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Anonymous 109392

What's the single worst trait a person can have?

Anonymous 109399

Browse imageboards

Anonymous 109408

This probably, that's my bad trait
Also being insecure, jealous, clingy…my bad traits
Op next time don't draw a domino's instead put ruffles, no wait pretzels no wait cheetos

Anonymous 109411

I wish I could draw this, I stole it from an article I was reading.

Anonymous 109437

Posting soijaks like some unoriginal subhumsn

Anonymous 109468


Anonymous 109488

The effort to deal with these people vs the other vices is night and day.

Anonymous 109510

Being an ugly entitled scrote /"alpha male" obsessed..or being a braindead tourist trap normie I can't decide

Anonymous 109517

imo not being resilient. It isn't that I hate people that lack this quality, it's just that it basically tears you apart slowly if you don't have it.
why are tourist traps that bad? I've never been over 50 miles away from my birthplace though so I don't know shit about tourism culture but I often fantasize about where I can explore.

Anonymous 109534

Selfishness/lack of empathy is the root of a lot of evils IMHO.

Anonymous 109552

I live in an area with a lot of tourists. When they leave their trash everywhere and trash our hotel, our rivers, our parks and act like entitled douches I draw the line.

Anonymous 109553

Plus too many people move here, and clog the streets, and drive up the price of rent and housing.

Anonymous 109554

I disagree to an extent. You should be able to have empathy but you shouldn't be easy to manipulate because people would try to call you selfish. People can call anything and everything selfish and impose emotional labor on you simply because you're female. There are a trillion and one things I don't want to do as a female and it does not fucking make me selfish. Its so easy to call people selfish for anything you don't like, and the people who do it are often spineless, or have petty jealousy and tend to just live to make their targets lives miserable too. Unless we're talking about entitlement, now that's something totally different.

Anonymous 109556

If you don't know how to be selfish enough to say fuck no and I don't give a fuck, then you probably only do things for approval and out of fear. You should always be able to say Idgaf to some extent or you're just spineless.

Anonymous 109559

There's nothing wrong with selfishness as long as you don't hurt others, you can be selfish and peaceful and mind your business.

Anonymous 109585

Selfishness. It's the bad trait over which all others are derived. Even spinelessness is born out of cowardly selfishness.

Anonymous 111018

Being sadistic, because at that point a person like that will intentionally cause others to suffer no matter what, because for them suffering isn't just an unpleasant side effect, it's the reward in of itself.
I also really hate arrogance but that's more of a personal thing than what I genuinely believe is the worst thing to be.

Anonymous 111037

Being obese. I'm serious. It implies a shit ton of negative traits like not caring for their health, laziness, poor planning skills, potentially low intelligence, etc.

Anonymous 111050

Being drug adict

Anonymous 111184

Spinelessness. It shows itself in many ways. Not having opinions or not being able to assert and defend them. Vying for the approval of others. Inability to make decisions and stick to them. Excess compassion. Lack of resilience when it comes to criticism and pressure. No discipline.

Anonymous 111204

Every time I hear someone say this it's some chick who sits on her ass eating pizza all day but doesn't gain weight and thinks she's doing something special. I'll be sure to let my friend with hypothyroidism know that she's actually fat because she's retarded, because the anon on my femcel terf image board said so.

Anonymous 111232

Calories in calories out

Anonymous 111238

liking doritos
they are probably the singlest grossest "food" item to exist, they don't even register to me as edible

Anonymous 111250

>Every time I hear someone say this it's some chick who sits on her ass eating pizza all day but doesn't gain weight and thinks she's doing something special.
this person doesn't exist. like >>111232 said it's literally calories in vs calories out. and you know that it is still possible to lose weight with hypothyroidism, right? sorry your friend doesn't manage her condition better. my point still stands

Anonymous 111269

being overly agreeable, it makes for very boring and surface level friendships and i feel like it's an indicator of a shitty personality

Anonymous 111307

Professing a belief in woowoo. Magical, pseudoscientific, spiritual, does not matter. Once a person starts going on about it, it makes me viscerally disgusted. And, I assume they are either a deluded schizo or lying for attention or profit.

