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Anonymous 107879

Do you wear your mask?

Anonymous 107884


Anonymous 107890

Why tho

Anonymous 107897

Yes. Only selfish moidtrash is obsessed with forcing the world to see their ugly mugs.

Anonymous 107900


Imagine being so selfish you would rather people die than wear a mask

Anonymous 107901

I'm not allowed to go to uni if I'm not masked + vaccinated. But I like wearing the mask anyway because I hate people

Anonymous 107911


masks dont work
vax dont work (the covid "vaccine" is not a vaccine lmaooo)
and the coof has almost zero chance of killing you unless you're old and/or fat. ppl with autoimmune issues too.
why do women fall for narratives from the government so easily? george orwell was right.
im a woman btw not a man

Anonymous 107912

Are you a doctor? How is the vaccine not a vaccine?

Anonymous 107923


>Are you a doctor?
Doesn't take a doctor to know that the definition of vaccine changed just in time for the clotshot rollout
it's gene therapy not a vaccine

Anonymous 107925

you didn't answer the question. How is the vaccine not a vaccine?

Anonymous 107938

Doctors have been hated for coming out against the vaccination too. Like the cardiologist who was attacked for saying the vaccination was dangerous
+ SO many people keep denying the amount of false information about the vaccine. Lying about the vaccination rates, delta variant, hospital beds being taken up, and then claiming people who die from the vaccine within a week aren't vaccinated or just covering up deaths + censoring people who post vaccine side effects

Anonymous 107942

Because I don’t wanna

Anonymous 108001

You people are like the dudes killing cats during the plague in the middle ages. We were never ment to get a perfect remedy instantly, thank god that we managed to come up with something and you morons chose to be brain dead flat earth belivers right now.

Anonymous 108002

I’m not beating any cats, anon. I’m reading scientific journals and papers. I’m getting numbers from CDC and WHO, not their media arm but their science department. Shit just doesn’t add up

Anonymous 108010


i wear a mask because it hides my face. i feel more comfortable to go out like that. it gives you some sort of anonymity

Anonymous 108012

Ur pretty with and without your mask anon

Anonymous 108028


See the problem is you blanket generalize the chance of death to the whole population. In my group (early 20’s, 71kg, 172ish cm) pic related is my risk of death and hospitalization from covid.

You tell me, genius. Do I need the vaccine, or should I just chance it and let my immune system do the work?

Anonymous 108045

Yea who gives a fuck about loved ones and friends why not just be an idiot and only care about yourself

Anonymous 108046


>You can mouth lyrics and talk to yourself without anyone giving you the stank eye
Even if the pandemic were to completely go away overnight I don't think I can ever let go of the advantages of hiding your face now. I've come to rely on it to keep me sane.

Anonymous 108048

they also have a low risk of death and hospitalization…

Anonymous 108053

An anecdote is no more valid than a blanket generalization.

Anonymous 108160

Only because it hides my face and I can then steal from stores.

This is literally what would have been ideal for humanity. A plague that kills the elderly was a gift, and we threw it away. They would have died, transferring all their wealth to Millennials and Generation X. With less people, wages would have risen because there was less competition for more open job slots and housing prices would have fallen for the same reason.
Plus, less people means less pollution so the rate the earth is dying would have slowed. Everyone who panicked and thought the greedy old dying was awful because they were brainwashed into thinking such by the self centered elderly.

Anonymous 108164

This. Old people have been getting everything handed to them, cheap college, cheap housing, and everything else. Normies have their families spend an arm and a leg plus millions of time to keep their braindead granny alive.

We need to protest the inflation of college and medical care, this is ridiculous

Anonymous 108180

That’s why they get vaccinated genius. Why should I?

Anonymous 108181

What exactly is anecdotal about making my decisions about my body based on risk assessments? Please enlighten me

Anonymous 108182

Why aren't the vulnerable loved ones vaccinated?

