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Lolcow.farm hate thread Anonymous 106961

Can we discuss lolcow? Does anyone still visit this shithole?

>a bad mixture of wizardchan. Posts retardation with a good sprinkling of kiwifarms aids

>facebook/tumblr of imageboards

>Overrun by "woman" who calls you "faggot","tranny" if you say something they disagree with

>Overflooding with retard moids posting their right-wing manifestos

>Kpop threads got banned

Anonymous 106967

Found the twitter user

Anonymous 106983

Left the site earlier this year after being a daily poster for ~5 years because of the shit admin and mod team. Discord messages were leaked of her calling the userbase “rich white women” and how hard it was being latino lmao. Then she attempted to ban ALL gencrit discussion. Apparently they’re looking for a new admin, so that’s good. How the fuck are you going to run a gossip site while being a cow yourself?

Anonymous 106985


>How the fuck are you going to run a gossip site while being a cow yourself?
It's not that hard really, most people who run lolcow sites tend to be cows themselves to some extent. Picrel is one of 'em.

Anonymous 106986

>Kpop threads got banned
Good, Kpop stans are just as annoying and autistic as bronies ever were back in the early 2010s.

Anonymous 106988

>Kpop threads got banned

Anonymous 106994

I still visit it daily but the thing I dislike the most about it is the moderation. Their red texts are retarded. Also the actual lolcow side of the website is boring and pathetic, but I enjoy the /ot/ and the /g/ boards. It's more active than CC and the mods are more reactive when there's a raid (though it's really been getting better here)

>Kpop threads got banned

Based kpopfag. I can understand the CC mods for banning them because this website is understaffed and much less active, but nothing will ever replace the /kpc/ boards on here and LC. Choachan is decent but you can tell a lot of its userbase is made up of 4chyn scrotes and trannies. There's not much discussion to be had with them.

Anonymous 106995

lolcow went to shit and current admin is just as obnoxious as the general userbase. all the funny people left and now the site is full of twitter users and handmaidens and gets spammed with gore constantly

Anonymous 107005

What do you expect from an imageboard dedicated to socially lynching people? No morals, just a pit of snakes. The sooner it eats itself, the better for everyone.

Anonymous 107012

it's not perfect but at least boob-shaming sperges get called out and banned

Anonymous 107032

tbh with how inactive gg boards are on choachan i dont think theres that many moids on there

Anonymous 107033

I hate those stupid "If you're reading this you're beautiful!!1! :)" type posts that plague the site. Makes me feel like I'm on twitter.

Anonymous 107036

isn't that the kf dude lmao

Anonymous 107110

Agreed, and people there are way better at smelling scrotes than on here

Anonymous 107112

This, I will admit some anons go to far with scrote-calling but anons here don't even seem to care or are just too blatantly stupid to recognize it. No woman on the face of the planet would ever put this much effort into reminding women that their breast size is unattractive almost daily, someone tried to pull that "men don't like tits that aren't big" card on lolcow and quickly got their ass handed to them yet the same boob sperg has been here for months and no one cares or bans them it's pathetic

Anonymous 107120

He looks cute. I'd fuck him.

Anonymous 107126

I don't get the impression that there a lot of moids on choachan. Boy group threads, "male objectification" and moid criticism dominate the site. I might've seen some moid-y posts in the dumbass shit threads but maybe it was just girls shitposting.

Anonymous 107234

Wmaybe I'm just stupid but what's a handmaiden

Anonymous 107565

Already a thread about lolcow

At least that site is marginally more active than here. It's not that bad outside the drama boards.

Anonymous 108402

I hate how farmers always say that cc is full of girls with internalized misogyny. This claim is honestly nothing but projection. Cc is miles better to lc when it comes to being less toxic to women. Even if you go to old threads on this board you will find that even though incels have occasionally infiltrated the discussion, most posters were genuinely progressive and unconventional in their beliefs. Whereas when you visit somewhat old threads on lc (even from 1 year ago) you will see shit like
>tall women are female equivalent of manlets
>doubt to any form of female agency possible - men have always been our overlords
>nitpicking every part of a woman's appearance
>sperging about muh memeninity which is almost always defined as cutesy infantile girly girl, and being really pissed off when someone fits that box more than they do
And that's just on the top of my head, I've encountered a lot of this sort of shit when I was a farmer. >>107112 probably has amnesia, because on lc the only toxic posters who get banned are the ones who piss the farmhands off, if their post got under the mods skin they are banned, if not then no matter how much infighting will happen they aren't. Also I don't like lc unpopular opinions thread: 80℅ of it are not unpopular at all, this site is literally the facebook of imageboards (4scrote is reddit I think). Most cows are boring as fuck and are not discussed because of actual interest in the specimen but because dissing how fat and ugly they are gives users powertrips. Oh, and their meme threads fucking stink of Twitter (especially the "dumb bitch thread").
I've heard that the admin is going to retire and give it up, god I wish that noone would adopt this hellsite and it would finally die.

Anonymous 115814

>miles better
>one month ago

Anonymous 115834

Anonymous 115835

I hate them like I hate all bullies

Anonymous 115837

But I see way more of the internalized misogyny here.. that is 100% true this place is oozing with women who trashtqlk themselves and their bodies until I don't want to post here anymore. The energy on this board ruins my day sometimes and I'll leave for weeks because I hate it..

Anonymous 115852

isn't that technically insecurity?
I've seen way more aggressive attacks on womens' bodies on LC, while there's more unironic self-criticalness here.
You? You just mentioned women picking apart their own bodies. It's weird you think that's much worse than a site who picks apart lolcows for their looks as a hobby.

Anonymous 115884

I only lurk /ot/ and honestly think they are slightly better at calling out internalized misogyny when they see it. Might be because they have more users and less moid larpers than us.
But it's probably different on the cow and snowflake boards. Isn't that where LC's reputation comes from that they nitpick other women's looks to death, e.g. nasolabial fold meme?

Anonymous 115888

honestly I think it's because they're pros at cancelling people, so obviously they call out things ASAP.

I wouldn't mind more discussions about internalized misogyny over on the PP thread because I'm not even sure what to look for in terms of that beside the insecurity/looks stuff.

Anonymous 115995

The amount of skin bleaching on the women of the first pic is horrifying.

>Also the actual lolcow side of the website is boring and pathetic
I see someone hasn't followed the Lucinda threads. It was a pretty amusing ride. Otherwise, most cow threads is basically women with body dysmorphia nitpicking to death other women, making their dysmorphia worse, then they cry about their ED in the vent threads.

>the same boob sperg has been here for months
I haven't noticed these posts, I'm more fixated on the not so subtle tradthots pushing catholicism and sexual abstinence. But sometimes I suspect it's undercover scrotes. Hard to tell.

>doubt to any form of female agency possible - men have always been our overlords

you're mistaking with "fem"bots threads, never saw this on lc, but I've seen it on CC once, and it got called out harshly.

Anonymous 116005

It's image board fatigue in general. I don't know people who talk like that Irl and its sickening interacting with women who seem deadset on wallowing in low self esteem. So go work in porn already if you want to take this path?? I have no sympathy because the only way you get that way is if no one ever forces you to go outside and learn to swim. I've never interacted with so much of that one place in my life it is a tiny bit of it goes a long way and I'm just done.

Most of what they rip people for on lolcow is insane shit. Chris Chan type shit.yes it can be a circus but it doesn't feel nearly as oppressive as cc. Actually know cc is miles more misogynistic. Cc needs to ban certain kinds of rumination. It makes this board sound like it's full of tweens, where you know for sure lolcow is adult women.

Anonymous 116015

Though they're ridiculous and obsessive… most cow threads aren't all like that. I dont like them but I wouldnt call it all misogyny. More like .. this hellbent will to hate on general idiocy regardless if it's from a man woman or tranny.

Yeah misogyny on cc is dressed up to seem caring and sensitive, but it just feels even more slimy and insulting. like indirect harrassment from moids pretending to be women to fill this board with toxicity.

Toxicity and beliefs you leave behind when you go to college. It's WAY worse to hang around that kind of thing. You spend your youth trying to get the hell away from it if you have more than 2 brain cells

I can get ripping on things and idiots that annoy you to cure boredom… but that high school level broken self esteem is very nearlyinsufferable to be around for long. Most rational adult women have FINISHED getting away from it. Why are we treated like this here ? Why should we resign to returning to that… the lowest common denomenator kind of shit ?

I dont get directing misogynistic slander/ beliefs at yourself just because you can't demonstrate having backbone, and haven't grown up.

I became an adult to leave it all.
If they let it continue the way its going.., might as well make your new board mascot a penis already. This board can be sickening and people need to stop pretending like it's always that great.

Anonymous 116016


Jsyk you all are responding to a 2 month old post

Anonymous 116017

>I don't know people who talk like that Irl
But how do you know that people don't think like that irl? What if my mind has been so poisoned by image board shit, I suspect everyone around me has lc-tier thoughts but they just don't say it out loud because they know it's not polite and they'll look like assholes?

Anonymous 116019

Boob sperg is still very much alive on lc. This time she (?) is inspired with another brilliant idea: that men are smarter, because they are more manipulative and evil (he-she thinks personality traits = intelligence) and that's why they rule. It's in unpopular opinion thread. She is still not getting redtexted for some reason even though everyone reported her

Anonymous 116020

Because they wouldn't be able to function with stability in regular society

Anonymous 116033

tbh it's kind of weird that I see misogyny being repeated over and over again while it isn't substantiated at all besides a woman having low self esteem, like it's some sort of weird talking point being dispensed. "go work in porn!!" like…what?

Anonymous 116036

what does bf or weekly date shit have to do with people dropping internalized misogyny without even explaining what it is? going by this thread it's being used interchangeably with low self esteem which is just…odd.
and other IBs I've been on doesn't use such rhetoric.

Anonymous 116043

I think it's the same anon who has been complaining about "depressed teens" in other boards. She's the one who's calling self-loathing and depressed venting (quite common for imageboards) "misogyny".
And if she really thinks that LC is any better in that regard, she's wrong. /ot/ is proof that they're just as depressed on average as the people here, it's just that their bullying of others and edgier, more elitist behavior (closer to 4chan culture) make it seem like they're not all that depressed.

Anonymous 116059

The energy here makes you hate being female, while lcs doesn't. For one there's that. Reading the kinda things you do about anon relationships. Reading about moid shit women repeatedly put up with, or walk mindlessly into like classic pickmes…yet obsessing over their "depression" (self loathing) or eating disorders, "uglyness" "neet status". The result is you feel just as bad as you would if you'd if you'd read from a mgtow subreddit… its true its the kind qnd thing you are so fucking glad to leave behind for good when you leave high school

Anonymous 116063

Pink pill and gender critical on reddit weren't Ike that??.spacefemm and mumsn.et aren't like that?? Spinster isn't though I don't like how it's hard to interact with a large group of people on there. Even lc which has its problems still has vastly vastly less to the point you don't notice it as much.

Anonymous 116066

I only go there for the tranny hate/reddit hate threads. the fixation on "cows" is fucked up.

Anonymous 116084

They really are. Lolcow proved to me that women can be just as toxically gatekeep-y as men are. Especially the sage shit, ban of emoticons (most boards allow that) and threads being policed for "non-contributional" posts. Feels like totalitarian regime sometimes. That's what happens when you try to organize something as shitty as an imageboard similarly to a gossip forum. It just doesn't have what it takes to appear as orderly (well in general I mean) as the latter.

Anonymous 116096

Emojis are just as banned here.