Anonymous 111320

Y chromosome

Anonymous 111325

Anonymous 111398

being a liar (or me)

Anonymous 111427

this but I also want to add that thinner=/=better. I only agree to the extent of obesity, but there is nothing wrong with feeling chubby or being a bit overweight. I just want to say this bc a lot of people on cc have EDs and it's important to remember that most sane (non-disordered) people only judge morbidly obese people, they won't judge you or anyone else for gaining weight.

Anonymous 119412

Cruelty and pettiness

Anonymous 119428

Pride was the worst sin for a reason, it's directly connected to egoism and selfishness

Anonymous 119429

It's also very very male

Anonymous 119430


And I don't mean just some narcissistic traits, as most people have ones now due to byproducts of modern culture like social media, but full-blown NPD. There's no fixing that, because that will require a narcissist to admit there is something wrong with them, which they will never do.

Anonymous 119493

Anonymous 119657

Pride is actually a sexual behavior which is why it’s so closely linked to males

Anonymous 119676

Thinking their a really kind person but being fucking selfish all the time.

Anonymous 119683


Yes, hypocrisy can be so irritating.

Anonymous 119757

clearly you've never had chili doritos

Anonymous 119770

Reluctant to change.

Anonymous 119799

Auming the worst out of people, at least individualy

Anonymous 119887

Intentional lying for personal gain/avoiding conflict. Remaining silent is fine, but out right lying is pathetic.

Anonymous 119889


Anonymous 119898

Why are you on this website if you hate autists

Anonymous 124364


Anonymous 124406

i absolutely hate people that say or do whatever in the heat of the moment and then ask for forgiveness or ignorance because they were just angry and sad and didnt actually mean to do those things, to me its your true self that comes out when you are feeling something extreme and ive had to deal with a lot of pain over the aftermath mental gymnastics of some retard's explosive burst. now whenever i see even a hint of this trait in someone i run away

Anonymous 124503

Self-importance and entitlement.

Anonymous 125610



Anonymous 125617

Being a strangled "well put together" dishonest person in denial

Anonymous 125846

An unwillingness or lack of motivation to change yourself for the better.

People who constantly self-sabotage because they can still "benefit" from the attention of getting pity from others are extremely difficult people to be around.

It's nobody's responsibility to deal with your shit because you can't reach out to the people that care about you because you're an attention seeker with no desire to be a functioning human.

I knew someone who just accepted that they were a "broken person" and just used that to enable themselves to just be miserable, shitty, selfish and combative, they'd bring everyone down.

They completely lacked any resilience and would shit and piss over any criticism of their behaviour.

It was really sad and pathetic to watch.

Anonymous 125862

How do you know they accepted they were just broken misbehaving people just because they weren't doing what you want though??

I had an aunt try to tell me this, even though I had an income, my own place, my own life. Brings back some fucking memories wow.

No I don't want to fucking rely on you, or get in touch with you because you "care". God knows where that's going to get me!! What am I crazy??? It's like deal with it. No some people don't care to stay close or lean on you for your "moral support". They probably stay away for good reason.

Anonymous 125914

on the contrary, i find atheists and people in denial of metaphysical/supernatural things to be intolerable

Anonymous 125916


Ah, for context they said "I'm a broken person, it's just a fact. I can't change that" during a long conversation about their mental health declining.

I tried to support them in a way that would give them autonomy to figure out what works best for them.

I was dating them at the time, it genuinely dragged me down and hurt to see that they just refused to change.

It felt like they didn't know how to reach out and they'd start lashing out and acting up at the notion that i might be distancing myself or I'm giving them a little less attention than usual.

We were in different time zones, i was busy during the day and that would be enough for them to attack me over having commitments.

I feel like there was probably some kind of complex mental health issues involved, but i wouldn't know. I didn't stick around long enough.

I didn't expect or want anything of them, i just wanted them to stop inflicting emotional anguish on themselves because they would fight me and everyone around me and just lash out and make it all worse.

Anonymous 126011

I second this so much and also feel like an idiot knowing that I was like this when I was younger.
The 'I'm so cynical and nihilistic, nothing matters, but muh logic'-people are closely related too.
I guess it's just the constant wallowing in self-pity that is incredibly off-putting, unbearable.

