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Anonymous 106798

Have you ever seen an argument made by incel groups (r9k, redpill sub, etc.) that you agreed with?

Anonymous 106807

Men are disposable. They should be.

Anonymous 106825

A FtM in the making.

Anonymous 106827

I believe men and women are different but not in whatever biased ass way they think it is, and not irreconcilable opposites that can never ever ever get along.
I relate when they talk about too many young people being promiscuous and dishonest in their relationships, leading to themselves getting hurt or hurting others. Fully agree that it sucks that a lot of people just take advantage of others for their own self-gain instead of developing genuine connections. But I disagree where they say that it's only women, because it absolutely happens with men too. And any "it's ok for men to be whores but not women because muh made-up psychobiology babble" is the most retarded cope.
I also agree that there exist issues more relevant to men that should be discussed more, and that men should be able to decide to not pursue relationships if they so choose. Honestly if they could just drop the woman-hating and disorganized seething parts of it then they could make a lot more progress with actually getting these concerns addressed instead of being written off as deranged losers.

Anonymous 106830

Hating trannies

Anonymous 106831

No healthy person would act like there is a competition between genders, we're in the same boat. No healthy man is a women hater, no healthy women is a man hater.

Anonymous 106833

why do you think like this?

Anonymous 106882

maybe you are, but don't drag the other 3 billion women into this lol

Anonymous 106886

ive never seen incel groups make a coherent argument, its always just straight up misogyny, calling women bitches, whores, and dog fuckers, and equating us to subhuman objects. nothing they say is remotely close to my ideology.

Anonymous 106889

Lol. This is either a man or a woman who is completely naive.
Men, even men who claim to love you would kill you if they could. Think about how many children your great grandmother had. Mine had twelve. Why? Do you think she actually wanted that many children? Or do you think that her moid husband insisted on his marital right to sex(martial rape would not be fully outlawed in USA until 1993) and so fucked her until she died in childbirth? He insisted that his right to an PIV orgasm outweighed her right to not bear endless babies until she died in childbirth.
Men have not become more kind, women have merely developed more defenses (birth control) against their depravity.

Anonymous 106900

You're weak and inferior because you have given up before you started. I'm as superior as every other woman. In evolution, we're the only ones that matter, males are merely malformed women, a misformed abortion that isn't stupid enough to die.

Anonymous 106901

What an insane worldview. Can't relate.

Anonymous 106906

>Men, even men who claim to love you would kill you if they could.
Deranged, I hope this is bait. Why would they make laws that protect women if every man wants to kill every woman? And no, married couples having several children almost 100 years ago does not prove anything, a woman can die from having a single pregnancy, so basically any act of reproduction is an act of murderous intent in your book. Your great grandmother probably had that many children because your great grandfather was some farmer and needed an extra pair of hands to help him out when he'd start getting old later on in life, it was and still is a pretty common occurrence.

Anonymous 106907

Damn, it's crazy how you proved that anon's point correct by typing this

Anonymous 106911

That we think most of them are ugly. They fucking ARE, and if they wanted us to be more attracted to them they should put in as much work as the average woman does to be pretty. The solution is not us lowering our standards and dating men we aren't attracted to, because then they just bitch that we're dating betas for security while secretly wanting to fuck Chad - are we supposed to conjure sexual attraction to betas out of thin air?? They take it for granted that they're entitled to a woman they're attracted to, we take it for granted that we need to be attractive for men to want us. Not our fault that they don't meet most of our standards because they haven't been pressured since birth to prioritize beauty.

Anonymous 106915

Why wipe your ass if you're just going to shit again? Being bred to death is a very real thing that has happened all throughout history. Do you think back then women could just say "no"? Get a grip.

Anonymous 106919

in nature males are supposed to be the "pretty" sex and attract females. where did humans go wrong

Anonymous 106926

Women aren't naturally more beautiful, we're just endlessly told we need to be. There's a multi billion dollar industry that exists solely to convince us how insufficient our looks are and that we need to spend more and more to be up to par. Of course we're more beautiful than men who wash their entire body face and hair with 3 in 1 products and have never used sunscreen.

>women can find men attractive for other reasons than only looks.

I'm sure you think that's just our natural biological imperative but it's also thoroughly drilled into our heads by everything we see and hear in the media and from scrotes. How very convenient for ugly men that women are convinced we don't care about looks and it would be shallow and cruel if we did.

Anonymous 106927

>in nature
every species is different, humans didn't go wrong anywhere since, you know, they're like the superior hegemon of the whole planet of Earth and looks like in the near future will become the ruler of his solar system of origin, while any other species haven't come even close to increasing its individual speed of movement, strength, dexterity, wisdom, efficiency of communication, range of operation and cooperation etc etc etc
yeah, it would
as is caring more about anyone's biomech's looks than about his/her emotional capacity, ability to provide encouragement, meaningful advice, meaningful cooperation, and value in general

Anonymous 106928

ok then go ahead and tell men how shallow they are

Anonymous 106929

ok but what the fuck do you think I'm talking about? did you not see how I used "his/her" and "anyone"? can you read?

Anonymous 106930

actually go on a male-majority site and tell them how shallow they are

Anonymous 106931

hoo wee walk up to stacy in the club and tell her how shallow she is
what's your point? or do you maybe, perhaps, not have any and are just seething?