Anonymous 116128

Where’s the sauce on this anon?
There is a discord hate thread there but I havnt seen those screencaps

Anonymous 116174


a few things, some of which may be nit-picky:

1.) anons in certain threads (tranny threads on /snow/ especially) just feel so out of touch. e.g. a fakeboi/troon says "i'm homophobic" on twitter, gets like 15 likes – this isn't an actual admission of homophobia. it's an ongoing edgy joke within lgbt/qweer/whatever circles on twitter to joke about such. but they just don't get it, and they treat it as ACTUAL EVIDENCE for whatever talking point they're trying to make. shit's cringe to me.

2.) anons are just…unnecessarily rude sometimes. which is par the course for a gossip site, i guess, but damn. yeah it's anonymous and all but that doesn't mean anons need to be catty and bitchy towards one another.

3.) the appearance nitpicking. is so…damn annoying, i see these bitches typing up shit like "the apex of her cheekbones is sloped by 0.2 inches and her nasolibal folds are deep and her atrium isn't peaked – she's so UGLY" and it makes my head spin. get a grip

anyway lc is still a good site to browse. miles, leagues, worlds better than 4chan. arguably better than cc in places. good points bad points etc. etc. etc. i rate it a solid 5/7

Anonymous 116175

what are 'spacefemm' and 'mumsn.et'?

Anonymous 116189

The admin brought back /2X/ btw. It's just a hidden board.

I don't hate the site, I don't go on the drama boards. I just like that there are more people willing to talk about husbandos and video games there even though it's still too slow.

Anonymous 116190

I feel dumb but how do I access it? lolcow.farm/2x gives me the error page.

Anonymous 116194

Capital X

Anonymous 116195

Thank you!

Anonymous 116255


>She's the one who's calling self-loathing and depressed venting (quite common for imageboards) "misogyny".

Thanks for clarifying, I couldn't wrap my mind on how CC was being misogynistic.
Except for the obvious tradthot posting, telling women their relationship will likely end up in divorce if they move in with their bf before getting married. They also shame women for having sexualities in general, basically warning them that having multiple sexual partners will make them depressed, or shit like this. It's annoying, but nothing comapred to 4moid misogyny. I can live with that.

Yes it's almost comical. I know some /ot/ anons don't partake in cow threads, but a lot definitely do. A lot of /snow/ threads come off as anorexic meanspo, tbh. They all seem very knowledgeable on tis ED, and know all the ana slang. This is why I have few sympathy for anachans, they claim that their body issues are strictly personal, and won't judge others bodies, but anorexia is a competitve illness. They always compare themselves with other anachans, to see who reach their goal weight the first, which one is the lowest BMI.. And nitpick average, healthy women bodies to death. They tend to be obsessed by armfat, venus dimples and shit that nobody cares about when they're healthy.

Anonymous 116256

boards with a feminist slant

Anonymous 116258

>>Yes it's almost comical. I know some /ot/ anons don't partake in cow threads, but a lot definitely do. A lot of /snow/ threads come off as anorexic meanspo, tbh. They all seem very knowledgeable on tis ED, and know all the ana slang. This is why I have few sympathy for anachans, they claim that their body issues are strictly personal, and won't judge others bodies, but anorexia is a competitve illness. They always compare themselves with other anachans, to see who reach their goal weight the first, which one is the lowest BMI.. And nitpick average, healthy women bodies to death. They tend to be obsessed by armfat, venus dimples and shit that nobody cares about when they're healthy.

I've never seen a whole lot of that lc but I stay the hell away from the cow boards.

I think its disgusting no matter where it is, but I regularly see it, and tons of tradthots on here, harrassing you about what you like.
That really low energy just ugh. I can't do it. It just screams "I hate myself and am a moid-obsessed pickme, I must think and say what men will bully me for if I don't"

Anonymous 116259

Sorry my keyboard is kind of screwed up I'm waiting for a new phone to arrive. spacefem and mumsnet are feminist and terfy boards. Spacefem is a really ancient board.

Anonymous 116280

This is spacefem? https://spacefem.com/forum/
Looks like it is closed.

Anonymous 116292

>Kpop threads got banned
seems like a + if you ask me

Anonymous 116310

Emojis are, but not emoticons. While lc redtexts for :), -_-, ^_^ and the like.

Anonymous 116631

>there isn't controversy to stifle expression.
When I left lolcow a year ago it was the exact opposite. The retarded admin was banning all of the tranny threads and talking about how much she hated the “white” lolcow userbase. There were also a bunch of newfags from twitter coming onto the site and destroying the culture.

Anonymous 116632

>the fact is it has way more activity
This, that's why I've started to use their off-topic boards, despite hating drama shit.

Anonymous 116739

I've seen tons of Terf subs there, I never noticed.

Anonymous 116742

Though yes good god, there is too much drama in the cow threads… The rest of it.. ot/g/m are so comfy and easy going.

Also.. A really huge pet-peeve of mine. I kinda wish ALL imageboards would update their damn navigation system. Its too hard to view everything being posted, its too hard to really enjoy new posts.

… something that looks and feels more like reddit, without the headache that is reddit itself.

Anonymous 116817

Who said anything about usernames??
I find the boards almost exactly the same, but this board is completely dead. All anyone posts here are feels and relationship advice. Honestly I think both boards suck massively for discussions that aren't relegated to those things. They're both brainless. You have all of 3 subtopics? pinkpilling yourselves to death, which i get, but then giving yourself these three measly topics to chose from?? No pol? No lit, no sci, no art? They treat you like a bunch of bimbos either way. And its still less chill than lainchan.

Anonymous 116823

Maybe this is cringe but I almost almost laugh at the red texts. They're fun.

Anonymous 116828

Some imageboards have an overboard, maybe that's the sort of thing you mean? You can see the most recent posts on all boards in one place.


She never even mentioned those features, lmao. Dumbass.

>both boards suck massively for discussions that aren't relegated to those things
You mean that activity on LC is also almost always about feels and advice? But there are tons of threads about hobbies that are more active than our hobby threads. Out of those topics you listed maybe politics is the only one that doesn't get its own thread akaik (unless you count the coronavirus thread as politics-related)

Anonymous 116887

>Every other image board has one
That's not true. The best (less toxic) imageboards generally forbid political discussions entirely.


It's like one meta-board that merges all the boards on the site and shows you all of the recently bumped threads on every board in the same page.

Anonymous 117116

The only board that would make sense on this website is a terf/radfem board, since that is the only general thread that is always "bursting the seams". And that will probably not happen because it would attract bad attention and worse raids.
It doesn't matter if it's 10 or 1, a new board for topics no one wants to discuss does not actually encourage discussion, and when it does, all it does is make regular posters ignore the other boards and leave the website even more dead. Anyone who reguarly uses small imageboards knows this. This was even discussed in /meta/ a while ago iirc.
If you have something to contribute, make a thread yourself and stop waiting for new boards to be created for other people to make threads for you to consoom.

Anonymous 117135

>Then how did 4chan end up with so many?
By having a massive user base that would routinely flood a board/multiple boards with certain topics thus leading to new boards being created to relieve the older boards

Anonymous 117138

Ok, name one board that this website needs. Go on.
What she >>117135 said. Some boards were born as containmend boards for topics that the admin didn't want polluting the rest of the website, experiments for new algorithms (think /r9k/) or splits between closely related topics which got their own life (/a/, /jp/ and more recently /vt/). The demand creates the board, not the opposite.
Make a new thread then. I don't see the point in complaining about lack of threads and not making a new one, or contributing to a niche thread if it already exists.

Anonymous 117141

I know it's frustrating anon and a lot of us go through phases of loving CC but wishing it moved faster. At first adding more boards seems like the obvious solution, but it isn't.

There were a bunch more boards on here when it first opened and everyone mocked CC for having so many boards but hardly any users. It turned potential users away.

The only boards that could actually work right now are radfem and kpop. Both of them would attract a lot of the wrong users (trans raids and kpop obsessives).

If you want more boards, attract more users (no moids) and find appropriate topics that can become popular threads.

Anonymous 117149

Then search in the catalog first, you can in fact revive very old threads as long as your post is relevant. Same with LC, but they have enough activity to fill old threads and justify making new ones to replace them.
>It feels very suffocatingly small and marginalizing, which lc does not surprisingly???
That's because they have a much larger userbase due to the main topic of the site, which is drama. They're actually just as strict about keeping certain topics in their respective general, if not stricter.

Anonymous 117307

Why do all the posters on /ot/ suddenly sound so retarded? Seems like the userbase is high schoolers.

Anonymous 117308

What do you mean "suddenly", did something happen over there? And I wouldn't doubt it tbh

Anonymous 117357

the mental illness threads seem to think everything is actually bpd

Anonymous 117358

The userbase is normalfags, the kind who browse twitter and tiktok, probably many are teenagers.

Anonymous 117543

I haven't posted on lc for while and sticked to cc so when I came bdb there it felt like getting punched in the face. I forgot how hostile anons on lc are, they attack people for the dumbest shit, I'm used to moids doing that shit but I guess cc spoiled me a little too much.
It never bothered me before but nowadays I'll take less activity anyday if it means not dealing with that cesspool.

Anonymous 117544

came back*

Anonymous 117545

Hate how every single discussion has to be shoehorned into a general there.

Anonymous 117546

But they are right, the userbase here sounds like troons. Constantly harping you for what you post. Like if I post a hot guy someone will shoot it down, they'll shoot down BL. You can't even have a peaceful discussion without someone coming round to moan. Constant internalized misogyny. At LC it might exist but not as much, I don't experience it at all. The tranny atmosphere here is sus I don't disagree lol.

Anonymous 117547

>>117545It feels the same at CC honestly.

Anonymous 117548

If you look in the catalog right now there are plenty of threads that aren't generals, unlike LC

meds status: not taken

Anonymous 117571


Anonymous 117628

Bigger imageboard usually means more hostility.

>Constantly harping you for what you post. Like if I post a hot guy someone will shoot it down
That's usually just one psycho poster who whines whenever someone posts guys she doesn't personally like
>Constant internalized misogyny
Such as? At LC they're extremely critical of other women's appearance. That sounds more like internalized misogyny to me.

Anonymous 117632

bigger image board fewer troons
it doesn't make sense but yeah

Anonymous 117941

The lolcow jannies are really slacking. The site has gone to shit these past two weeks and jannies are sitting on their asses doing literally nothing about romanianon and her retarded sperg outs in the vent thread.

Anonymous 117947

Romanianon has been banned several times but she uses a VPN or something to evade it

Anonymous 117955

Yeah but now they won't even ban her anymore.

Anonymous 117998

Any thread on there about sexual fantasies sucks. It’s a bunch of annoying assholes who wait around for people to post things they don’t like so they can shame them, accuse them of being a scrote, or say “you know this would never work out in real life, right?”. Like no shit idiot, it’s a fantasy.

Anonymous 118002

seriously, I get the board's flooded by bored teens, but I honestly doubt the blue haired ethot who keeps bumping her own thread and romanianon are smart enough to change IP each message.

Anonymous 118005


I used to only look at LC when I was especially depressed, but ever since one of my go-to cows started a DID larp a few weeks ago I've been looking at it way too often. I should stop.

Anonymous 118029

Me too. Every since Pixielocks "came out" as a DID haver, I will just endlessly peruse the entire board for hours at a time, even just reading old threads sometimes. I feel like it's making my mental state worse. I'm definitely addicted kek.

Anonymous 118040

Nta but that place is so dead

Anonymous 118044

Romanianon is the girl who posts the gigantic blocks of text, over and over again, usually in the vent thread in /ot/ saying that she's going to kill herself because of a guy named Steve and something about how radfems won't help her.

I felt really bad for her at first, but then she just kept posting these strange schizo manifestos for days. I suppose I do still feel bad for her, but now it's because I think she's mentally unhinged.

Anonymous 118046

Oh I know about it, its just usually completely dead. Nobody posts in it, and for a long ass time it was really tame.

Anonymous 118048


Yes, I've been going back and reading her old threads too! Such an absolute train wreck. The current thread has been pretty dry this week anyway, so maybe it'll be easier to resist checking. It's definitely not good for me to look at it so much. We can do it.