Anonymous 108200

Probably because it doesn't work, unlike every other vaccine everyone's taken, ever.
Don't appeal to authority, they don't have your best interests at heart.

Anonymous 108219

Even for a healthy 20 year old the vaccine is less of a risk than the virus so anyone suggesting they are weighing risks is retarded

However I am very much in favor of any statistical advantage for retards offing themselves before election season. Win win

Anonymous 108220

I also want to take this time to remind antivaxxers how correct they are, how the vax doesn't work, nor do masks and (((we))) are doing this all for control. Also our next plan to control you is prevent you from spending time in close quarters with your family this holiday season (trying to kill Jesus) so visit them. All of them. And all your like minded friends.

Anonymous 108223

If it was about health then we wouldn't have been so forceful

Anonymous 108229

Yep all the time at work

Anonymous 108247

aww thank you anon for saying that :')

Anonymous 108257

Because you're only taking in the probability of you dying, not everyone else. Antivaxxers do tend to be on the older side I imagine so my blanket generalization is probably correct.

Anonymous 108258

Where do you live where old people get everything handed tot hem? Where i live they seem to be the poorest and most uncared for demographic.

Anonymous 108259


No and I never will. Wearing a mask makes me feel like property. It is funny being in a place with moids wearing a mask when im not. It is like reverse shariah law. It is also fun mogging every mask wearing coward I walk past.

Covid is a hoax anyway.

Anonymous 108269

Vaccinated anon here: Usually no but if I'm in a place where everyone else has one I'll put mine on in case people are actually worried, both to be kind and because I don't want to stand out.

Anonymous 108286

Only when it's required because I don't want to get fined.

Anonymous 108289


No, it’s not right, and I don’t care what you think. The fact is that I’ve done my research, assessed the risks and rewards, and decided it’s not for me. You think I didn’t take into account the people I care about? You think that my existence is going to put thousands at risk? What the fuck do you know about viruses? Can you actually tell me on the cellular level what the three most popular vaccines are doing, because I can. You don’t get to decide shit for me. I don’t care how smart you think you are

Anonymous 108290

If it's these kind of retards like miss cheese whip??? Absolutely. Clean up the gene pool. In fact thanks for not wearing one, it's doing us all a favor. Lol but I'm not the original poster btw.

Anonymous 108292

Which Facebook group do you use for your noobile midwesterner research anon ? Good on you I hope when you're dying in the ER parking lot someone with brains with a real injury gets first dibs on the icu.

Anonymous 108294


>not original poster
I don’t care, I didn’t ask
There’s this facebook group called cdc.gov who releases there statistics. Oxford university has a risk assessor tool based on research gathered in england during the hight of the pandemic. Theres also this really big facebook group called “academia” that releases these things called “scientific journals.” Plenty of researchers have claimed its safe and effective, and plenty have claimed “uhh guys idk about this yet.” Just read the science behind it and if you’re not a dribbling retard you’ll understand

Anonymous 108295

*Their statistics lol

Anonymous 108296

> I don’t care what you think
Stopped reading after that. Your opinion is also now irrelevant to me and I remain correct

Anonymous 108297

All you did was call me a retard and said I should die, the sentiment is reciprocal. Go ahead and continue to parade your angles like you so love to do. Not gonna stop you from being a horrid hag

Anonymous 108304

Statistics and research paid for who ??? Other biblebelt Facebook 50-something hicks?? Go back to looking for road kill to eat and get off the internet

Anonymous 108306

>completely ignore that I cited my sources as Oxford and the CDC, as well as various other medical papers that conclude both sides
>calls me a hick and tells me to go back to where I came from
Move over anons, the adults are adulting here! You people are insufferable

Anonymous 108308

Oh, my bad, it seems you didn’t get my sarcasm. Those were not facebook groups, I don’t have a facebook, and before you sling any more poo I don’t have a telegram either. I only use instagram and snapchat

Anonymous 108310

She asked a question and I answered it, then you shit flingers came in when it wasn’t the answer you liked.
NOWHERE did I deny covid was happening. NOWHERE did I say that people weren’t getting sick, or dying even. All I said is Im not wearing my mask, and it’s enough to make you seethe this much. Two more weeks, and the curve will be flattened and I’ll be dead! You’re so cock-sure of yourself in your righteous indignation, it reminds me of speaking to a moid. Jesus get a grip. You can kowtow a little bit but do you really have to listen to everything that comes to you from reddit or cnn or or fox or whatever you listen to?

