way to save her is removing the fallopian tube with the consequence of the fetus dying? Tragic. But within the realm of morally acceptable choices, since people have the right to save their own life. (Same goes for justified murder in self defense.)

Killing the fetus because you might not be able to afford as much after it's born? Not so much.

The right to life is in opposition to people's right to sex lacking consequences. Not a great deal if you ask me.

And before you pull the "muh RAPE!!!" card, please state actual percentages of rape induced abortions. Even if I said "we could discuss about rape" you would whip out the next victim card. There is an objective line at "a life".

Anonymous 22436

>people's right to sex lacking consequences
You mean women. Men almost universally face no consequences.

Anonymous 22437


Read my big post about fetus-chan's adventure in brain growth land and tell me how that science is wrong and fetus death is "tragic". Plz, I beg u.

I got MY degree in the womb.

Anonymous 22438

When Does Human Li…

Defining life after its capabilities is a dangerous road. It would be more consequent to define it as "active unique DNA". And then consider whether this DNA is human or not.

As opposed to "an undefinable moment where my feelings tell me it's right".

Anonymous 22439

Ask a family struggling to get pregnant and then being overjoyed at a positive pregnancy test. Then go ahead and tell them "My personal feeling is that this fertilized cell had no worth, duh."

Anonymous 22440

I’m ignoring because it is not germane. Killing innocent people is wrong. Whether or not you have a husband helping you change nappies changes nothing about that. Put it up for adoption.
I do love the ‘personhood’ bit; when does the personhood faerie wave her wand of woo and transform a living human being into the mythical ‘person’? Is ‘personhood’ like having a soul, or chakras, or something?

Anonymous 22441

What kind of straw-man argument is that? No one here is trying to force abortions on people who /want/ to have babies.

And not everyone who gets an abortion feels their fetus had no worth. Some women get abortions because they are in legitimate /poverty/, or are young women who would face dire consequences from their families if they found out they were pregnant. Not every woman getting an abortion is a rich white girl who just doesn't want to be bothered to not afford the gas for her Lamborghini. How obnoxious.

Anonymous 22442

“they aren’t human yet”
Are they unicorns? Faeries? Pickles?

Anonymous 22443

So when a human life begins depends on the circumstances. That's relativistic hippie bullshit.

I get you are fighting for the right of a woman to kill her living offspring as will (~Up to a certain point that is arbitrarily decided~), but please admit it instead of tiptoeing around like

>It has no capabilities, can it be human life, yes ,I mean when the kid is wanted, but only then, when the mother is poor than not obviously

It is a life and you want to be able to kill it.

Anonymous 22444

Personhood is a legal term. I thought you had a degree. Look it up yourself. Personhood is defined by law.

Anonymous 22446

All you are pointing out is:
-that the nervous system forms very early
-that many abortions occur AFTER 12 weeks, rendering your points of minimal value
-that you have some sort of magic thinking about ‘being human’ where a living organism with a complete human genetic code “isn’t human” until some vague incident that ‘transforms it into a “real human”.
That’s just religious ensoulment bullshit with a Carl Sagan coating

Anonymous 22447

The whole point of human rights is that "law" varies wildly across the globe and most often does not reflect a philosophically sound explanation. The nature of a human life should be the same no matter the place on Earth. But how could we possibly define it flawlessly? 🤔

Anonymous 22448

Yes, but you’re usage isn’t in line with the law, else Google is a human but a fetus isn’t.
Look, like I said - you want the right to kill your own children.
Sure! Fine!
Just stop pretending you want something else.

Anonymous 22449

Anon said something about a personhood fairy as if it was a thing I just thought of arbitrarily. I was merely telling anon what it was because anon seemed so unfamiliar with the concept.

My usage is in line with the law. In my country, a new fetus has not reached a status of personhood as defined by my country's laws.

Anonymous 22450

People being legalistic literally caused the Holocaust. Sorry for that comparison,but it's the exact same thing. They replied at the aw and used it as an excuse not to care when their neighbors disappeared.

Anonymous 22451


The law allows it so they aren’t human?
What does that remind me of?

Anonymous 22452

I wasn't the anon who said they aren't human. I agreed a fetus is a living thing. As is the bacteria in apple cider vinegar.

I argue that it is okay to abort a bundle of cells that are incapable of thinking on their own or feeling pain.