Anonymous 106932

my point is that hardly anyone with any real influence explicitly tells men (as in male humans) that they should only care about inner qualities and that they're shallow for having any sort of physical standard. and no, fat activists don't really count because no one actually listens to them.

Anonymous 106933

Too bad. So what? Shallow idiots are gonna be shallow idiots. Most beautiful women still care foremost about the "physical standard", so apparently even if they're told to care about inner qualities, it's just a facade to conform with others.

Anonymous 106934

so you agree that most men are shallow idiots?

Anonymous 106938

to add to that, too many ugly low-effort men are walking around with drop-dead gorgeous women and cheating on them or complaining just because they can. It's normalized for women to be beautiful, people see the most beautiful women in the world and their first instinct is to nitpick her.

Other women are guilty of doing this too, the amount of times I've seen extremely beautiful women like Megan Fox, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina jolie, Jessica alba, etc be nitpicked is insane yet a man is not fat and grooms for once and he's instantly handsome and gets female simps

Anonymous 106939

90% of the planet are shallow idiots

Anonymous 106945

I agree that divorce laws are unfair and that a man would have to be an idiot to want to get married in today's world.

Anonymous 106952

I also want to add 2 things
1. Half of the children died before they could reach adulthood.
2. After wars there was always a population boom

Anonymous 106957

unironically kys

Anonymous 106962

can you fucking read? could you for a second consider not being a femcel and see that I'm talking about humans in general, ESPECIALLY when I just said that most women are shallow as well?

Anonymous 106975

I fail to see how women are naturally prettier than men. It's just the whole femininity = delicate = pretty, fuckable, looks are primary, object to look at and use as a fucktoy, masculinity = person = is not an object/fucktoy therefore needs to be respected

Anonymous 106976

How are women dumber than men? i can see weaker, but then again physical strength isn't the only strength and moid strength pales in comparison to almost every other animal that isn't the size of a chipmunk. We're just less competitive, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Just look at the state of the world right now and tell me how men are better leaders or whatever, it's laughably wrong.

Anonymous 106977

Doesn't change the fact a woman can just as easily die from her first pregnancy, so what's your point? Don't propagate? Like I said, your great grandmother probably only had that many children to help out at the farm or to go work in a factory and help make some money, not because your great grandfather was horny twelve times during their whole marriage and raped her.

Anonymous 106978

>most people are shallow regardless of their sex
NTA but men are shallow, there. Now stop being a spergo.

Anonymous 106984

Or it could be both. Like. do you really think men would keep it in their pants when they had a wife sitting right there who couldn't say no and have it mean anything?

Anonymous 106990

I think it's far more likely that every straight relationship isn't based off of one being a rapist that hates and actively tries to kill the other. If your (or that original anon's, if you're not the same person) great grandfather was trying to pregnancy kill your great grandmother, he probably would have gotten through way more than twelve pregnancies, moids aren't horny only twelve times in their whole life. I don't even have a bf and I know this. Rapist moids probably get horny twelve times a day.

Anonymous 107022

Nope, and it's gonna stay that way I imagine.

Anonymous 107042

I agree that dating for short man sucks (but it isn't asimpossible as they claim)

Anonymous 107058

This is true, but dating for tall women also sucks.

Anonymous 107095

I don't agree with prostitution and being promiscuous. But unlike them I also believe porn should be banned especially the more extreme stuff.

Anonymous 107503

You really are desperate for female validation scrote-kun, aren't you? No normal woman agrees with any of your deranged opinions and if you see some retards in the thread are validating your worldview don't become happy too soon - these are just your bepenised comrades in drag.

Anonymous 107504

If you two are dumb you shouldn't blame it on your sex - it's your fault only. If anything you are an outliner: you must be severely alternatively gifted to appear stupider than a moid. I guess your inability to understand that brute physical force is not the only thing that makes a person strong proves that you indeed are like that.
Anyway mods should better lock this thread, it looks like a bait. And even if it wasn't intended to be perceived as such, its not really a good idea to have this sort of discussion. We will just end up fighting with each other because of idiots like aforementioned posters and "totallyfemale" robots that will try to start yet an another abortion-thread (thats assuming those groups don't intersect).

Anonymous 107568

Only one is >>106830, but then again this is common sense if you are not overdosed in that neoliberalism.
Other than that, their opinions do not matter whatsoever.

Anonymous 107715

That men are worthless and expendable. Unlike them, I believe this is a good thing.

Anonymous 107751

A lot, not most, women are constantly acting out to seek attention and it's unattractive to act bitter towards other women. Moids overplay this hard but there's so many girls who practically thrive on male validation

Anonymous 107759

You're nuts.

Anonymous 107760

Women are afraid of violence, men are afraid of humiliation.
And that's probably why there are some women who eroticize violence by creating rape fantasies, and men who eroticize humiliation by creating cuckold fantasies.

Anonymous 107769

R9k anons every once in a while talk about how men treat each other like absolute shit ,and I also see other men complaining about agressivity and the like.
I agree with these things.
For some reason the behavioral patterns of men tend to be needlessly violents, so men that are more sensitive end up fucked and more likely to become mentally ill or more likely to pick up a deranged ideology.

Anonymous 107781

Damn, this is spot on.

Anonymous 107792

>it's unattractive to act bitter towards other women
Unattractive to whom? A lot of men enjoy seeing women hate other women for male validation.

Anonymous 107797

Dumber no, physically weaker yes. Can't do much about bone structure.

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