Anonymous 108311

Two more weeks and the fraud will finally be revealed!

Anonymous 108315

Not unless a human specifically askes me too.

Anonymous 108316

usually not, but i wear shoes and a mask inside stores, supermarkets and the gym, since it's required

Anonymous 108317


Not wearing a mask while walking around unvaccinated is practically giving out free samples. If you really don't have your head up your ass you know this.

What did you expect our fucking thanks??? Respect and admiration for being a self-righteous horses ass?

Anonymous 108320

Why? No grocery store employees will actually enforce it.

t. Walked through two airports and several restaurants/grocery stores and not a single person asked me to put on a mask

Anonymous 108321

bc i'm still super shy and wouldn't know how to act if some stranger approached me. i'm working on coming out of my shell a bit (which is why I prefer to walk around and buy stuff in person instead of ordering online)

Anonymous 108322

You bring it on yourself what do you want me to say? That I really admire your tenacity to stick it to kids who dont even have a way of getting vaccinated?? Yes really admirable. You walk the fuck into it what can I say? No matter how you spin it now, you sound like an inconsiderate ass. Why would you expect anyone to care what you have to say after that?

Anonymous 108323

Just start fake coughing lol

Don’t actually do that they might throw you out of the store in that case

Anonymous 108324

You put on the mask.

I get the joke, but the point of the exercise isn't to piss people off. I just want to see how many people are just wearing a mask because they are "supposed to". Don't really care about if masks actually work one way or the other.

Anonymous 108325

Right. I 100% get it. I was just trying to make light in a thread that’s been consumed by darkness lol

Anonymous 108363


Don't worry, the scientists said once we take our tenth (10th) booster shot, we'll finally be able to walk around without triple masking!

Anonymous 108364

Yeah, in the few places it's still required.

Anonymous 108365

No, I want more people to die.

Anonymous 108367

The hysteria surrounding Covid vaccination is the worst thing about the pandemic. Not the virus, not the lockdowns, not the vaccines, but the general insanity and rabid fanatiscism induced in the public debate and general consciousness.

We live in an era where truth is malleable and elusive, which makes it difficult to believe anything.

Anyone who's ever published any scientific paper knows that science is prey to the same human flaws and patterns like any other field, because it is work done by humans and communities of humans. And anyone who's ever worked on clinical trial data and papers knows that there are always lobbying pressures and methodological oversights induced by such pressures, such that you can't trust a single lone paper telling you something, you need a metanalysis, and even then that's not enough to be 100% sure, because we're dealing with a shitload of confounding bias because trials are never designed perfectly, most of which is unobserved, small effect sizes and usually not great sample sizes.

And in the face of all this, having a measured debate or position, with arguments in favour of vaccine usage, but not in favour of mandatory vaccination is impossible, as both "sides" will ridicule and shame you.

Anonymous 108369

Good god this is disturbing…. my eyes… why

Anonymous 108370

Replying to my own post

To be entirely transparent, I understand where those opposed to the covid vaccines are coming from.

These vaccines are produced by capitalist companies whose only objective is to increase their profits and dividends to their shareholders.

These specific companies have shown themselves to be untrustworthy and willing to put their clients' health at risk in several dozen past cases, and have paid at least hundreds of millions in court settlements. To emphasize : these entites have fucked over people for monetary gain several times in the past, and there's no reason to believe they won't do it again.

Then consider the fact that all governments are extremely desperate and looking for an issue to the pandemic at more or less any cost.