Anonymous 22453


Do the pro-lifers here believe in a soul?
I don't want to get into the philosophy of what makes a human a human because I am not a philosopher but I'd like to know what YOU guys think constitutes a human. Is it a human when it's a zygote? Sperm? Ova?

Absolutely approximate, my guy.

Anonymous 22454

‘Bundle of cells’ applies to all creatures.
So you euthanize coma patients? How about kids with Pain Deficit Disorder?
Either everyone has rights or you only have what the people in power let you have

Anonymous 22455

Yeah. Men shouldn't be allowed to jack off. Think of all the innocent, living sperm going to waste that could maybe make babies.

Men masturbating should be illegal. As should condoms. Life begins at the sperm, after all!

Those kids can think and function, right?
And yes - hospitals do euthanise coma patients at times. You realise that, right?

Anonymous 22457

The pain is not the important thing it is the CONSCIOUSNESS and yes like >>22455 says, the majority of people would say they would like to die if in a vegetative/brain dead state. A coma patient has a chance of REGAINING sentience. Before you jump on my junk over a fetus' ability to BECOME sentient please note once more that all boy sauce has that potential too. It doesn't mean it has to become so. There's no moral obligation to make houses out of every blueprint.

Anonymous 22458

“Men shouldn't be allowed to jack off. Think of all the innocent, living sperm going to waste ”
‘I never even took high school biology, never mind passing.’

Anonymous 22459

Sperm is haploid.
(I’ll wait for you to look that up)
Your argument is relativism all the way down.
Just admit you support murder. Hell, almost everyone here does, obviously!

Anonymous 22460

It's the chromosomes then. So you do think zygotes are human. Noice. Thanks for waiting cause I had to email my sensei to find out what sperm means too.
Why won't you answer whether or not you believe in a soul or what you think makes a person? I'm genuinely curious. You keep suggesting I think this and that but you're not telling me what YOU think.

Anonymous 22461

My opinion is that abortion is indeed the killing of a human but it should be legal. Also I should be able to stipulate that should I become demented or severely brain damaged doctors will administer a lethal cocktail to terminate my life

Rate and subscribe

Anonymous 22462

>Just admit you support murder. Hell, almost everyone here does, obviously!
Are you really >>22459 ?
Were you saying it in a jaunty "Let's all admit we like murder and drink to that!" way?

Anonymous 22463

No I'm a totally different crazy person on this website, and those are my actual opinions. I support the right to stipulate future euthanasia conditional on certain clinical and biological outcomes for those facing the prospect of dementia and I also think banning abortion causes more harm than good even if the procedure itself is sometimes immoral.

Anonymous 22464

I don’t believe in any woo: not souls, not chakras, not some mystical difference between a ‘living human’ and ‘a person’ ; none of that.
A fetus is a living human, by definition. Claims to the contrary are always based on woo: ‘consciousness’, ‘personhood’, ‘ensoulment’, blah, blah, blah. In each case used as an excuse to ignore science to salve your feelings.
Put on your big girl pants, admit that a cornerstone of your social and political beliefs is ‘murdering kids is a-ok’ and deal with the consequences.

Anonymous 22465

OMG you think consciousness isn't real? It's scientifically observable!! I didn't realize that was what you were arguing Jesus Christ.
Like ok, we have massively different opinions obviously, starting with sentience being pseudoscience which I've honestly never heard anyone say. I'm not going to argue with that because it'd be like arguing with a religious person who DOES believe in a soul.
I'm really not attacking you, I know it's trite but I do respect your right to believe whatever you will (guess that's the cultural relativism speaking hurr durr).

Please show me the science that you think I'm ignoring.

And what consequences are you saying I face if I admit murdering kids is ok?

Anonymous 22466

A fetus is living. It is human.
Living human.
You are trying to redefine ‘human’.
Sentience is real, of course, but ‘personhood’? Fuck off to your crystals, hippie. And if you can give a scientific definition of ‘consciousness’ then congrats! Novel prize for you since AI researchers never have!
You keep doing this lazy trick of saying
‘Like, OMG, you think it’s a human! As if!’
Ok, genius, until that nebulous, undefinable moment that Mohammed and Jesus sent the Personhood Fairy to magically make a fetus a Real Person, what is it?
A unicorn?
Is that genetically human, living creature a dragon and then POOF! now a human!
We’re you a hippopotamus until suddenly you transformed into a human moments before you were born?
‘Cuz if you aren’t human you gotta’ be some other species

Anonymous 22467

She’s very obviously saying that a temporary lack of consciousness doesn’t mean you cease being a human.
You do know you’re replying to multiple people?