Anonymous 123167

Hopefully it went down for good this time.

Anonymous 123174

But if it dies then a good part of their schizo, overly hostile userbase is gonna come here and shit up this place.

Anonymous 123175

Boo hoo, you're not any better.

Anonymous 123176

Not if you hate the farmers, they'll all just migrate here

Anonymous 123178

>Boo hoo, you're not any better.
It begins

for the record I use LC too, but I can't stand most of it's users

Anonymous 123179

i genuinely don't give a shit about any of the cow threads/gossip parts of the site but i need to have my daily intake of unhinged female online spaces and commentary from something like /ot/ and /g/ or i will wither away. this site is fine but its so slow

Anonymous 123181

So dramatic nona

Anonymous 123182

I agree about the unpopular opinions thread. Also their tinfoil and confessions thread suck too. A lot of the posts in the tinfoil thread aren't even conspiracies they just post basic facts and news stories and act like those are conspiracies. The confessions thread is just the place to dump their random thoughts not actual interesting confessions.

Anonymous 123186

I like both sites, but if Lolcow didn't exist, I'd certainly post here more often.

Anonymous 123187

It's just an image board anon, why are you expecting high quality finely curated content rather than what you'd find in another other corner of the internet where people with niche interests meet? Being anonymous and on the internet inevitability leads to aggression, there is nothing to inhibit a person.

Anonymous 123190

What is there to shit in a place that is already shit

Anonymous 123192

But then where would I sperg about my husbandos, this place is too slow and I don't want to post on that fujo chan.

Anonymous 123194

>this place is too slow
Hopefully some more husbandofags feel like posting in here to increase activity then
>and I don't want to post on that fujo chan
Why not? It seems like the best place for that right now.

same lmao

Anonymous 123199

it just went up and then down again

Anonymous 123200

I'm in

Anonymous 123201

nvm it's ok now

Anonymous 123202

It's up for me but I get an error when I try to post. Anyone else?

Anonymous 123203

I do too.
>table 'posts_ot' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Anonymous 123207

I also get a "posts_m" error when trying to make a post, but your post will still make it through and appear shortly after.

Anonymous 123212

Cause I'm not a fujo and don't want to be talking about my husbandos with people who might like gay shipping them.

Anonymous 123216

kek believe me, I know how you feel, I wasn't so sure about yumeposting on a place called "fujochan" at first, but
>don't want to be talking about my husbandos with people who might like gay shipping them.
I assure you no one in the yume board is talking about fujo shit, it's all yumes and only one old thread where a curious fujo asks how seriously we take our husbandos. SO far it's way too slow but also pretty safe.

Anonymous 123477

It's still down for me??

Anonymous 123478

Yeah, it is still down for everyone

Anonymous 123480

Anonymous 130233

This feels like the epitome of projection. Both boards have their pros and cons, resorting to tribalism and shitflinging is moid behavior. Do better.

Anonymous 130520

This. Calling everyone and anyone a moid is making lolcow unbrowsable unless you like arguments with no actual level headed discussion.

Anonymous 130616

I'm not accusing you of beint moids, I'm saying you're acting as aggresively stupid as they are.

Anonymous 130623

Having opinions is not "moid behavior". Lolcow is objectively a shit board.

Anonymous 130664

Have you never met an aggressive woman in your life?

Anonymous 132134

I'm tired of all the retards who constantly fall for bait.

Anonymous 132135

Aggressive women are some of the best kind if they're also somewhat balanced.

Anonymous 132136

I'm fine being called a moid if the alternative is being nice to retards

Anonymous 132455


today we had some very sus things going on on LC. there was an obvious male/troon posting and a mod that was clearly sympathetic to them, banning and redtexting every woman who disagreed with him (he was anti-abortion and said tons of weird and horrid things that made it quite clear he was male). he posted a handpic (picrel: note the "fuck u" just when people were rightfully sus). mod started banning everyone, locking multiple threads for talking about it, only banning him when it started to look sus and never really redtexted him. they told us to go back to 2X because "lolcow doesn't cater to your ideology", etc etc.

this mod also wiped clean the boards of this freak's hand but wouldn't really ban or redtext him while they immediately banned, condemned, and redtexted women who disagreed with his misogynistic shit. starting to think there are literal trannyjannys on there now. i've never believed that, but now i do. i really think the women from LC need to consider coming here, where we're actually welcome to talk about our issues and aren't demonized by admin or the jannies for being feminsists or pro-woman, or talking about men.

everyone who clowned on him or disagreed with him was banned and redtexted for basically no reason, 2 threads locked in a matter of like 45 min. i've never seen something so ridiculous and suspicious. the handpic is extra bizarre and does not seem female to me. zoom in on those nails. the troon admitted he was ana. nothing about his beahvior seemed female and yet this mod was coming after anyone sus of him. being that there has been 0 communication, it's very plausible that the old admin handed LC over to a few men or a woman and a few men, or something suspicious because there's a lot being kept from us, and it's going back now to how it was 3 years ago, if not potentially looking to be worse for the future if this continues.

Anonymous 132457

That's definitely an emaciated male hand. I stopped browsing lolcow ~2 years ago when I realized how shit the old admin was making the site. Wouldn't be surprised if old admin handed the site to a troon since she was a huge SJW retard in her leaked discord messages.

Anonymous 132459

truly, that's what i'm thinking. plus she was so desperate to get rid of it. now we're having mods cape for them, delete their pictures, penalize women for being suspicious and tell us to go back to 2X. it's just ridiculous. in conjunction with massive amounts of secrecy and no updates, i'm honestly convinced they're either taking males or trannies on for mods or it's just been handed over to them. you have to check out the unpopular opinions thread, the vent thread, and meta to see all of the mess. i'm not a conspiracy type person but this is getting impossible to excuse.

i also left after admin closed down gc, then 2X, then pp, then sperged a million times and also the discord messages. it was just a shithole. it was better for a few months now because there was basically no moderation, but for no reason there was a complete spergout by this one mod centered around protecting this obvious tranny. plus it bothered me the way admin was always bitching about the CC admin for no reason when CC admin is chill, nicer, and more wise than she was.

Anonymous 132483

you'll find soon enough that the moderation here isn't better. maybe the lesson is that troons will ruin everything everywhere.

Anonymous 132502

i was routinely using CC about 1yr-8 mos ago. has it gotten worse? i know admin implements a lot of rangebans so people get caught in them or filterbans with words with little communication but what's it like now mostly that would indicate trannyjanny here?

Anonymous 132504

Nta your talking to but made a comment yesterday that was joking at a user saying there was a trans mod, by saying all mods are trannies and both of the comments were quietly removed

Anonymous 132506

but are we still able to talk about troons, abortion, manhate, without incident?

Anonymous 132508

can you give an example? just curious. like what would be considered too moid like?

Anonymous 132515

oh, that's kind of based actually. disagree with them on the "kek" and not having empathy for troons thing though i understand they're probably on red alert 24/7. i don't think most of the mods would necessarily be able to see post history, so it can be difficult. i can understand that. they probably figure anyone overly aggressive or who posts 4chan tier memes could possibly be a dude.

Anonymous 132520

they're talking about CC mods now. we're on the topic of how CC moderation has gone down allegedly. idk because i haven't been here in like 8 mos

Anonymous 132558

Anonymous 132567

I don't use lc that much except for a select few threads, can someone who's used it for a long time explain about the mods? I always got the impression it was like feminist/radfem friendly place but now I see farmers complaining about there being tranny/scrotes on the mod team on and off for years, is this true? is the sites current admin not a radfem?

Anonymous 132636

I've developed a love/hate relationship with lolcow. They try to hard to be edgy because "muh imageboard culture 1!11!" and they insist on being hostile towards newcomers.

Feminist and radfem adjacent yet it's a gossip website at it's core. They're so obsessive when it comes to criticizing women's bodies and accusing others of being men it's mental. Lolcow functions best as a website when women can talk about things that are considered taboo on mainstream media (talking shit about the TQ+ crowd, your unfiltered opinions about specific online spaces, asking personal questions) it's refreshing to see women talking about these things but a lot of anons are just mean at times, everyone is anonymous it's to be expected.
The whole creepshow art thing actually makes me more paranoid about posting in LC it's such a rare thing for an imageboard to expose a poster's history.
I guess it's a website with both it's good and bad.

Anonymous 132646


Anonymous 132785

>it's such a rare thing for an imageboard to expose a poster's history
it's not rare at all in lolcow, it happened several times. and not all of them were as obnoxious as creepshow art.
lolcow is a gossip site. everything else came from the mostly female userbase, but it's a gossip site first and foremost, that's why this website was created. lolcow will never be a non-toxic radical feminist haven because toxicity and nitpicking other people's flaws (mostly of other women) is the core idea of lolcow.

also imageboards should be more exclusive and enforce the "lurk more" principle more. there's a very specific culture surrounding ibs and it's what draws people to them in the first place.

Anonymous 132791

I wasn't aware that it was common for LC then, I really like venting and airing my frustrations on the website since I have no one else to complain to.
But yeah like you said LC is a gossip website first and foremost not some anti-toxic women's group, it accentuates the worst on women's groups it's why their discord groups fall apart.

Anonymous 132923

it really wouldn't be an issue if moderation didn't specifically want to keep it so toxic because the moderation leans so dramacentric. users don't necessarily want that.

Anonymous 132984

it is a drama website, that's what it was created for.

Anonymous 133011

Pixielocks is one of the only drama threads I still care about and it's for exactly that reason. Her DID larp has pushed her from just an annoying but non-offensive girl to kind of a terrible person. It's entertaining to watch. Boo hoo to the anons who think cow threads are full of angry bitches, sometimes they are just fun and it's fine. Doesn't mean the people in those threads are actually bad people, it's just a place to let out steam. Cyberbullying isn't even real. I do agree that many of the threads there are unnecessary, though, but certain threads are good to have as archives for really terrible people so they can be held accountable. Like sexual predators and scammers and the like. But the overall quality of milk has really gone down and people attack each other for no reason. They like to cannibalize themselves. I can't even go to the MTF threads anymore because everyone who doesn't think exactly the same is called a moid or TRA, when they clearly aren't. Women are not a hive mind, why attack other women for having different opinions and feelings. I feel addicted to lolcow and ibs in general, it's really bad for my mental health but these are also the only places we get to opening talk together as women. I feel sad to think of letting these places go because where else can we just be free and safe.

Anonymous 133015

cyberbullying is absolutely real and this sounds like a cope for being so psychologically weak that you need to take it out on other people. so much so that you are even addicted to it. shame

Anonymous 133032

What I personally don't like about lolcow is that sometimes you get very bitter offensive replies for a post that is in the correct thread. For example, when you post something in the unpopular opinions thread or in the things you hate thread. What's the reasoning behind this? Why do some nonas seethe at the slightest shit? Sometimes people get mad when you post in a cow's thread and you sage you post and remain on topic, but still there's some sperg that comes to you and tells you ''that's not milk''. Girl, I know, I literally saged and started my post saying ''sage for no milk''. I mostly lurk there and sometimes you see confrontation in a cow's thread and sooner or later things become calm again, but later at some point, even after a new thread is made for the same cows, the angry spergy nona makes a reference about the nona she was fighting with and calls her a retard. Would they ever for a second stop trying to make miserable other nonas that they perfectly know they are still on the thread? It's like they feel it's their thread and they need to attack anyone who says something they don't agree with. It's so pathetic. I enjoy dialogue and a good argument with someone who is ready to throw me some good points against my ideas, but degrading someone because you feel shitty yourself and need ragepost is boring.
Another thing I don't get is why they constantly say CC is full of trannies. They have a lot of scrotes too and they literally can't stop taking the bait. Today I've read than some LC users come here to troll. What the fuck does that even mean? Why would you come here with that shitty attitude? Damn, some farmers really can't stand a peaceful atmosphere and need to bring their toxicity here with them.