Then consider that every time a concern with the vaccines is brought up, the ones bringing up the concern are either silenced or ridiculed as uneducated morons.

How is this supposed to foster trust in government policies and acceptance of vaccination ?

Anonymous 108376

But it just feeds into the wider picture of insanity.

Why must vaccines be political ? Were polio vaccines and flu shots political? It sounds too much like antivaxxer territory to me. Either way flu shots.. other vaccines.. cancer treatments.. l have to go through the fda. It is giving a voice to idiots who would go as far as to politicize masks.

Masks aren't political either. They're safety measures and people don't want to end up in the icu just because they constantly can't avoid that one idiot that hangs in crowded bars.

It becomes politicizing a natural disaster for some people. "Honestly how can the tsunami that hit Japan be real even??!!! How can we know !! The media is biased and wants us to avoid Fukushima to avoid radiation poisoning too??! Wtf do they know?!"

It lending credibility to the wrong kind of hysteria.

It's getting way too deep in crazy/hysterics for me to listen to for so long though. Since when has anyone ever reacted this way.. to any disaster? To the spanish flu epidemics? What are they going to question the hurricane season too? Sit out the next category 5 for church social points? Lol honestly after all of this stupidity and pointless mayhem I wish the hysterical right WOULD start questioning meteorologists. You need to mobilize your churches come on! For 'murrica and liberty hurrdurrr

Anonymous 108377


They become political when mandates enter the fray, as unfortunate as it may be.
I don't see any reasonable people denying the existence of Covid, but I see far too many people willing to embrace the vaccines as some kind of anti-covid panacea, which they are not.

They are useful in that they severely reduce hospitalization rate and disease severity for at least 6 months after injection, there is no question about that.

However, they are not perfect in that they are not sterilizing (i.e. you can still perfectly catch and spread covid and fall ill even when vaccinated), and in that they have a very high rate of side effects for a vaccine . The absolute rates are still low, but are several orders of magnitude higher than other mandatory vaccines, while also preventing a much milder disease (yes, covid is milder than tetanos) and for a much shorter time.

Therefore in my opinion, it makes sense to offer voluntary vaccination to anyone willing, and to vaccinate in priority those at risk of severe disease : the elderly and people with comorbidity factors which are well identified by now.

There isn't much to gain with mandatory vaccination.

Anonymous 108394

Whether you agree the vaccine is good or not, this is an infringement on our human rights. Imagine if people who didn't get pnemonia or flu vaccines regularly got kicked out of housing, lost their jobs, were unable to receive basic human medical care, etc. That would be insane, right? So what makes the COVID vaccine any different? Especially since most people are vaccinated still get is as well as spread it but people would rather ruin America over a shitty malfunctioning shot than allow people to control if they want a vaccine or not

Anonymous 108395


> It is funny being in a place with moids wearing a mask when im not. It is like reverse shariah law.

Anonymous 108397

Uh there is the fact that more people have died from covid then all America's wars combined. Why should you be able to keep a job where you have to work with the public if you don't at least try to stem it yourself and do your part. Thw vaccine is all we've got. Most people in hospital icu beds are unvaccinated. That doesn't sound like JUST shitty and malfunctioning to me jesus christ. I mean its YOUR grandparents that are more likely to die, your immunodeficienct friends and relatives. This sounds more reactionary than concerned about finding a logical middle ground for the WELL BEING of everyone involved.

Also why should people who are willingly unvaccinated get care before someone who stubbornly made the choice not to be?

Anonymous 108510

You’re not fucking listening, holy shit this is frustrating

Anonymous 108511


The vaccine doesn’t work.

Anonymous 108513

>Were polio vaccines and flu shots political?
Nobody was holding a metaphorical gun to my head to get me to take the flu shot. That's why it's political.

Anonymous 108515

Spanish Flu Anti-M…

>Were polio vaccines and flu shots political?
Yes, incredibly, vividly. Tremendously. There were people resisting lock-down efforts during the Spanish Flu pandemic. There is no golden era in the past where all citizens were good little soldiers and unanimously did the right thing.