Anonymous 22469

I'm one of the prolifers and I believe in the concept of soul,meaning essence of human, and it is there as soon as a new human is biologically starting its life processes.

Anonymous 22470

I don't know where you're getting this personhood stuff I don't even care about the legalities of it (I am not that anon). You are fixating on where I flippantly referred to a fetus as being non-human. Of course I acknowledge it's genetically human, you dink. If you think a genetically human bunch of cells is a person then you believe cadavers are people. If you think being a person or not doesn't matter then I don't understand your definition of murder.
I didn't say "OMG YOU THINK IT'S HUMAN?" I said "you think consciousness isn't real?"
Consciousness is definable scientifically as awareness of one's surroundings. It is observable. I don't know why you're bringing AI into this but you seem insistent that we take this into the irrelevant territory of non-biological sentience and the belief in the paranormal as much as you possibly can. I think you're trying to make me look like I'm the one who is getting all imaginative, trying to "redefine human" and so on, but I'm really not. Regardless of whether or not a human fetus is human genetically, it is not aware, it is not sentient, it is not murder to stop it becoming so.

Didn't read anything about a temporary lack of consciousness there, anon.


That sounds exciting, my friend. I wish you well on your spirit journey.

Anonymous 22471

>Regardless of whether or not a human fetus is human genetically, it is not aware, it is not sentient, it is not murder to stop it becoming so.

So you're redefining "murder" from the obvious, clearly defined "intentional killing of a human being" to "intentional killing if a human being who doesn't conform to a not clearly defined set of rules". Ok.

Anonymous 22472

What's a human being then? Sentience? cells? Heartbeat? Respiration?
My "set of rules" is sentience. That's it. What's yours?

Anonymous 22473

Human = Active human DNA

Sentinence is not your rule, otherwise it would be legal to murder your passed out friend. By the way , it's a shitty rule to begin with since it's impossible to exactly define the point in time.

Anonymous 22474

“If you think a genetically human bunch of cells is a person then you believe cadavers are people”.
They are people, idiot. Dead ones, but humans.
Or do you think when people die they turn into ostriches?
Your comment on ‘persons’ and ‘murder’ is nonsense.
Killing an innocent human is murder. If they are unconscious its still murder.
Answer the question, Tracy - if a fetus isn’t human what species is it?

Anonymous 22475

She’s probably had an abortion or three and cannot admit that she paid to kill her own kids. IME they’re the most superstitious of them all.

Anonymous 22476

I did not say "What's a human?" I said "human being" because you said "intentional killing of a human being" meant murder.

Shut the hell up with that random shit about other species, you sound like a schitzo vagrant. Unconsciousness is not a lack of sentience, sentience is the capacity for awareness.

lmao, that's horrible.

Anonymous 22477

Agreed, or at least encouraged people to. At least we shifted the argument to "murder" so she can probably admit "I support the killings of human lives."

Anonymous 22478

Oh, we arrived at ad hominem.

Arguing about "the capacity to become" around unborns is pretty laughable. They're the embodiment of capacity.

(Re: Abortion stem cell harvesting)

Anonymous 22479

Was it you that kept calling me a cwazy hippie or was that another anon?
Capacity for awareness is not the "capacity to become" aware. We're gonna go back down the reproductive cells route if we get back into "capacity to become".

I don't get the "killing of human lives" thing. You guys obviously don't have the same definition of a "human being" as each other which I get. I kind of just want to know when you guys think cells should be considered a person. Before you start saying I'm a witch for believing in the concept of a "person" I mean it in the context of something that can be murdered. If "murder" rubs you the wrong way and your issue is with the stopping of a heartbeat then I'd like to know now so I know where our lines are drawn.
If "the killing of human lives" includes killing a zygote then yeah. I've got nothing more to say. We are different, you and I.

Anonymous 22481

Yeah, the difference is that you have the need to draw lines in the first place, and you're aware they're arbitrary in each actual case.