Anonymous 133171

fuck this site. cp appeared while i was browsing it.

Anonymous 133173

The admin really needs to implement a captcha system.

Anonymous 133180

No, fuck the moids who spam it here.

Anonymous 133186

admin HAS to be a tranny letting cp spammer trannies off the hook, they ban people for everything else but cp spam somehow isn't fixed for hours?

Anonymous 133188

It's not like they're going to be posting it from their own IP address, dummy.

Anonymous 133189

this has happened enough times that something seems sus about it, the least admin could do is shut down the site for a while or implement an image ban?

Anonymous 133193

i'm an actual woman posting from a vpn because i was banned because a mod was triggered by a wojak picture and my posts disappear in minutes lmao

Anonymous 133205

you will never be a woman, tran. if you laid eyes on me you'd kill yourself instantly with shame.

Anonymous 133239

late but the board was owned, or is still owned, by some twinkle toes named iain/ian who was an old admin from the early years. he supposedly “left” around the time regina was running the site but a retired farmhand admitted on kiwi that he still ran/owned the board behind the scenes and that admins really didn’t have complete control over the board like we had been led to believe. i am willing to bet he’s back full time because an old thread in meta directly related to his stupidity disappeared right around the time the “new” admin took over and the snarky ban replies are very much like him. plus, he was one of the admins i remember who booted a bunch of farmhands when they were fighting for him to leave permanently; the board similarly went downhill, we were getting raided constantly, and it never really recovered after that because he wouldn’t let anyone do their jobs properly. it’s just way too much of a coincidence that the same thing is happening again so i am willing to be one slice of cake he’s the reason the board is tanking hard and fast.

Anonymous 133267

ayrt I was on last night and cp was being spammed everywhere and stayed up for like 6 hours, I think the site is definitely ran by that ian guy because it'd make sense for a moid admin to not care about the site
it seems like mods/admin on lc are really incompetent, rarely around, and never give updates or communicate with farmers which is suspicious

Anonymous 134167

You know what I hate about lolcow.farm? That it's down right now!

Anonymous 134171

Same nona

Anonymous 134486

I love lolcow, especially the off topic boards and how fun they used to be but i feel like an influx of twitterfags filled it up lately it feels like i’m scrolling through twitter when i’m reading it it doesn’t help that /m/ got nuked

Anonymous 136768

I started reading frequenting lc at the start of the year because of this thread, I did not listen to any warnings (previously I thought the site was only for drama discussion which I was not interested in). In six months I got very burned out from all the toxicity (yes I'm a newfag there, sue me). I liked the way threads are handled neater and the more active userbase, but holy shit the misogyny is off the charts. I mean, I'm used to horrid shit in img boards, I've browsed them since I was 12-13, now 27. But claiming to be ""radfems"" while shitting on women constantly does not sit right with me. I know it's a gossip website and toxicity is expected, but the site has become "a radfem site", at least the user base has (the admin, being a moid, was very against that before, right?). So it seems hypocritical as fuck. I don't know. CC is depressing too, but the vibe is a bit less rabid I think.

So, here I am again. I know this site is overrun by moids too (so many internet moids I know know about CC) but maybe I'm such a handmaiden I overlook it for less toxicity.

I just wish there was an actual space for women with no men around, one of those hugboxes where everything is nice and there's only rainbows butterflies and sisterhood uwu

Anonymous 136837

I feel exactly the same way anon. Though I hope the anons who rightfully complain about the unfair beauty standards on women aren't the same ones who call a woman ugly over things she can't change. There are sweet anons on lolcow of course, but so many anons there seem like downright nasty people. Way too many infights and nitpickers.
I still like CC because despite all the men here, overall it's comfy and most anons here are nice. My perfect imageboard would be completely women only and as active as lolcow, but with much less hostility and unnecessary judgement.

Anonymous 136846

A woman after my own heart!

I was in a discord server (not the official looney town one lol) with some and some of them are absolutely lovely, and some very nasty. That is of course true for any social setting, ESPECIALLY image boards, but I still feel many s are so goddamn angry and negative there. Well, saying mean stuff is still nothing compared to the shit I have witnessed in 4chan adjacent servers lmao (I KNOW, why did I even join them? I'm stupid and lonely that's why). Literal convicted pedophiles, incels, and hordes and hordes of anime coomers. So saying other women are fat ugly whores ps I'm a feminist is small, microscopic beans compared to that.

Anonymous 136868

I definitely feel like imageboards have either the sweetest or the meanest people. Makes sense since the average person wouldn't use them.
I also know exactly what you mean with 4chan servers, although I've stopped using them long ago. I think the thing that makes me the saddest about 4chan is the amount of pedos. No matter how 'bad' lolcow can get, it'll always be preferable to 4chan. You're not stupid anon, and I hope you're able to feel less lonely soon and surround yourself with only good and caring people like (presumably) yourself.

Anonymous 136896

General userbase of lc don't claim to be radfems though. In general they agree with a lot of rfism but dislike rfs and the sisterhood stuff they promote. Not to mention mods will redtext you for radfem sperging. I agree with you on the toxicity issue tho. They're prone to lashing out over minor stuff so conversations tend to devolve into infighting pretty quickly

Anonymous 136898

I get your point, it's on me for assuming every who attacks others for interacting with males at all (and calling everyone thinking differently a pickme/nlog), and kind of demands others also be separatists, identifies as a radfem. I've been assuming that's the case since the reasoning seems to often be feminist in nature, but of course it doesn't mean the poster is a radfem. Also pls I don't wanna argue about radical feminism or separatism, I have nothing but love and respect for those concepts even though I do not currently practise separatism myself.

Anonymous 136923

They're not too far off the mark.

Anonymous 136937

I joined a int general server when I was at rock bottom and it was full of pedos, nazis and weeb coomers (pedos)
I believed they were "joking" and weren't actually serious and really that bad… 4chan has the worst scrotes and int generals in particular

Anonymous 137036

Oh shit, same. For all the time I have browsed image boards I always assumed people were joking. They were not.

Anonymous 137138


I'm wondering if my problems with lolcow is because of the userbase or if I just don't like imageboard culture. I'm too much of a tumblrina and a people pleaser I guess. Some of my problems with lolcow also applies to cc and to some extent 4chan.

I only frequented very specific boards on 4chan and I'm so thankful that lc and cc don't have coomers and 24/7 degen jokes.

Anonymous 137150

From what I know, at first it was mostly joking, but then
a) people who are not, start to blend in more openly and visibly
b) newfags was under impression that's what people really believe and start to mimic them, also blending in
So some time later nobody was joking

Anonymous 137179

You are cute anon

Anonymous 137184

What you don't like is 4chan culture which unfortunately has spread its way to cc and lolcow (not surprising considering its origin). There are plenty of imageboards that are comfy.

Anonymous 137267

>There are plenty of imageboards that are comfy.
Like what?

Anonymous 137269

Anonymous 137270

woah fellow picochanner?? Hi!!

Anonymous 137271

Oh yeah, visit the onion thread on /x/

Anonymous 137336

Anonymous 137384


What is the need to be onion hosted if they are so comfy…

Anonymous 137386

NAYRT. Tor is in the spirit of anonymous image board use, masking your identity and your destination. Some countries have fiercer censorship than others. Even Twitter and FB have Tor addresses, the only way you can access those sites in some places. Wanting to keep your privacy online should be the standard.

Anonymous 137987

I think you have to be in a pretty bad headspace to post on these types of sites. I know two people irl who post on cow type forums and they both are the type to low level bully a lot of people but cry that they are the real victim. They both have posted about mental health issues and clearly are very critical of themselves. They can’t stand the idea that someone might be better than them at something so have to constantly criticize others as a way to level themselves up.

I did post there myself for a while too and I wasn’t dealing with my feelings in a healthy way. It’s easy to project a lot of personal issues onto a cow because they remind you of someone else or personify a general issue you have so you say mean things about the cow as way to get revenge, when really it’s all in your head, or exaggerated in your head to ridiculous proportions.

Just looking the popular threads, you’d have to spend a few hours a week to stay caught up, not to mention screen shotting, writing posts, and photoshoping memes if you want to take part. It’s practically a part-time job. No one sane would do that.

The cow and non-cow parts of the site feel like two different sites grafted together. The non-cowpart is so much calmer and supportive.

Anonymous 137988

>Kpop threads got banned
and thats supposed to be a bad thing?

Anonymous 137995

I found their reddit accounts. The post on places fundiesnark and hilariabaldwin.

Anonymous 138283

Lolcow is horrible. Who spends their lives making fun of other people?

Anonymous 138339

That’s not true, lc has an active userbase due its gossip forum nature. It attracts people that wanna check what e celebs are up to otherwise it’d be dead as here… I don’t think it compares to cc beyond being both made for female use

Anonymous 138344

>Overrun by "woman" who calls you "faggot","tranny" if you say something they disagree with
that sounds real familiar, not sure why

Anonymous 138512

Theres moids on lc spamming scat, bug porn, animal cruelty and mods do JACK SHIT

Anonymous 138513

I came here for this exact reason. The spamming has been going on all day for several hours and it seems like none of the mods/admin are even online. It sucks because I've been on lc for years and the site is quickly deteriorating by the day

Anonymous 138517

Yeah, a website flooded with this behavior would be completely unusable for any arguments.

Anonymous 138662

As much as I like their commitment to female supremacy (while also harassing women they deem sluts…) they're so fucking trigger happy with their bans

not a marxist? banned
defend a lolcow? banned
post yaoi? banned
use an emote or don't write like it's a graduation thesis? banned

this is the kind of moid culture censorship that makes imageboards unbearable

Anonymous 138665


The lolcow section of that site is honestly… shocking to me. I'm more scared of having someone like those s in my life than most of the actual cows.
A lot of them exude the same energy of /pol/ fueled incels.

Anonymous 138669

>I'm more scared of having someone like those s in my life than most of the actual cows.
Saaaame. I would rather spend an hour in a room with a lot of the more harmless/cringey cows than with those lc posters.

Anonymous 138675

Got banned for saying I like kpop. That's it I give up, that admin can sperg all she wants.

Anonymous 138680

why do farmers hate this site so much?

Anonymous 138690

I've been on lolcow for about five years and I've been visiting it way less over the past few months. People there are just so perpetually bitter and snarky for no reason usually, it's like they use any excuse to pick a fight over the dumbest, most minuscule things and end up shitting the whole thread. And it's so blatant that it's been overtaken by Twitter morons, you can clearly tell by how they talk and the annoying ass lingo they use. I swear there are more underaged anons there than ever before. Not to mention their obsession with calling any woman that doesn't agree with them a pick-me, nlog, man etc, like ffs women are not a monolith, we're allowed to have different opinions and interests. Their vocabulary is seriously lacking, that's the reason I avoid most social media but it's sadly the same thing all over again on lolcow.

It's a real shame because sometimes I go through the old threads in the archive from like 2015 or 2016, and I can't believe how much calmer and nicer everyone is. I guess /g/ isn't so bad, if you overlook the anons screeching about how ugly certain women are to them. I guess I've grown so cynical over the last year or two that I just don't want to encourage it by going on lolcow anymore with its near constant negativity. Perhaps I've grown up in a way lol

Anonymous 138691

My thoughts exactly. Though I do have admit I'm a newfag myself (I did not want to visit lc as I am not into cows, I was not aware theres other boards as well), but even I have noticed the shift in tone very recently. #notallnewfags!! Ok but jokes aside, one of my main gripes is treating every silly little shitpost as a political statement and infighting about it to hell and back. I can't remember seeing culture like that in other imageboards, or maybe I just have rose tinted glasses on.