Anonymous 108516

>Uh there is the fact that more people have died from covid then all America's wars combined.
If we count the death of everyone person who had covid when they died instead of the number of people who died only because of covid.

Anonymous 108517

So you're just going to excuse the extreme amount of lying around this whole thing as "normal human flaws"…. How much does everyone possibly need to lie to you in order for you to stop defending it? I hope this isn't how you handle relationships

Anonymous 108535

Yes it does.

Anonymous 108537

Then why did my mum still get covid 19

Anonymous 108540

63..83.. 93…99% are still better than 0%

Why wouldn't someone go inside before a tornado hits??? Do they say oh there's only a 75% chance I'll survive what the fuck im gonna watch this shit from my driveway like a nonmongoloid

Anonymous 108551

A tornado will kill you. Covid 19 made my mum sick for a week

Anonymous 108552

Nta, there's a difference between going in your house during a tornado and moving states to avoid tornado. For example if you stop traveling in cars or buses whatsoever your chances of never suffering a car crash become astronimcally higher, but I don't think you're going to start advocating no one use cars again just because they get a 99% reduction in the chance of getting a car accident correct?

Anonymous 108572

Nobody claims it will stop you from getting covid, you're likely still to get it, but it won't result in the serious symptoms that warrant hospitalisation or death. Your mom getting sick for a week is a pretty good trade for being on an oxygen tank or dying? Sounds like the vaccine did its job to me?

Anonymous 108588

Except for the fact that it's been proven time to time again they're claiming people who died from other causes did it because of COVID, but you pro lockdown niggas are ignoring that

Anonymous 108644

>People dying during the pandemic must mean they're only dying of COVID and not of homelessness, food shortages, healthcare being pushed back, etc
>Somehow this means people aren't reporting COVID deaths even though doctors themselves admitted to being manipulated into reporting COVID deaths when the cause of death wasn't COVID
Explain to me how dying at all somehow = must be COVID??
At this point I can't trust someone who can't even admit the spread of misinformation throughout the pandemic. On both sides.

I live in an area with the lowest vaccination rates and nobody here has gotten COVID, mask bans are non existent, hospitals are clear, and so on. Someone please explain to me how the big scary virus that's gonna kill us all hasn't spread here1

Anonymous 108648

I imagine more people died overall due to supply chain disruptions killing more people than lockdowns saved.

Anonymous 108649

I took the vaccine and now I’m dead.

Anonymous 108652

I don’t need the vaccine when I’m suicidal and want to die.

Anonymous 108653

Quite possibly, and yet I'll go on believing it, seems more likely given how badly implement supply chains are.

Anonymous 108654

Unemployment and homeless has skyrocketing but sure all deaths that's happened is COVID okay

Anonymous 108655

Your theory is well argued and thought out, but I can’t be dissuaded it wasn’t an upsurge of Satanic ritual killings.

Anonymous 108656

Good on you friend.

Anonymous 108657

Gym closed. McDonald's stay open throughout the pandemic, multivitamins and health food prices skyrocket while Walmarts stay stocked with little debbies and soda. Their idea of "quarantine" is to make you stay inside and depriving you of vitamin d, a vitamin which undeniably helps the survival of COVID-19, fat positive behavior is encouraged by these same people who are swearing up and down that nurse Sarah is "literally killing people" by not getting the vaccine and boosters every other week. Mass firing doctors and nurses while strip clubs, sports stadiums and concerts are alive and well no vaccination needed

It was never once about our health

Anonymous 108661


>Nobody claims it will stop you from getting covid
That's exactly what the claims were
>get the jab and you wont' get the WuFlu
then it turned into
>get the boosters and you won't get the WuFlu
then it turned into
>get the jab and boosters and you won't get severe WuFlu
can't wait until the goalposts get moved again

Anonymous 108662

Also countries with low vaccination rates also have low if not lower COVID and death rates than countries with high vax rates. But everyone ignores that

Anonymous 108669

Your steps make no sense. When were "boosters" advised without a "jab"? And are you confusing a vaccine administered in two doses for a "booster"? Is your problem with the booster shots (after the second dosis)? If so, the best evidence is only for people in high risk of exposure or immune system issues (like any other vaccine, it is less effective in that case). Is anyone forcing you to get a third shot?