We don't draw lives anywhere.
It is a human life (by biological definition).
You terminate said life willfully.

Anonymous 22482

But why is it being human so important to you? I'm not being argumentative for the sake of it I'm actually feeling exasperated. Why is being made of human chromosomes something that is inherently good and "innocent" as you put it? We share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees but you probably wouldn't be so affected by their deaths. If it's purely about being genetically "human" regardless of awareness then why do you value human life so much?
If you don't need to draw the lines in the first place, (and you have drawn them by the way, you say a fetus shouldn't be killed because it is human) then you must be relying on some philosophical value. Not our awareness but our DNA is important. You've lost me there, I'm sorry. This is why I thought you guys were coming from a religious point of view before because I don't understand what you actually value about people.

Anonymous 22483

>That moment when you swallow during sex and willfully terminate thousands of lives by digesting them alive.

Oh god I'm a monster ;_;.
At least I'm not filming it so guys can murder even more by fapping to my cannibalistic massacre.

Anonymous 22485

i'm left leaning, and i don't think trans folk should be catered to by the government. others with mental illnesses aren't, so they should not be either.

Anonymous 22486

I've thought about this before. It's unusual that the condition is given so much support. Especially when the general consensus amongst transpeople is that it's not a mental illness.
If they're claiming it's a physical malady then afaik most physical disorders/illnesses aren't catered to to that extent either. Though it varies from country to country I'm sure.

Anonymous 22488

“…why do you value human life so much?”
That’s your rejoinder?
‘Well, what’s the big deal about killing someone?’

Because I am not an amoral monster.

Anonymous 22489

>But why is it being human so important to you? I'm not being argumentative for the sake of it I'm actually feeling exasperated. Why is being made of human chromosomes something that is inherently good and "innocent" as you put it?

Because as soon as you agree to the concept that being human is not an inherent value, but is dependent on an achievement of yours, then you have no argumentative basis for defending that status stripped away by other things.

Ok, Humans are defined by sentinence. So irrevocable brain damage makes you a not-person as well. Ok. But what is with people who willingly forfeit their status as a human? Say, a disabled person who wants his life to end? May a doctor just Kil him? Probably, yeah. And what about a multiple chil rapists? People who do this survey aren't human, especially if they reject everyone's consensus about that and sneer at our threats of execution? Off with him. And what makes a rapist worse than a murderer? Yeah, murderers already are executed by some countries' laws.

That's an awful lot of people who are not to be considered humans safeguarded from murder, right?

And then you wonder, why 3rd Reich Germans shrug and say "Those Jewish neighbors knew what would happen and that they are not welcome here?"

"Are they not a burden to our society who has to sustain them within itself? Do we not have the right over our own physical space?"

I'm using that point so often because I am german and this has been really thoroughly exercised.

However, most Germans support abortion these days because of the same argument as you - the woman's freedom is more valuable than the fetus' life because the law clearly states it is not worthy of protecting.

The issue with all that is that ,if you are consciously agreeing to it, you at least know what you're doing, but we worry that you people willingly bury in the misconception that a human fetus is in fact not human and get extremely triggered upon even suggesting this. And this is a really bad state of mind to be in and should at least resolved to the point of them saying "Yes, killing a human life for the reason X like the law states is ok."

What if a couple really tried to get pregnant, and is in the first trimester now, and someone comes up and punches her stomach, causingbthe fetus to die? What then?

And what I'd they couple has already decided to pay an abortion and the same happens? Can they rightfully sue the puncher (for something else than the assault itself)?

Anonymous 22490

As elaborated bupin, it's better for them if they admit it, than it would be the other way.

Anonymous 22491

“ don't understand what you actually value about people.”
People. I value human beings, the end. Poor people, Brown people, disabled people: I don’t value them for what they can do, or say - I think of them as inherently valuable.
Not ‘sometimes’, not ‘when it isn’t inconvenient’, not ‘if they’re up to my personal standards’.
Would you cut up a kitten? Kill a dog? Poison a horse?

Anonymous 22492

>brown people
>inherently valuable
what the fuck are you smoking

Anonymous 22493

Sister, the stone cold ignorance of that statement has been pointed out multiple times in this thread.