Because cc is overrun by moids, also how everyone is a handmaiden just talking about feefees (apparently).

Anonymous 138692

I'll believe it when I see it. Which I won't, as the admin is MIA. There was also claims the old admin Ian is still in charge.

Anonymous 138699

A few years (?) ago some anons got permabanned VERY easily from cc, and are obviously resentful for it and now just use lc instead.

Anonymous 138703

lol its so easy to evade a permaban :l

Anonymous 138707

Some people are tech illiterate lol. Also, I understand how it can be annoying on a principal level and they avoid the site for that reason.

Also, the emoji/smiley ban is so retarded and autistic (reminded by your post). They are not img board culture that is true, but etiquette breaks like that should be handled simply by good old fashioned bullying, not BANS lmao. Of course if you spam emojis like a retard then it could be banned as spam etc. And why are emojis not prohibited in the site code if they are not allowed? Are they not on 4chan, since I have never seen one there? I just feel bad for a I was chatting with and she got banned for mistakenly using a simple text smiley.

Anonymous 138722

I think there is no reason for emoticons to be banned, because emoticons are exactly The ib culture: kaomoji and ascii art was used when textboards has no images, but they are still being used even with a possibility of posting images

Emojis - don’t care, but if I would go on that territory, there will be an another whole ted talk how I think “ib etiquette” is dumb and forcing you to have a hivemind - text patterns of a hivemind person, default opinion tm of a hivemind person, when it shouldn’t - you are anonymous, because you don’t want to have a bias and a history, not because anon is a one person. Same way I think of redditcore posts and their one unified style of their posts
If you don’t want emoji on your site - don’t support it in your code maybe idk

Anonymous 138732

Unrelated to emoticons and emojis, but IB etiquette and "lurk moar" exist precisely to avoid the hivemind. If no one made an effort to integrate, there would be no distinct cultures in any online space and everyone would talk in the same way. That's what normie spaces look like, like exact copies of each other. It's not a coincidence that most original content that becomes memetic still comes from 4chan, even after all these years.
It is also important that some of these rules are kind of unspoken and hard to parse, because that ensures you absolutely need to lurk first. People take to heart being called a "newfag", but everyone is a newfag at first. Inserting oneself in one community and immediately trying to change its vibe and rules without even spending enough time there to understand them is what is universally bad, and it's what is supposed to be filtered by said "culture".

Anonymous 138739

Hmm, good post and thoughts anon!

My only real issue is that why the emojis are just straight up disabled in site code, it creates much work for jannies to manually remove them and ban the users.

Anonymous 138761

i guess that makes sense but tbh the similar format to 4chan is what initially turned me off from cc before i gave it a shot. just because its an image forum inspired by it doesnt mean we have to act like complete retards like they do. i guess i just don't get why women would want to imitate greentexts or use their memes or terminology, anything that reminds me of those misogynistic faggots just makes me mad. the ironic ones like inceloid, moid, etc are really funny though.

Anonymous 138810

I agree. It's a real shame.

Anonymous 139586


16chan down?

Anonymous 139974

unfortunately yes. site owner got raided by the feds. /bmw/ on TG has people that used to post there. I can drop a link if you want

Anonymous 139980

I think if I had never found lolcow I would be a lot more confident. Anons there have given me a lot of insecurities I don't think I'd have ever developed if I didn't browse there. But I'm grateful that it pinkpilled me.

Anonymous 140229

>a bad mixture of wizardchan. Posts retardation
>facebook/tumblr of imageboards
>Overrun by "woman" who calls you "faggot","tranny" if you say something they disagree with
Absolute projection.

Anonymous 140244

CC certainly does less of the third one

Anonymous 140285


link would be great

Anonymous 141078


I frequent both

Anonymous 141082

Same. Also love this fucking meme. chefs kiss for ST memes.

Anonymous 143580

I stopped using it in 2017 but the problem is obviously: you let the normies in. When that happens, it kills any site.
Normalfags can't ever integrate themselves in niche communities, they refuse to lurk and are unable to understand board culture. Lolcoe should have been heavier-handed with Twitter retardation when they had the chance to, but instead they got SJW admin lmao. Anyway rip.

Anonymous 143599

Farmers and miners need to go on a corporate team building exercise together so we can learn to get along

Anonymous 143618

Deleted my previous post because it's not a "nona", it's a scrote. Anyway, the only based thing lolcow does is ban troons on sight.

Anonymous 151673

I go there but only for the off-topic and media boards like many other anons here, the kiwifarms vibes and the bitchiness makes me uncomfortable, and like miner >>143580 said it's full of normies. It would be so much better if it had very little to do with lolcows and was just a very active female imageboard. Sadly it's the only option i have other than here and the horribly slow yaoi one. I'm glad that they make fun of and expose trannies and incels there though because i'm terrifyingly transphobic and men deserve it, but the ones about being nitpicky about girls with eating disorders or anyone that acts slightly weird online etc… is just no.

Anonymous 151674

Lolcow seems to be pretty hostile to fujos too like some teenage prude's from twitter

Anonymous 151679

Yes, it's so annoying how they keep shitting up every thread for no reason.

Anonymous 152075

Was permabanned with no reason stated. What the fuck?

Anonymous 152187

If you use a VPN that someone else uses they ban the VPN address.

Anonymous 152207

I don't use a VPN but I hope that's somehow what happened and it's not because the tranny janny got pissed at my TrAnSpHoBiC comments. I was temp banned for infighting in /ot/ and directly after that I got the permanent message. The vast majority of my posts across the board(s) are within lolcor rules though smh I emailed admin and appealed the ban but no change reee
CC is kinda comfy tho tbh I might stay here.
Lolcow admin/jannies are retarded if they're permabanning regular contributors to the site.

Anonymous 154860

it's been down for a few hours now, could it be because admin is updating the site/moving servers finally?

Anonymous 154868

holy shit hopefully its not down for good. We can't have another site like this down.

Anonymous 154881

Still down for me too.

Anonymous 154900

Lmao this old Null pic, he was never a looker but still downgraded so much, how do his eyes look even further apart with a fatter face?

Anonymous 155225

Still down, somewhat nervous but also maybe I will be free from spending all my time in there finally

Anonymous 155300

My biggest gripe with LCF is anachans and constant weight sperging. It's ruining all the threads on nearly every board. The cow threads aren't even gossipy anymore. It's just fighting about weight, calling cows fat, calling eachother fat, and saying "seething fatty" at posts they don't like. I honestly wish MPA or something would just have gossip threads so they can do it somewhere else and just let actual farmers who want to gossip about real milk have the space to actually do it

Anonymous 155305

It is annoying. I still remember when an anon revealed herself to be 25 (I think?) during the millionth infight about Billie's, who is 20 btw, weight in the celebricows thread.

Anonymous 155308

This sucks. Was ready for a cozy weekend browsing old and new threads, hopefully it's up again soon.

Anonymous 155311

Something that always sticks with me are the times when a very normal looking woman is just immediately called fat. Were you around for the time Megan Fox was being discussed for her see through dress and a n o n n y said something about her "embracing her chubbiness"? Megan. Fucking. Fox

Anonymous 155314

The celebrity cow thread had gay moids that posted in it at one point and were responsible for some of those comments.

Anonymous 155317

That explains the stan Twitter/TikTok lingo I would see sometimes.

Anonymous 155319

Even the way they jumped in to call Rihanna, a woman who recently gave birth, fat in the recent "celebrity gossips" thread is disgusting. They police women's appearances like there's no tomorrow in there it's absolutely repulsive how hateful they are. To me she looked gorgeous even with the added weight anyway, and i don't even like Rihanna and her bullshit music/companies at all.

She has a right to exist in her body, they were all saying she shouldn't wear a skirt with the weight she gained like she was some atrocious whale or something. But what can you expect from a gossiping thread i guess, it's obviously gonna be full of pieces of shit because this gossiping hobby IS for shitsacks.

Anonymous 155322

just don't frequent these threads, they're cancer anyway. i hope lolcow comes back up soon

Anonymous 155335

Honestly hiding that one and unpopular opinions along with the things I hate and vent and OT becomes a much different exp.

Anonymous 155341

the celebrity gossip thread has got to have the most mentally ill users on lolcow the people in it are always absolutely unhinged

Anonymous 155342

then you must have never read through the dog hate thread

Anonymous 155612

The dog hate thread is a little unhinged but they are endlessly based for hating shitbulls though

Anonymous 155645

There's no MPA anymore. Got rebranded to edsupportforum and the new software is awful. It's designed like facebook or something, not a classic forum. Ironically MPA was the main reason I kept going back to ED thinking. Now it's gone and I feel different now. It's not as fun to anachan without MPA.

Anonymous 155694

Thanks for hosting us, miners. I used to favor CC and only look at the Pixielocks thread on LC, but I got really sucked in over the past year. It's nice to be back here.

Anonymous 156003

LCF is like a mix of PULL's boring cows discussion with Twitter's self-righteous userbase

Anonymous 156029

Fuck you, faggot

Anonymous 156040

And you sound like a kiwi

Anonymous 156088

the first part is correct tho. Cow/gossip discussion anywhere on the internet hasn't been interesting in years, it's become way too diluted now that everyone is on social media.

Anonymous 156095

Proving that anon's point beautifully

Anonymous 156107

Anonymous 156119

Proving that you're a weak bitch, get off the internet nona.

Anonymous 156122

Acting like easily offended twitterfags
It's not me who's rude, it's everyone else who's a weak bitch. I have done no wrong in my life.

Anonymous 156128

I bet that's what the only person you ever talk to irl, your mom, says about you sure.

Anonymous 156153

I love my mom

Anonymous 156181

I bet that a certain tranny has posted ITT

Anonymous 156294

>timothee axewound pic

Anonymous 156352

When the fuck is lolcow coming back i'm bored af

Anonymous 156487

These types of posts right here Nona's, yeah that's why we are unwelcomed here.

Anonymous 156642

“Nona” and “” are the most obnoxious terms on lolcow. When tf did that start? I remember some munchies using “” in the old munchie threads towards the end of them, did they just never leave? It’s just weird.

Anonymous 156647

Anon = Dracula. Nona = Alucard.

Anonymous 156653

It's cute, your guys' attitude and obsessive need to critique is weird.

Anonymous 156697

Yeah, when are you going to do anything about your normie Twitter userbase, LC? It makes the site almost unusable when there's some retard shrieking about "cultural appropriation" every other day.

Anonymous 156714

Nobody on lolcow does that? Like, ever

Anonymous 156731

I have seen it several times. From the top of my head, I remember it in the Venus thread.

Anonymous 156734

Sitting on CC wondering why some retard is claiming lolcow of crying about cultural appropriation

Anonymous 156752

… what the fuck are you talking about? I said nobody on lolcow cares about cultural appropriation and your response doesn't make sense. How am I crying about board culture being appropriated by saying nobody on lolcow cares? Jesus, either you're Blaine or you're illiterate kek

Anonymous 156760

Ok nvm I just realised you're the smelly scrote himself

Anonymous 156769

Do you ever go on 4chan?

Anonymous 156779

You already ban evade, what makes 4chan any different?

Anonymous 156791

What boards did you use? Kek I can't imagine anyone liked you there if you literally post there like you do here

Anonymous 156804

Well I haven't read your onionfarms thread but the general consensus is that you do it to start arguments. Actually, this is something you said you do, too

Anonymous 156816

We have, unsurprisingly. During the hammie chan war you stirred up some shit tbh you've probably argued with half the people posting here

Anonymous 156821

can everyone please stop responding to the troon?