Anonymous 108675

>When were "boosters" advised without a "jab"?
obviously they meant getting the boosters after the jab, don't play that game now anon

> If so, the best evidence is only for people in high risk of exposure or immune system issues (like any other vaccine, it is less effective in that case). Is anyone forcing you to get a third shot?

we shouldn't have been forcing people to get shots anyway. That being said some places consider you "unvaxxed" until you're up to date with every shot, booster, and two weeks have passed. The slippery slope is real and the extremes people will go to in order to try to force people to get the vax is concerning. You don't just turn your immune system into a subscription service

Anonymous 108681

>nobody claimed it would stop you from getting the virus
k so i dont need it, simple as

Anonymous 108683

A seatbelt doesn't prevent you from getting in a car accident, but it sure can lessen the damage from being in one.

Anonymous 108684

we've been over this so many times read the damn thread

Anonymous 108685

>ctrl+f "seat"
>no results
>ctrl+f "belt"
>no results
>ctrl+f "car"
>one post about not driving cars ever

You fucking read the thread.

Anonymous 108686

the analogy of risk vs reward has been brought up so many times. for your risk analysis, you would rather not risk it so you have chosen to get the vaccine. As for myself, I have decided it's not for me. if you and your loved ones are vaccinated, what is the problem?

Anonymous 108687

Because idiots like you can still transmit the virus to my loved ones who are old and elderly and would die from a mild case of covid, you cretin.

Anonymous 108688

Youre just playing dumb at this point

Anonymous 108689

But the birus still gets transmitted regardless of vaccination status??????

Anonymous 108690

how can you be so fucking dense. how is the vaccine effective if one wee little lass can fuck everything up by not getting it

Anonymous 108691

Your loved ones would die if they eat sushi or get shat on by a bird or play soccer. That doesn't mean we should all be forced to stay inside and start killing birds just because other people have weak immune systems

Anonymous 108692

They're paranoid, sensitive, and think trying to control the actions of others to cling onto 100 yr old grannys life who can't process anything outside of daytime tv and prune juice is going to benefit society at all

Anonymous 108696

basically, i'm just not gonna get it (the vaccine, that is)
i know… i know… it SUCKS!
im just not gonna take it, is all

Anonymous 108708


Try for your effing GEDs before you post? 😨

They were and still are using refrigerated trucks for the morgue here in my city. I literally have dozens of nurses staying at the hotel I work at for months.

I guess it's true you could all be really insulated from a hospital but… my god

At this point, who cares? if some of these dumb fucks are demented enough to contract covid thanks to backwoods ignorance.. Then they should just get the lowest priority in hospitals! If you don't have a real vaccine card on you, you should just be forced to wait hours and days so NONimbeciles can get first dibs on the ICU, etc.

It looks exactly like half these retards never graduated high school or are trailer trash. I had no idea cc :|

Anonymous 108720

If you hate us so much shouldn't you be happy if you think we're killing ourselves? I'm literally in the medical field and haven't seen anyone die of COVID for months. And I live in a big city with a very low vax rate

Oh wait when it follows your narrative it's easily trusted and when it doesn't everyone is lying, got it

Anonymous 108721

I'm nta and didn't post ITT yet. Not sure where you live but that's not the case where I am. Why is that hard for people to believe? Especially if you're in the field.
I'm going to have to hide this thread because I've lost a lot of family as a result before the vaccine was fully rolled out. Best wishes anons, what a clownworld.