Anonymous 22494

‘I said human being not human’
Trolling troll is trolling

Anonymous 22495

That might be a useful definition for experimental purposes, but in the real world, no one cares about devoiding the potential for replication from a strip of DNA. People respond to human-like qualities, and the law should reflect that, not whatever definition was adopted by researchers to learn about biological processes.

Anonymous 22496

how the fuck is it "valuable" to have some nog running around raping and murdering? what is your definition of value? all you've done by calling people "inherently valuable" is to completely remove the meaning of the word.

Anonymous 22497

Isn’t it fascinating how pro-choice people and stone cold racists use the same arguments?

Anonymous 22498

nta and I'm not pro-choice, I'm just for the abortion of all blacks/brown people

Anonymous 22499

>Ok, Humans are defined by sentinence. So irrevocable brain damage makes you a not-person as well. Ok. But what is with people who willingly forfeit their status as a human? Say, a disabled person who wants his life to end? May a doctor just Kil him? Probably, yeah.

Reminder: Catholics expect sane people to be disturbed by such a situation because Catholics believe suffering is good

Anonymous 22500

Trans”women” are the ultimate expression of mansplaining - men very literally lecturing women on the definition of being a woman.

Anonymous 22501

but the whole "58000 genders and gender isn't real" thing is propagated by female woman vagina-bearing feminists

Anonymous 22502

No, Catholics believe suffering to be morally neutral in and of itself.
Cancer sucks; cure it, treat it, build hospitals and fund research, etc.
Cancer isn’t morally evil.

Anonymous 22503

Didn’t say I liked ‘em, was talking about other people
(You can’t sit with us)

Anonymous 22504


Trying to define ‘humanity’ as ‘sentience’?!??
You’ve never heard of the Problem if Other Minds?
It is logically impossible to prove the self-consciousness of another person. All your prattle boils down to a demonstration of your own ignorance of the theories of consciousness and logic.
By your measure no one is demonstrably human.

Anonymous 22505

Let me tell you that Catholics are not morally bound to keep people alive at all costs. If someone is mortally wounded and wud like to I've, then of course you should help him, but if someone is dying and only been kept alive by machines and wants to die, you are allowed to let him. You can even inject morphine with the intention to ease his pain.

Please don't make me flip open the catechism over that.

Anonymous 22506

My mother was riddled with cancer; her lungs were gone but they could put her on machines, etc. and keep her alive, in agony, for months.
My brother, the hardest hard-core Traddy-trad-trad Catholic to ever speak Latin literally a theologian
>Latin Mass, stay-at-home-wife homeschooling 6 kids, kids all speak Latin and Greek, look up 'Catholic' in the dictionary, its his family picture
was the only person mom gave power of attorney and medical power of attorney to.
We were all terrified he'd keep mom plugged in and juiced up for a decade.
He spoke with the doctors, asked, 'will it take extraordinary measure to keep our mother alive?'
'Yes, it will.'
'Then please erase as much of her pain as you can and allow her a natural death with dignity with us here with her.'
I loved him harder than ever through that. When our sister said he assumed he'd keep her alive no matter what he looked surprised, said it is natural birth to natural death. Mom told him she didn't want extraordinary measures.

Anonymous 22557

I don't even know what to call myself these days. I'm pretty liberal on social issues I guess, but I absolutely fucking loathe SJWs of all kinds, and I believe "multi-culturalism" is bullshit and you should fully integrate into whatever country you move to. I'm also truscum, meaning I believe you absolutely need gender dysphoria to be considered trans, and it's disturbing how this is now a controversial belief. I also fucking loathe communists, especially ones from first world countries.

Honestly the more aggressive and retarded the social justice movement gets, the more right-leaning I become. They're even eating each other alive these days, it's out of control.

Anonymous 226219

i believe that everything should be free and i also believe in eugenics and assisted suicide.

Anonymous 226227

I’m left leaning and I believe in the death penalty. If you kill people in the first degree, it would be hypocritical to not accept death as a punishment, unless those people truly deserved it.