Anonymous 156835

>once my cover is blown
You announce yourself tho? That's a bit confusing. I'm a solid 90% sure that your identity was picked on lolcow for that reason

Anonymous 156995

Stop replying to males

Anonymous 158062

i want my CC back i want my CC back i want LC to leave

Anonymous 158068

CC's big sister is visiting, sorry you'll have to endure her crankiness for a while.
She'd a good girl deep down tho

Anonymous 158424

I use both LC and CC but it bothers me that farmers are so disrespectful to this community. Like "who cares what they want, let's take over their site, top kek"

Anonymous 158432

Me too. LC users complained about kiwifag refugees yet act exactly the same

Anonymous 158483

Yeah it's almost like how trannies are selfish nobodies who try to be women and invade communities for themself, isn't that so interesting Blaine? Ever hear about something like that before? Its crazy kek

Anonymous 158516

At least theyre mostly posting on their own contained threads, I dont think they're doing much harm. I actually like that some threads have been more active thanks to them.

Anonymous 158536

Stop talking to it.

Anonymous 158736

Still down

Anonymous 160336

There were a handful of farmers asking why is kiwifarms so bad on both lc and cc. How do you even begin to explain to a terminally online user that uses the internet to laugh at mostly literal who strangers that her behavior isn’t exactly normal or accepted in polite society.
It’s been really frustrating to see this sentiment repeated like how out of touch must you be. I was tempted to respond so many times but it felt pretty useless.

Anonymous 160347

I know what you're saying but you're forgetting that these aren't just random people that people are gathering around to laugh at. They're Kero the wolf, they're Tommy Tooter, they're always awful people doing horrible things and the threads are documenting them. Is it funny? Sometimes, absolutely yeah, but that has never been the point

Anonymous 160356

I agree. Sites like KF, LC and /cow/ are necessary parts of the internet. So many fucked up people that harm others have been exposed due to lolcow sites.

Anonymous 160360

At least they mostly stay in their containment threads, seeing only LC posts on the front page is pretty annoying though. I use both and hope LC will be up again soon. Sorry for shitting up your site miners. I remember there being a talk about making a new site when LC really goes down, we'll be gone soon enough (I promise kek).

Anonymous 160362

I doubt it's any worse then shit that's posted on 4chan /b/ and cloudflare still services them. Kiwifarms didn't deserve to be taken down just because some tranny got unaware idiots to brigade for them.

Anonymous 160601


Update from the LC discord. Apparently it's a planned upgrade/move and not an attack, will be back up (hopefully) soon. Screenshot stolen from the indie band cows Tumblr. Apologies if I posted incorrectly, I'm just a LCF refugee

Anonymous 161458

the talk about celebricows reminds me of something else that annoys me; the amount of times anons keep posting fake stories from twitter and immediately taking it at face value even if it was already proven fake and without actually reading articles about it, just because it's on twitter.
also lmao at how they immediately started weight sperging again as soon as the site came back up

Anonymous 174978

Does lc work for anyone?
I can see it but I get an error when I post (it's not a ban message).

Anonymous 174985

no, the site is broken or something.

Anonymous 175103

wtf why is this making me sad. im not even anachan anymore but i practically grew up on mpa

Anonymous 175119

Damn. I didn't know MPA wasn't around anymore, feels like the internet lost another piece of wild west internet. Not a whole lot of places left where you could openly be pro-eating disorders even if the member base sort of pretended not to wanna drag newbies/wannarexics into it. Not that I necerssarily support pro-anorexia content but it's better than a handful of big tech companies curating what you're allowed to talk about online.

>the new software is awful

Wasn't the old software kinda trash too though? I remember I couldn't even delete my account when I wanted to and had to hope for the setting to magically return because that's what it did for some users but not all.

Anonymous 175133

it doesn’t work

Anonymous 175649

Zoomer socmedia-zombie normie board

Anonymous 177463

the s in that thread were called pickmes because they were having actual hateboners for women and lesbians while also trying to be edgy and entertaining the moid. It was cringe but fighting about it on multiple threads was cringe too

Anonymous 177473

they hated her because she told the truth

Anonymous 177487

I feel like LC had a “”serious “”” air around itself especially when Oldmin as admin there Lol

Anonymous 177507

now it's just twitterfags causing the site to die a slow death by unfunny, i can spot them from a mile away they make themselves so obvious.

Anonymous 177508

Last time i went there i saw an anon using tone indicators unironically, it's so obvious that it has been taken over by twittertards but they like to deny it.

Anonymous 177517

Thats been happening so much and I wonder if I should bother reporting

Anonymous 177523

>it's so obvious that it has been taken over by twittertards but they like to deny it
That's the worst part, they deny deny deny but then wonder why there's constant infighting and no funny posts. I get that it's not supposed to be 4chan but the obsession with not being "like moids" has made the site feel super dull and stale.

Anonymous 177525

You should, but I doubt they'll do anything about it.

Anonymous 177530

in comparison to lc cc is boring and slow but lc is full of retards esp /snow/ psychos

Anonymous 177533

it’s not surprising they are attracting twitterfags

Anonymous 177534


attention starved nona complaining to lc users about seeing fucked-up websites on the "What are the most fucked-up websites?" thread

Anonymous 177535

Tbh if cc had better moderation (removing gore etc) and more users it would be a really cool place. The lc bunker threads were at times really fun, it's only when the party poopers show up that they become gay, so i retain the hope that someday autistic women will truly have a space to sperg out on the world wide web.

Anonymous 177536

god if i screencapped every pearl clutching anon post i saw i'd have 10 hard drives full of them, they drive me up the wall.

Anonymous 177545

another imageboard must be made, twitterfags already know about cc and lc zoomers think using imageboards is cool,normies are going to invade us soon.

Anonymous 177548

agreed, i wish i could but i have no fucking clue how to even make one and i don't have the resources, this is a call to arms for any computer savvy autists ITT.

>zoomers think using imageboards is cool

i'm a zoomer (pls no bully), and i can confirm, they (the annoying zoomers you are referring to) basically see it as "ohhhoooooo spooky dark web!!" so they come and shit up these places for kicks, lc's userbase is essentially a horde of bored twitterfags.

Anonymous 177554

im a zoomer too anon, “oldwebcore” is a thing as well. if someone made another imageboard we have to protect it from normies and moids ,to keep the moids away we have to give them the impression all things talked about aren’t interesting to them like yaoi,kpop,shipping etc….normies aren’t going to know about it since it wouldn’t be as known as cc and lc.

Anonymous 177555

the only problem is that a lot of the people interested in yaoi and kpop are twitterfags, but that would make good moid deterrent.
>inb4 pickme
if i had an ib i'm not sure i would make it a strictly female only one because that creates paranoia and moid accusations, just an ib where female voices are prioritised and where women dominate if you catch my drift, with gendercrit threads and shit. moderating that would be an absolute nightmare though so i'm just talking out of my ass here.

Anonymous 177558

/x/ miners are the best.

Anonymous 177559

yeah every 3rd post sounds like
>Wow girl I- naurrrrr chile kek

Anonymous 177560

true i wish it was more active

Anonymous 177561


Anonymous 177562

CC is bussin fr

Anonymous 177563

bruh no cap on god this site is bussin we lit

Anonymous 177564

>Some cc anons come off as way more unbalanced
Isn't the main point of lolcow being an imageboard to stalk and make fun of literal no ones?

Anonymous 177566

y’all chile

Anonymous 177567

This actually made me laugh irl

Anonymous 177568

a lot of users have a complex about being "normal", which is weird because i feel like it's an unspoken thing that ib's generally attract unusual/weird people. why use one if you want to talk to normal people? just go on social media, it's more active and has strict content moderation like the anon in >>177534 picrel wants.

Anonymous 177570

Where was this posted on lc? I wanna read the replies lol

Anonymous 177579

confessions thread i think

Anonymous 177624

do we really need more racebait jokes tho

Anonymous 177651

what racebait jokes are you even talking about? either way my opinion stays the same, let anons make that decision for themselves. if you don't like a joke ignore it and post better ones, seems logical to me.

Anonymous 177898

I wonder how many people on here are also farmers

Anonymous 177903

A lot, wasn’t this site made by a farmer

Anonymous 177906

apparently so, just curious how many miners are also active farmers. anyways which site do you s think has the most twitter/tiktok migrants?

Anonymous 177909

I'm both a miner and a farmer. I first started as a farmer but I prefer the mines now because (and it relates to your question) the farms seem to have too many normies/seem more normie than the mines. I don't think I've ever come across a twitterfag here, meanwhile lc gets those regularly.
I think the way farmers talk about cc is a good repellant for newcomers as they seem convinced no real women post here. CC is more of an old school ib so that also plays a part. Lc is very organized which is good in some ways. I like its structured ways sometimes. But cc has more freedom to just talk about anything and be a schizo. Previous anons summed it up well, farmers look down on neets, weebs and weirdos too much despite their userbase being made up of such people in large numbers. They're just in denial.
Not that we don't get larpers, we obviously do. But to say that this is troon central or whatever is just silly when we have insanely active rf, pp, gc and man-hating threads while farmers have to resort to the hidden board which barely gets any traffic.
Many users here are underage and handmaidens but it's not a big issue. I like how casual this place is.
It's funny because a lot of 4chan scrotes only know of cc's existence (and thus lurk here more) while twitterfags and tiktokfags only know of lc. You decide which is worse.

Anonymous 177910

>I like how casual this place is
i feel the same way, a lot of LC users take themselves very seriously and moralfag a lot, it's boring. i hate both 4chan scrotes and twitterfags, but since i use this place as an escape from twitter/tiktok bullshit i guess 4chan scrotes are less abrasive to me. i hope that this board grows because i would love to have a place where women can speak without shitflinging nazis and twitter retards, but it is what it is.

Anonymous 177921

Are you retarded. I was talking about lolcow, obviously, because it’s a thread about lolcow.

Anonymous 177954

Anonymous 177989


There were times where this place felt way more troon-y, so I think a lot of LC anons who complain about that might just have outdated views.
That said, you'd hope that during the containment threads era especially they'd have realized that it's not the case any longer for the reasons you mentioned…
I wish LC would bring back hellweek and just crack down hard on the anachan, twitterfag, fujosperg posting it would be so healthy for the site I think.
I'm glad tho I didn't use CC regularly for a long time bc it was too slow/seemed Troon-y whenever I checked it but it's matured really nicely. I was around in the LC thread where it was conceived so it feels like watching your kid grow up and go to a nice college lol
In the end the thing I want the most is there to be lots of good, varied places for women to shitpost online

Anonymous 177990

Anonymous 177991

Go back

Anonymous 177993

This is the real troon in our midst honestly. Cc has become nothing but troons and moids duking it out, spreading gore and racism between the shitflinging.

I mean they never even say anything thought provoking when picking apart trannies, they rage in circles and turn /b into rage central.

It's especially troony to take a jab at fujos. Bring back women. I don't get the feeling they post much of anything anymore its just troons and moids at each others necks nonstop.

Anonymous 178081


I keep seeing some anons post "it's giving". It's over. No amount of bullying will make these people go away.

Anyway, I got in trouble one time because I called breasts "melons" as a joke and got called a scrote kek. And I did not know that there were a lot of moms on LC. It's no wonder one anon got pissed about my opinion about willingly bringing children here.

Anonymous 178097

Idk I blame the oldfags for not bullying hard enough, a lot of the exchanges I read on /ot/ specifically make my jaw drop at the sheer amount of twitterfaggotry I'm witnessing. If you have a different opinion or viewpoint from them you will get dogpiled and be subject to random accusations, they don't care and will continue to take over the site until it's just twitter without profile pictures. I guess the original userbase aged out of it and now the only people left on there are very "prudish" (inb4 moid) or just SJWs with a gender critical twist, it's sad to watch but it's just what happens when tiktok/twitter/tumblr catches wind of something.