Anonymous 108722

Fuck off emoji user or try to integrate

Anonymous 108723

Because I've traveled to several large cities within the past several months, stayed at hotels, and not a single one "was literally filled with nurses and trucks to bring bodies to the morgue were everywhere"

Assuming this is extremely widespread, you'd think there'd be at least one picture floating around of any of this happening, yet somehow it's only happening to strangers on the internet or news sites known for lying?

Anonymous 108748

You think that trailer trash shit works here? You must he in high school yourself

Anonymous 108815

geez anonima you've mastered the art of baitery

Anonymous 108817


maybe I've been spending too much time on reddit but something tells me its pic related

Anonymous 108924

Ummm, no, masks should be/are political. It's duely political with masks deciding whether it be a surgical one or a KN95 type.

Anonymous 109062

This vaccine set itself also just is political. China is infamous for having gone off the deep end with government-megacorp entwinement. America's program was radical. And the first one out was fucking Russian!

And that's the lot of the jabs in use. And you might also at times hear of the Brexit-Theatre's vaccine.

Anonymous 109126


I only wear it when its required because I don't want to get a fine but overall I consider that wearing one is stupid at almost all times, specially if you are in an open and ventilated space.
I have anxiety so I hyperventilate often, wearing a mask is a pain sometimes becuase of that.

Anonymous 109129

Yes and I love them
>get to hide my 4/10 face
>don’t have to breathe in normalfags disgusting air and halitosis/germ breath
>feds and spies and cctv cant see me properly
>get to wear cute pink hello kitty ones and such
>havent gotten sick since using them
Masks are based and femcelpilled

Anonymous 109130

honestly this

Anonymous 109133

Anonymous 109137

Lmao this. I'm ugly as fuck and noticed a significant improvement in how strangers treat me ever since I started being able to hide my half of face. I don't want to go back to being maskless ever.

Anonymous 109828


Depends honestly, if I'm in a store/shop then I won't put it on unless an employee asks me to do it, to which I'll politely comply and just say "Oh sorry, it completely slipped my mind, thanks for the reminder!".
The thing is 9 times out of 10 they won't be bothered to confront you about it. I've gone inside a convenient store 7 or 8 times now without wearing one and only ONCE was I stopped by someone. It's not even that they're intimidated or anything, they literally just don't care enough to say anything.
I'm starting to believe the average joe doesn't really care about THAT much about his safety (ie doesn't want to get sick) and is more concerned with conformity since everyone else is doing it.

Other than that though, if it's some place like a hospital or an old person's home then put it on.

Anonymous 109829


*then I'll put it on.
My dumbass should really re-read what I write before I hit send.

Anonymous 109869

not anymore tbh

it’s not really required in my city at all anymore

but when i go to my hometown that has really strict covid regulations i wear my mask, which is kinda annoying but im fine w it

Anonymous 110267

Only dipshit obedient sheep wear a mask or get the vaccine. Enjoy taking boosters for life, retards!

Anonymous 110270


This. I felt a glimmer inside me the first time I put on a mask. I wasn't sure what it was for a while but my Agoraphobia was gone.

Turned out it was the single piece of confidence I have ever gotten in my unholy life–all because I finally could hide my face.

Anonymous 110282

Definitely true, I went in a store and spent some time there before suddenly realizing I was the only person without a mask lol. nobody mentioned it
I usually wear one though, since I live in a place where many people do have strong opinions about it and I'm afraid of people who might be verbally or physically aggressive over it. Not worth THAT risk

Anonymous 110410

I never wear it unless entering a restaurant/grocery. Never outside never in cars

Anonymous 111445

Hey, how about you put away your nasty picture of total doom and gloom? We will only need like 4 or so boosters to go to most places that will be pumped with ozone and irradiated!

Anonymous 111459

only when someone directly asks me to (e.g. in one of my university classes, the professor has an elderly family member who is at-risk, so i wear it in her class even though i normally hate it)
otherwise, no. i'm vaccinated and don't put myself in high-risk situations, so i don't see a need. there has to be a point where all of this ends. i'm not wearing it forever.

