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What is your favorite thing to cook at home? Anonymous 107703

Anonymous 107704

Also chicken piccata is my fav.

Anonymous 107780

carbonara, chop suey, chilli con carne, burritos are my go-to's. and tiktok feta pasta

Anonymous 107864


bbq easily. I love it so much

Anonymous 107896


I dont cook but I go to a Chinese place a lot

Anonymous 110107


Don't be fooled by all my money, I still like to eat tacos, honey!

Anonymous 111010

Spicy shrimp and rice because it's filling and I like it and it makes me feel warm.

Anonymous 112730


Soups or chowder. So easy and full of veg. I make some crusty bread to go with and it's so good.

Anonymous 112733


Stuff along the lines of a noodle/rice soup/stir-fry in a hot(?spicy?) spice-palette with shrimp. Soups and sauces are fun to make, for sweets I like making blini if I'm not planning something else.

Anonymous 113045

I love to make flammekueche, tacos, and fried rice - easy, cheap, and delicious

Anonymous 113110

breakfast tacos/burritos, fried rice with a lotta veggies and tofu, pasta, oatmeal, and acai bowls yummmmm

i really wanna start making more Mediterranean type dishes cause that's what i've been really craving lately.

Anonymous 113111

How do you make your stock/chowder?
I love soups, but I'm terrible at making the base.

Anonymous 113138

not that anon, but personally I often buy supermarket stocks or boullion for ease. however, bon appetit has a handful of videos on youtube from different chefs (I believe I've seen one with brad, one with molly) where they make stock from scratch and those are really nice recipes.

Anonymous 113143

I love making Tortilla chips, but my recipes all suck

Anonymous 113300


guys, I've run out of grandmas and aunts to vaunt to, the time has come for you all: today I discovered my favorite thing to cook- I baked salmon in pastry, the filling was also sauce made of vegetables and cheese. It was verrry tasty, which was quite thrilling, because I chose to cook this mainly because it seemed cute.
take care, glup glup

Anonymous 113301

I love it! Such a creative idea

Anonymous 113303


I will make my own with onion, carrot, celery, and a chicken carcass from roasting a whole chicken. Or buy a rotisserie chicken. If I dont have time I use what's in the pic. It is pretty much magic, it make everything taste so good. I add it to sauces of any kind. There are a bunch of different flavors, too. Like beef, veggie, even lobster. This stuff really brings my cooking over the edge.

Anonymous 113933


made some tomatoe soup a few days ago^^
i love cooking and baking, and i have lots of free time so i have learnt a lot the last months, pretty proud of myself

Anonymous 113937

lookin' good hun

Anonymous 113941


Anonymous 113948

creamy and cheesy. darn it anon, now I am hungry.

Anonymous 114002

looks so good nona <3

Anonymous 114108

Please share what you learned if you don't mind? I love cooking but im getting tired of the same recipes over and over…

Yesterday I got a smoked/cured turkey leg and threw it in a medium pot. When the meat was gone I broke the bone in half, threw it in. Diced up a leek, mushrooms and two garlic cloves. Chicken bouillon, 2 bayleaves, peppet, splash of red wine vinegar and vegetable oil.

This was nice and cozy !! I often just make random thing like this when I do soup, with whatevers around but I am feeling bored with cooking late I need new ideas.

I can only make small things of soup, because I don't like old soup and don't want to waste it.

Anonymous 114876

Eggplant Roast Lasagna!

Chop up two eggplants.
Mix breadcrumbs with Parmesan cheese.
Layer eggplant slices on the bottom of a casserole dish. Layer tomato paste on top of that, breadcrumb mix atop of that, provolone and mozzarella slices on top of that.

Continue layering until you've reached the top of the casserole dish. Cover with foil

Bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Anonymous 114886

Depends if I feel lazy or not.
If I'm feeling lazy, carbonara, pasta/cream/cheese, croque monsieur (I do it without roux so it's more of a glorified grilled cheese), soup and Jajangmyeon

If I'm not feeling lazy, I try to make a new recipe, I have a thing for asian food

Anonymous 114988

I use the Mexican knorr beef or chicken bullion for a stock if I'm feeling cheap or the canned stuff if I have it. The Mexican bullion is all msg but there is a brand that is non msg. Then mix butter/fat/oil and flour in a pan on low for the thickened roux. If you throw everything in an instant pot…even the flour, you'll get an edible stew. Recently, I went to a Marie Calendars and the potato cheese soup was nothing like how I remembered it. Any potato cheese soup fans/recipes?

Anonymous 127719


Anonymous 133679


spam goes hard

Anonymous 133722

Pistachio-crusted salmon.

Anonymous 133730


Anonymous 134195

Parmigian-breaded eggplant lasagna.

Anonymous 134225

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