Anonymous 178099

>I wish LC would bring back hellweek and just crack down hard on the anachan, twitterfag, fujosperg posting it would be so healthy for the site I think
A last ditch effort like that is the only hope they can have of ever restoring some level of quality to the site, but the admin seem more unresponsive than ever so it's not looking too good.

Anonymous 178108

I don't see any problem with fujoshis and i don't get why anyone would hate them.

Anonymous 178124

But fictional males are different and they look cute smooching each other desu

Anonymous 178132

Can't reach it either.

Anonymous 178134

same, i thought i got banned which is weird because i never posted anything against the rules

Anonymous 178135

It's dead for me too. I will take this as a sign to stop going there. Even the /FTM thread isn't fun to read. Everyone is screaming AGP and posting ugly men who don't believe they are trans. Most users are from twitter and extremely young. Seeing that much internalised misogyny hurts.

Anonymous 178159

I don't know why some anons can't reverse image search to get the answers they seek. Sometimes the answer will even be in the filename and they still ask for the source. Dummies.

Anonymous 178173

Oh no my opinions get feedback I disagree with on the Internet. You still can’t say the n word on OT. Whine more

Anonymous 178185

Go back to LC then

Anonymous 178189

Literally so true, I hate how "safe" that website feels now. I saw someone on lc describe the general state of the internet as "retard proofed", and I agree, they put all these rules and restrictions in for stupid people who get offended by everything and can't tell the difference between jokes and reality, and we have to wade through the sea od dead corpses that is the internet now. They will keep trying to gaslight you that it's better now, that everything is fine, that you should just accept (look at what kf had to do for german users), but people who know how good the old web was will never be convinced otherwise. I get the feeling that the new userbase is straight up twitterfags, but also SJWs in denial because they are gender critical.

Anonymous 178190

i thought it was just me

Anonymous 178198

>waaah waaah my retarded pol moid takes are getting made fun off

Anonymous 178199

>kiwifag crying about lolcow

Anonymous 178208

>enjoy your safe space
>n-no you can't disagree with me, this thread is only for validation!!


Yet still crying about some specific autism going on on the website you're totally not using kek. I'm not seething, I'm enjoying the fact that you don't feel comfortable in lolcow.

Anonymous 178218

what was it that kf had to do for german users?

Anonymous 178222

LC used to have a nice and tough community but with PULL admin deleting the website they got PULL refugees that would shit up threads, and then all of the old cows would become boring and the new ones would bring Twitter and TikTok audience. When some art-youtube-whatever community cows started having huge dramas in their threads (peaches and some other one) there was a huge influx of people on tiktok bragging that they discovered lc and twitter mentioning that and people in general coming to shit up and WK, but the current twittertiktok-faggotry in celebricows and /ot/ with racebaiting SJWfags i have never seen lc in such terrible state.

Anonymous 178257

There is a way to filter out normies. Be as offensive as possible and scare them away. That requires the admin and farmhands not having a self-righteous stick up their asses and allowing some sperging and shitposting though.
Never let an imageboard be normie-friendly, it always always always kills it.

Anonymous 178277

>Read: Invite a shit ton of moids

Anonymous 178279

We really dont need more /pol/ moids masturbating about their hatred of black people in more places

Anonymous 178285

It's stupid because I used to like /tv/ for the occasional celebrity shitposting and I enjoyed celebricows because it's on an actual female board but the race sperging and twitterfagging is so rampant in those threads.

Anonymous 178289

That's what I'm saying, there are no other solutions at this point. If a few of the oldfags/non-twitterfag anons speak up more then maybe it will scare the newfags away.
Are you >>178208? Go back.

Anonymous 178297

I prefer those to normies, all things considered, they are less disruptive and lethal for the entire website. /pol/ moids shitpost a lot but they get bored at a certain point and mostly stick to their places. A place to talk about e-celebrities doesn't appeal much to them.
Self-righteous normies on the other hand will make sure to subvert the whole website and will multiply until everyone has to abide to their rules. They also occupy the rest of the internet with the exception of some niches, so it feels even more suffocating when they steal yet another place.

Anonymous 178313

Some of the moids who make those threads clearly post in other threads too though, which creates infighting and derails, and even if the moid posts were deleted there still leaves a trail of replies. I agree with you though, that normies are dangerous and that we should be more crude and less apologetic. I know I'm crude.

Anonymous 178319

I'm tired of the lies. /pol/ moids don't leave if you don't fucking smite them, they try to colonize every site with their bullshit. I hate normies and want them banned when they act up, but no one sane wants /pol/tard scrotes or their retarded handmaiden pickmes around. The worst part is that all their whining about being censored is complete horseshit. There is no shortage of websites that house them. They fucked up most of 4chan, 8chan, Mastodon, etc. They just cry like bitches because they can't fill the whole internet with their garbage.
They're even worse than normies, because not only do they have trash extremist opinions of their own, they absolutely would censor me and every other woman (especially non-white ones) if they had the chance, so I'll never defend them. At least with normies, we can band together and be as offensive as we want until they get so triggered they leave. With /pol/ moids, they will spam us with CP and gore and porn that degrades all races of women to try and force us to accept them (just like that one "n problem" spammer). They should be hung by their ballsacks, and they deserve every scrap of backlash they get.

Anonymous 178329

I'm sorry, but your whole post shows how completely disconnected you are from the current online environment, or lack of knowledge about how things used to be at least.
Get triggered by people using bad words or whatever, I don't care, I just have no interest in using spaces like that.

Anonymous 178331

>they absolutely would censor me and every other woman (especially non-white ones) if they had the chance
nta but I think the way it's set up now is perfect tbh. Like don't allow racebait in general, that's actually neutral. I don't know why it's seen as censoring to not be allowed to spam raicebaity shit everywhere and that the state of 4chan is seen as tru neutrality, when it obviously isn't. Same thing with the constant whining and screeching about muh fat dykes some anons do. If you say anything about it you must be a sensitive sjw twitterfag, as if it's not a sign of sensitivity to whine about being censored because you're not allowed to sperg and spam obsessively about the same shit constantly like some /pol/tard scrote.

Anonymous 178342

Thank you for actually making sense.
>If you say anything about it you must be a sensitive sjw twitterfag, as if it's not a sign of sensitivity to whine about being censored because you're not allowed to sperg and spam obsessively about the same shit constantly like some /pol/tard scrote.
Exactly this. It's the most hypocritical shit. The moid cries out in pain as he strikes you.


>Every anon I don't like is the same person
Nope. I don't use Twitter for any reason, I don't know what retarded infight you were in, but get over it.
I hate scrotes from /pol/. They are more intolerable than normies, who fuck off after being told to dilate and that we don't care about respecting pronouns enough time, simple as. Maybe you have a /pol/tard boyfriend and that's why this statement offends you, but I don't give a fuck, cope, seethe, etc.

I've been in the LC "community" since MF, so you're wrong there. Even in the very recent days, we almost routinely get spammed with CP and gore by /pol/ scrotes, so I don't know why you're trying to make it about "muh bad words". Back in the day, the /pol/ invasion was so cancerous that the mods actually made them a containment thread in /ot/ (which used to go by another name), but they leaked out all over the site and fucked up other threads anyway, and that's why they were banned. Even on 4chan, /pol/ was made as a containment board, but that didn't work, and now it can't be deleted because they'll further infest every neighboring board if they don't have a main hub.
You should understand that there's a line between sensitive Tumblr bullshit and moid-infested cesspool.

Anonymous 178364

Well, we're talking about lolcow here, not CC. I like the way things are on CC. No racebait, but no excessive "safe space" bullshit and SJWs are mocked, as they should.
This is the ideal situation for me. But sites like these only survive as long as they stay under the radar. Lolcow is completely unusable, full of whiny zoomer SJWs who throw a fit once you don't comply to the LastCorrectThing that they self-indocrinated their brains with using Tik Tok or Twitter.
Let's pray they never find this place, or we're done.

Anonymous 178365

How am I a newfag or a millenial for correctly pointing out that /pol/ is cancer? How would sour grapes even apply? I'm just not some dumbass who heard about this place from TikTok or from /r9k/ moids, and is puzzled as to why the "girl boards" aren't a 1:1 clone of shitty scrote boards. Anyone who knows board history or just remembers first-hand what /pol/tards are like isn't soft on them, and trying to claim they're not as bad as normies is just nonsense.
I've also never seen actual jokes get banned on LC, FWIW.

Anonymous 178373

For starters, you're (or the person with the same opinion as you) were the one who brought up /pol/. The other nona and I are not saying /pol/fags are great, we're saying they're better than toxic fashy normies in hordes, in response to you(?) bringing in up.
What we were saying is that imageboards need to be less palatable to normies and SJWs. You're the one who immediately thought of /pol/tards, which kind of shows you really can't imagine a place without constant tone and language policing without constant gore or cp.

Anonymous 178381

If you can't even tell there are multiple people talking in this thread, I can't help you. I didn't bring up /pol/, I responded to the anon who said they were "less disruptive and lethal". I never defended normies, I outright said they're garbage but can be driven away.
>which kind of shows you really can't imagine a place without constant tone and language policing without constant gore or cp.
You either didn't read a thing I said, or you did, but you can't find anything to actually disagree with, so you're just making up weird strawmen.


You're just repeating what I said here: >>178342

Anonymous 178383

Pretty much. These things mutually influence each other as well. The more online spaces ban dissent, the more people are thrown into the internet's naughty bin (/pol/ and the likes), and the more people go down the rabbit hole.

Anonymous 178386

>but can be driven away
Really? How do you drive away normies? I'd like to know.

Anonymous 178392

I'm afraid you are projecting your strawman. If you don't know how /pol/ even made it to the conversation maybe read upthread instead of misunderstanding every argument.

Anonymous 178394

I've seen multiple actual newfags who want to make the site more like male-dominated sites so they can feel edgier and more "underground". Ironically, those tend to be the ones from actual normie sites who want to prove how "different" they are from their peers.
>What isn't normal is the influx of twitterfags who shit up LC and expect the rest of us to just accept it.
Tell them to fuck off. They're not mods, and they're too technologically incompetent to ever infiltrate our spaces without glowing from a mile away. Doesn't mean you need to make excuses for the shittiest moids alive.

I've said how in maybe two posts now, anon. Read them anytime. All non-newfags understand how to do it.


I don't think that's what "sour grapes" means, but alright.

Anonymous 178395

I've been here since the very first day of this website and have been browsing imageboards for well over a decade. I know how to repel normies, but I am asking you how to do it, since you seem to have a different answer to mine.

Anonymous 178397

Didn't you or the other anon accuse me of bringing /pol/ to the conversation? Maybe you should read both these posts and the ones above, or are you just going to "no u" everything?

Anonymous 178403

> I am asking you how to do it, since you seem to have a different answer to mine.
How so? Can you tell me what you think my answer is, so I at least know you actually read?


You sound so pissy about that description that I'm convinced I just described you. If you came from TikTok or Twitter or you only know CC and LC exist because a neckbeard bf told you, please go back. That's all.

Anonymous 178405

Again, read the conversation and see how /pol/ was brought up. I am not going to spoonfeed you, no matter how much you try to smirk-force me to.

Anonymous 178408

I'm NTA but the ghost you're describing literally doesn't exist. I've literally never encountered someone who fits that description. Most often it's the opposite.
And actually lolcow was a lot more similar to male spaces only a few years ago and, shocker, males were even allowed to post.

Anonymous 178410


Anonymous 178411

I've hand-held you multiple times on this, won't do it again. Read before replying next time.

Anonymous 178416

You not having seen something doesn't mean it isn't there.
>And actually lolcow was a lot more similar to male spaces only a few years ago and, shocker, males were even allowed to post.
I literally explained that and why males were banned before. If you had actually been there to see it, you wouldn't think that was a good thing, unless you yourself are a man (or just Blaine).


I didn't say we had a problem of people being edgy on LC, I said /pol/ scrotes shouldn't be welcomed just because we don't want normies.