Anonymous 111491

yes, i have a family member who works in an ICU & immunocompromised family i'd like to visit, so i try to be extra careful about exposure to any diseases at all, including covid. masks are a small part of that. i like how handshakes have kind of gone out of style because there's nothing i hate more than having to shake some man's hand.

anecdotally i think masks are pretty cool because i've known several women who told me they started feeling like makeup is ridiculous during mask mandates, which have ended now (so they're not wearing as much makeup even though they've personally taken off the masks). anything that makes makeup seem like dumb shit is good in my book.

Anonymous 111496

Masks are useless, the dirty piece of cloth made in China you wear everywhere does not prevent the spread of the virus.
And mRNA technology isn't a vaccine, they even had to quietly change the dictionary definition of a vaccine to include mRNA thinking nobody would notice. They also changed herd immunity to remove the inclusion of natural immunity through infection.
Female health was, as usual, completely overlooked when making these vaccines and an alarming amount of women are reporting unwanted side effects related to their periods, who knows what long-term effects this will have on our health and fertility.
It's not even that effective, the benefit-risk ratio isn't worth it. You're priming yourselves for a never-ending cycle of booster shots every 6 months or so which is going to make the vaccine mandates permanently relevant.
COVID killed so many because it's misunderstood and poorly treated. Those pharmaceutical industries are defunding research on treatments so they can sell their product forever. Any expert or doctor expressing concerns about it is silenced and fired.
The collective well-being of our society is being jeopardized for profit, this is nothing new.

Anonymous 111584


Masks are the worst kind of health theatre. For people at risk they NEED to be wearing FPP2/FPP3 masks. Surgical masks are not effective for group settings.

But because govts latched onto surgical masks as a safety blanket/beh control mech early on they seem to be unable to admit that.

If a person is not vaxxed that's their choice, as immunity is not sterilising they are only risking their own health if they are clinically vulnerable (very fat or very old).

When will this hell end?

Anonymous 111585

>When will this hell end?
When the plebs wake up and vote all the bums pushing the scamdemic out

Anonymous 111609

So never.
People are such NPCs they are spreading their buttcheeks so daddy government controls them harder. Everything that was "for our safety" and "temporary" remained, how can they be so gullible?
It's over. Western countries are slowly descending into technocratic-fascism and people couldn't care less.
Freedom comes with a price that they are not ready to pay, they'd rather pick the safety of a cage. They are no better than cattle, in fact that's how they are treated.

Anonymous 111626

What's crazy about studies on masks to me is that they're impossible to control, so you can't separate the actual effect of mask wearing from behavioral differences between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers. That's particularly salient when taking the pandemic seriously is a politicized topic. So masks are a kind of behavior control if wearing one makes people take other measures too.

Anonymous 111672


when you realize you cant vote them out

Anonymous 111700

This. Voting is pointless.
At best you elect a politician who is going to represent the citizens with their manners and values but it's going to do fuck all in the grand scheme of things.
They all serve the same goals, they just have different coats of paints to give you the illusion of choice.
If voting had any impact it wouldn't be allowed.

Anonymous 111746

proof? Look, I actually agree with >>108028
but that doesn't mean that the vaccine does not work at all.

So just do nothing, then? this is what no communism does to a MF

Anonymous 111757

Spoken like a true Carlin fan.

Anonymous 111853

Hell yes I wear my mask, I have about 8 of them, very comfy, in different fabric patterns. One is a custom print of my own pattern. I get many compliments. I love watching the schizos larp at being oppressed because they don't want to wear a completely inconsequential accessory. Meanwhile I'm sitting pretty in my cute mask!

I also wear a hat with a picture of my face on it, so that people know what my smile looks like. :)

Anonymous 111858

I feel and hear you both. I use it because my face gets a bit hairy sometimes :(

Anonymous 119341


Anonymous 119471


Anonymous 119480

if its not an n95 or better its literally just false confidence

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