Anonymous 226246

do you believe in death by firing squad? that's being legalized in several US states

Anonymous 226278

those are both left leaning

Anonymous 226289

>left leaning.
I can't think of a single one, I'm not going to lie.
I disagree with what most people consider "the left" a ton.
I am anti Trans, I think people who support gun control are less than human, I am anti sex work, anti sex positivity, and I am pro free speech. But it's never because of a single thing I've ever heard a right winger say on any of those issues that I feel that way. In fact, every time I hear a right winger talk about them, I feel embarrassed that they're "on my side"
Traditionalism is a petulant and small-minded way to view the world. American capitalism has always been explicitly antimeritocratic, and it is absolutely unarguable that everyone in power and wealth in our society was conditionally handed it, not put through some rigor in which they earned it.

Anonymous 226294

I am a complete progressive leftist, and but I'm "antitrans" because I don't think children should be lobbing their breasts off before they're 18, becoming sterile before they're 18, and I think women deserve safe spaces in shelters without trans women for obvious reasons.

I don't think it's fair that a trans that keeps winning on a women's team be allowed to keep playing.

I think a lot of trans activists are secretly just being inciteful bigots too actually and they should be called out for it. Mulvania whatever her name is might as well be wearing blackface.

Anonymous 226295

Just calling it gun control is completely vague, but you're already calling them less than human? Not sure what the hell your goal is from the start

Anonymous 226301

>you're already calling them less than human?
Yes. If you think the government and its brutalizing, self serving, totally ineffective police force is an acceptable substitute for personal self-defense, I hate you just as much as I hate misogynists.

Anonymous 226303


Anonymous 226304

if you were getting mugged would you rather wait an hour for the police to arrive or shoot him dead before anything ever leaves your purse?

Anonymous 226306

What kind of incompetent mugger doesn't have his own gun in a state with no gun control?

Anonymous 226307

Yes, that is right. I own a gun for the purpose of self defense, I carry it with me often, especially now that I work in a building located in the middle of crackhead central
Muggers generally have guns in places with gun control as well. NTA but muggers are not who I have it to specifically protect me from anyway. That would be rapists or unhinged types, of which there are many in our society.

Anonymous 226309

If I were a mugger and one of my victims pulled a gun and I shot them dead first, I'd totally argue that it was self-defense on my part, I just wanted a purse and they threatened my life, what else could I do.

Anonymous 226311


The fucked up part about your reply, is that it isn't bait.

Anonymous 226313

Why would it be bait? It's a completely fair argument.

Anonymous 226314

>united states criminal justice system.jpg

Anonymous 226356

Soo you believe we should be handing our guns to violent abusers, proven mental psychotics, etc?

Still vague

Anonymous 226363

Those groups are already prohibited from being able to obtain firearms and you'd be hard pressed to find people looking to undo that.
Gun control advocates are in favor of NOBODY being allowed to have them.
I REALLY don't fucking care that not allowing violent criminals access to firearms technically counts as gun control, that's not relevant at all.

Anonymous 226365

>be criminal
>guns are illegal
>acquire guns illegally
>civilians are unable to legally purchase guns

Anonymous 226382

Of course it is. In the state of Texas they made it legal for anyone to buy a gun without any kind of mental health clearance. That is beyond fucked up.

Anonymous 226383

>live in Europe
>guns are illegal
>infinitesimal amount of school shootings

Why do people have to spell it out for you scrote retards. (You aren't even trying to hide it faggot)

Anonymous 226386

>live in Australia
>never once be afraid of getting shot
>cops are friendly and don't treat me like I'm about to blow their heads off
>don't have to teach my kids lockdown nursery rhymes because the last school shooting was 20 years ago
>farmer down the road has a single, highly regulated bolt-action rifle to shoot rabbits that he had to train to get

God damn I miss living there

Anonymous 226391

>guns are illegal in europe
>infinitesimal amount of school shootings
>acid attacks
>vehicular croud control
>rape, uh, i mean, "cultural enrichment"

>everyone i disagree with is a male


Anonymous 226429

>live in Australia as eceleb journalist
>make video about why some veterans are bad people
>get fucking firebombed for it.

Yeah Australia is totally a haven of peace

Anonymous 226430

Gun violence as a whole is far from infinitesimal in Europe.

Anonymous 226434

It's still clearly nothing close to America which is off the charts. And increasingly more deadly each year because of retarded gun brained scrotes that cant get hard without them.

Anonymous 226435

>It's still clearly nothing close to America which is off the charts.
I'd argue eliminative measures are only worth it if they have eliminative effect but do you.
>And increasingly more deadly each year because of retarded gun brained scrotes that cant get hard without them
Not even close to correct.