Anonymous 178422

Why do you think they're the majority? We post tranny hate, shit on males, talk about Islam being a terrible religion and mock Redditors freely there.

Anonymous 178423

>you wouldn't think that was a good thing
Seeing as how utterly unusable the site is now, yes, it was a good thing.

Anonymous 178424

I feel like you're being trolled since they accuse you of being a newfag or millenial. When you have to be a millenial or elderzoomer to be an oldfag without starting out as underage. I think a lot of anons just grew out of finding that kind of shit funny, which is why 4chan tier humor isn't well received. A lot of oldfags also stopped nitpicking and moved permanently to g and ot. The shit that was funny maybe 8+ years ago isn't still funny now, anons not laughing at /pol/ tier humor to scare off muh normies doesn't make them literally Hitler trying to censor you and invite normies. The anti troon shit does enough to keep normies at bay, no need to make constant da joos jokes or whatever retarded shit they're missing. Being asked to integrate by actual newfags who can't comprehend that shit changed is mindboggling. It's just as retarded as when admin years ago seethed about radfems or pinkpill anons and decided everyone was a twitterfag or from reddit. Not like posting about Onion for nearly a decade won't radicalize you into misandry.

Anonymous 178426

Ah, so you mean "wrong" opinions that don't appeal to the normies. Good, thank you. Now for the next step, you'll realize that it doesn't only apply for opinions that you, TheDecider, considers "wrong".

Anonymous 178428

>they are less annoying in the long run than normies, which is just the truth.
They aren't. To actually think this, you have to be delusional about /pol/ scrotes.

Anonymous 178430

If I was a mod, I would have permabanned the anons who admitted to having pronouns irl.

Anonymous 178433

>Y-You don't understand! Me bashing other races and hating women is the SAME as you not tolerating rapey men in women's spaces, abusive porn and misogyny!!!
>Men posting was a GOOD thing actually!! Source: my ass
They're not even trying to hide it anymore, kek.

Anonymous 178436

being a feminist makes you a SJW already, what do you think social justice is? Of course you'd feel like lots of rfs are 'sjws' because the ones who wouldn't be considered sjws by virtue of being feminists at all, are lost tradtards or edgelords.

Anonymous 178441

Based opinion men raid either way

Anonymous 178443

This, they were hidden and removed because they supposedly attracted raids. Doesn't seem like that did anything other than make EVERY thread de facto pinkpill lel

Anonymous 178449

if you believe the patriarchy is a thing, you're considered a sjw like every other woman who isn't a handmaiden, get over it

Anonymous 178450

>The anti troon shit does enough to keep normies at bay, no need to make constant da joos jokes or whatever retarded shit they're missing.
Literally this. The fact that they can't figure out something this simple is insane.
>It's just as retarded as when admin years ago seethed about radfems or pinkpill anons and decided everyone was a twitterfag or from reddit.
That was ridiculously ironic. It's only common sense that a large chunk of the users would end up being sick of the tranny shit and male BS on an anonymous site specifically for women, but it's like she refused to see it. She even had mods ban anyone who talked bad about trannies or men for a while until she stepped down. It's funny, if these people weren't newfags, they'd remember that whole era and realize how good we actually have it in the midst of idiotic normies and seething males trying to infiltrate. I think we have a good balance now, I've never seen anyone get in trouble for not being a twitterfag. Even the redtext sometimes outlines that posters are banned for being obvious twitterfags.

Anonymous 178452

>muh racism
You're a lost cause.

Anonymous 178453

I don't use it, but don't throw a crying fit everytime some retard on the internet decides to say a bad word. Do you?

Anonymous 178455

Social justice = identity politics. Radfems oppose it

Anonymous 178460

I feel like this thread is full of mask-off moids trying to gaslight, raging that women don't like them. Some are literally trying to make it sound like not tolerating racism is a bad thing, I don't know what they think they'll accomplish here.

Anonymous 178461

I am transphobic and not a radical feminist. What now? Do you know that was the majority of the userbase when this website started?

Anonymous 178462

Or maybe women have different opinions than you and the internet doesn't have too be a huge safe space specially catered to your sensibilities.

Anonymous 178468

What internet? We're talking about a small imageboard for women that already tried tolerating /pol/scrotes, then banned them because they shat up the site and bashed women. If you think they're fine, they have tons of sites you can visit and hang out with them on.
It's really such a moidbrained take that you should be able to control all of the internet to fit your views, like Keffals in reverse. Will you threaten to get LC taken down next for transphobia?

Anonymous 178472

>Will you threaten to get LC taken down next for transphobia?
He (Blaine) will just spam cp like he always does.

Anonymous 178474

>like Keffals in reverse
>if you don't let me control your speech and decide which normie-disliked opinions you're allowed to express you're literally keffals

Anonymous 178476

Elon Musk is based as fuck for making the woketards in Twitter screech. I love that for him <3

Anonymous 178478

this is not true at all because transmen literally were allowed to post back then and were even defended. Nice try though, moid larping as a newfag. Pathetic kek.

Anonymous 178479

What, do you want to make me a list of SJW unfriendly opinions? Why? So you can throw a crying fit at the first one that offends your sensitive American heart?

Anonymous 178482

Transmen are still allowed to post, you complete retard. They are women.

Anonymous 178485

I'd post my hand but they'd probably doxx me and try to contact my employer to get me fired for wrongthink lmao

Anonymous 178486

>If I can't go into women's spaces, smear feces on the wall and attack them, I am licherally being speech-controlled! Don't you roasties see you're the same as meeee?! I am a woman! I am a woman! I am a woman stop misgendering me terf-I mean woketards!!

Anonymous 178488

you are the retard, im talking about women coming there in the past and calling themselves transmen and getting defended when someone used the wrong pronouns for them. They even posted in the couple of fakeboi threads in the beginning.

Anonymous 178490

Doesn't work with retards like >>178486. They have a compulsion to make every single space an exact clone of the rest, they literally can't stop.

Anonymous 178491

Nobody here wants to see any male body parts.

Anonymous 178493

And what do you think that proves? Transmen can still hate male troons, transmen don't have to be feminists, and most important of all, those were a small minority of posters. Not many women, radical feminists or not, transphobic or not, have a problem with trans""""men"""".

Anonymous 178496

Well, in your case at it would take would be to look in your pants, wouldn't it?
Two can play this game, dear tourist.

Anonymous 178497


me looking thru this thread rn

Anonymous 178500

They seem to be convinced the two alternatives are either a Twitter hellscape like lolcow or full-on /pol/. Conveniently ignoring the happy middle ground like the board we're posting in right now.

Anonymous 178502

Do you know what radical feminism entails, or its roots? Even outside of your LARP, do you get how anonymous imageboards work, or do you just feel so special that you expect to be recognized in each post?

Anonymous 178507

rad feminism is also considered identity politics because it doesn't focus on economic class
I don't go around calling myself one, but I remember that the only kind of 'feminism' that wasn't seen as sjw was Christina Hoff Summers and radfems were EXACTLY the types cringe compilations were made of just for uttering the word patriarchy. You can try to be a nlog all you want and have your own special definition, but sjw was mainly used against rf's, not even libfems. It's not smart to make something your main insult which can be directly applied to you, since radfems per definition fight for social justice and came straight from the civil rights era but ok.

Anonymous 178508

Im pretty sure the troon or the other ''you whores'' male spammer is posting here.

The troon in making logical fallacyc constantly lowkey comparing transphobia to racism and saying racebait and other shit should be allowed because troon slander is hate speech to him.

The ''you whores'' male (with the cheap ip) who is glowing, telling anons to allow men like him to post and how men from the worst boards from 4chan are so much better than someone who is a normie and that will totally fix lolcow. And that moids were allowed to post a decade ago for a short period of time so this is totally a reason for him to be allowed to shitpost.

Either way i wonder if the two of you know that you are on a list…

Anonymous 178511

Watch this thread die now because the troon and the other male spammer will be now going back to posting on lolcow now that the sites back up.

Anonymous 178514

That poster's just going to samefag, strawman and screech into oblivion. He doesn't have any understanding of what radfems are, of politics as a whole, or even the sites he's trying to haunt. The only thing I can hope is that he does what other incels do and eventually ropes.

Anonymous 178521

The word salad schizoposting really makes me wonder about that. Whoever it is, they need to go. It's insane: When women don't like men, we stay the fuck away from them. When men don't like women, they follow us everywhere, and pickmes cheer them on.

Anonymous 178522

There's no fucking Talia, he does this

Anonymous 178526

They love censorship when it's their fellow moids doing it, lmao.

Anonymous 178536

disinfect your necrotic tissue twice a day and dilate to avoid it closing.

XY failures always sound like the same schizo npc zombies and begging everyone to coddle them to make them feel better for being mommys worthless failure.
I mean i guess when you fail at life the only people you can blame are women for not taking care of you just like mommy or jews.

Anonymous 178540

What are you not able to say without getting banned and 'censored'? I could sperg for ages about an ethnic group in the tinfoil thread while using copious amounts of slurs and I didn't get banned. The only times I've been banned was when it was too ot, derailing or low effort. Not because farmhands couldn't take a joke or got offended. The only place I've been banned at for jokes is ironically enough 4Chan.

Anonymous 178542

hit a nerve huh?

Anonymous 178545

a xy male posting on a female imageboard begging to be allowed to post is not hitting anything, you are bottom of the barrel. Not even hitting cockroaches.

Anonymous 178548

the only difference I've heard of is that lesbians get banned for posting on the hidden board here kek

Anonymous 178645

Lol I'm glad someone said it

Anonymous 178647

no one is pretending it is okay lol plenty of people are complaining about it. It’s Admin

Anonymous 178697

Anonymous 178705

He was asked why he thinks twitterfags are the "majority" on Lolcow, and was given examples of what we can still do in peace here too >>178422. He will never be able to answer, because he's a retarded racist moid mad that he can't bash women (non-white or white) on a women's site.

Anonymous 178707

I actually don't think this is true, but maybe some lesbian anons were mistaken for moids. Details?

Anonymous 178708

He's the most easily triggered crybaby on earth, but /pol/ males will defend him because they're the same and don't want any space that doesn't worship them to exist while crying that they're the ones being censored. Free speech for me, not for thee.

Anonymous 178709

That's what I'm saying, it's weird, there's one specific anon I keep seeing who keeps pretending that anyone who sees how shitty the current state of LC (and the web in general) is obviously a racist /pol/ scrote that is 2 steps away from joining the KKK. It's so dumb.

Anonymous 178710

NTA, but why is it so impossible to you that multiple women disagree with your viewpoint? We don't all have to think the same thing.

Anonymous 178711

This is true, but cc and lc have always been linked anyway.

Anonymous 178712

Because of the wording and tone, but maybe there are just several of you that sound the same. Like bots KEK.

Anonymous 178713

Anonymous 178715

Also it's not impossible, I'm more than willing to believe that there are many radfemtwt sjw's ITT and in both of these sites.

Anonymous 178716

>calls everyone who disagrees with them a bot
>acts surprised when people think they're a schizo scrote

Anonymous 178717

>calls everyone they disagree with racist
>acts surprised when people think they're a twitterfag

Anonymous 178718

They do it all the time, I'm not sure why some think it's revolutionary.

Anonymous 180270

>kpop threads got banned

is this supposed to be a negative?

Anonymous 198574

man fuck the lolcow update I'm gonna miss the old chan style of the site
now it's basically Tumblr 2.0

Anonymous 208155

I miss the bunker threads. It was probably 10 people but it was fun. There's some threads on lolcow that seem to be left for dead. There's retards who come just to bait and everyone falls for it. The site was slow before the whole drama and messed up, now it's worse. It's depressing

Anonymous 208165

You think there were only 10 people in the bunker thread?
Just curious.

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