Anonymous 126015

Well yeah people ppl who refuse to try to get motivated by anything and resign are pointless to talk to but it's also a phase. Obviously you climbed out of it though? So it.mostly doesn't matter.

Anonymous 126119

Pouring half empty drinks on the carpet. I know one of you does it and that thread was awful.

Anonymous 126140

the drink was only half full though

Anonymous 126151

Stop trying to defend your godless ways.

Anonymous 126161

scoff how dare you call my ways godless!
your ways are heathenous

Anonymous 127633

Not making something cool out of what you have. Like, wasting an obvious potential in you.
I don't even care if you don't want that "gift", just use it even if it is only for other purpose you do want.
Im tired of people always wining they don't approve their own standars or goals while they are perfect for other ones but are too frustrated to see it.
Things like having talents and not investing in them out of fear, or even shit like i see in those post of "big/small boobs/hips" where everyone is always showing how much they want what the other have despite instead of enjoying what they do have. Not even gonna talk about millionaires that do nothing out of it outside living good. Idc if you are a james bond villain like Elon Moid, at least do something interesting with all that african child labor money.
Idk, my point can get kinda mean but i know a lot of you get it. Embrace what you have, have some gratitude you can fucking walk and do shit a lot of people have to dream about.

Anonymous 127872



Um, people usually get hypothyroidism from being obese and not the other way around

Anonymous 127875

Plus, a condition like that would add on maybe 15lb at most. People who are 300+ pounds claiming “muh thyroid” just eat too much.

Anonymous 128199


Anonymous 128202


You mean Doritos?

Anonymous 128296

Being uptight and hypercritical of everything , including oneself to the point of suffocating everything you do and everyone around you.

It shows how miserable they really are, and how much they live for a stifled existence.. have no thought or habit that was cultivated on one's own without suffocating it and rendering it useless.

Trying so desperately hard to cultivate an image or appearance through pure intolerance of everything including oneself. That whole kind of existence is parasitic and conducive to nothing and nobody.

Usually it honestly just becomes predatory, because this kind of person KNOWS they can contribute nothing, enjoy nothing and genuinely attract nobody. We look for ways to call some people psychopaths, but I think it always starts out something like this. Reminds me of my father who couldn't hold a conversation without criticizing something or becoming threatening behind closed doors.., but who was also incapable of holding a conversation that wasn't stilted or completely lifeless or forced. Being around this kind of person is almost always nothing but work when it comes down to it. They're always mid level managers or financial terrorist bankers, debt collectors, you name it they're ready to pounce on the first sign of joy and destroy it.

Maybe they'll talk about 'the precious things in life, like family' sometimes but only if it involves extortion or abuse with said family.

Then there's the fact that these types of shills contributing nothing new aside from infernal screaming, gatekeeping, and often even irrational hysteria.

I think they should all be replaced with badgers. Badgers would be better.

Anonymous 131546


Anonymous 131551

I'm autistic and I'm starting to believe it's true. A sperg I knew told me he wished he had a blind girlfriend so that she would always need him, even though he was unreliable, lazy and couldn't cook. He didn't even consider it was a disgusting thing to say. Although I tried to teach him to think like a decent human being he remained a freak, unable to consider others' feelings. I guess autism is a defect in that it makes most of the afflicted self-centered and thus highly resistant to change.

Anonymous 131559

One of the things I hate the most is when people take themselves too seriously.

If you can't laugh at yourself or life's problems at least some of the time (obviously some situations do no call for levity), then you're an arrogant freak.

it's a trait far worse in males. autistic women are actually very empathetic, usually.

Anonymous 131604

Having a penis.

Anonymous 134682

Refusal to change. No matter what bad trait someone may have, if they're at the very very least willing to be a better person, then that's always the first step. But if they're just completely unwilling and have lack of conscience, then it's just hopeless.

Anonymous 134739

Never trying to improve yourself yet complaining about it.

I'm always going to be sympathetic towards people struggling with mental health and I will always try my best to hear someone's problems even if I can be the equivalent of a wall. What I'm tried of is knowing people that refuse to improve their own lives while continually surrounding themselves with negative and toxic environment.

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