Anonymous 226442

Mostly eliminating is better than the ongoing shitshow in the usa, which is been a trainwreck for 20 years now.

>>Not even close to correct.

All I hear is a guy glued to his boomer Facebook pages rage beating off over guns, over everything. Nobody wants your putrid dick or cares. Gtfo.

Anonymous 226444


There's only one person between the two of us expressing "rage" and it's most certainly not me.

Anonymous 226445


Reminded me of this Australian shooter

Anonymous 226446


That looks like Ty Segall's evil twin.

Anonymous 226449


>gets eaten alive by giant Australian spider

Nice try

Anonymous 226469

i agree that gun ownership rights in the us are fucked. basically anyone is allowed to own a gun with no criminal background checks or psychological evaluation. i just don't believe that banning guns completely is the solution since violent people will always find some way to commit violence.

>anyone pro-gun is male


Anonymous 226473

>man antagonizes local mafia
>gets a molotov thrown through his window

Dang, you got me. I guess I better go shoot up a Woolies huh. There's too many kids enjoying their lives.

Anonymous 226482

>man antagonizes local mafia
>gets a molotov thrown through his window

>When the example of violence happens in a place where guns are banned it's gotta be the victim's fault.

Anonymous 226485

Go shoot up a primary school, mutt. Pretending the level of violence is in any way equitable won't make me like living here.

Anonymous 226488


>living here
So you're Australian and you moved to America, but you don't like it? Why did you move to America if it sucks so much, and if Australia is so great? Btw, I made a typo on the previous question so I had to ask again.

Anonymous 226489

Because I had the misfortune of marrying an American man and wanting to live with him. Green cards are a lot easier to get than a partner visa.

I know it's difficult for the locals, but do please taper yourself and resist grabbing your rifle. We'll be gone in 3 years anyway.

Anonymous 226490

Isn't it just commonly accepted that the USA is pretty shit by first world standards tho?

Anonymous 226491


lol aussie, I don't even have a rifle. you seem pretty upset. are you okay?

Anonymous 226494

Unless you're Japanese or Swiss, lol no. You are either closely on-par with the US or worse.

Anonymous 226495

French nonas made a whole thread complaining about how shitty France is, so perhaps it really is just smoke and mirrors that many first-worlders like to use.

Anonymous 226496

>the seething
Ok I see your point You specifically should never be allowed near a gun. Awful temper.

Anonymous 226497

i'm american and i can confirm it's a 2nd-world country

Anonymous 226502


>"had the misfortune of marrying an American man"
>marry a man of ethnicity you don't like
>move with him to America even though you hate that country
>complain about America like it wasn't your choice to live here
>complain about Americans like you never married and laid in bed with an American man.
ummmm, I may not be the smartest person in the world, but you made a really weird move in the chess game of life.

Anonymous 226504

That op said France was worse than Venezuela, excuse my inability to take it serious.

Anonymous 226509

post-orgasm clarity is wild

Anonymous 226510

Pretty much this.
Plus the shooting of Japan's former prime minister further proved to me that crime is less about the specifics of weaponry and more about will-power.
If someone wants someone else dead, they'll do it, no matter what it takes.

Anonymous 226511

I don't know why Eurofags who have hate-boners for Americans act like the source of the mass killings is entirely because of the allowance of guns. It has been demonstrated countless times that countries can allow guns and remain peaceful. It's less about the guns, and more about who's controlling them. You'd think more people would have figured it out by now but…

Anonymous 226513

mass shootings are NEVER a gun control issue and ALWAYS a mental health issue

Anonymous 226520

Completely wrong. Moid oppinion from the trash infested south.

Anonymous 226521

>Moid opinion
cope harder, its a woman.

Anonymous 226522

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Anonymous 226528

if this was true then other places outside of america would have the same amount of mass shootings since mental health issues arent unique to america, lol

Anonymous 226537

You think it isn’t?
We just had a pooner murder 3 nine year olds not long ago cause she couldn’t accept that fact that she would never be a real man.
Guarantee you that wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t laid those people’s delusions.

Anonymous 226538

>what is population
>what is regional gun regulations
>what is mental health awareness and institutions

Anonymous 228325

Some people just like to complain, anon.

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